SuperTooth Disco 2 Stereo tooth Speaker – Get one of these

Great addition to your sound arsenal. This is a great unit which i can see getting a lot of use from me. Literally plug and play- connecting to my kindle fire hd i wasn’t even asked for a pairing code -the unit stands 180 mm high, with an illuminated control panel on the top, from which you can not only control the volume but also skip tracks from your music source. It’s rechargeable and at “medium” volume apparently will go for 10 hours between charges. The sound is very good indeed, good deep base and decent trebles, it sounds expensive, which i don’t think it is, really. Although it is supposed to be stereo it is difficult to discern any separation in the sounds. However, that isn’t really the point of this attractive little unit. It’s going to excel when you’re out and about or, say, staying away with only your phone for music company- it comes with a neat little bag to carry it in. As you might expect with anything bluetooth you do get the occasional drop out, but fairly infrequently and nothing that takes away from the music. Oh, and for potential present buyers the box it comes in looks greati think this is a really high quality item.

Bat life good with an excellent standby mode that means if it is not been used bat life on standby seems to last for quite a while. This is great for me as a like to put it on the shelf the other side of my bedroom, put internet radio on my phone and play it through the speakers without getting out of bed. Does seem expensive though, but after looking round this seems the going rate for this kind of kit.

Value for money, very well made, really good sound and easy to connect and operate over blue tooth.

Ordered this after readings good reviews and i was not disappointed. Really good sound with no distortion when at a loud volume. Works well through the 3 storeys in my house. Easily controlled with my iphone and really easy to connect devices. Only small thing, if my iphone is connected all the noises for text messages and calls come throu the speaker and not my phone, not really an issue but confused me for a little bit. Very happy with my purchase.

  • Good but could be better
  • Clear, loud enough, good battery life and standby
  • awesome little piece of kit
  • Thoroughly recommended.
  • Just what I wanted!
  • Very Happy, Bit Expensive

SuperTooth Disco 2 Stereo Bluetooth Speaker for iPod, iPhone, iPad and Smartphone Devices – Black

  • Bluetooth version 4.0^Operating range : 10 meters^High volume: 3 to 4 hours Medium volume: 10 hours^Stand-by time: 1,500 hours^Compatible with all other phones, PCs, and MP3 players that support Bluetooth A2DP.
  • Bluetooth version 4.0
  • Operating range : 10 meters
  • High volume: 3 to 4 hours Medium volume: 10 hours
  • Stand-by time: 1,500 hours

The perfect solution to some sound situations. . Personally, as music is an important part of my life and i have a fully operating stereo in more less every room, i never really quite got the point of these bluetooth type speakers. That all changed the night i went to a friends house for a party and they had a similar unit playing tunes in the garden. We got chatting about it and she said she loved it. She bought it outside for bbqs and parties, used it in the kitchen when she was cooking and took it away with her when she was, well, away. This opened my eyes to the possibilities a of a unit like this, so when one popped up on vine i took it to see what it was like. I have to say it is pretty good. The first thing you notice is the nice packaging: a box with a magnetic front that flips open to reveal the speaker unit inside. It makes it feel very swish and like a very high quality item. The unit itself, once it’s out the box measures 180mm in height, by 108mm width and 70 mm in depth.

Already started to play up it won’t charge.

Awesome little piece of kit. I’m so chuffed with these speakers. They were really simple to connect to my phone. (i tried to connect it to my macbook first, but that didn’t work – not sure if this was me being stupid, or that it actually won’t, but not to matter). I literally turned the bluetooth on my iphone it found the speakers, clicked connect, the speakers beep and that’s it, set up and working. The second time you want to use them you just go into your bluetooth settings on your phone, find the speakers device and click connect and it’s instantly back up. I know i’m sounding a little too excited about the ease of setting them up, but to me the whole point of this kind of product is that it’s a simple and effective way of getting music into your home, and there’s no doubt that these do the trick. The sound quality is surprisingly good for this price point, the sound is crisp with a heavy bass tone, it doesn’t distort when you crank it up either. So far the battery life seems pretty good and it charges quickly. Struggling to find much wrong with these to be honest, for this price you really can’t go wrong.

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  1. This review is from : SuperTooth Disco 2 Stereo Bluetooth Speaker for iPod, iPhone, iPad and Smartphone Devices – Black

    I bought this because i saw it in use at a bbq. The convenience of being able to play quite loud music at quite a good quality originating from a smart phone, for example, for quite a long time with no wires is very convenient. 5 inches, 19 cm high so is easily portable. And the price is quite reasonable. The convenience is increased by the device having a line input, so with the right connecting cable you can also play non blue tooth sources. Don’t lose the instructions, though.
    • Fab gadget, good sound (classical music lover) and the easiest thing to set up i have ever had.
      • They are perfect for what i wanted, around the house and garden moderately loud if wanted music plays very well, bluetooth range is great and quality of sound rocks. After about 8 charges the charging mechanism packed in (internal within the speaker) but amazon very quickly and efficiently replaced the speakers with new.
  2. This review is from : SuperTooth Disco 2 Stereo Bluetooth Speaker for iPod, iPhone, iPad and Smartphone Devices – Black

    Don’t compare this as a home hi-fi replacement because it is not, but when used as a portable sound unit is very good. Has a good volume for it’s size and taking into account it’s size the sound is very good. Very easy to pair to my samsung s2. All in all “it does exactly what it says on the tin”.
    • It is covered with a fabric all the way around. There is a little bag to keep it in although no padding as such, its better than nothing. It feels like the speakers are protected behind a grille of some kind, so you don’t need to worry about the fingers damaging the drivers. The battery lasts for 1500 hours standby, 10 hours medium volume or 3-4 hours on full volume. A full charge takes 2 hours (a plug-charger is provided). There are volume controls on the speaker unit, but you can of course use the volume on your device. On my samsung s3 on max volume and the speakers on max volume i could detect no distortion at all. The speakers come with a set of instructions in english which is easy to understand.
  3. This review is from : SuperTooth Disco 2 Stereo Bluetooth Speaker for iPod, iPhone, iPad and Smartphone Devices – Black

    Clear, loud enough, good battery life and standby. With a device like this, charging it and using it for a while, then disconnecting and leaving it to go to standby for a few days, and finding there’s still loads of battery left ready for playing music is great. The sound is clear and a reasonable volume for the size, if a little weak on the bass for my tastes. Pairing was a doddle, the controls are clear and work just fine, and the appearance is of a fairly understated black brick. It’s hardly going to make a room look stylish, but it’ll fit in a satchel and will give plenty of playback time. It’s loud enough for most rooms (perhaps not for a party, but you want something bigger then), and makes a good addition for playing back sound from your phone on the move.

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