iBoutique ColourJets USB Dancing Fountain Speakers : Fantastic product!

Bought these for my new room and i am very happy with them, they play the music at a high quality and can go to quite a high volume. The colour with the water shooting up looks very cool. Would definitely recommend for a friend or as a gift.

They look fantastic – the customer service was fantastic from the seller as well when i had a problem. Order yours nowvery happy customer.

These speakers are very good for young people because they are very pretty and they are quite loud but they are not loud enough for parties and big events but they are very very good personal speakers and the water in the speakers are very soothing.

Great value, as well as looking fab these little speakers sound great, highly recommended.

  • OK. Too many wires. No good for iPhone without adaptor.
  • Have lasted me a while so far!
  • Happy boy on Christmas morning

iBoutique ColourJets USB Dancing Fountain Speakers for PC/Mac/MP3 Players/Mobile Phones/Tablets – Ice White

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • The original dancing water speakers – they dance to your music!
  • Stunning LED light dancing visual water display
  • Powered entirely by your device using USB
  • Compatible with any device with a 3.5mm earphone output
  • The best sound 6W! & brightest light ouput guaranteed

Wow, great little speakers, thought they might be a bit crackly, but they are superb. They’re going to be a christmas present, but i had to test them and make sure they worked ok before then. It’s fun trying to find the songs that really get the water jumping. I’m glad i spent the time searching for the better brand, couldn’t fault them.

My husband loved these at xmas and a goo price.

The colour and water jets match the music beat. Would definitely recommend this.

I love the speakers, however you have the get the power for them from a laptop unless you supply your own plug, which was slightly disappointing. After i found a plug to test them with i found out the audio cable was not working, i tried using it on my phone as well as my laptop but neither worked. The company would not send me a replacement wire either. Overall i was disappointed with this product as it was for my fiancé as a xmas present, however i will be keeping the product as this is a main present, but will have to buy a new wire and plug.

My 13yr old girl loves these in her bedroom. They are very effective and easy to use.

No harm as a random gift but need to put the volume up high to get a decent water spout going so not sustainable (unless you are a teen / pre-teen obviously rather than their crusty old parent). Actually they are pretty good for a loud session.

My nephew loved these dancing speakers, came quickly however since buying them i have seen them cheaper than what i’d payed on amazon which is most unusual.

These are ‘ok’ for the cost. And no good to plug into a iphone without an adapter. Plugs into ipad ok & they work. But with a wire to the main socket / usb, a wire between the speakers, another wire to go into the output (eg. Ipad) and another adaptor wire needed for an iphone it’s a bit messy. Easier if you playing music from laptop. But bought for my 11 year olds bedroom so he can listen to music on his phone.

Looks awesome and work brilliant however its very restrictive for the distance between the two speakers, its quiet frustrating seeming you want them be somewhere for their look.

My daughter loves the speakers and so does my son.

Brought these for my son for christmas and he loved them he is 8 yrs old and thought santa was cool. He loves them, the sounds is good and perfect for a child, they look good as well, very easy to use, when my nephew saw them he said they were sick. So i ordered another set for his birthday.

I bought these speakers, for my 13 year old daughter as a christmas present, to accommodate her new laptop. Both speakers produce clear sound, no crackling or hissing. The only negative point i can make towards them is that, you don’t get the best effect out of the colour jets unless all the lights are turned off.

Lovely speakers bit smaller than i expected but there nice very pleased :).

Had seen mixed reviews with some not working properly. These however work really well and my kids love them.

Sons extra xmas present, and loves it, no issues with anything from order to delivery.

Bought for daughters xmas and she loves it. Great colours, speedy delivery.

These speakers are great if you want a personal light show. I love the whole idea of these speakers. All my friends and family also like them tooa disadvantage that i have found is that when watching films tv shows etc, the water can get distracting. I tried putting the speakers laid down, yet the sound of the water shooting makes an annoying sound when speakers are on their side. I think that having a button to switch the water shooters off would have been beneficial for when not playing music. The sound quality is not amazing (which would be expected for the price, also being that the main focus is on design). However if you are not fussy about sound quality and all, i would recommendoverall a fun pair of speakers, which have lasted me almost a year so far- more for appearance than quality, and more suited for music than for use with movies and tv.

When first opening i saw there wasn’t much water and thought it wouldn’t be great but i decided to test them anyway – great quality sound from the speakers and the water looks amazingobviously it looks better in the dark and with faster songs, but for £20 it’s a bargainwould recommend getting a plug that goes into a socket for the usb cable as turning on my laptop to use as a power source can be a bit annoying.

iBoutique ColourJets 2nd Generation USB Dancing Fountain Speakers – Great little movers

Perfect gift, sound not top quality but it’s not the most important factor herle. Fountain works perfectly, making colorfull videoclip on the top wall.

Ordered these for my 13 year old son, i wasn’t actually expecting too much from them but they are in fact really cool. They look amazing in the dark, it’s fab to watch the water dance to the music and the sound is good as well. Would make a brilliant christmas present.

Bought these for my 11yr old son and he loves them. The lights are lovely and at night reflect onto the ceiling too. The end can fit into a kindle charger plug then can be plugged into the mains, or any charger where the plug is separate and the connector underneath, it’s not a problem. Here are the specifications for the iBoutique ColourJets 2nd Generation USB Dancing Fountain Speakers:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • The original 2nd generation dancing water speakers – they dance to your music!
  • Stunning 6 LED lights & water jets dancing visual display
  • Powered entirely by your device using USB*
  • Compatible with any device with a 3mm earphone output
  • The best sound 6W! & brightest light ouput guaranteed

First impressions of the iboutique colourjets speakers are very good. There’s more than adequate sound quality (no distortion) for the £20+ price tag and visually they look great – ideal for our teenager.

The water jets are loud and the colour jets look nothing like the picture here. I should have put the full cost towards function and not aesthetics.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Apart from that the visual display of the water fountain feature is brilliant and really effective
  • BEST Desk Speakers I’ve Ever Had!
  • Very Happy

I bought these speakers and they worked great with quaity sound, plus a nice water feature. But the second speakers inlet port – theb soldering came completeley useless so now the second speaker is not working.

My granddaughter aged 13, thinks it is the ‘bees knees’ and spends hours in her room listening to music with the curtains drawn during the daytime in order to get the the best possible effect from the colourjets.

This 2nd generation speakers are what you need, i purchased other water speakers at xmas but within a couple of hours they sadly leaked liquid and no longer worked. However the i boutique water speakers have none of the problems i first encountered,because of the unique shape u get a good mixed light affect on the roof of the room. Also we’ll worth a look of a foam fountain to sit in the middle of the speakers for great effect. Hope this saves someone from wasting money on the cheaper first gen of speakers.

I bought it for a relative for christmas and i very nearly kept it. Very good sound quality and looks great when it’s on. I would happily buy this again, and i may do.

Nice water show although product was smaller than expected bought as a present for my girlfriend and played some songs at her party wasn’t the loudest speakers they were a decent loudness but they seemed to keep people happy. Couldn’t give it a proper review as it was a present but my girlfriend seems to like it so 4 stars on her half.

Gave them 5 stars as daughter loves them and they are for her but personally i thought the colours were disappointing. Certainly not as good as the pictures suggest. The colours only go a tiny bit up warer. By time water goes up about an inch the water is clear.

Unfortunately one of the speakers had leaked when it arrived, faulty item but it was soon rectified and couldnt have been simplier, my replacement came within a day and collecting the faulty one for free was hassle free. Apart from that the visual display of the water fountain feature is brilliant and really effective. Although the speakers are slightly tinny they are really good for an ipad,laptop,pc etc and my son who is disabled is going to love the sensory element of them, plus he loves music too.

The packaging was immaculate and the product is amazing. It looks so cool in the dark and it also has a button to turn the lights and the waterworks off – which is a neat feature when you want to watch a movie and don’t want any lights or fancy waterworks. But the thing that impressed me the most is the little note requesting customers to contact them first before leaving a feedback of anything below 5 stars and their mission of achieving nothing but 5 stars. This shows that the supplier really cares and is passionate about their business.

Super speakers,sorry for dealy in reviewing them,bought them for a xmas pressie for my daughter,tried them out to make sure they were ok,and i was amazed at the sound quality,the water feature is cool,i think shes going to love them. Delivery was first class,and packed well.

Sound was also a lot better than i was expecting.

Does what it says on the tin, don’t expect amazing sound quality but for what they cost they are fine for a bedroom set. For the price they are just what you would expect. If u buy them expecting amazing sound quality u will be disappointed. But if u just wnt a set to watch/listen to stuff on a pc then they are ideal.

Brill, little addition when listening to music. Neat, small design just as described. Sounds not perfect but if your looking for a little extra atmosphere rather than sound quality these are just the thingfor the waterfall effect to work you need the volume at a reasonable leve,l you can’t listen to them quietly and expect a strong effect.

Quick delivery, great sounds and look great. Recommend as these are a second purchase and would purchase again in the future.

I have ordered this for my 11yr old son for xmas as it’s what he’s asked for was recomended by a friend looks good delivery fast fingers crossed it all works well.

I purchased these for my nephew as a present he absolutely loves them. They are not extremely loud but loud enough for him to sit in his room with.

Having first received this product (5 days in advance of expected date) i thought the water was a little sparse but you realise once using them you only need little to make the product amazing. The sound quality is superb and the volume of which it can deliver is brilliant. The led lights will be amazing at night and the water jets just make the product amaze. The height is acceptable, neiother too big nor too small while being a very sexy design.

iBoutique ColourJets USB Dancing Water Speaker, Fountains look great but low volume

Lovely speakers good sound and water anount.

Quick delivery, brilliant sound system.

Jets and colours quite hypnotic, lights the room up.

Key specs for iBoutique ColourJets USB Dancing Water Speaker for PC/Mac/MP3 Player/Mobile Phone/Tablet – Vivid Pink:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • The original dancing water speakers – they dance to your music!
  • Stunning LED light dancing visual water display
  • Powered entirely by your device using USB
  • Compatible with any device with a 3.5mm earphone output
  • The best sound 6W! & brightest light ouput guaranteed

Comments from buyers

“Funky pair of speakers!
, Fountains look great but low volume
, Not suitable for newer Apple products.

Great set of speakers, not amazing sound but what do you expect for the price. Lights are bright and the jets bounce in time to the music, also adjust height depending on the beatthe onlybreasin they are marked diwn a star is because the power lead isn’t very long and it wasn’t clear prior to ordering yiu would need a plug for it to go into, but great for our needs.

Amazing fun product; great fun for a fun sleepover ‘with technology’.

Bought these for my daughter, she loves them.

The product looks great, but if you have an iphone or ipad etc is hard to connect on bluetooth unless you have audio cable socket. Couldn’t connect bluetooth on my iphone 7+ or ipad. It couldn’t find the device and there is not an on or off button, or anything apart from cables.

Fabulous products great prices.

Excellent product, recommended seller.

Amazing bought these for my 15 year old grand daughter she loves themkaren.

It’s an amazing product to use.

Good speakers and sound quality, my only problem is there isn’t an on-off switch, so when i want to turn the lights off to go to bed i have to unplug them.

Great speakers and quite loud too.

They look great when on and i’m really impressed with he sound quality.

Awesome psychedelic speakers.

These are a fantastic set of speakers. The sound is clear and not horrifically loud (as my daughter likes to have it). The lights work perfectly, jumping to the beat of the music. These did not get 5 stars purely for the fact that the power lead is quite short and the speakers do not have an on/off button. So to turn of the lights you have to unplug them.

Arrived on time for christmas. Looked and did what it said on the tin.

These are so amazing, i absolutely love them. They are not awkwardly big and perfectly double up as a nightlight. I was skeptical that it might brake or crack during the precess of delivery but it arrived in perfect condition packaged to prevent damage. Worth the buy, without a doubt.

It’s very nice but it’s not very loud.

These speakers were bought for my daughter’s mp3 player, to play via the included 3. I’m happy with the fountain effect which she also loves. The volume however is disappointing – i wasn’t expecting much for 6w but they are very quiet – keep this in mind when ordering. I’ve tried a couple of devices including a phone and mp3 player, and even with the volume at max on the devices it is still on the quiet side.

Bought for my 11 year old daughter.

Good product would purchase from this supplier again.

Daughter liked them, ok sound but good for the price fay teens bedroom.

These are good fun and for the price the quality is good. My 7 year old daughter loves them.

iBoutique ColourJets 3rd Generation Wireless Bluetooth Rechargeable Dancing Fountain Speaker, Better than the rest

Really good, my 12 year old and her friends think they are so cool and bluetooth is excellent.

Christmas present for my granddaughter and was exactly what she wanted and is very pleased with the speakers.

Great product that my 2 daughters are absolutely thrilled with. Easy to bluetooth to their ipods and away they go dancing to the water feature movements. Also excellent customer service – product arrived quickly even near christmas.

Key specs for iBoutique ColourJets 3rd Generation Wireless Bluetooth Rechargeable Dancing Fountain Speaker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Supports any Bluetooth device or 3.5mm earphone socket
  • Rechargeable via USB for wireless portability
  • Stunning 6 LED lights & water jets per speaker
  • 20% larger than standard water speakers
  • Great sound ouput and 1 year manufacturers warranty

Comments from buyers

“Great product, looks great, A hit as a present, Good but seems fragile”

Love how they light up with the beat. Really useful to be able to use the bluetooth for when we want to use it in the garden in the summer and festivals etc. So glad i opted for the 3rd generation.

My granddaughter loved her birthday present.

Daughter was made up with them😊 so was very happy.

Bought the 3rd gen ones as they weren’t a great deal more money but had the bluetooth and charging ability. Gift for daughter at christmas. Really impressed with them, they don’t go too loud but you do need them almost at the max to get the water to dance. That said, we were all mesmerised by them and i think we’ll be grateful they don’t go too loud as she gets older.We had great fun finding things to make them dance with (pro-tip, found a really sweary peaky blinders supercut which worked excellently after the children were in bed).

Bought as a christmas present this item is pretty cool arrived in good time.

I would definitely recommend this product. I haven’t found a fault with this product the aux & bluetooth both work perfectly well.

I am impressed with quality of this product, light but solid. It is very easy to set up and is simple to use. The bluetooth output announces itself as you turn it on. Speaker quality is good, given their size and the beat sensitive fountains are impressive (and a little hypnotic) bought this for my daughter but i love them too.

Brilliant so good bought another for other child.

Purchased for 11yr old daughter and she loves them. The wireless set up is simple and the sound good for the size and output. The water activity is dependent on volume and type of music listened to. Wireless connectivity means she can base in her room to charge but move about as needed. She voted them in the best of her christmas presents.

Speakers are really cool too look at, resdonably loud and the rechargeable aspect is brilliant – no wires. Arrived alot earlier than expect.

Great product, blue tooth a real bonus on a already good set of speakers.

Amazing sound quality from speakers – the water/light effects looks spectacular with all types of music.

Okay for teenager, but water don’t always work.

Put it in family christmas bingo. They all neary bit my hands off, yes, both of them.

Bought as a present for my daughter as she asked for water speakers for her birthday. These were an ‘upgrade’ from the ones she originally saw and wanted and she is very happy with them. They give a good sound and the light and water effect are different. Not sure how long that novelty will last but scored me some brownie points on the day of gifts.

The sound is amazing well worth the money.

Actually surprised at how good sound was also can use without the water going.

These speakers are incredible, not only look great but the sound quality is better than i expected and has a long range. I chose the 3rd generation model for the bluetooth feature which doesn’t disappoint, pairs to both windows and mac os with no problem.

Good item as described would recommend.

I have not tried them yet – but i had already bought previously the wired type same design of these water speakers – which i have attached to my tv – what i like about them – you can turn the water feature off but still have the speakers work also they have their own volume level button. The reason i bought this wireless set – the ones attached to my tv via the earphone socket – i have to have a connecting lead between the speakers which is unsightly – hence i thought wireless would be more ascetically pleasing – price is fine and the quality regards sound is not bad – i was not expecting cinema quality sound from these speakers they are adequate for my needs. Yes i would buy from this seller again.

iBoutique ColourJets USB Dancing Fountain Speakers : slightly louder and better sound quality than expected but not so loud to

Great product, arrived early then expected, the product stands by it name, works like a charm, when using at night, it just lights up the room and looks amazing,the sound base of the sound is just pure amazing plus with the light and liquid looks just fantastic, it has that rainbow colour effect, spending money is these is worth it. Furthermore, it is compatible with most to the devices, windows and iphones. Would definitely recommend this.

My autistic teenager loves these and is learning about ryhym just by watching the coloured water move. Slightly louder and better sound quality than expected but not so loud to annoy the neighbours great value for the price and replaceable at that price.

iBoutique ColourJets USB Dancing Fountain Speakers for PC/Mac/MP3 Players/Mobile Phones/Tablets – Jet Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • The original dancing water speakers – they dance to your music!
  • Stunning LED light dancing visual water display
  • Powered entirely by your device using US
  • Compatible with any device with a 3mm earphone output
  • The best sound 8W! & brightest light output guaranteed

Very pleased with these, thought at first one wasn’t working but i hadn’t pushed the 3mm jack in fully and so all great. Sound is lovely, lights and water make it a stunning product and great value. I checked other speakers and they were the same or more money for just basic speakers with no gizmo of lights/water and were even less watt output.

I wasn’t expexting anything but a gimmick from these speakers, just a few lights splash of water and tinny sound. I brought them for my sons 8th birthday, the lights are so bright and colourful the watr really does dance to the music and the sound quality is exceptional. I would happily pay double, anyone who knows me knows i love a complaint but these cannot be faulted.

I ordered these on friday evening and received them early on sunday so delivery time was very good. Within 10 minutes i had unpacked the items and tried them on all devices – iphone, ipad, pc. The quality of sound is superb and the visual effect is stunning. The only downside is the length of the cable between the speakers – less than a metre – i will be ordering an extension lead to rectify this. Other than that, these are a cracking set of speakers that do not distort whatever the volume.

iBoutique ColourJets USB Dancing Fountain Speakers for PC/Mac/MP3 Players/Mobile Phones/Tablets – Jet Black :  excellent, brilliant sound amazing lights. Perfect for my son who has asd and love both music and lights so this is a fabulous sensory gadget.

I bought these speakers for my girlfriend and she is well chuffed. For the price the sound is excellent and the fancy dancing lights are a bonus. The usb and sound cables could be longer but at this price you can well afford to buy longer ones if required. If you want cheap, fancy looking speakers that sound fine then these are for you.

My order arrived in good time. I was slightly reticent thinking that they would be cheap and gimmicky. Upon arrival, i unpacked the speakers and to my surprise, i set them up on my laptop in under 5 minutes. They brighten up the room with their variation of colours and provide a very acceptable sound quality.