KitSound Glow Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With Remote Control and Configurable Light Display Compatible – Good product apart from dodgy plug!

Bought this as a bluetooth speaker for my ipod originally but i’ve since been using it paired up with my amazon echo dot with no problems at all. The sound quality is great and the lights are subtle and nice in a darkened room. I’ve been using this off and on for 2 weeks now on a single charge, admittedly i don’t normally have the lights enabled as i mostly listen to my music during the day. I am very happy with this product and i’m considering buying another one for my daughters bedroom to pair with her mp3 player.

Great buy and the lighting is good. The only thing is the connection between the two speakers can be a bit hit and miss and sometimes they cut out but good for the price.

It was £15 delivered and it made me smile. Connected easily to bluetooth, dialled the bass down a little (poweramp android) pushed the volume up to full and this little thing thumps along with the lights flashing to the music. The sound needs to be above 80% for it to change colour in time with the beat, set on a kitchen worktop with the speaker 6′ from the tiles and it performs very well, certainly not audiophile quality but quite adequate for the price. Shame the power isn’t usb at both ends but that’s the only downside.

 i received this free to test and review. At only 3 watts i did not expect too much from this but there was plenty of volume for a normal size room and allowing for the quality of streaming and bluetooth as good as any other single bluetooth speaker i have got. It is a substantially made block which initially looks a fairly drab translucent white but bursts into vibrant colours once you turn the lights on. It can be used with just the lights to give various moods or in conjunction with streamed music from a phone produce a light show in time with the music. The in time with the music setting is towards the end of the video, unfortunately the video does not do justice to the colours. Set up was easy i just pushed the pairing button on the remote control the blue light on the speaker flashed rapidly and it paired that easily. It does however need the bluetooth avrcp profile on your phone or other device so check it may not work so easily with perhaps a windows 8 laptop, it did with mine but i have had to set up a compatible dongle to get other similar devices to work. I used the amazon music app to stream music and this worked well over the bluetooth link. From the remote individual colours can be set or it can be set to, flash, fade, strobe or smooth transition together with in time with the music. To work in time with the music i needed to have the volume right up before it worked, it does warn about this in the manual.

Its ok but not really loud enough.

My son was so impressed he went and bought 2 of them. Arrived quickly works well and is nice and loud.

  • Great sound, cool lights, paired with my echo dot.
  • Fun speakers, ideal for the garden.
  • The quality is good and the shipping was fast

This is the most fabulous wee bit of kit. I already had the small kitsound boom bar and was scrolling through to buy another for my daughter when i came across this. So relaxing on fade and like a mini disco on flash. Can’t rate this product highly enough. Now thinking of buying another for myself.

I received this yesterday and couldn’t wait to use it. It has good sound and paired to my android phone instantly. I have now initiated a return as when i unplugged it this morning the plug came apart. It does not look very safe and considering the price of the product i expected better. This item was exactly what i was looking for as i like to listen to music in the bath and after recently dropping my phone in said bath a speaker with remote was perfect.

Very happy with the ease of set up i have this in my garden and the out put of the speaker sound is so good.

Wow great little gadget – used with hot tub, nice sound and funky lightsperfect for when in the hot tub at night, sound good for price. Also got some submersible lights for hot tub.

 there are lots of bluetooth speakers available, the kitsound glow bluetooth speaker aims to be a little bit different by offering not only a sound system, but a colour changing light as well. Sent to me for review my first thoughts were that this was something from the game portal, it’s a simple looking cube with a speaker on the front, translucent white sides, and controls on the bottom along with the power in. Although there are controls on the bottom you’ll mainly be using the included remote control, and with an eye on portability it would’ve been nice to have the option of controlling the speaker via an app instead of a remote for when you take it somewhere, it’d be one less thing to carry. The remote itself is simple in design and allows you to control the light and speaker separately so you can listen to music without having the light on, alternatively you can have the light on without listening to music. The remote gives you five different light modes, one of which should change the colours to the music. This mode was a bit hit and miss, with the light not always reacting to music, but the others all worked as you’d expect and i especially like the soft transition mode between colours. You can also select a specific colour, including white, meaning this is perfect as a bedside light with speaker. Light level can be adjusted on the speaker, while bright enough to read in when in bed it’s not going to replace a dedicated lamp if you want to fill a room. It’s designed with resistance to water and dust meaning it can be used outdoors as well as in, making for an interesting addition to any garden parties you might have. The 3 w speaker gives you a surprisingly room filling volume and while the sound overall is good it lacks the bass expected for something of this size and price, there are better sounding speakers available for this price point, but none will light up your life like the glow.

Features of KitSound Glow Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With Remote Control and Configurable Light Display Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung and Android Devices – Multi-coloured

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  • Wirelessly stream music from any bluetooth enabled device
  • Customise your speaker with any colour and brightness you like
  • Water-resistant and dustproof

From the manufacturer

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About KitSound

We are craftspeople. We are musicians. We are KitSound and we all commit ourselves to achieving one shared goal: Bringing people closer to their music. By understanding music we stay true to its craft. Pure, rich, incredible sound. We settle for nothing less.

KitSound Glow Bluetooth Speaker

We at KitSound decided to fuse colour and music for our beautiful KS Glow speaker, with a powerful sound and a stunning light display.

From ‘Purple Rain’ to ‘Yellow Submarine’, colour and music have always made great partners. After we were inspired by synaesthesia, you can now combine colour and music in the best way possible with the KitSound Glow.

  • Battery capacity: 4400 mAh.
  • Play time: Up to 18 hours.
  • Driver: 3 inches.
  • Output RMS: 3 W.
  • Bluetooth range: Up to 10 m.

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Wirelessly stream music

Thanks to the KS Glow’s Bluetooth connectivity, you can enjoy high-quality audio streaming with no wires to get in the way. Switch up the playlist using either the included remote or directly from your device, the choice is yours. You don’t have to worry about the party ending before it’s even got started: the KitSound Glow has an impressive play time of up to eighteen hours.

Configurable light display

Set the mood with the included remote control that allows you to mix your perfect colour, or let the KS Glow decide for you. With five different modes, including flash, strobe, fade, smooth and one which changes in time to your music, the KS Glow ensures that you’ll always create the right atmosphere.

Water resistant and dustproof

Rated to IPX4 standard, your Glow speaker isn’t afraid of a little dust and water – so it’s just as happy glowing in the garden as it is lighting up your lounge. This also allows you to take your glowing speaker out down the beach or over to relax with friends, on those beautiful chilled-out evenings.

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Make sure this fits
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. So if he’s happy i’m happy 😊.

Excellent, did everything i needed and more.

For the size and price, surprisingly good little speakers, definitely not hi fi but easily good enough for a small garden party or barbecue. The flashing or fading lights are another nice touch and look great in the garden. Only gripe was that i ordered the twin pack and did not notice that unlike the single packs you do not receive the power supplies. This meant the added expense of a usb power supply before i could charge them. Have not tested the length of holding charge yet, but hope its 18 hours in use as quoted as they will not run direct from the charger when the battery is flat.

Love this speaker will be great in the summer.

Really pleased with these speakers. I was looking for a new high quality speaker for my bedroom when my stereo packed up. I chose these because they are bluetooth so not only can i use them in my bedroom but i can easily move them to any room if having a party, or even use them in the garden or when camping etc (they are splash-proof and dust-proof)the sound is really good quality, i was actually surprised at the quality and volume of thesethe lights look really cool, i like the fact that you can choose a colour or have the colours on a cycle. You can also adjust the brightness which is really handy. I put them on full brightness and they give a nice low level lighting to my bedroom. They were so easy to pair via bluetooth. I paired them with both my iphone and ipad in seconds. They come with a remote control, which is really handy so you can change the light settings, volume and switch on/off at the touch of a button. Obviously you can also control the music from your smartphone or device as well. They hold charge well and are easy to re-charge with the two usb cables provided.

What fantastic little things. I have a single and a double. The sound quality for what they are, is more than adequate and you get a two for one because they work as a lamp without connecting a music source.

Wirelessly stream music from any bluetooth enabled device

Love the speakers, look great, sound good, made well. However, when placed too close together they suffer from cross talk with the remote so you can’t always tell which speaker your dealing with. Minor issue easily resolved so would definitely recommend them.

Works well after a bit of trouble setting up. Bluetooth range only about 1 foot manual says 10 foot)so need to place phone between speakers to get stereo connection. The lights are great for late night outdoor parties.

Brilliant, ideal for nights in the garden.

Great value item, wouldn’t have paid rrp but happy with what i did pay. Very happy with performance and portability. Sound quality is not amazing but more than acceptable.

The quality is good and the shipping was fast. I am pleased to say that they are worth the £29. Even as a night light they work well and are reasonable loud as a backdrop for a garden scene. Note: the speakers do not work too well at a long distance away from the device and the lights are not bright in daytime situations but are more than bright enough at night time. The speaker quality is quite good and they work well in rain or even the shower due to their water resistance.

I saw this exact same speaker at a local store at 100£ couldn’t believe i found it here for 20£.

Customise your speaker with any colour and brightness you like

Water-resistant and dustproof

KitSound Slam 2 Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Universal Portable Water Resistant – – One-stop instant party

It is worth the money i paid and i would definitely recommend this to anyone.

Buy this now absolutely amazing quality sound and am not easily pleased.

I bought this speaker for my brother as a birthday present because he kept stealing mine. I wasn’t expecting it to be as powerful as it was. We had it on in the garden during his party, it was more than loud enough, and has bluetooth so him and his mates took it in turns to play their tunes. It even started to rain at one point, and then i remembered that it is splashproof. So a little rain didn’t dampen the party too much and the music kept on playing, it didn’t distort the sound at all. The battery life is great and lasted for the whole party too, so overall, this speaker is amazing. I hugely recommend it, it looks nice and streamlined, fits in any room and livens up any event. The sound quality is stunning, and i’m super impressed. Here are the specifications for the KitSound Slam 2 Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Universal Portable Water Resistant –:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Powerful 20 W RMS output with passive bass radiator
  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP) automatically optimises equaliser (EQ) for sound
  • Wireless connectivity for streaming music
  • Built-in rechargeable battery for 10 hours playtime
  • IPX5 water-resistant for outdoor use

This is very well-built of solid plastic, with a thick speaker grill. The speakers are amazing quality for the price, and compare very favourably with the equivalent beats speaker, which would cost at least twice as much. The bass is punchy even at low volume and very crisp – if you’re using spotify or similar, set the graphic to flat for the best results. The sound quality is good through all volume levels. It’s very easy to pair, but there isn’t a pin (one of the few useful pieces of information in the manual)the carry handle is really impressive, with a soft but firm rubber grip which rotates, so when being carried it can sway without hurting your wrist. As this is a heavy speaker, this is a really useful feature. The lights are a good feature with several modes, but not bright enough to light a room, which to be fair i didn’t expect anyhow. There are a few minor drawbacks, though they don’t dent my overall opinion:-the strobe light isn’t very bright, and for some reason turns itself off after 10/15 seconds of use, returning to the speaker leds only-the power wire hasn’t got a home in the rear of the unit, which would be a helpful addition-a remote control wouldn’t have gone amiss – an odd omission for a speaker like this-the manual is pathetic (but so many manuals are). All i could find via a quick search online was exactly the same document from a third party, viewable for free but downloadable only via their own pdf download tool. I was running it off the mains, so i can’t comment on battery life.

I am a total sucker for bluetooth speakers and have an embarrassingly large collection that i use all the time. Almost without exception these are battery powered, so it was with some reservation that i got this kitsound speaker, as it is not battery powered, it can only be used with mains electricity. But i am really happy that i’ve got it because the big advantage of mains power in this case is that it really packs a thump low down, so much so that in some cases i feel the need to fiddle around with a graphic equalizer on my phone to keep things under control. The big surprise, given the very reasonable cost, is that the sound that the slam xl produces is really pleasant and accurate. Aside from the big servings of low bass i can’t fault it for any genre of music, even classical. And with 2 x 50 watts rms it is realistic to think you could use it to fill a room with sound at a party. Because it’s a pair of stereo speakers in a single enclosure, nicely separated, you get a pleasant stereo sound, which is something i struggle with when using my battery powered bluetooth speakers – the pairing process for my ue booms for example can be quite exasperating. Being a grown up, the light display on the slam xl isn’t the main attraction for me – it’s nice that it has two main modes, party and chill, and the chilled mode gives you pleasant slowly pulsing coloured lights that you have some control over with the colour button. The party mode isn’t my cup of tea, but it’s harmless. What isn’t harmless, and i don’t understand at all is the strobe feature that comes from two bright lights on the front of the speaker and is just there to see if you are susceptible to epileptic seizures.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A Party Bluetooth Stereo Speaker System With A Fabulous Sound
  • In love with this speaker
  • Great Bluetooth speaker

This is a decent sized and powerful speaker, a little plasticky but not worryingly so. It has a sturdy rubber handle at the back to make it easy to move around. It paired up nice and easily to my smartphone (samsung) and i was immediately impressed by how loud this thing can pump music out but also it’s a nice balanced sound, fairly responsive bass but without being boomy and clean and crisp without being shrill. There’s lots of fun lights which are a nice touch and very fitting with this being a powerful party style speaker. The strobe on there is good fun as well for when it gets dark and you want to really get your rave on. Everything is controlled via fun and nicely illustrated buttons on the top. The speaker is powered by what i refer to as a figure of 8 cable, a standard old school power lead that is much better than your cheap usb style plug which often can end up getting worn away at the socket. There’s the usual aux input which you would expect on this kind of speaker and even a 3. 5mm lead for it which is unexpected and a nice touch.

This slam xl isn’t my first bluetooth speaker from kitsound, i’ve got an old boomdock too and i always thought it was one of the best value wireless speakers ever and this slam xl continues that tradition. It’s a big beast, compared to many bluetooth speakers, but isn’t particularly heavy and has a handy built-in carry-handle – the silicone cover of which rotates when you pick it up which is a bit annoying but a minor gripe. With a big sound and inbuilt light-show it’s a mains-only device so mainly meant for indoor partying and you connect your music source using either bluetooth or a line-in jack on the rear panel. There’s a usb port there too but it’s only for firmware updates and similar and cannot make use of usb drives, which is a shame. The sound is big and bass-driven, just as you’d hope, and if you feed it on a diet of edm it sounds fantastic and easily fills the room with a full thumping sound. It sounds like it’s been very specifically acoustically tuned for electronic dance music with big but musical bass notes and a great vocal presence. It’s great with other types of music too but it’s pretty clear what the designers had in mind when they put it together. If i’m nitpicking i’d say that the treble response is a bit ‘sparkly’ and indistinct but this isn’t a speaker meant for detail and a neutral sound, it’s meant to rattle the windows and it does that admirably and without distortion, even at very high volume. The inbuilt light-show is fun and adds some atmosphere but the coloured leds aren’t bright enough to light up your room, they just make the speaker a lot more interesting to look at. There are a pair of optional strobing white led’s which are (just) bright enough to light a dark room and these run through a short sequence before switching back to the coloured led’s.

Great bluetooth speaker, well made and sturdy. Only problem is the control buttons on the top are the some colour as the rubber body so it hard to see which control is which.

Exceeding my expectation, the sound quality is just superb, the sound quality is nearly as good as my amazon echo but portable and comes in at less than half of the price tag. Design is very sleek and appears to be very well engineered. Aside from its fine sound quality, another main feature of this product for me is the simple set up/ease of use. Minimum knowledge of technology is required to operate this fine machine. The connection is very stable and have not experienced any drop in connection so far. After over 15 hours playing time, it is still going very strong. This long battery life will make this little monster real handy for parties especially for bbq party as it is wireless and cable-less and go out on a picnic etc. This little device is great for streaming music and helped me to realise full value of the amazon music that i recently bought. Been using it everyday ever since i had it, been using it for reading,out in the garden doing bit of gardening and washing my bike etc. All in all, i am delighted with this product and i believe it is definitely one of the best in the market for this price range.

Most impressive sturdy speakers for fraction of the price. I am very happy with this purchase. I will definitely recommend them to all my friends and family.

This speaker is very easy to operate. Hold down the on/off button for three seconds to turn it on, then it will automatically search for a compatible bluetooth device. A square in the centre of the speaker gently pulses with purple light. These effects are not intrusive in any way and are preferable to the strobe lighting. There is no way to adjust the sound on the speaker, but i don’t think it needs it. There is just enough treble and bass. I was seriously considering buying a soundbar for my smart television but then i found this. After pairing, the volume from the speaker can be controlled by the tv remote or buttons on the speaker. Anyone buying this as a substitute for a soundbar needs to make sure there is a spare mains socket and enough space to accommodate it.

A huge bluetooth speaker with a big output, ok party time. This speaker from kitsound looks very well made and should survive a knock or 3, it has a nice rubberised handle that rotates when carrying. This speaker is mains powered only ( not surprising really with it output)pairing my phone (xperia xz2) with this speaker was easy and straight forward, just remember to make sure the media volume on your phone is turned down when pairing first, i then let this thing rip and it is loud with it 2×50 watts rms it will fill any room, so much so i was concerned about neighbours coming round complaining, sound is crisp and clean with little to no distortion all the way up the volume scale, there is also a good bass response from this speaker, it’s not on subwoofer levels but is there and enjoyable. The biggest thing for me is the lighting blue and violet?. Leds, i found it makes the speaker look a little tacky and cheap, you can turn it off as i have done and have the more suitable ks illuminated, i quite like this look as it make the speaker look quality. There is also strobe lighting on this speaker so your set-up for your own rave party, the only thing missing is lasersthis speaker accepts aux input too with a 3. 5mm input socket a lead is also supplied. Great speaker aimed at the younger generation with it’s lighting and strobes, this thing will rock at any party and has volume in buckets full. Students will love this beast.

This is a review of the kitsound slam xl bluetooth party stereo speaker system with led disco light show and not the smaller slam 2 which is on the same listing and worth bearing in mind when checking reviews. It is made by kitsound a british audio brand that supplies midrange headphones, speakers, and accessories. The build quality looks to be very good with a sturdy abs body well-protected speakers and a useful carrying handle at the back. This is a big speaker, rather bigger than expected but that is my fault as i did not read the listing carefully although i do think the pictures make it look smaller than it is. The speaker itself measures 19cm high, 47. 5cm wide and 25cm wide and weighs nearly 5kg. It is supplied in a large branded box along with a 3. 5mm aux cable, mains lead, and instructions. I have marked the battery life requested by amazon as one star because there isn’t any.

This stand alone speaker has a lovely balance of sound compared to some others. I have a couple of good quality bluetooth speakers which are much smaller and although they are extremely good this one definately has the edge. Not battery operated as it produces 100 watts sound in total. More than enough to fill a good sized room. I like a lot of bass and this seems to handle the top end and the bottom end very well without much compromise. You can alter the volumn up and down as you would expect. Most of rest of the buttons on top are for altering colour sequences as well as the colour. Also flickering strobe lights. The track your on can be put forward to the next one or back a track as well. Not bright in your face but in a dark room a bit of fun. Supplied is cable with two jacks for pluging into your computer/tablet directly if you don’t want to use bluetooth. This works well though i never had a problem linking my tablet or laptop to the speaker. Fairly bulky compared to most of the opposition. But i feel that is a compromise i willing to take to get that extra quality in sound.

I love, love this kitsound slam xl. I urge anyone to give this system a listen with your own favourite music. I have a number of bluetooth speakers including a kitsound slam 2 speaker. If anyone knows how good that sounds, the kitsound slam xl is eight times better sound wise and a solid build. A 100w of power, full rounded punchy bass. Acoustic tracks sound’s great. I have played 80’s /90’s dance, funk, rock, jazz fusion, indie, pop, lovers rock, reggae, garage, hip hop/rap, house and soul/slow jams. All of which i have played at low and full volume with no distortion using my s9 samsung phone. But do remember kitsound have put this slam xl bluetooth system with led disco light show as a party speaker. With the led lights there are 3 party modes and 3 chill modes and not forgetting the strobe lighting.

In appearance this reminded me of a boom box and is just as heavy. It is mains operation only and comes with a euro power lead fitted with a uk plug adapter fitted with a 3 amp fuse. Just plugged in switched off it uses 1. 2 watts of power which i think is more than eu rules now permit (just unplug when not in use to be really green). In operation it uses and average of 5 to 8 watts and i suppose if you really pump up the volume this will increase. The manual tells you nothing about if it will auto turn off with no music and it does in about 30 minutes (useful for going to sleep except it plays a shutdown jingle which may wake you back up again – jingle on power on also). Also no option to turn off all the display, the minimum you can have on is the centre ks logo. The main thing is how well it sounds and it sounds very good and if your music source also has bluetooth 5 you can have your source a lot further from the speaker which can be an advantage. The choice of light patterns is pretty interesting (setting not saved when you put it in standby) and the carrying handle is also well designed (round and rotates in your hand).

Also have a 2 year old hive and this is so much better. Easy to connect and great batter life.

My favourite thing about the ks slam 2 is the shape and feel. I’ve not seen a portable speaker in this sleek, curved shape before and it looks so smart. It’s soft touch which means it won’t be easily scratched when you’re on the move which is a bonus. Other wireless speakers i’ve used haven’t been as durable. I was pleasantly surprised by the sound quality as it’s a small, portable speaker but it packs some bass. The volume is impressive and thankfully there’s none of that awful tinny sound i’ve experienced in the past with other speakers. It’s really quick and easy to connect via bluetooth which is great. I once spent over £100 on a wireless speaker and it just never connected to mine or friends phones. It was the most frustrating thing to keep trying and failing and i regret paying so much. The slam 2 connects pretty much instantly which means you’re dancing to spotify in no timethe battery life is brilliant, i’ve been using it a lot this weekend and not yet had to charge it.

I absolutely love this speaker. For bbqs or parties in the garden it’s great to have some music and the sound from this product is surprisingly good. The bass is strong, vocals are clear and i think it’s great for the money. It also features flashing lights which is nice if you want it. It feels good value for money. I would like to draw attention to the practical aspects of it though. It’s not heavy, it has a handle, and the grill at the front is metal which i like, because it’s less likely to be damaged if you are moving it around. There is one catch–the review asks about battery life but there is no battery. This is mains only (probably due to the 100w capability) which explains the weight, but is a real shame as it means you have to run wires outside when using it. In fairness it uses a standard 2 pin mains cable rather than any transformer, but it does make me a little hesitant to use it if there is a slight drizzle or if i want to use it after the rain.

I’m in love with this speaker i got it as i wanted to get a big bluetooth speaker well this does fit the category it is huge and besides that it’s got the kick in it the music has a clear bass when listening you can feel it and the vocals and other bits of the music is really clear so they don’t mess up creating an abomination type of sound. But do be aware at least in my case if you have it on low volume on your phone or whatever device your using don’t turn it up too much on. The speaker as then in my case the bass and everything gets a robotic or muffled type of sound and could break the speaker. Overall i live the product and i’m really happy with what i’ve got.

KitSound BoomBar Universal Portable Rechargeable Stereo Bluetooth Sound System Compatible : Making people jel

Im now the dude who has his amazing music blasting on the bus.

Then orded one for his friend.

Bought this for my 20 year old son who was dissatisfied with the bluetooth speaker he already had. He was delighted with the new speaker. It’s louder, and the sound quality is just fine. The mat finish and ease of use were definite advantages. It comes in a smart case which protects it from daily student wear and tear. It would be hard to be disappointed with this product. I’m now buying one for myself.

Very neat, nice carry case, quite good sound.

Excellent sound quality volume is great and vey compact unit.

KitSound BoomBar Universal Portable Rechargeable Stereo Bluetooth Sound System Compatible with Smartphones, Tablets and MP3 Devices – Red : Just got this the other day and it is absolutely amazing.

Fantastic product – very happy.

I use an old laptop that’s lost its internal speakers. I needed something inexpensive, reliable, compact and with sound quality no better than the pc’s old speakers. Postage and came in its own sturdy case. I’d regretted buying other products that either didn’t work i. Drew too much power for the usb port or were far too big to fit snugly into my laptop case or sounded awful. This unit has great sound, lasts much longer than 20 hours at a comfortable listening volume after a full charge, looks great (in red at least) and feels good to the touch, charges quickly even while playing and connects quickly through bluetooth, faster still via the aux cable. It’s nothing like my rotel amplifier but even for the more usual price of £30 it’s worth every penny.

Simple to use and pretty impressive for the price, really clear sound too.

Brought to replace a much more expensive speak for my son which wouldnt charge. Sound quality is really good, and my sons fave colour, came very quickly, well packaged. Seller worthy of praise too.

Great, good quality sound arrived promptly x.

Awesome and the batt last for ages.

Great sound and value for money.

I like everything about it honestly . Nice case and extremely easy to use it great sound very happy.

Arrived promptly, very well packaged and amazing price. Love this speaker, purchased as a christmas present, tempted to buy another one for myself.

Kit kat is sound with baby boom bar being raised.

Bought as a present for 13 year old boy, very pleased.

The volume buttons don’t work.

Good product at a good price. Not in use for long so will have to wait to get fifth star.

It has transformed how i listen to my music. I am playing more music than i ever did and in so many differt places. I love it because i carry alot of songs on my iphone and once you connect your iphone to it through bluetooth, you are up and running. It will remember its connection and any other e. Myself and my girlfriend bought two different colours so we know who owns what. . A little gem to have if you like playing music as much as i do.

Whereas it took several weeks for delivery, this is an excellent little device with good build quality and excellent sound reproduction through both bluetooth and a wired connection.

KitSound Flair Universal Rechargeable Wireless Portable Speaker – A Stylish Bluetooth speaker!

Having read some of the reviews i can’t understand why this unit has had poor reviews, sound quality is excellent with plenty of treble and deep bass. I can only say to the other reviewers that have left bad comments, that they might need to check their settings on their devices, by no means is this speaker bad. Kitsound make very good quality speakers in my opinion. Volume of 10 watts is pretty loud for such a small speaker and by no means dull or muted as one reviewer left.

The speaker comes in a small box, it’s made from a thick card and appears to offer plenty of protection for the product. As soon as you open the box and remove the speaker you can tell that this is a premium product. The box contains: ks flair bluetooth speaker, micro usb charging cable, aux audio cable. The speaker feels very solid and has some weight to it, the sides and back of the speaker have a nice soft touch finish (almost feels like rubber). The front of the speaker is made of a soft felt like material, it covers the whole front face and looks great. Due to its size and shape this is an ideal product to replace a kitchen radio/speaker. It takes up very little countertop space whilst still being able to produce a very clear and full sound. Due to the internal battery and rubberised carry handle this can easily be moved around your house or even taken outside. The back of the speaker has three ports, a micro usb port for charging, an aux in port and a headphone out port. These are all covered by a rubber flap to protect the connectors.

Absolutely fantastic value for money.

This is my second speaker from the kitsound range and i have to say i am yet again not disappointed – i wanted something to go in my lounge that was compact & stylish. This fits the bill perfectly. On opening the box, i was impressed with the look & feel of the speaker, the black plastic is that lovely tactile soft touch & the grey fabric on the front appears durable & looks good quality. The buttons are on the top panel and are really subtly done as to fit in with the speakers overall design. After a charge, i connected my iphone 6 with the speaker very easily and started playing my music – for a small speaker it packs a good punch. Excellent sound quality and goes to a good loud level without any distortion. Certainly just the ticket for what i needed for my lounge. Best of all with the 8 hours playback from the in built rechargeable batteries, 10m range and carry handle, it will be coming out in the garden & beach with me in the summer and most probably on my holidays. Highly recommended – 5 stars from me.

Considering this item was 89% off at the time of placing this order i am amazed. The sound quality is great as ive come to expect from previous kit sound products ive owned. I will be ordering more now that they are somehow 94% off.

Yet another great product from kitsound – really stylish, easy to use, well built and affordable. I was looking for a trendy speaker for my lounge – this fits the bill perfectly. Upon opening the box you are greeted with the speaker, charging cable and manual. You won’t be needing the manual as its really easy to set up. Straight away you can feel the quality of the speaker, the front is made up of a really nice fabric, that gives the speaker a real modern feel. The externals are rubberised and have a soft touch, it feels as though if you were to drop it on a hard floor, it wouldn’t obtain any damage – which is great for obvious reasons. The speaker comes partially pre-charged – i got about an hour or so out of it before it started beeping at me telling me to plug it in. Connect a device is really easy, simply turn it on, hold down the bluetooth button and allow your phone or tablet to connect. It works great with my iphone 5 and ipad pro – no issues whatsoever connecting them. The sound quality is great – its sufficient enough for smaller rooms, i would suggest getting a slightly lager speaker for larger rooms, but this is the same with any speaker.

  • sound quality is very nice max volume is very good if you are using
  • Good build quality
  • amazing

This is a good sturdy unit with relatively good sound quality unfortunately the bluetooth did not work on my unit hence the ratings.

Wanted something that was modern and would look nice in my living room so that’s the main reason i bought it, wasn’t really expecting it to sound so good too, nice punchy bass, would definitely recommend.

For the money this speaker is brilliant.

Sound quality is very nice max volume is very good if you are using it inside like the kitchen or bedroom, however if using it outside like around a campsite at a festival (which is why i bought it) then max volume is surprisingly quiet in comparison. Battery life lasts about an hour and half on max volume.

I am really impressed with the kitsound flair. I’be been looking for a bluetooth speaker for ages but to be honest with so many on the market, i didn’t know where to start. I wanted to give a honest review so maybe i can help someone who was in a similar position. I’m not going to lie, the price was a big attraction with the flair. I googled around about because i’d never heard of the make and was a bit worried it would be one of those companies that only sells on amazon or ebay. (it’s not- they’re legit)i ordered it on mrmop’s prime account and it arrived the next day (cheers amazon)the box it arrives in is a nice sturdy thick box which makes it look like a quality product before you’ve even unboxed it. It comes with a usb charging lead (although you’ll need an iphone plug thing if you want to charge it from the mains) and a aux-in cable and a user manual. The speaker itself is a solid little thing, and feels well made. It’s got that nice soft plastic feel to the handle and operating buttons, and the coloured part (mine is blue because it was cheaper for some reason) is a nice fabric. It comes partially charged so you can have a play straight away but it recommends a full charge before proper use.

Features of KitSound Flair Universal Rechargeable Wireless Portable Speaker with Bluetooth and 3.5 mm Aux-In Cable – Grey

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  • Wired or wireless connectivity
  • Easily portable with handle
  • Built-in rechargeable battery

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Wired or wireless connectivity

Easily portable with handle

Built-in rechargeable battery

KitSound Hive2o Waterproof Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker : Nice sound and design – dreadful packaging

My daughter is a pt instructor so needs a great quality sound, she is over the moon with the whole package. Very solid sturdy speaker with an amazing sound even when played loudly she previously used beats and said this system is just as good for a fraction of the price.

I bought this because the old stereo in my car is linked to the car’s on board cpu and cannot be easily replaced, nor does it have an aux input or bluetooth. The kitsound hive makes for really easy streaming from your phone/tablet and it’s surprisingly loud. In a normal house room – it’s very loud. In the car with road noise around i find i generally need it turned up almost to the max. Overall the sound quality is very good. The charge last’s well – and it re-charges from a standard micro usb input.

KitSound Hive2o Waterproof Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker with Call Handling Function, Blue

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  • KitSound ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker also has an ultra-waterproof IP67 rating, and works for up to 30 mins underwater
  • Play and listen to your favourite music all day with the Hive2o’s 8 hours play time
  • With stereo pairing you can join two Hive2o speakers together; mix, match and choose your style from our great range of colours
  • The Hive2o can handle your calls as well as the water; now you don’t ever have to leave the music to talk to your friends
  • The Hive2o Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker comes with a clever passive radiator; now you can kick back and listen with better bass

This really is a great bit of kit () especially considering the cheap price. It’s really solid with a nice smooth texture and quite a weight to it – if certainly feels very well made and seems much more expensive than it is. It’s also really easy to use, pairing is a breeze especially with nfc and unlike some bluetooth devices it just works first time every time. The controls are solid, easy to use and allow skipping of tracks, volulme control, play/pause and also works with a phone call. The aux socket is a welcome addition for devices that don’t have bluetooth, or for quick playback from a friends phone for example. I’ve yet to run the battery down, but i used it for a good 5 or 6 hours and the battery status led has still not gone to red which means it’s less than 30% so the stated playback time of 12 hours seems feasible. Then of course there’s the sound, which lets face it is all you really want to know – for the size it’s by far the best sounding device i’ve heard. It’s quite loud, crystal clear at all volumes and has surprisingly punchy bass along with clear higher notes without sounding tinny or otherwise washed out. It copes well with almost all kinds of music i’ve tried including heavy rock/metal, generic pop and classical, as well as voice and/or youtube type videos. It’s never going to compete with a proper speaker, but it’s easily as good as similar devices that cost 2 or even 3 times as much.

Speaker has a nice sound quality and plays amazon music ok over bluetooth, but amazon echo voice stutters over bluetooth and only works correctly with a direct cable connection.

This speaker surprised me as i thought it would be bigger than what it is. But when i started playing music out of it, the bass is rich and the sound is just fantastic. Great value for the price, highly portable and comes with all the cables you need and a handy carry bag. Very impressed, kitsound have done well with this product.

Love this kit hive to play my music from phone to speaker. I only wished i had internet where i go so i can take it with me everywhere.

Absolutely love these speakers. My friend had his similar bose speakers with him and i did a comparison between the two. Honestly, the sound is clearer within the kitsound hive speakers and the bass pump is so good for such a size. The price is superb and you get more than what you pay for quality wise. Do not be afraid to buy it, the biggest difference i felt between the two speakers were that the bose speakers had a slightly (very unnoticable) stronger bass kick and the grip within ks when you place it on the table could be a bit better when on full volume, because on heavier bass tracks it starts moving a bit. But that is not a big problem in my opinion. You save a fortune and get excellent quality.

Easy to connect via bluetooth, the sound is perfect.

The sound is great for the price, quite a but of bass and mid range is good for this type of small speaker, quite a full sound for a tiny box. Feels nice, and very simple to use/connect as long as you don’t have an iphone4 like me, i use a wire for that but connects with ipad and androids fine. The packaging is completely over the top. Plastic box and taped weird places to cardboard, on a par with printer ink blister packs, why do they do it?.A complete nightmare so if you are thinking of trying it before you give it away as a present, forget it. You will destroy the packaging getting into it and then will have to keep it. So this one is mine now despite wanting to gift it. If they did a redesign on the packaging it would be great, it needs to be more environmentally friendly and customer friendly.

This little speaker fills out a large room with a solid, responsive clear sound, making household tasks and spotify streaming very enjoyable. Taking this on holiday is a pleasure due to its solid construction and small size. It also benefits from a large battery and micro usb charging, which you can do whilst you listen to music.

My son says this speaker is amazing, he takes it everywhere with him, he loves it. My daughter had a beats pill that broke after a month of use and was ‘temperamental’ to say the least. This seems sturdy and built to last.

Bought as a present for husband. He loves it, sound quality is excellent, it’s portable and easy to use.

I wasn’t expecting much at this price (£38) but it’s reassuringly heavy, worked perfectly out of the box and sounds much better than something this size should ever sound . It’s never going to have a lot of bass but there’s much more than i expected and the sound is reasonably well balanced, not sounding too sharp in the mid range and having sufficient treble to sound natural but not shrill. I use it for watching catchup tv on my iphone and ipad and for this it’s ideal, could also be used in the bathroom as it’s battery powered and so suitable for listening to music in the bath/shower.

Only just received this and totally blown awaythis is an initial opinion and i will update accordingly after a few days. Bought this item mainly for streaming music via my echo dot and it paired within seconds. The build quality is top jolly, it looks and feels sturdy. The buttons are responsive and have a satisfying click when pressed. I have owned several speakers and this runs rings around everything i’ve ever heard before. It has a satisfying bass without being too heavy, mid range isn’t overpowering and treble is crisp and clear. Maybe reggae fans would like a little more bass but i find the balance perfect for a mix of music. (bass etc could easily be enhanced using an equaliser but i find it just fine). (i find that setting the speaker to max and setting the dot to 50% is more than adequate for use in a bedroom)haven’t tried using the input cable for wired reception yet not tried using the smart functions (google now) as i’m using it with alexa but will update review accordingly. Update:can only give top marks for this little beauty, it’s got brilliant, well-balanced sound that can handle everything from reggae to classical to speech really well. Reggae is particularly well presented with good bass whilst not being overpowering. As i write this i’m listening to bob marley in my back garden and the sound is sublime.

My car stereo broke due to loom problems so was stuck driving a car with no music, so decided to invest in the hive 2 so i could bluetooth music from my phone. It works brilliantly, it just sits on my dashboard pumping out music, and when im parked up i just slip it into my pocket and away we go. An excellent speaker for under £50. Has some weight to it too so you know it has excellent build quality.

I own both this wireless speaker and the newer hive evolution. I would not compare them as they are different generations and the evolution wipes the floor with both volume, quality and a deeper bass. However the hive2 is a solid product, a great speaker in it’s own right and definitely for the price worth buying. When in ‘slave mode’ via an aux cable from the other hive it’s volume is not too great and it does not add too much in combination.

Small with a nice rubberised finish. Sound quality comfortably exceeds computer or phone speakers, but obviously not anway near hifi standard. A couple of niggles, there is some extraneous noise when music isn’t playing but is not obvious when music is playing. The other issue is that if you have more than one device paired it holds the pairing after the first device is shut down and refuses to connect to the second device. The first device has to be manually disconnected. This happens both on my speaker and my son in law’s. He in fact was on the verge of returning it as technical help at kitsound thought there was a defect.

For the price you really cannot fault this product. Bought as a present for christmas i was worried that at the price,the quality wouldn’t be very good but i have been pleasantly surprised as it easily outperforms others at its price range. Its portability is another very useful feature, it being wireless & bluetooth means you can take it almost anywherewould recommend.

A brilliant mid range option with good sound quality and volume range. I’ve not been disappointed and would recommend to all who want to take the melody with them without hitting the wallet to hard.

Although we have a dab radio in the kitchen it does not have any way of playing from other sources. So we decided to get a bluetooth speaker. The sound coming out of this device belies its diminutive size. It’s easy to pair with devices and pushes out a remarkable clear, bassy and wide sound. The battery life is good too.

This bluetooth speaker is great. The sound is amazing for a speaker that small and it can be quite loud at max volume. It’s quite heavy so it feels sturdy and won’t move from where you put it. The battery life is really good too. I’ve had it for ~3 months now and i had to charge it once even though i use it almost everyday for ~20 minutes. The only reason i’m not giving it 5 star is that there’s quite a bit of static noise at low volumes. It was quite bad with my galaxy s3, but even with a more recent phone (htc one m8), there’s still some static. Once you turn the volume up it’s better but it might be more annoying if you listen to quieter music. All around, it’s great and for the price, i can’t ask for a lot more.

KitSound Boom Cube Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Gun Metal : Great sound, easy to connect

Ive collected so many speakers over the years, wired and bluetooth. Ive struggled to find one that is small enough that you can take it travelling, without compromising sound quality, until i found the boom cube. The one i got is rose gold, everyone knows how in it is at the moment, and it matches the iphone rose gold device. If i was getting this for a male i would probably go for the gun metal option as an alternative. The product came packaged in a clear crystal box, this would work perfectly to keep and use to take your product in your case on holiday (no case included). Included is an aux cable, you can use this to make the speaker wired instead of bluetooth, a micro usb charging cable to charge your speaker, and a user manual (not that you need one)the speaker itself is about 7cm square all round, it looks bigger than this. The housing itself is aluminium, and the speaker grill runs from the front, all over the top and down the back of the speaker (like you can see in the images). The sides of the speaker are matching aluminium panels with the ks logo. One side of the speaker has the aux in, micro usb input, and on/off button (which lights up). The bottom of the speaker has rubber pads to stop it slipping depending on what surface it is on too.

Excellent little cube, good quality & great to move around.

He loves it and it has a very good sound.

Great little speaker – totally portable and good output too :).

Great sound, super easy to link up to your phone, great price.

KitSound Boom Cube Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Gun Metal : Not the best quality sound but good quality for the price. Perfect for around the house.

Great little speaker, finally got mine back from daughter.

4 stars because there is no volume control on the cube. Plays about 3 hours and loud enough for the kitchen and outside.

Could be louder but great for the price.

Fantastic sound, small enough for easy portability and produces a quality sound. Base is good, not tinny, easy to use and connect, good value for money.

This little box is great, so glad i bought it, well worth the prics.

Love the style and sound from my boom cube.

Arrived quickly – does a great job amplifying music from my mobile phone. Adjustable volume via the phone control.

I received my new kitsound boom cube speaker yesterday, and i’ve fallen in love with it. The packaging is very good quality, the speaker comes in a clear, solid box which makes it look really high end. You take the bottom of the case off and there is a handy little user guide tucked in there, as well as 2 cables, one aux cable to make the speaker wired and a micro usb cable to charge it. You could easily keep the packaging and use it as a storage case as it’s really good quality and easy to open/close. I went for the rose gold option, and the metallic colour is absolutely gorgeous, both trendy and very classy. I didn’t want a massive speaker in my lounge, and this one is small enough and looks so cute on my shelvesthe speaker was so easy to set up, it literally took me 20 seconds to connect it to my smartphone via bluetooth, and it was ready to go. I have had kitsound headphones before so was expecting the same sound quality, and i wasn’t disappointed. The sound quality is excellent, very clear and really impressive for such a small speaker. My budget was around £20, and i am so glad i decided to go for this speaker – it looks and sounds like a much more expensive speaker.I would definitely recommend it :-).

Love this boom cube arrived this morning and very easy to set up i am sitting listing to my music now and the sound is great.

Small speaker with big output.

Amazing quality, even better price. Great for when you’re just chilling at home listening to music.

Really happy with this purchase. Tiny enough to slip in my handbag yet with clear crisp sound provided you don’t go all out on the volume. Connected to my note 8 in a flash.

Works great, sounds good and lasts a long time.

I chose the boom cube as i wanted something i could carry easily, even pop in my handbag to take round a friends, to the beach hut or just put in my kitchen to listen to whilst cooking etc. What a fab little thing – great sound, no wires, slick design. I would highly recommend for music on the go, and what a great price.

Arrived in a transparent plastic box. Feels well made and looks nice. I bought it as a replacement. The problem that i have with it is, that it’s larger and it’s under powered. I use it with a tv at a very low volume. Its predecessor was perfectly clear at just a volume of 7. This one and its earlier model requires the volume to be turned up to double or more. However i have no problem with the sound quality. I have not used it with a mobile.

Bought for a gift a friend who absolutely loves it, it looks great and the sound quality is really good.

KitSound Mini Buddy and Portable Rechargeable Universal Wired Speaker : A lovely product with excellent sound and features for its size and price.

My phone is an ip4s & i’ve have brought a mini-buddy reindeer in the past. Being larger i had higher expectation. Quick & easy to connect to the bluetooth to get the party started. Not really into that frequency stuff but it sure punched out the sounds to my trance/pop music. Mr penguin was pumping whilst i was getting ready for a night out on the town. It was like having a friend with me. It looked so cute amongst my photo’s and ornaments. Got a good looking at and funky comments from my lady friends. It’s a fun, sweet and functional speaker.

Really impressed with the sound quality from this.

KitSound Mini Buddy and Portable Rechargeable Universal Wired Speaker with USB Charging Cable Compatible with Smartphones , black , KSBMBBPEN

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  • Great, punchy sound for the size
  • Buddy Jack for pairing together to create even bigger sound
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Keyring attachment for ultimate portability
  • Fun design – collect the whole family!

The speaker was very well packaged (as with all kitsound products) and would therefore make a great gift for a child that has a suitable gadget to connect to (smart phone, tablet etc). Once opened i was impressed with the quality of the shiny finish and how solid this felt for such a small, low cost, item. Having already bought a smaller kitsound kids’ speaker, i was expecting it to ‘pack a punch’ for its size. However, i was still surprised at how full this sounded for such a compact item. It connects easily via a normal 3. 5mm jackplug, or via bluetooth. The sound quality through the hard wired connection was very good and surprisingly loud, and was much less tinny than expected. Connection via bluetooth was simple and it paired easily with my phone (samsung galaxy s5). I understand that bluetooth compresses the signal when sending sound files, but i found it hard to detect any noticeable difference in quality. The speaker is rechargeable and holds its charge for a decent length of time (obviously this will vary, depending on use) – it also has the feature of a voice indication that the batteries require charge.

KitSound Mini Buddy and Portable Rechargeable Universal Wired Speaker with USB Charging Cable Compatible with Smartphones , black , KSBMBBPEN :

KitSound Gravity Universal Splashproof Wireless Bluetooth Rechargeable Portable Speaker Compatible – Great item as a present

Good quality speaker, quite loud, bass is good, definitely worth the price (got it for a tenner on sale). It’s splash-proof, but definitely not waterproof. The flap that covers the usb and aux input would not hold against a dunk in the water. Overall though, it’s lovely for baths.

A brilliant bit of kit works with my xperia z phone perfectly the battery seems to last forever the sound is crisp i would highly recommend this item 10/10.

Wow i’m really impressed, really loud and very clear sound.

Great sound and laud as well. 99£ (normal price 40£) so check the price and it might be dropped at some point. Battery last at least 5 hours and charge really fast. And water resistant as well :).

Second time i bought this particular product – first time was a couple of years ago and, for the price, it is very hard-wearing, long lasting and sounds great. Well worth it and would buy again. The bass went a bit dodgy with my first set of these, but that was after easily a year or more of everyday use listening to music in the bathroom (definitely water resistant) so to be expected. The battery live is also excellent.

Absolutely brillianthigh quality sound on a budget.

  • Good buy for truck
  • Thumbs up
  • Great item as a present

I love this handy travel kit of a mini-boom box.

Brought this speaker for my dad for his caravaning hols, so needed something reasonably priced, small and robust with good sound quality. This definitely fits the bill. Most importantly the sound quality is excellent for such a small speaker.

Good sound and goes quite loud. Bought to listen to music and audiobooks in the kitchen and works great. Really easy to set up and connect to phones and tablets.

Didn’t expect too much, was very surprised at the quality of the sound considering the size.

Great bluetooth speaker good value for money son loves it.

Features of KitSound Gravity Universal Splashproof Wireless Bluetooth Rechargeable Portable Speaker Compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad, Samsung and Android Devices – Black/Yellow

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  • Water-resistant
  • Call-handling
  • Wired or wireless connection
  • Passive bass radiator
  • Built-in rechargeable battery

From the manufacturer

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About KitSound

We are craftspeople. We are musicians. We are KitSound and we all commit ourselves to achieving one shared goal: Bringing people closer to their music. By understanding music we stay true to its craft. Pure, rich, incredible sound. We settle for nothing less.

Introducing the KitSound Gravity

Portable, lightweight and water-resistant, the KS Gravity wireless speaker is perfect for camping trips and outdoor activities.

  • Play time: up to 6 hours
  • Bluetooth range: 10 m
  • Output RMS: 2.5 W x 2
  • Frequency response: 100 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Water-resistant rating: IPX4

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Looks Great

The uniquely designed Gravity speaker comes trimmed in yellow – and weighing just 270 grams, it’s lightweight, compact and portable enough to take with you wherever you go.

Ideal for Outdoor Use

Perfect for when you’re in the great outdoors, this solid, durable speaker is water-resistant with an IPX4 rating, it connects to your device wirelessly and it has a built-in rechargeable battery which lasts up to 6 hours. So now you can have your own free party in the middle of nowhere.

Sounds Great

With space being an almost perfect vacuum, sound can’t be heard as the waves are unable to travel. But our Gravity Bluetooth speaker has plenty of sound, thanks to a passive radiator which enhances bass.

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Make sure this fits
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Easy to set up, great sound and nice and small to take on holiday.

Very impressed with the gravity wireless speaker speaker from kit sound. Sound quality is very nice and bluetooth pairing with a samsung galaxy s6 went without issue. I post this review having only tested in a dry environment. The only qualm i have is that the ks badge was missing out of the box. In its place was a sticky material where the logo would be.

Surprisingly good sound quality for a small speaker. Slightly cheap looking flap covering on/off switch and wire ports. Otherwise nice looking product.

Super features of water resistant and feels heavy and not cheap. Perfect gift for secret santa.Cant comment on battery life or sound quality.

Battery life good for moneyideal for small roomwe are overwhelmed by it, and so excited. Because my phone couldn’t produce enough sound so we could juggle around. We love using our microphones when we do our dancing shows at the windows.


An excellent small portable bluetooth speake system. Very robust, and does what it claims.

First impression is fantastic. I bought this for when i drive wagons without bluetooth/radio. It looks sturdy and like it will be able to withstand getting bashed about abit. It’s smaller than i expected but that is better for me and waaaay louder than i expected too. At this current moment in time i would definitely buy again. It says waterproof but the flap protecting the the important parts, charging port etc. However i wont be exactly taking it in the shower with me so not much of a problem.

Was bought as a gift but had to open to make sure it works 😉 was impressed with the sounds and bass despite it being small. It connects via bluetooth quickly. Would recommend for kids or kitchen speaker.

I had been thinking about getting a portable bluetooth speaker for a while mostly for camping but didn’t want to break the bank. After all, it was likely to get thrown in the back of the car, get wet and probably dropped a few times but i am – unfortunately – a music snob, so want a decent sound. Having tried the kitsound speaker, it seems to be absolutely spot on for what i wanted. It feels really solid, packaging is fun and the triangular design is not only a little different to the norm, but makes it much more stable when you rest it on something. Most importantly for me (being fanatical about music) the sound is great, bassey enough to make it sound good (although putting something behind it, or placing it against a something solid makes it sound ever better) it’s so easy to use and full volume is surprisingly punchy considering its size. For its price, a brilliant little speaker.

I like how it’s a very durable speaker. Loud enough to hear in noisy environments and small to put in bag to take around.

Great sound from suh a little unit. Splash proof too, so ideal for camping etc.


Fab product, had a bit of a chew connection 1st off, then called their super helpline, found out my pioneer hi-fi is a bt receiver, hence the chew to connect, they advised i order a bt transmitter. It arrived all is sorted n sweet sounding too :-).

Very good for price, have heard better with sound on others but still very decent.

I have no idea why its so cheap, incredible sound and build quality that matches and outperforms much more expensive brand namesrecommended to many friends.

This little speaker is easy to set up an has a good sound so i’m very pleased with it. Delivery was super quick too.

Neat, compact and good sound. Good quality speaker from a reputable name.

A great purchase and will recommend anyone to buy. Portable,good sound and easy to connect.

Easy to connect but the sound is not as loud as i had hoped. The sound level seems to be controlled by the devices it is connected to rather than within the kit itself.

Wired or wireless connection

Great item as a present, i am informed that sound quality and build is excellent and that my nephews friends were impressed, espically with the splashproof capatilities of the kitsound (which teenagers will find quite handy). Quality product and highly recommended.

My son already had one of these in the house, and as my own speakers were failing i asked him where he had got his as it was far superior to mine.

Bought for my teen daughter. Wasn’t sure it would be loud enough as it was smaller than i expected but it’s great.

I spend for this speaker only 9. 99 what is very good price,so for that price is very nice speaker,thanks.

Bought this for my kindle fire 8, which has reasonable sound but doesn’t go very loud and is light on bass. 99 the ks gravity is a good value product, easy to set up and an enjoyable listen.

Great sound and we take it it everywhere.

Passive bass radiator

Great little speaker, worked straight out of box (was ) charged, nice sound. Will be nice present for someone.

KitSound Ignite Mini Universal Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Compatible : Sound great. I will buy another so before they run

Great value for money and easy to use also pretty good sound quality for a tiny speaker.

I was recommended a kitsound ignite mini by a friend who couldn’t stop talking about how good her new speaker was. Slightly, dubious about buying a product i hadn’t heard of before, i gave it the benefit of the doubt and trusted my friend’s enthusiasm. When i received it i was impressed with how sleek it looked and it’s smooth finish, however i didn’t think it was worth the build up my friend had given. I had used portable speakers in the past and generally had the impression they were a good idea but didn’t produce much. They were fiddley and a pain to connect and i usually gave up and put some headphones on or turned on the radio. To my delight the ignite was fuss free and connected to my iphone 4s within seconds. It was also easy to switch between devices which was helpful when my partner was fed up of ellie goulding on repeat. I was impressed with how loud the little speaker could go, although pushing it to the max decreased the sound quality a little, if you really wanted it that loud using the aux lead solved the problem. The ignite was easy to use and could be controlled by the buttons on the speaker or using a personal device (iphone) this was a helpful feature when wanting to message or use other apps whilst listening to music.

KitSound Ignite Mini Universal Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, Android, Tablets and MP3 Devices – Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • High stereo sound
  • Passive radiator for high bass
  • Connect wirelessly or with the including charge and aux cables
  • Play your MP3 files from a micro SD card
  • Hands-free call-handling capabilities

I bought one of these on a deal through tesco, whereby it only cost £35 of clubcard vouchers. I bought it to take on holiday / in the park / in the garden, and it seems to be the right thing for the job. Although i wasn’t fussed about appearance as it is likely to get chucked about a bit, it looks very smart and would blend in with a polished living room. Sound is surprisingly good for the price; physics will tell you that a little loudspeaker this size won’t put out room-filling sound, but in spite of this it does sound full and the bass can largely keep up at low to moderate volumes. As you push it to higher volumes, the bass wipes out a bit of the midrange so it sounds slightly more tinny. Only negative thing is the very loud ‘bloop’ when you switch it on, makes it impractical to turn on late at night or early in the morning if people are still asleep.

Perhaps a little bit small at first but great sound from such a little box. Connectivity is hassle free.

Stands on my bedside table and plays via bluetooth from my htc one. Gives a good sound and looks good and solid.

KitSound Ignite Mini Universal Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, Android, Tablets and MP3 Devices – Black : Was brilliant at first, still works fine but the bluetooth function and controls stopped working after a few months. Luckily the volume can be adjusted through device plugged into it.

I bought this speaker during the black friday sale so bear that in mind. I really like the sound that it enhances. I connect it with my tablet and my smartphones at all times. It is way better than other products that i tested for the same price. Everything is very responsive and intuitive with this speaker. I hate to give it 4 stars, but the problem that i encountered is that it is very hard to connect to a normal laptop and i don’t understand why.

Great product for the money, very surprised.

Only downside is it needs charging through usb which can be a bit annoying.

I’d been looking for a speaker to use with my iphone 4, so the fact that it has both bluetooth and comes with an aux cable was ideal. I wanted something small as the main use i had in mind for it was days at the beach or to use in my car (which sadly doesn’t have a stereo. ) but i was so genuinely surprised by the high quality of sound that such a small device could provide, that i generally opt to use it at home and take it from room to room rather than messing around with sound systems. Its small size means that it is truly portable unlike some speakers that you’d need a backpack for alone. I love that it comes with a built in radio-which i didn’t actually discover until after i had bought it- such a bonus. The fact that one button controls all of its functions, with others to fast-forward/rewind and control volume, means that it’s super easy to use. I was also pretty impressed to find that it was compatible to use with my spotify account on my phone, i’m so used to having to go into the app to control it. It’s simple but effect packaging, without an excess of materials, is a plus for the environment which is always good thing for me.

I already have a kitsound mini cube speaker, which is a lot smaller than the ignite. But i must say that it kicks it’s ass. The ignite is ok, but i am a little disappointed. The cube sounds better due to the rubber base and the lower frequency output.

I have them in stereo and was so easy to configure. I have not used it for answering phone calls yet but everything i have tested works well. Battery life is good at present.

Great sound from this little boom box. Its for my kitchen and to take into my garden as well, really impressed for the moneyi’ve already recommended it to friends.

Back in 1986, mike ‘d’ diamond, adam ‘mca’ yauch and adam ‘ad-rock’ horovitz of the beastie boys told us to fight for the right to party. So, not purely to have a review title that rhymes this is truly achievable with the kitsound ignite. I recently purchased this portable speaker after my long-term relationship with my logitech docking station came to a sudden (and very sad) halt. I decided to ditch the dock and chose the ignite as i have a classic ipod with a 30-pin connector and an iphone 5 with lightning adapter so wanted something that would play music stored on both devices. Now, for my first impression: as many of you may have experienced, when buying clothes or techy devices online, you cannot easily judge size; so my first impression of the ignite was actually one of disappointment. I received the package and to my dismay, it was tiny. Thinking this was going to replace my now ex-logitech dock i couldn’t quite imagine that this was going to deliver. Good things really do come in small packages and i can safely say that this has not only replaced my logitech docking station in my heart. But has also left plenty more room on my shelfthe speaker itself is compact, matte black and finished with a retro front grill, complemented by the smart ks logo.

I like this kitsound ignite wireless speaker because it easily connected to my laptop via bluetooth and played music right away from my laptop. However, i do not seem to be able to get any bass sound from it which is quite disappointing. The sound seems like it is being played from inside another box or from behind a thick wall because it’s not the true sound of the music that is playing. I have another smaller bluetooth speaker which has provides a lot more bass and a deeper sound which was cheaper than the kitsound product but gives me a better sound in my opinion. I have been busy over the christmas period so i have not had time to experiment much with it to find out why there is very little bass sound from it. I will also email the suppliers to see if there are any tweaks that i can do to improve the sound in any way. There is also supposed to be a 10 metre range for this speaker but if i moved the speaker about 10 feet away the sound broke up and i found that i had to move the speaker to within 6 feet for it to play the music correctly. I am using a lenovo laptop which is fairly high spec and therefore i expect the two to work well together. I do like the look and feel of the kitsound speaker and it feels solid and well built and if the bass had been better i would have given the product five stars. I do hope i can get the bass sorted or i will be reluctant to use the speaker again and i will be disappointed and may consider returning the product to either amazon or kitsound because it’s not fit for use etc.

When i looked at the image i imagined it to be big – but its just bigger than your palm but plays incredibly great. The best thing about it is it doesnt need to be connected to main always. The battery longs for at least 6 hrs i think. Buy this if you need one just down next your bed and want to play anything from mobile or laptop using bluetooth (or line in if you want).

Best sounding speaker i have bought crisp sound with good bass for the size of it it’s great. Brought it on holiday and glad i did easy to pair aswell. I have this speaker two years now and i can hand on heart day it is waterproof to my amazement i found it buried in my shed in a bucket of water i nearly cried i presumed it was the end for little kit. But 2 days in the hotpress and it is working 100% no crackiling everything works no distortion. Great speaker for working in the garden and shed. Its waterproof for gods sake and it doesn’t say that on the box lol.

This was the third different speaker i bought of kitsound and love them allfor something that sits in your hand, incredible clarity and. Solid bass without being over the top and booming.

Just bought today, what a fantastic piece of kit. Can’t believe what output you get. Light, compact, and fills the room with sound.

This is the third kitsound product that i have bought. Yet again, i am staggered by the quality of the sound from something so small. These guys are real craftsmen.

Easy connection and sounds great. Tried it at work when were out in the sticks with bad radio reception and blasted metallica across the countrysideexcellent battery life too.

I will buy another so before they run out.

KitSound Mini Buddy and Portable Rechargeable Universal Wired Speaker : Surprisingly small and surprisingly good

Smaller than i expected, but ok quality for such a small speaker.

KitSound Mini Buddy and Portable Rechargeable Universal Wired Speaker with USB Charging Cable Compatible with Smartphones , Brown , KSNMBMKY

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Great, punchy sound for the size
  • Buddy Jack feature for pairing together speakers to create even bigger sound
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Keyring attachment for ultimate portability
  • Fun and stylish design

Bought as a present for my friends 9 year old – he loved it, good sound as well as looking great.

This little monkey packs some serious sound for such a small speaker. I’ll admit, i purchased this product for the novelty and not the sound quality but i was pleasantly surprisedprovided you don’t crank the volume up to the maximum this little guy fairs quite well in terms of audio quality for a single little speaker. The device can be charged by micro usb and from my experiences holds a charge really well. My only niggle is that the aux cable is very short so i’ve found you’re best off setting down whatever device you’re using rather than lugging it around with a monkey swinging off it.

This was bought for teenage daughter and she loves it. Cute and practical and it works. Sound is good for its size but do not expect the sound to be as good as normal speakers as becomes quite muffled when turned up to much.

KitSound Mini Buddy and Portable Rechargeable Universal Wired Speaker with USB Charging Cable Compatible with Smartphones , Brown , KSNMBMKY : Bought for my brother who loves it. Hes been using it to play music while driving his fork lift.

It is great because the sound that comes out of the speaker is really loud. However if it stops working do not worry. Plug in your phone to charge ,and at the same time you plug in the end of the speaker’s cable to the hole on the bottom of phone. So the speaker can be charged at the same time too.

I bought this to go with an mp3 player as a birthday present for a grand child. It will fit any unit with a standard 3. 5 mm jack, i couldn’t believe how good the sound quality was for such a small unit, it was scarcely bigger than the mp3 player. If you are looking for some instant portable sound and you like monkeys this is the thing for you.