Jabra Solemate Bluetooth and NFC Wireless Speaker System – Yellow, Super cool she says.

Great little speaker i use at work,plenty of kick to it&easy to set up. Battery could do with lasting a little longer but otherwise really good.

One of the best bluetooth speakers i have ever come across. Amazing durability and spectacular sound.

This truly is an amazing speaker, i had an azatom droid previous and it was good. However, i just received the jabra solemate mini and it certainly brings a kick to music. This small speaker is versitile, portable and pretty loud. The quality of sound and loudness on this speaker is remarkable. Defiantly worth a look into, best speaker i’ve discovered so far.

Key specs for Jabra Solemate Bluetooth and NFC Wireless Speaker System – Yellow:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Looks small, sounds big with Dolby enhanced sound
  • Connect to almost anything
  • You can pair it wirelessly via Bluetooth or in a flash with NFC (Near Field Communication)
  • Its durable design is dust and splash resistant
  • The rugged rubber sole can handle the bumps and knocks of the journey

Comments from buyers

“A great little speaker
, A solid lump of thump
, Would be good at RRP of £79

Nice portable device with sound quality as you would expect, and better if you have optimized the sound settings on your player device. Easy to get up and running, and with leads and charger.

Great little speaker for the money. I paid sub £30 and the sound is very nice and can fill the room quite nicely. Didnt find it tinny in the slightest and easy enough to connect to my phone and echo dot. Rubber sole keeps it from dancing around at high volume which is a nice touch. Not exactly bose quality but excellent for the price. A lot of punch for its size as well which was surprising. I would highly recommend this wee speaker.

This is the second speaker i bought, chose this after getting excellent quality from my first jabra and is still great after 4 years of travelling to the 4 corners of the earth.

Really good and very pleased with my purchase. It does exactly what i wanted from it.

This is the perfect combination of small size and meaty audio. It turns a wimpy phone into a decent music player or internet radio. The well balanced sound will fill a room and the battery lasts well – certainly longer than i’ve ever used it for, which has been all day if i’m decorating. I generally charge it up overnight at fairly sporadic intervals but have yet to run out of charge during the day. The construction feels so sturdy that i can’t imagine it ever getting broken.

Had one myself and this was a present for family member. Volume is good – quality is reasonable (bear in mind the size and battery etc). Easy to use and good connectivity.

With looks like a retro trainer and a solid weight and sturdiness to give the feel of quality, you could do worse in the bluetooth speaker stakes. It’s loud and clear enough to be satisfying, but at the end of the day, it’s a single speaker in a casing, so despite what the experts say, it’s hard to see how any of these kind of speakers are going to give you audiophile bowers & wilkins quality sound. So whilst it was a bit pricey when it first came out, even though the new bluetooth speakers around the £60-80 mark have caught up, if you can get one of these for under £50 quid, it’s a good buy.

Sturdy, small box with truly a great sound. Great value for money (ukp 20). I didn’t like nousy ‘sound prompts’ when switching the solemate mini on/off, but these can be de-activated. After 2 weeks, i am a happy user.

I bought them over three years ago and they are still performing just like they did when i opened the box. I bought white color, the only drawback is it get’s dirty over time. However, the sound quality is still the same. Will highly recommend these over any other portable bluetooth speakers.

What a great little device – nice design, very simple to set up and operate. My technophobe partner had it up and running in no timethe sound quality is impressive too for such a small speaker. You’re not going to use it at your party, but it’s perfect for streaming music from a phone or tablet at a reasonable volume and much improved quality over both. Great package and good value.

Bought for the wife and she loves it.

Very portable and cool enough for my teenager.

The speaker is small enough to fit in your palm (unless you have very small hands), which makes it very handy. The battery life is quite good too. It comes with an aux cable cleverly hidden/tucked away in a groove underneath the speaker. It can be used with the aux cable or bluetooth – i have used both and have not noticed any difference in sound quality. Now sound quality – the sound has a heavy bass bias to it. It is quite surprising that a speaker that small is able to produce that much bass and while it may be good for certain types of music and occasions, other occasions demand more of a subtle sound. This speaker seems to do just one style – all out bass. Turn it on or off and your action is confirmed with a deep reverberating ‘boom’. Nice sound effect which gets tired after a while. All in all, i am pleased with my purchase and have given it 4 stars – purely because of the at times overbearing bass sound.

For all the plaudits this speaker is getting, this is over rated. Like the size and aesthetic aspect of it. But would like better sound and higher volume.

Sound volume is loud and crisp. My only gripe is that there seem to be no way to disable the audio notification such as when bluetooth is on/off, or when it isn’t connected into any input device. It would be nice if there are led indicators for these things.

This is a fantastic product, i have b&o in the car and bose at home and when i travel i’m always impressed with the sound that comes out of this little speaker.

Firstly you turn on your speaker to be greeted by a very american voice which despite having read the manual i still don’t know if it can be turned off. Sound wise the speaker is decent for its size and price. It goes pretty loud considering how small it is, you’re not going to entertain a full party of course but it is perfect for some music with a few friends round a fire or even at a higher volume getting ready to go out. I have encountered better mini speakers but they always come at a higher cost 4x the price and are not necissarily 4x better sound quality so i would recommend this speaker for a cheaper mini speaker for sure.

Cracking build quality and sound. Would be good at rrp of £79. 99 but superb at £36 (now only £34). I did a quick survey and listen to comparable units and nothing in this price bracket gets close. Very easy to connect and off you go. The loud voice commands on the unit can easily be silenced by holding the – volume button as you turn it on (others have complained about these). 5mm cable in its base plate so you can connect your older ipods etc without bluetooth. It is simple to charge with the supplied usb cable to a computer or wall usb charger.

I have three of these now in various rooms in the house. They are powerful and above all easy moved around other areas of the house or outside.

The packaging was great, i bought this as a present but i tested it out first. It was really simple to use and connected to my devices quite easily. The sound is great for what’s needed, if i wanted a supreme surround sound a would get a proper speaker. The product is a lot smaller than what i thought it was going to be which is good as it it meant to be portable.

Great sound, but a little bassy. Easy to set up and the only problem is the instructions it give when turned on. They really need to lower the sound on them. Overall f you want a great little bluetooth with a rugged case look no further then this.

Jabra Elite 65t True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, Truly amazing. More than I expected

There are some products that you just can’t help falling in love with. Either because they’re beautifully designed or because they work brilliantly. This, for me, is one of those products – i love them.They reliably connect to my iphone as soon as i take them out of the case and the connection remains solid – even at quite a distance. They’re a great fit in my ears and i love the fact they block out most of the noise in the street (they do have functionality that allows you to hear those sounds if you want to which is handy). The audio quality is excellent. And, very importantly, you don’t look like a knob when you’re wearing them like you do with apple’s airpods. I was worried that they would stick out but they don’t really.

From opening the box, immediately you see a quality product. Ease of set up and firmware upgrade very straight forward. I needed to change earbud to large ones to get a good fit. The sound is not earth shaterring, it is however clear and crisp with well defined lower frequencies, but not skull thumping. Would of given 5 stars if case was easier to open and the earphones where held in magnetically. But overall i am really pleased with the purchase and these perfectly fit the bill for commuting by train in to the city. Oh i almost forgot, being a amazon prime member, the alexa functionality, (voice of either alexa or siri) is perfect as i simply press the multi function button and tell alexa to play my fav playlist or tell me if i need a brolly.

I had a pair of these a few months ago which i will admit i was disappointed with as the left ear kept breaking up or going silent. I then saw that there was a version 3 upgrade which these are and they are brilliant, these don’t cut out and are the best ear buds ever, so good i have bought another pair for my wife.

Key specs for Jabra Elite 65t True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Charging Case & One-touch Amazon Alexa – Titanium Black:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Conversations are made clear with true wireless earbuds that feature four-microphone technology and are proven to deliver best-in-class call performance
  • Listen to your music the way you want to hear it, by personalising your sound with a customisable equaliser
  • Voice command is made simple with one-touch access to Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google Now (operating system dependent)
  • Up to 5 hours of battery, and with additional power from the included pocket-friendly charging case, you can enjoy up to 15 hours of use – making sure your listening needs are met all day long
  • Built to work and guaranteed to last, Elite 65t is IP55 rated. Wireless range-Up to 33 feet / 10 metres. Bluetooth pairing list-Up to 8 devices. Multi-connect-2 devices can be connected at a time
  • Jabra Elite 65t are third generation true wireless earbuds, and Jabra has a proven track record of true wireless connectivity
  • Remember to update your firmware in the Jabra Sound+ app to experience the best sound quality
  • Auto pause technology means you never miss a word when you remove one of the earbuds

Comments from buyers

“Third time lucky, I found a great pair of earbuds., High quality music and calls, nice looking / doesn’t turn you into an android, great fit for running / gym and easy to use., Great wireless earphones”

Awesome product, great value compared to competition. Initially considered sony and bose equivalents, swung to jabra mainly due to better battery life and quick charge. Am very happy with my choice, going to buy another pair for my wife.

My first pair of true wireless earbuds were the earin model. Great sound and ultra-small. Unfortunately, the buds kept cutting out between the left and right sides. My second pair was a cheap and cheerful pair from a internet shop i’ve bought from before. When i say cheap, i mean cheap – £21. I didn’t expect much, but they were better than the earin at £250. They didn’t cut out, but the battery life was about 45 minutes. So, nervously, i purchased a pair of the jabra elite 65t’s. I know jabra’s reputation of old but i expecting disappointment again. The packaging is apple standard – the box slides out of its sleeve revealing the earbuds recessed inside. Lift the cover reveals the charging pod and a further box containing the booklet, two other pairs of silicone buds and the usb cable for the charging the pod. After letting them charge for a couple of hours, as per the instructions, i took them out of the charging pod, which woke them up. They immediately reached out to my samsung s7 edge and appeared in the bluetooth menu. Thanks to hedley lamarr, everything went smoothly.

Buying a new phone prompted me to get new wireless in ear phones. Now i’ve been using shure 425s, wired and over the ear sony mdr1000x (a bit heavy?) so i’m used to good sounds. After looking around a bit i chose the jabra and i’m quite impressed, nice clear sound stage and clearly defined. Played a lot of different music and loving these. Easy to wear, a lot easier than my over ear bluetooth phones.

Nice looking,nice fit in ear but overhaul not impressed with performance and sound very slow responce and just didn’t like the sound i have a cheaper set and have to admit never and less than half price of these as for nice cancel still hear traffic. So sorry returned for refund and await sony’s new sport set out in july.

Great battery life and just as good as my old boss quiet comfort and so much more portable. I carry mine around in my pocket and don’t notice they are in there. Battery life is great and i can easily go for a week and have never had the actual earpieces run out of battery.

I bought these truly wireless headphones with a sense of doubt after hearing and reading a load of reviews saying that the connection between each earpiece drops, or is slow and everything else that tend to go wrong. I’m happy to say that these headphones have proved all those comments wrong. They are simply, greati’ve had them for about two weeks now and i haven’t experienced any issues whatsoever. They fit perfectly in my ears and i don’t worry about them dropping out. The charge in the case easily keeps them going for a week whilst i use them to travel in/out for work. I’m not an audiophile so the sounds is great for me. The app works really well and you can adjust the equaliser to suit the sound you prefer. Really happy with this purchase so will be looking to sell my beatsx as i doubt i’ll ever use them again.

The only bluetooth single buds that actually work. You have to keep your phone in your right pocket but apart from that the signal is superb.

The battery life is impressive (never managed to deplete it). Noise cancellation is ok but could be better. The only thing that’s a let down is the cradle design. It takes me 3 tries to open the led, there is no clear ledge to go against your finger to open the holder and it can be very fiddly. I do not like the fact that even though this technology is advanced, it still uses micro usb, it should be c type to make it compatible with whatever you’re using this with.

I’ve had these about a month now, so long enough to form a view. I have a pair of bower and wilkins p5 wireless headphones, which are excellent and far superior to beats or any other headphones i’ve tried, but they do tend to get a bit warm and uncomfortable in summer. So these are my summer earphones. Sound quality is great and i haven’t experienced any cut outs like others have mentioned. They aren’t noise cancelling but that’s not a problem for me as i like to hear the ambient noise from traffic or tube announcements. But they do a good job of isolating some noise. As some have commented, they should have made the case magnetic to prevent the earbuds falling out. So you just need to always remember to hold it upright.

If your like me, then you’ve been looking for a pair of ‘truly wireless’ earphones for a while that can compete with apple’s airpods; since i don’t use apple products and since i don’t want a a pair of white toothbrushes sticking out of my ear, i’ve been longing for truly wireless earphones that don’t have any compromises. Fortunately i can report that jabra elite 65t’s do the job well. I am not an audiophile, so take my perception of their sound with a grain of salt. In my opinion these headphones sound decent. The bass isn’t that heavy but it is definitely passable and the mids and the trebles sound fine. My biggest problem the 65t’s sound is that there isn’t much sound separation, the sound seems to merge into one stream. In terms of bluetooth connectivity, the jabra elite 65ts are second to none. 0 means that you will never have a problem with audio cut outs or anything like that. I can have my non-bluetooth 5.

App is very useful, more than i initially anticipated. Very intuitive in terms of set-up, connecting and disconnecting. 4 stars rather than 5 because calling on the device is slightly impractical since the mic is too far away from your mouth and the respondents cannot hear clearly when i talk. I end up just using the handset to talk when i receive a call.

These were really good however at this price point they should have been outstanding, when connected to macbook they kept dropping connection and when connected quality low, the small print inside does disclaim about compatibility however i think that could be a little more obvious.

It was hard to decide on number of stars. I ended on 4 stars as the product itself is a very good, high quality and well made piece of kit. However for my purposes, which is cycling, these do not work for two reasons:1 – the audio pass-through feature designed to allow the user to hear the outside world simply amplifies the wind noise when cycling. So it has to remain off when moving. Which rather defeats the safety advantages of the feature2 – when cycling i put the phone in the saddle bag. Sadly, the bluetooth connection is not strong enough for this and it constantly cuts in and out during songs. These two reasons make them completely unsuitable for my cycling. If you have one of those fitness armband things whilst cycling, i imagine point 2 would be negated, however i can’t see a way around point 1 so for anyone wanting to travel with the wind in their hair at speed and want to use that pass-through, it isn’t going to work. For everyday use, or walking or any one of many other activities however these would be brilliant.

Got these to replace poor pair of buttons. Connectivity us spotty on occasions. More frustrating is the difficulty when other devices connect to the same phone. Usually means disconnecting and reconnecting the earphones. It still feels like i’m going to drop them every time i take them out of the case.

Thought i would never find a truly wireless solution. Apple ear pods don’t fit me and the zolo product was unreliable. These were my last option before deciding i had to stick with wires. The fit is amazing and the sound quality is great. Worth matching with the comply memory foam tips but still great if you don’t.

For fully wireless earphones, these have a good sound quality. They are great to use as day-to-day earphones, and getting rid of the wires is very convenient. As other reviewers say, if you’re after audiophile quality, these probably aren’t what you’re looking for. As a downside, i’ve had some intermittent issues with syncing the left earphone (enough to be annoying, but not broken enough to be replaced).

The sound was great at the start. I use this less than a month but the left bud started making cracking sound and the sound quality reduced tremendous. Before; that i enjoyed the sounds’ quality; the conectivity: the smart function of the pud that able to function when you put them into your ear and stops when you take them out.

These are absolutely great – the sound quality is very good ( i use a hifi streaming service and have been amazed at the sound through the earphones which can be adjusted to my preference using the equaliser through the app. )they are also really comfortable unlike a number of in ear phones, they don’t fall out but you can wear them for hours. Battery life is good and the charging case is solid but small enough to take anywhere.

I got these as airpods don’t fit will in my ears. These are pretty disappointing when wanting to use it with multiple devices. Ended up dumping them from my laptop and ipad, and leaving them paired with my phone only.

The previous review about getting used to it and slightbpain in ear on prolonged use are true however for the features, sound quality and compactness i would not mind. Definitely recommend it to friends and others.

These are surprisingly good – the fit is perfect in my ear and the audio quality is also very positive – they are not quite on a par with my bose headphones but are smaller and easier to carry in the pocketbattery life is good and the little case allows to recharge about 5 times before it is depletedinitially i experienced issues with broken audio but these were resolved by updating to the latest firmware.