Edifier R1700BT Bookshelf Active Speakers – I can confirm they have great sound quality

Honestly, superb sound quality at this price point. Was expecting good, but wasn’t expecting that good. Can hear every little timbre and detail of what i’m listening to, and really highlight weaknesses in things.

These speakers look and sound great. I made this purchase in conjunction with the audio-technica at-lp60 usb turntable audio-technica at-lp60 usb turntablei would absolutely recommend these speakers – the clarity of sound and depth of bass is excellent. I currently have the speakers connected to my ps4 and the turntable and i have to say that is has transformed the audio experience of both. If you are looking to upgrade your current speakers, you will not be disappointed. Some reviewers have mentioned that you need to buy uk plug adapter – this is not the case. My speakers had a euro >uk adapter packaged in the box. My one criticism would be the size of the controller (it’s about 2. Whilst it is very functional – i do find myself putting it down and losing sight of it. But that’s due to my own forgetfulness, i supposeexcellent speakers, very happy.

They work really well and for the price have a great sound. They look good in the room too. I would like to be able to get a longer cable to connect the speakers but can’t find one anywhere. Here are the specifications for the Edifier R1700BT Bookshelf Active Speakers:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Total Power Output of 66 Watts R.M.S = 15W x2 (treble) + 18W x2 (bass) (DRC ON)
  • Bluetooth pairing capability, simply connect your phone, tablet or supported device
  • Dual RCA inputs for connectivity to multiple audio sources. Perfect for Record Players and Turntable, Amplifiers and more!
  • Class D amplifier system with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Dynamic Range Control (DRC)
  • A front facing bass reflex port emphasises lower frequencies, allowing for richer bass performance.

An excellent product, bought to replace speakers for my macbook pro which had died, after listening i feel there is no way these will end up in the office. – the sound is so natural and the sound field so believeable they will almost certainly stay in the living room. I use both a macbook pro and a macpro sharing their itunes libraries via wifi to my ipad pro then bluetooth to the speakers and the results are excellent. My music taste is mainly classical with some jazz as welll and the sound is ideal, if i liked popular music however, i may find the bass slightly heavy. All in all a good budget pair of speakers that would certainly give some higher priced speaker a run for their money.

Quality product i bought as a gift. Bluetooth is a great feature however note you have to disconnect the last device to use it before you can add another (i assume taking the device out of range will also solve this problem however), its only a minor issue but it was pretty confusing when the vinyl record player i had hooked up would play as the ipod was still connected and i was freaking out.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great, Laid Back Sound Destroyed by Obnoxious Boomy Bass
  • An excellent buy

Fantastic speakers, rich sound, good bass, and bt is a bonus, can connect various devices to them. Excellent to watch movies or play games on pc.

Excellent quality sound, excellent quality build.

I have just installed these speakers, upgrading from the edifier r1280t which were good. The r1700bt are even better, with greater bass and the added useful option of bluetooth. They sound good, look good, and are the best computer speakers i’ve ever owned.

Opened the box set them up great . Replacement came within days great service no arguments. Boooommmmm bass wow excellent sound quality crisp clear. I have them as far apart as possible for the stereo effect.

I’ve hooked them up with a google chromecast audio & a google home and they work perfectly. Amazing clarity and power for the sound.

Originally bought a monitor audio s150 after reading all the reviews but quickly returned and bought these beauties and around £30 cheaper these really do stack up and sound great, blutooth connectivity is stable and easy to use and ya can even connect via rca a phono or other devices. I recommend this and i am very critical when it comes to audio so true to say for around £100 these really fir the bill.

These powered bookshelf speakers are impressively loud with respectable sound quality. The initial eq settings are a little much on the bass for my personal tastes, however with a slight adjustment on the physical knob on the side (i. , -2) gives a more refined sound profile which i enjoy. Connectivity is easy, i have the 3. 5mm-audio-to-rca cable hooked up to a pc and bluetooth paired to my phone for music playback. Switching between inputs is easy using the remote. One gripe i have is that the volume is digital: although there is a physical control knob on the side for volume, it is not a potentiometer instead it changes the volume in discrete steps. This alone wouldn’t be too bad, except that whenever i switch between the input audio, the volume resets to the 50% which is louder than i usually use them at. Or indeed if i leave the room with my phone and reconnect via bluetooth, the volume reverts to 50% so i have to manually re-adjust the volume.

Best bang for buck bookshelf speakers i’ve ever bought. Bass is a bit droney by default but so easily corrected with some eq, and they go loud.

Connected to my fone and wow. Love the sound these things make. The price makes it even better. Well worth investing if you want a smallish set of speakers.

Echoing the reviews of everyone else who bought these speakers, for the price they sound absolutely amazing. Currently connected to a turntable with a built in phono for a minimalist vinyl setup and works like a dream.

I researched these on line and they were well reviewed. I can confirm they have great sound quality, easy bluetooth link with phone, all good.

. It came with eu plug without adaptor,i love bassy, but i find it bit overpowered with mid range bass. Lil play with eq will fix it. Sound quality is light years ahead compared to my old pc speakers. Overall im pleased with the build and sound quality, good value,.

Brilliant sound quality, especially at louder volumes. Bass performs very well, and can even shake surfaces when pushed right up. Only downside is the inability to control the devices connecting via bluetooth. The wood finish is also nice and stylish. I have these set on my narrow’ish desk and they perform very well at close range.

Great sounding speakers and with the bluetooth facility much better choice than a dock. Surprisingly loud and very well made.

Good build good sound easy to set up, would prefer on switch on side with the controls.

Very pleased with this purchase, sounds great.

Edifier R1280DB Active Remote Control Bookshelf Studio Bluetooth Speakers : Excellent for the price.

Fantastic product terrific array of connections including optical really great soundusing also as an alternative to tv sound bar /base highly recommended.

I just didn’t realise how handy the bluetooth function would be. Touch one button on the remote, press play on my phone and it’s on. I was worried about sound quality but it’s actually decent. At this price point, the competition is basically between these and the steljes. From what i’ve read the steljes just have it on sound quality, but i think they look ugly so i went for these.

I bought these to use for my audio technica at-lp60 turntable and they work great, really easy to setup and they sound fantastic for the price. I would recommend these speakers to anyone getting in to playing records or someone who wants a good, cheap pair of speakers.

You will be hard pressed to find a better amplified speaker at this price, and build quality; i am a retired electronics engineer having worked with audio and radio frequency equipment in commercial and broadcast companies, so i think i recognise a good product in todays world for the domestic market. The sound quality is very good with a range to cover most of the hi-fi audio band, you have the option to adjust tonal levels as well, and get two inputs. One aux line in & one pc computer line in; each have different level signals input, and the only thing to consider is how your going to use it . Basically the aux line in, is for a line level output signal around 550mv = millivolts peak to peak just over half a volt, this means you need a pre-amp if your going to use it for a record-phono reproduction, and with the pre-amp you also need the required riaa equalisation for records; normally in the designed for record pre-amps will have the riaa as standard design. Okay then, other options is a mixer control, either two or more inputs as required; then the output to the amplifier aux input. By using an amplified mixer with line inputs, your going to have a good 45db signal increase, especially if a microphone input is on the mixer as well; of course you can just use the amplifier to plug-in your i-pad or mobile music device ?. So using the earphone output socket, you will have more than enough signal to drive the amplifier; this would be the same if you use the pc computer output, into the pc socket. So if you think about it, you have options to make that connection if you remember the amplifier needs a line input signal; also bear in mind, the pc and aux inputs are live at the same time, so you either turn off one of the two devices your using at any time, otherwise you will have two music or audio signals mixing at the same time; there is also the basic remote control, this has a very good range even when you don’t point it at the master speaker. However for the quality of this speaker system and price, it’s a very good compromise. If your thinking of using it for a shortwave radio system monitor speaker, to improve the sound quality; i would warn you not too, the unfortunate fact is that this amplifier has an internal “switched – mode – power – supply” my personal worst enemy when it comes to radio interference. Even if you think moving it away from the receiver will resolve this issue, it will-not . The reason is, that the switching pulses are riding on the screened audio input cables, even a ferrite core or choke will-not stop the interference… so your warned. However you can try an isolator 1 to 1 transformer, i did-not take this option; so if like myself your an electronics engineer or good hobbyist, with experience of electronics; you just remove the offending power supply and build a linear – transformer power supply ?.You need to have a 17 volt regulated dc at 1 amp current capacity; each audio channel at peak max volume can top 500ma, so a 1 amp supply will cover the power required.

  • Overall, I’m very pleased with my purchase and think that these speakers provide a lot of bang for one’s buck.
  • Excellent Budget Amplified Speakers, High Quality For The Price
  • Great speaker system with a not that useful remote

Edifier R1280DB Active Remote Control Bookshelf Studio Bluetooth Speakers , 2 x RCA Line In, Optical and Coaxial connections, Built in Amplifier Ideal for Laptop, PC, MAC, Phone, and Hi-Fi Maple Wood

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • PERSONALISE your listening experience with bass, treble and master adjustment dials
  • BLUETOOTH, optical, coaxial and dual RCA input allows you to connect to your home entertainment system with ease
  • ROBUST and RICH SOUND from 4-inch bass drivers and front facing bass reflex ports
  • TECHNOLOGY and STYLE combined to make bookshelf speakers with a 42W power output
  • WIRELESS REMOTE adjusts volume to your sound preferences

Superb stage presence and clarity. Midrange is something i’m always looking for in compact speakers, and these deliver. Small speakers with a huge sound. Remote control could be a tad larger/heavier though, i can see it getting lost soon.

Absolutely superb set of speakers. Well presented, aesthetically pleasing speakers with an excellent sound quality. Despite not having a subwoofer, i’ve never noticed an issue with lack of bass which is amazing. Note: if you buy this for the uk, you will most likely have to get an eu to uk power adapter as one is not supplied.

These are perfect value for money. They can play loud enough on their own, and i find the sound quality very good, considering the price tag.

I own a lenco record player and it only has a dual rca output audio cable to connect to speakers and nothing else, so i’ve been looking for speakers with a dual rca line in port which are also fairly cheaper. I typed in “speakers dual rca line in” as i honestly wasn’t completely sure what i was looking for, these edifier speakers were the first option that appeared and at £89. 99, which compared to the price of speakers in my city’s electrical stores, was quite cheap. After looking at the mainly positive reviews i decided to get them. For what i was looking for, these speakers are great, i find the sound quality excellent and the design is also quite sleek and simple and not too complicated, the size of the speakers are fairly compact also. The remote control is fairly simple and sturdy with just a mute button and the volume control. The set up was extremely easy, i presumed that the speakers came connected already, so i panicked a little when i seen that they weren’t and i had to connect them myself with the speaker connecting cable, as i’m not the most handy person and thought this was going to be complicated but it was extremely simple and very well explained in the manual. I’m not overly sure about the durability as i’ve only had them for a couple of days, but they seem extremely solid and sturdy enough so far. Overall, if you’re looking for a decent, quite simple and minimalistic set of speakers, i’d highly recommend these.

Only arrived today but first impressions are very favourable; bought to replace a pair of tibo plus 2 that had died shortly after their warranty. I use them in the kitchen where they sit on top of wall cupboards, not an ideal spot for music quality but the main reason i needed a remote. The sound isn’t hi-fi but better than the echo dot, a dab radio’s single speaker and a squeezebox that has no speaker at all. The latter uses a digital connection, the dab has a bluetooth adapter connected to a blink that connects to the speakers through phono and the dot uses direct bluetooth. I had to restart the dot after deleting the tibo pairing as the connection to the edifiers kept failing. All are now working just as i want. The tibos were not great with this set up. If they were on but connected on something other than bluetooth the dot thought it was connected so alexa chatted and flashed away but we heard nothing. Also the auto-wake was too slow for the dot.

I hummed and hawed between these and microlab’s b77 speakers because whilst the microlabs probably shade the edifiers on quality of sound, the edifiers are a bit smaller and around £20 cheaper. In the end, their size won out because i have limited space. It’s also nice that they allow for two inputs, which is exactly what i wanted – one from a tv and the other from my pc. You can play both sources simultaneously if you wish, not that i have any need for that. They replace a pair of bog standard rather plasticky speakers i’ve had for a long time, and they’re much better sounding. I myself don’t like very heavy bass and so have set it at minimum. Even so, it’s tight and punchy, more than adequate for my rather small room. I have the treble set at near maximum because that happens to suit me — maybe because i’m no spring chicken. But the good thing is that even at maximum, the treble doesn’t become at all tinny. I also like that they sound good on their side, with the tweeters on the outside left and right, as this creates more clearance above them on the shelf where i have to put them.

Bought these a few days ago and wow am i very impressed so far, firstly anyone saying they dont sound great is much mistaken, for the size of them the output of these are great as long as the quality or bitrates are high enough otherwise low quality music will sound naff as with any other amp/speaker setup. So the amount of inputs were the draw for me (5 i think) including bluetooth and optical link which was what i was looking for. For example my phone is an s7 using the vlc app on the rock eq setting and wow what a beautiful deep rich sound i got, probably better than my techniks stereo and that sounds nice. Also the tv sounds great and adds nice bass to my viewing sitting either side of my tv. I would recommend these to anyone and big up to the edifier guys for the best product i have purchased in ages.

What a beautiful beautiful sound. I bought to replace a pair of great speakers that i was very happy with but had trouble connecting to my brand new smart tv. Reluctantly i gave up on my great speakers and bought these just so it could hook up to my tv. It’s done the job but also has a simply wonderful sound. Looks a lot smaller than expected but they are a touch bigger than the ones i’m replacing and anyway. They are very loud with great quality. Loud enough to get you in trouble with your neighbors.

A bit of fiddling the eq on pc and they sound even better. The only thing i downvote a star to is the awful remote. It seems this whole line of speakers has the same type of remote which is made from horrible plastic and buttons that feel like they dont do anything when you press them. They have a weird bubble effect feeling when you press on the plastic and it just feels horrible. Not to mention that you have to press really hard on the buttons to get the speakers to actually turn up and down in volume. Adding actual buttons like on tv remotes would be a better choice. Too many times ive sat here pressing the down or up volume only for the speakers not to do anything.

I haven’t really turned these up yet, i’m a good neighbour. But i’ve used them for tv/movies and music on my pc and they are fantastic, lovely sound. As they had 2 inputs, i’ve also hooked them up to a record player i was given recently, my ancient vinyl sounds lovely too.

0 speakers for my pc, nothing too fancy that needs usb audio interfaces, but something that could be plugged directly into the 3. I previously had the creative t40 ii, which were great speakers, but as they were quite narrow, they didn’t have the punch. These edifier speakers though offer what was lacking from the creatives, with decent levels of bass, good quality for all the frequencies and quite a nice aesthetic. Really pleased with them overall.

I have these speakers 3 months and until recently they have been amazing – no problems with connectivity (bluetooth or wired) and no problems switching between bluetooth and the 2 lines. The sound quality is great for such a compact set of speakers but recently the right speaker has been temperamental. Sometimes it stops working then starts again randomly. I changed the wire and it was ok again but now the right speaker is not working at all. I will be using my warranty/contacting edifier to resolve this issue. I still recommend them, if they function properly.

These are great sounding speakers and easy to set up – due to the different inputs available – which cover all bases. I use them to play my tv and pvr output through. It would be even better if there was a visual on/off and volume indicator on the front. Never mind – the beautiful sound (none of that annoying booming bass) more than makes up for this.

I got these for my home office, as the built in speakers for my display are terrible. Light, but don’t feel cheap. Don’t take up a huge amount of space – and have really remarkably clear sound – even at high levels. My one gripe is that they are connected to each other with speaker wire rather than an rca cable, which would make them a bit more portable should i want to. But in reality they will probably end up staying in the same place. I am tempted to get another pair for the kitchen.

I dabble with computer music and i can tell you that these speakers have revealed sound previously unheard. The build quality is also superb.

Lovley clean sound although they could have been louder for the money. I have just noticed there is a slightly better more expensive version, if your budget allows i would give the more powerful set a go. Otherwise this blasts a standard 2.

I’ve had these speakers for around a month and a half now, and i am seriously impressed with the sound quality. Coming from a cheap £20 set of speakers you really appreciate the depth and detail that is in music when you come to speakers that are much higher quality. They don’t compare to £1,000 speakers that i have heard, but they’re definitely high quality and very clear. These are plenty loud enough for a pc setup or casual living room listening. The bass response is spot on, even with the trims set to neutral, and there is a good balance of high and mid-range. Despite being infrared, the remote control doesn’t need to be directly pointed at the speakers which is great for using it at a desk where you can leave it next to your keyboard. Overall i am more than happy with this purchase, and would happily recommend them.

Very happy with these speakers. I can connect multiple devices to it, and easily switch with the remote. Sound quality is pretty good. Searched for video tutorials on youtube to make sure it was what i was looking for and helped me decide. The only con is the remote, it’s tiny and i keep on losing it in the living room.

Edifier Prisma 2 : Excellent quality

Wonderful sound from a attractive set of speakers that search and sound like they ought to be two times the value quite delighted.

Wonderful seem and seems excellent far too. Great price for dollars, would recommend it. Hope your neighbours will not mind.

Excellent sound with present day appears to be like. . Acquired these speakers to compliment my new imac, and i wasn’t unhappy. They give great seem with a good deal of volume if you like to pump up your tunes. As they are magnetically shielded there is no distortion on your keep track of and they are effortless to manage. If you have an imac, the glossy white matches perfectly with the magic mouse and appears the section. I’m very well impressed with these speakers and am incredibly joyful with them. I’ll unquestionably buy edifier solutions in the potential as the high-quality and create are superb.Here are the specifications for the Edifier Prisma 2:

  • Enter your model number
    above to make sure this fits.
  • Wired low profile remote controller with red LED halo effect
  • Soft touch “On/Standby” switch with red halo effect lighting, located on top of the subwoofer
  • Built in headphone and MP3 player input jacks on the wired controller
  • Separate bass control located on the rear of the subwoofer
  • 3.5mm input jack located on the rear of the subwoofer
  • Magnetically shielded speaker drivers

I procured these speakers mainly since they were being white. They desired to blend in with the relaxation of the decor for the reason that they would be on display delivering the seem for a media centre system. Do note the size of the speakers as i was to begin with shocked how large they were. They do not disappoint in the appears to be section. The smooth styles and glossy white end is appealing and modern day. Sound quantity is not a trouble with a great deal on hand. Audio excellent is a quite subjective thing and i was not blown absent by the audio high quality but i thought it was okay to excellent. With utilization the seem high quality has improved and, i suspect, will proceed to increase as the speakers loosen up.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Smart and Effective
  • Excellent sound with modern looks.
  • Excellent quality

Edifier S550 S550ENCORE Wired Active –

Very good system, however it came damaged, the front right hand tweeter canel inlet on the sub isn’t functioning which is a shame, otherwise worth every penny.

Edifier S550 S550ENCORE Wired Active

  • Product Type:Speaker system – for home theatre – 5.1-channel
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) / Weight Details:Subwoofer : 36.7 cm x 48.9 cm x 39.7 cm / 18.5 kg ¦ Centre channel speaker : 31.6 cm x 15.7 cm x 11.7 cm ¦ Satellite speaker : 11.6 cm x 16 cm x 20.3 cm
  • Enclosure Material:MDF

Edifier 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System (4.5W + 2 x 2W) – A nice design and decent sound quality

So significantly, these speakers have carried out epicly well for my rap and have offered huge detail and sexgasmicness for my dubstep d i ruv them.

I did not expect considerably from this product earlier mentioned and over and above what the specs say. In general it is a reliable products and am delighted with it.

A wonderful layout and decent audio excellent. The product arrived very rapid, practically 24 several hours after the buy was placed. It is elegant and the audio it makes is extremely superior though for my model of music rock and steel the bass is a bit much too loud. I suspect that if u are extra into pop, rnb and rap it should really be a fantastic preference. For the revenue i are unable to complain it is loud ample for a medium-significant home with superior clarity and you can easily tune it utilizing an equaliser to ur liking. This is at minimum a four star item and the idiot who was complaining about the 3 pin plug ought to not be taken very seriously(mine truly came with a three pin plug put in but you can just use an adaptor).

  • A nice design and decent sound quality
  • Good quality speakers for the money you pay for them

These are incredibly excellent for the value and these types of a minimal wattage.

Good good quality speakers for the cash you shell out for them. Very good excellent speakers for the money you pay back for them. Would recommend them to any person that is into listening to new music.

Features of Edifier 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System (4.5W + 2 x 2W)

  • Signal to noise ratio: 85dBA
  • Frequency response: Satellites: 130Hz – 20kHz,Subwoofer: 20Hz – 150kHz
  • Audio input type: 3.5 millimetre auxiliary stereo input, headphone jack
  • Green LED power indicator

Edifier M1370BT Home Audio Speakers, It’s a very decent 2. 1 system for the

Sound is great, can’t doubt that, however nowhere in the description did it state that it came with a european plug. Had to cut that off and fit a uk plug, which i don’t recommend doing unless you know what you’re doing.

Edifier M1370BT Home Audio Speakers

  • Bluetooth audio input option for Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Uniquely designed, upward angled satellites projects sound towards the listeners
  • Translucent satellite stands provides support, the structure reduces possible interference that originates from surfaces
  • Master volume and bass adjustment dials located on the side panel of the subwoofer
  • 3.5mm line-in jack located on the side of the subwoofer for connectivity to audio hosts

Edifier M1370BT Home Audio Speakers :

Edifier C2X speaker set – No problems really, nice sound.

Great sound quality and very sleek. . Christmas present for my mother and father in-law. The sound quality is a drastic improvement, it blends in well and looks very stylish – not too big and intrusive. Our package came from germany but despite other reviews on here, ours came with uk plugs. No need for the adapter we bought in preparation.

Really clear and crisp sound. Using these in a large hall for a fitness class and massive improvement on old hifi system.

The sound is as good as i had hoped. Clarity and range very impressive; just wished i had not believe the pc world salesman saying a cheap pair of speakers had a great sound (4 years ago)finally justified buying a new set (old speakers went to new family pc).

Good pc speakers, excellent sound quality. . These sound pretty good overall though better at the low end, very clear punchy bass. Easy to set up and with bass and treble controls on the amp easy to set to your preferred sound. The remote works well and allows changing the bass and treble as well though it uses an unusual battery type so maybe getting a spare would be advisable as they are not expensive. I would have probably have given these 5 stars except one of the cables was a bit dodgy and was cutting out, fortunately it’s a common cable so i have bought a replacement and now it’s fine. Overall these are great speakers for a pc provided you have space for the amp on your desk and the large subwoofer under it and i am very pleased with them.

  • Outstanding speakers !!
  • The quality shines through.
  • Great sound quality and very sleek.
  • For the money you will not get better.
  • Good pc speakers, excellent sound quality.
  • Admittedly not like for like as these are speakers not headphones

Edifier C2X speaker set – speaker sets (Amplifier, Stand-alone, 130 x 180 x 90 mm, 288 x 242 x 232 mm, Universal, AC)

  • Product Type:Speaker system – for PC – 2.1-channel
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) / Weight Details:Subwoofer : 28.8 cm x 24.2 cm x 23.2 cm ¦ Satellite speaker : 9 cm x 13 cm x 18 cm ¦ Amplifier : 7.8 cm x 25 cm x 25.5 cm
  • Enclosure Material:MDF
  • Weight:7.8 kg

Excellent sound and the remote means i don’t have to. Excellent sound and the remote means i don’t have to keep leaning forward all the time. Sounds and is really lazy but surprising how much better it has made thins.

Nice balance between price and quality of product.

For the money you will not get better. . Bought this 4 piece system because of reviews & german. In these days of more for less, this hits the target. Thought the amplifier would be obtrusive, not at all, its a great feature. Easy to install, good, good sound, bass is there and can be controlled from your armchair. Treble good, also armchair control. Overall a great system, very good sound, it makes my good tv even better. Solid full sound, without being overwhelming or boomy. It came with a two prong eu plug, but no problem had a converter, and ordered insert one. I do love this system, and would have given 5 stars if proven over time.

Edifier E1100MKII Home Audio Speaker : Amazing speakers!

The inexperienced a single have many difficulty.

Sososo great to enjoy new music with my good friends household. Omg, most people i received this really great(off the chart) 2. 1 audio system about 2 months ago. And u know what, this is a everyday living modifying speaker.In particular in this rate section. Sososo fantastic to delight in tunes with my mates family . Contentment only authentic when shared.

Failed to get it from amazon i have to admit but fellas. For the price tag this is fantastic.

Key specs for Edifier E1100MKII Home Audio Speaker:

  • 5 inch downward firing subwoofer, a pair of 2 inch front facing full range drivers and passive bass radiators
  • Total power output of 20 watts rms
  • Separate bass adjustment dial
  • 3.5mm auxiliary input

Comments from buyers

“Sososo good to enjoy music with my friends family, Amazing speakers!”

Edifier M1250 Home Audio Speaker : Great speakers for a working pc

These speakers changed a pair i bought from superior road catalogue retail store which from working day a person were being awkward and clumsy to use even with their price. I jumped at the chance to obtain the over at a very affordable cost. They do what they say on the box.

Wanting for a growth box unique and you could be upset. Most of us with netbooks and laptops are made use of to fairly tinny sound and these get you the upcoming action up, but you should not assume hifi top quality. Driven by the usb and with some decently extended sales opportunities they have made it less complicated to observe points on line and enjoy the odd activity. New music is not too negative, but as reported, price range price finances seem. Nicely happy with them for the income and would recommend.

Superior speakers to volume up your laptop computer. Speakers are great excellent, but cable involving them isn’t as well lengthy. Then the quantity is not far too excellent, but way greater than the crafted one. Very good for looking at movies, ok for music, but not wonderful. I would propose it because of the cost.

Key specs for Edifier M1250 Home Audio Speaker:

  • Usb powered, compact 2.0 multimedia speakers
  • Flat panel designed satellites
  • Magnetically shielded speakers
  • Built in power and volume controls
  • 3.5mm auxiliary input and headphone jack

Comments from buyers

“Great Mini Speakers, Great for the money, Perfect For The Budget, Great value, great product, Great speakers for a working pc, Good speakers to volume up your laptop”

Quite joyful with the speakers and brief deliveryi have been extremely joyful with producks i have ordered also for the great servicejohn631.

These have been not quite what i was hoping. I experienced to exchange logitech x-a hundred and forty multimedia speakers and they do not assess with these. They glimpse alright, great and neat on the desk and just take up a ton much less home than my logitechs did which are incredibly massive. If you want to listen to some music these are one particular dimensional. Logitechs are a 3rd extra in cost, but a few times superior.

I just use these tiny speakers for skype and for building and enhancing audio visual presentatations on my laptop and they are great for the job and search good on my desk as well. If i needed hello fi good quality i would shell out more and get anything improved but the audio is apparent which is all that matters to me. They do acquire up a different usb port but i can stay with that.