Dali Zensor Vokal Blk – Replaced my old yamaha centre speaker with the marvelous Zensor

The dali zensor speakers are brilliant. I have zensor 1 for my pc and zensor 7 for music and movies. The vokal makes the perfect addition to movie listening as the soundscape blends perfectly with the zensor 7s. Good build quality, sounds amzing and looks great. Looks amazing with the mesh off but i keep it on to protect against dust. The zensor sound is overall very natural and open. Quite an old fashioned speaker sound (in a good way). The range has plenty of punchy bass and plenty of range. I think they are particularly good with vocals.

Got dali opticon floor standers but couldn’t fit in the range centre speaker. Bought this instead and it works and sounds great. Very well matched, very little auto eq needed.

Replaced my old yamaha centre speaker with the marvelous zensor when i upgraded to new denon av amp. After 3 months with this i am still astonished by the transparency and clarity. It’s worth every penny for a speaker which is the linchpin for all telly watching and music listening. Here are the specifications for the Dali Zensor Vokal Blk:

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  • Magnetically Shielded
  • Black

Very pleased completes surround setup.

Box was dented but the speaker was untouched. Tested with denon amp and was pleasantly surprised of. The impact it had over original monitor audio center speaker.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Brilliant range of speakers
  • Matches perfectly with Dali Opticons
  • Replaced my old yamaha centre speaker with the marvelous Zensor

Just buy it and have no fears about quality and sound.

Very good quality and sound.

Complements the zensor 5s perfectly.

Lives up to the dali brand but doesn’t deserve full stars because it is not much of a step up from the zensor pico vokal which is a third of the price.

Dali Spektor 2 Speakers Light Walnut, Immense Sound

Absolutely amazing and fantastic value for money.

I have got to say that these speakers are excellent. Among the best i have ever heard. They add a smoothness and transparency to all genres of music. Couple them with a half decent amp and some good speaker cable ( nothing outrageously expensive ) and you have a marriage made in heaven. If like me you have an eclectic taste in music then these speakers are definitely for you as they are very good at handling all types. I found that even when listening to favourite pieces the speakers produced a new dimension that enhanced my listening pleasure. They haven’t even been run in yet but still sound wonderful. Kudos to those dali people in denmark 🇩🇰.

Had these dali spector 2s for a month now so well run in and they really sparkle with ample bass which sounds natural mid range is excellent and after running in the treble is sounding sweet although these speakers are rated at 6 ohms my 60watts per channel audio lab 8000a drives them with ease coupled with a marantz 6006 cd player i’m using qed kudos speaker cable to sum up these speakers are amazing value for money.

Key specs for Dali Spektor 2 Speakers Light Walnut (Pair):

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  • Eliminated the need for frequency correction within the crossovers
  • Will accommodate most amplifiers within the same price category
  • Ideal for wall-mounting, shelf-mounting or stand-mounting
  • Will integrate seamlessly within any hi-fi system
  • Wood fibre cones and soft dome tweeters

Comments from buyers

“Audio Excellence!
, Quality construction but average sound
, Stunning resolution for a £200 loudspeaker

They redefine what you can expect from a £200 loudspeaker. Not fussy about positioning either. High quality build and finish. Treble definition is outstanding.

I’ve owned speakers at twice this price that don’t sound as crisp and punchy. Completely in love with them, neighbours are hating me.

Very nice speakers with great sound. Well packed with arrived as promised,no hesitation in recommending.

These speakers are an excellent entry level pair that fill any room coupled with a better than basic stereo, value for money is exceptional.

Lovely speakers, really rich warm sound, punchy bass when called for. Very solid construction, at this price for casual listening i do not think they can be beat. I have them coupled to a old technics amp pushing i believe 65w and would say they are a excellent match. They do loose a little composure when i turn the volume all the way up but i think that is probably the amp. Have them stood on supplied rubber feet on the sideboard about 20cm from wall. All in all a really good purchase, well pleased.

I bought these speakers for my new stereo setup. It actually fulfilled a long term wish of mine – once when i was on holiday, i stopped in coventry in my way home and looked around a hifi shop. Everyone there was so nice that i really wanted to buy a stereo but wasn’t in a position to afford it. I remembered the shop though and finally got round to upgrading via their amazon marketplace, about 10 years on.

The sound quality wasn’t as expected. The treble and mid-range were foggy and the bass not as well defined. I paired those with a yamaha wc50 amplifier/streamer and despite all the tweeting in the world , couldn’t get them to play a well balanced sound. I had to return them and decided to go ahead with a bang olufsen m5 speaker which is sounds fabulous .

Dali Katch Portable Bluetooth Active Speaker – Moss – Sent mine back as not as good as everyone says

This unit is fantastic, well worth the money. It looks amazing and most importantly it sounds great, the sound really fills the room.

Bought this to replace a bose soundlink mini ii. If you like to hear your music as it should be heard, but from a portable unit, get yourself one.

This was a gift for my son and he is absolutely delighted with it. As an older person who grew up with record players i must admit i couldn’t really understand the need, but having listened to some of my favourite music through this speaker i can honestly say i was amazed. I heard subtle sounds i had not noticed before. I would definitely recommend it.

Sent mine back as not as good as everyone says. Purchased the b&o a1 instead. Just as good sound, beautiful design, robust, highly portable and £129 cheaper.

I needed a bluetooth speaker mainly to listen back to music recordings made on an olympus pcm recorder (ls-p2) for reviewing song writing work-in-progress, but also for listening to the radio/podcasts anywhere in the house (especially in the kitchen), and for playing music for just listening to (from classical to contemporary, including blues, jazz, country, old songs from the early 20th century and anything else). Both my pure evoke radio and my hi-fi died some time ago and i haven’t the money to replace them and buy a speaker for the oly, so i needed something that would do everything. I also wanted a jack-to-jack connection (i’m old-fashioned that way). I tried the bose revolve and initially liked the clarity (especially in the kitchen) but the over-processed sound (boosted bass and hard-edged treble) started to annoy me after a while and it was no good for reviewing our song recordings as it was too bass heavy and the instrumental backing was pretty muddy. Okay, it was a bit unfair to expect it to do all that but then it developed an intermittent fault, becoming non-responsive to it’s own controls and dropping the bluetooth connections, so it had to go back anyway. I did some more research and it was either the kef muo or the dali katch (which is double the price of the kef muo). I plumped for the dali katch and i am very happy i did. They’ve gone for quality rather than quantity: if you want to have a dance party in your basement you probably wouldn’t find it loud enough or bassy enough but it’s got more than enough volume for my purposes and the bass sits where it should in the mix which makes it great for classical and more complex arrangements, and for reviewing our recordings. I played some of hugh laurie’s blues tracks through it and was blown away by the detail – i was hearing things i had never heard before, and suddenly my appetite for listening to music (which has become a bit jaded over the last couple of years) came back because you can actually hear what is being played – by everyone in the band. It is amazing sound quality for something this size.

Looks brilliant, sounds amazing. Powerful and yet crisp sound at high volume. Could not be more pleased with this speaker. My other blue tooth speakers don’t come anywhere near it.

  • Bluetooth speaker for grown-ups
  • One of the very best bluetooth speakers I’ve heard
  • Hiss when not playing

So, i ended up with the moss green colour scheme, although i had originally ordered the dark shadow. My order was switched as the ‘open box’ of the dark shadow had gone, even though the company took my order. The company contacted me and offered me the moss green at an even better price. Was this an issue – not really the moss green is still very nice in the flesh and the speaker itself is awesome. This goes loud – really loud and still sounds great while it’s at it. There is genuine bass that comes through. Not like my floorstanders, but definitely good enough and surprisingly so for such a light (it weighs just over a kilo) and small unit. The mid and treble have a real sparkle about them too. Again surprisingly so for a small unit and definitely better than the other competitors. Another reviewer mentions they replaced this with the b&o a1.

I’ve been looking for a portable speaker with excellent sound that i could travel with. I’ve got an a&k kann so the speaker needs to work with aptx bluetooth. On the back of excellent reviews on amazon and various publications i purchased the dali katch. Out of the box the thing looks stylish as hell (moss green). Gave it a bit of a charge, turned it on, setup a doddle and started playing some music. First impression, sounds great. Following that, i really missed the stereo sound. I used to have these little rings that connected. Saw some great reviews of minirigs and thought maybe those would be my answer.

By some fluke last week, this wonderful speaker came up as an amazon warehouse deal (as did a vifa helsinki speaker) at a rather crazy price for such a top range speaker. Anyway, my heart got the better of my head and i took the plunge and bought both. Slightly crazy, i know but my thinking was that i’d keep the best one of the two. Well, in the event, there wasn’t a ‘best’ – both proved to be pretty outstanding, and by a worthwhile margin better than any others i have heard except my son’s bose revolve plus, which is a very impressive piece of kit. For now at least, i’ve decided to keep both. I immediately noticed the lively, breathy, “open” quality of the dali katch, quite bright but also very natural, at least when fed hi-fi quality source material. Fed a good classical track and it is, frankly, superb for such a small speaker, creating a large sound that is all around the speaker – piano and voice were both very convincing and the speaker coped perfectly well with a wide dynamic range from a full orchestra. On some music, i can just sense the small-speaker syndrome of a slight ‘chestiness’ but this is truly minimal. I haven’t heard a single speaker sound better in this aspect – i’ve come to believe that only a stereo pair will remove this artefact completely. I would put the dali, the vifa and the bose as first equals amongst the several bluetooth speakers i’ve owned or auditioned over the years. The dali gives the brightest sound of the three, the vifa the most neutral and the bose the deepest and warmest which – for my son, at least – makes it his preferred speaker. All three will have your foot tapping – they are very musical and “big sounding” and will soon have you forgetting that there’s just a very small, portable speaker in front of you. Having said all the above, i think if you’re after the very best hi-fi sound, and the loudest volumes, then you need to go for a mains-powered stereo pair, and sonos comes to mind.

I’ve now had three units in 3 colours and they all have a mild hiss when turned on irrespective of device or volume. That said i kept the third unit and am hugely impressed with the sound quality which is what matters. The hiss isn’t detectable when music is playing. I’ve had a lot if bluetooth speakers and this is the best sound quality by far. Crisp treble, full mids and it can kick the bass when required. Astonishing in a unit this size and battery life is great for such a full bodied speaker. Maybe i was unlucky but i have now had two units that exhibit the same issue. Whenever the unit is turned on their is a quiet but audible static hiss. You have to listen for it, but once you have heard it it’s hard to unhearthis hiss doesn’t change with the volume and is present irrespective of connection type (wire/bluetooth/non) on the second unit i listened as soon as i powered it on–and the same hiss was there even before first connection.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Bluetooth 4.0 with Apt-X

NFC for fast Bluetooth connection

24 hour battery life

21mm tweeter and 3.5″ woofer

Dali Katch Portable Bluetooth Active Speaker – Cloud Grey – katch! Worth every penny.

Excellent sound quality and a good battery life.

The sound quality is 10 out of 10.

I listen to mainly classical (choral in particular) music and was far from convinced that this speaker would live up to the hype, especially having owned other bluetooth speakers (admittedly cheaper) and been disappointed. However, i am absolutely thrilled with this speaker, as it is able to produce amazingly realistic sound quality from a small unit. It is on constantly in my kitchen or conservatory (both reasonably large spaces) and produces more than enough volume for me, which had been a concern from reading other reviews. It might not suit people looking for booming bass on their pop music but for me it is perfect, as i am more interested in achieving (as close as possible) reproduction of a true performance than a particular ‘style’. Nb the laws of physics still apply of course, so don’t expect the same result as from a large pair of floor standing speakers. Even with that caveat, this sound is exceptional, to my ears at least. The ‘cloud grey’ version i purchased has a decidedly pink tinge, but this does not bother me and it looks classy, fitting in well with a light and airy environment (eg my kitchen, where this is mainly used). The battery life is great (24 hours claimed and seems about right on my usage to date). I am, overall, delighted and feel i have had value for money, despite the seemingly high price tag. Here are the specifications for the Dali Katch Portable Bluetooth Active Speaker – Cloud Grey:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • NFC

Likes, stunning sound quality, design and construction. Dislikes, absolutely nothing.

Incredible sound for the size. Pure and fidelity in all circumstances.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Fantastic bluetooth speaker – highly recommended for classical music
  • Small and perfectly formed
  • This is a wonderful speaker. The sound is clear and deep

Amazing sound, easy to link to mp3 player. No buyer remorse choosing pricey optionmust save for another to get stereo.

This is a wonderful speaker. The sound is clear and deep. I found it best on classical, voice and single instruments like the guitar or piano (listen to gershwin’s rhapsody). There is real depth and clarity. It lacks a little on deep bass for rock numbers. It is very simple to set up and aesthetically pleasing. The description as a cloud grey colour is misleading because actually it is a very dull pink with strong beige tones. An elegant colour though for sophisticated tastes. I am buying another one to get the full stereo effect as a pair although it has pretty decent stereo separation. It sounds different if you put it on the table, floor or against the wall.

Excellent, quite narrow so can fall over easily on irregular surfaces.

I was not completely sure about this purchase, having done a lot of research. Yes, it had won a lot of rave reviews in specialist hi-fi magazines and on-line sources, but equally, some of the youtube video reviewers were less than enthusiastic and recommended alternative products. And, the dali katch is expensive. I have now had the product for three days and have tested it with my pc, phone and tablet in different locations in my house. I have no hesitation in saying that it is every bit as good as the top reviews have indicated. The sound has fantastic clarity and range and, for its size, real depth of sound. I already have a bluesound wi-fi mini pulse connected to my home wi-fi, and this is a superb little speaker. It is, though, heavy, quite large and needs to be permanently plugged in to the power source. If you have a bt home hub like me, you will also find that it loses the connection from time to time (bt hubs cannot separate the 2. 4 hz and 5hz signals, so you can’t permanently connect the pulse to one or the other).

Dali Katch Portable Bluetooth Active Speaker – Dark Shadow – Can’t believe it’s a Bluetooth speaker

Owned this for over a year now. Listened to an average of a few hours of music a day, still sounds as good as day one, and it sounded good day one. My only gripe is the auto volume limit when you start to turn it up. They addressed this issue with the firmware 1. 2 update, however whatever i do i cannot get my unit to update (i have followed the correct steps numerous times as per their website – no bueno(for the disbelievers – empty memory stick, download update hex file to root file on stick, put into katch. Hold sound mode button down with power button until all lights flash, it should update, it doesn’t)). Battery life is as advertised although it just about lasts 4 hours if listened to through wireless while being fairly loud.

My previous bose sound link has failed hence after a bit of research i have purchased dali. Very happy with the sound and the quality. Few weeks on, could not be happier.

This is a very nice bit of kit. Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s superior to any other bluetooth speaker i’ve seen. It feels solid and chunky and looks to be well made. The blue grille is plastic, but the item is not plasticky – far from it. The sound is really excellent. Big punchy bass and fills a 20 foot room with plenty to spare. Battery life is good and you can play it while charging in any event. The plug on the charger is a little bulky. Bluetooth connection with my ipad is good, but you do need to turn the speaker on and then make the connection via bluetooth settings on the ipad, so not completely automatic. The connection is pretty robust, but there are certain ipad functions that will disconnect it when in use. Here are the specifications for the Dali Katch Portable Bluetooth Active Speaker – Dark Shadow:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with Apt-X
  • NFC for fast Bluetooth connection
  • 24 hour battery life
  • 21mm tweeter and 3.5″ woofer
  • 3.5mm auxiliary jack for connection with devices without Bluetooth

Most importantly the sound is excellent. I did a lot of research before buying this item and thought i was going to buy something else from a more mainstream brand. In the end i found this speaker and am pleased to have done so. Easy to use and just looks and sounds super. Not cheap but highly recommended.

I never thought i would live to see audio quality of this level in such a small and lightweight form factor. Travelling a lot, i used to lug a bose system around with me that was still quite big and heavy and lacking something in its sound. But the dali katch really is almost everything i could wish for. It is mainly classical music i listen to, and its reproduction is truly superb. In fact, it has impelled me to go on a classical buying spree, including 24-bit lossless digital files. You can really hear the difference on this equipment. A slight quibble, i do find the 10-minute auto-switch off when unplugged irritating, as well as the sound emitted every time you switch it on. There should be some way of configuring this. Still, these are minor annoyances that don’t detract significantly from an outstanding product.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Best product I have ever purchased
  • The best bluetooth speaker I’ve heard!!!!!
  • Brilliant piece of engineering from this Danish company

This speaker lives up to all the reviews i have read the sound quality is truely amazing if you are thinking a a high class speaker this one is definitely worth checking out and i believe worth every penny.

A bit on the heavy side for a portable device but the sound quality is so good.

Excellent sound and battery life – truly lasts days on a single charge. Two users can connect simultaneously however without the override feature we have been used to with the sonos system. We took it with us on a recent holiday and it was a great little addition. Not suitable for the beach but we’ve never been fond of loud music whilst sun bathing by the sea.

A really really good bit of kit. A bit more expensive than some others but worth it. A friend of mine has the jbl’s but other than those being waterproof (not that sure why i’d need that), the dali’s are way better from a sound quality perspective and very stylish too.

Great sound and can’t believe the volume such a small speaker can kick out whilst retaining perfect clarity.

Everyone is missing out on this fab small beast what volume that bursts out better than a bose any day.

Take it absolutely everywhere i go and the noise it makes impresses everyone.

Looks great and sure sounds great. I highly recommend this one.

I never guessed it would sound this good. It’s a bit like having a proper hifi system. Bass and drive are really good for the size too.

Absolutely amazing bluetooth speaker.

This is such a great speaker. I tested a lot of small compact bluetooth speakers which all had pretty good reviews and i was amazed at how bad the quality was. Speakers such as the bose sound link mini. All the reviews make out they are so good. Now i am no expert in sound systems but to me they were all really tinny and sounded like what they are, very small speakers. So i decided to go upmarket and to something a bit bigger but still compact enough that i can take it traveling with me. The reviews for this dali katch speaker all looked very good so i gave it a go thinking i could just return it if it wasn’t what i had hoped for. But, it is better than i hoped for. I am so impressed by this speaker, it sounds amazing for what is still a fairly compact speaker and it looks really good as well. I can’t tell you enough how pleased i am with this.

Superb sound and build quality. I’ve had mine for a year and it’s been a brilliant purchase. I spent a longtime listening to various bluetooth speakers and this one was the winner for me (the naim muso is something else but a different price league and not portable). I’m still astonished at how much this can fill a room with music that has depth, precision and enjoyment. It’s build very well and looks nice. The carrying strap and long battery life makes it easy to move around. The only negative i’ve got is that it uses a proprietary charger rather than microusb. (i got mine from a hifi shop rather than amazon).

Dali have done something really special here. I normally go for low to mid-range on devices such as this. I have already purchased two bluetooth speakers, the most recent one being a clone of the adx pulse. This time around i decided to skip the graveyard of incremental steps to the best and go directly to my end goal. I toyed with the idea of my next bluetooth speaker purchase being in the 100 – 200 range and considered the bose soundlink mini 2, the ue boom and the numerous jbl speakers on offer. What hi-fi told me that the dali was one of the best they had reviewed. My existing bluetooth speaker plays quite loud, has some sort of bass with its side firing rectangular woofers but suffers from a hollow, tinny mid-range. I already have the dali zensor 1 and would rate them among the best bookshelf speaker available for their price, so i knew what to expect from the dali katch. The dali katch has a nice full clear presentation, which retains its fullness even at low volumes.

Using it with an iphone shame that the apple ios software cannot only send music audio via bluetooth to the katch unit as any other notification sounds etc. All goto the katch which is a little off putting when listening to music. Battery life to date seems excellent and time will tell if this reduces over time. It does weigh a bit so might be too heavy to take on holiday (thinking flights and baggage allowance) but this means it is very stable when on a surface. Sound is good in both listening modes and i cannot personally work out which is the best other than one sounds a little more ‘base’ 🙂 doesn’t appear to matter if you’re in front or behind. Seems to timeout if no bluetooth device is connected and powers itself down which is good as the only issue i have that i think is missing is a remote to turn the unit on/off, change volume (can do that via bluetooth phone), change audio mode.

Great speaker, good quality and sound.

Dali Zensor 7 Speakers :

Here are the specifications for the Dali Zensor 7 Speakers:

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    above to make sure this fits.
  • Every detail is handled with care. A few examples: the stylish, rounded edges reduces diffractions, which minimizes distortion; solid aluminium complements the front baffle; an aluminium base elevates the speaker from the floor; and a detachable front grille is included for flexible appearances.
  • In other words: Dali’s vision is not to make another traditional loudspeaker, but to have it be a unique and fully satisfying experience against the backdrop of their roots and core values. Thus Zensor 7 is capable of reproducing the finest details from a stereo signal and serving as the truly powerful speaker – by itself or as forceful front speaker in a surround set up.
  • Dali give you: Dali Zensor 7 – power and detail, when you need it.
  • Standing 97.8 cm, the flagship model of the series is both noticeable and contemporarily becoming in its high-gloss lacquered finish. If you really need the full blown sonic experience in a mid to large sized room at an affordable level, this is where to go! Being the Magnus Opus of the series, only Zensor 7 is equipped with 2×7″ woofers. The larger cone area on all Zensor’s compared to market standards ensures a highly effortless and authentic reproduction of musical dynamics. Add to this a 25 mm soft dome tweeter, which, in order to reproduce high frequencies of uppermost accuracy, is just half the weight of most soft dome tweeters on the market today.

Dali Kubik Stereo Active Wireless Speakers : Wonderful Hi-Fi System

I experienced hello-fi separates in my bedroom but they were getting a good deal of area. I preferred a compact process, but there was none that sounded great. Some ended up just personal computer speakers by hello-fi businesses and absolutely nothing a lot more. I wished real hello-fi in a compact type. The good thing is, dali made a decision to build the kubik. I have always savored dali’s speakers. I think they’re a person of the best in the organization and they really don’t demand shoppers as a great deal as they should really (don’t inform them that). What i appreciated about the kubik at initial look was that they were surprisingly compact, lovely, modern and awesome. I enjoy uncomplicated nonetheless attractive types.

Was definitely on the lookout ahead to this unfortunately it has no. Was definitely on the lookout ahead to this regrettably it has no bass. (will be searching to buying a woofer now) – just lacks any electrical power punch.

Here are the specifications for the Dali Kubik Stereo Active Wireless Speakers:

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    above to make sure this fits.
  • The essence of the DALI KUBIK FREE is connectivity. This elegantly designed active speaker enables you to enjoy music from a wide variety of sources and can be connected via Bluetooth, USB, Optical or Analog inputs.
  • Connectivity Bluetooth and Optical input is just two of the seven possible connection types that the KUBIK system offers. The broad range of connectors ensure that any device will connect to the KUBIK system at the best possible quality. To improve ease of use even more, the KUBIK system offers IR learning that enables the use of an existing remote control to navigate the KUBIK system.
  • Build quality The main housing is based on one piece of extruded aluminium. This serves to strengthen the entire product giving it a solid feel and ensures that all components can be fitted tightly onto the structure eliminating vibrations. The back plate also acts as heat transfer for the amplifier and power supply. The top of the KUBIK is crafted from the same aluminium and reveals the solid build of the KUBIK FREE.
  • The DALI DNA By working with many of DALI’s well-known speaker technologies like the soft dome tweeter, wood fibre cones, low-loss rubber surrounds and a glass reinforced polymer basket, the KUBIK system is clearly a true DALI speaker at its core. Adding a 4 channel stereo Class D amplifier into the mix only underlines the development team’s dedication to making the KUBIK system a real Hi-Fi speaker. The KUBIK system consists of two elements the KUBIK FREE and the KUBIK XTRA. The two components can be setup in three different ways. Using the KUBIK FREE alone as a standalone system, using the KUBIK FREE and the KUBIK XTRA together in a stereo system or using the KUBIK FREE and KUBIK XTRA together in a two room standalone system.
  • Amplifier The 100 Watts Class D amplifier is a true active solution offering a fully digital crossover, direct handling of digital sources, and a high quality AD converter. The four channel stereo amplifier (4 x 25 Watts) controls the audio signal to the woofer and the tweeter module individually. This is a major part of the high quality performance of the KUBIK system since it makes it possible to control and optimize the audio stream perfectly for the drivers used in the KUBIK system. Having that level of control lets the acoustic engineers transform every bit of information into driver movement. This truly is a combination where two plus two equals 5.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Wonderful Hi-Fi System
  • Was really looking forward to this unfortunately it has no

Dali Zensor 3 Light Walnut – I heart my speakers

Like a lot of people with the zensor 3s, i power them with a marantz pm6005 amp. I have had this setup for over a year now and i absolutely adore it. I thought they were great out of the box and i am still astonished with the sound to this day now that they are well run-in. I use a number of different devices through the amp and into the zensor 3s – pro-ject carbon debut turntable, marantz cd6005 cd player, apple tv (which allows me to stream from my i-devices and macbook pro). No matter what i throw at them, it sounds fantastic. I have quite an eclectic taste in music and they seem to handle everything from electronic, metal, hip hop, rock, blues, jazz, you name it. I actually also use my setup to watch tv (through the apple tv) and they do a great job there too so i imagine they would also work out well in a home cinema setup (i just have a stereo setup myself). Anyway, i can’t recommend highly enough – especially if, like me, this is one your first forays into putting together a real hifi setup.

Only getting better and better. Detail is amazing, mid range and bass are superb.

Uk/dali-zensor-light-walnut-soc/dp/b00e0i79wa/ref=sr_1_6?. Uk/dali-zensor-light-walnut-soc/dp/b00e0i79wa/ref=sr_1_6?s=electronics&ie=utf8&qid=1443775352&sr=1-6&keywords=dali+speakers.

A sensibly priced treat for ya ears. . I was in need of a speaker up-grade to partner the excellent nad d3020 purchased a year ago. The 7 year old br2’s were good but to get the best from this excellent amp the research began. Studying what hifi, etc, there were a handful of contenders. The dali zensor 3’s were one of them. I took this decision and i am so glad i did. Straight out of the box it was immediately apparent that music was about to come alive. The br2’s were good but they were lacking any dynamics as i was about to discover. After 20 hours of running in time the overall sound-stage is amazing. Bass is at this early stage the most noticeable improvement.

  • A sensibly priced treat for ya ears.
  • they perform very well they are just getting better and better cant wait till ive run them in
  • I heart my speakers
  • Quality comes with Dali!
  • http: //www. amazon. co. uk/Dali-Zensor-Light-Walnut-Soc/dp/B00E0I79WA/ref=sr_1_6?

Dali Zensor 3 Light Walnut (Soc)

  • Wood

They perform very well they are just getting better and better cant wait till ive run them in. Blinding hooked them up to a yamaha as500 intergrated amp which is connected to a arcam rpac digital to analouge converter then to a laptop. Basically streaming studio quality music from a digital format. They perform very well they are just getting better and better cant wait till ive run them in. A great buy and for the price unbeatable 5 stars.

Dali Zensor Pico – Excellent for surround sound setups

Excellent for surround sound setups. Bought 2 pairs of these along with the matching ‘vokal’ centre speaker as a surround sound setup for the loungehaven’t quite finished running them in yet but sound quality is already excellent for both films and music, very clear and surprising bass for their size, infinitely better than the yamaha surround sound set they replaced which my wife was starting to struggle to hear clearly. Very compact given their power handling, plenty loud enough for a medium sized room.

Exceptional sounding compact speakers. . I needed a compact pair of speakers for a second system, conventional 2 channel hi-fi, and these shone out on audition. These are well made and look fine. Where they really score is in sound quality. They are open sounding, dynamic, have a decent bass for such diminutive speakers, and sound big in a small to medium space. They have a sound which is closer to what you might expect from a very much more expensive pair, but at the same time are still kind on mediocre recordings. Highly recommended, though avoid placing near corners – they need space either side, but are less critical with rear walls.

  • Exceptional sounding compact speakers.
  • Excellent for surround sound setups

Dali Zensor Pico Black

  • Black