SuperTooth Disco 2 Stereo tooth Speaker – Big sound for less than other brands

The most powerful 2. 1 speakers of its kind. I had been searching the supertooth disco (blueant m1) for so long. However, i was fortunate enough to stumble this speaker at total discount stores and they are the only ones that could ship from uk to anywhere around the globe. From the box, the supertooth disco was well packaged. The company, supertooth, even bothered to put the precious speaker inside the neoprene case as the case itself was soft and padded on the front lid. It also has the user manual and dc adapter for charging the speaker. Although the prongs were european plugs, i decided firsthand to order at blueant the adapter for us sockets. Out of the box, the speaker looks and feels sturdy and solid. Immediately, it gives the impression that the speaker was very well built from the outside as well as in the inside. The speaker was, in fact, pre-charged so i have the chance to try it out.

I’ve compared this to a number of different bluetooth systems, and its pretty much the best in terms of value for money. I’ve had no issues with sound quality – although some more audiophile reviewers have suggested that high end fidelity is lacking. In the real world you’ll be using this on a patio during a barbecue, or on a canal boat’s roof, or sitting round a campfire with people shooting the breeze. You’re not going to be sitting intently next to it trying to work out if the strings in mozart’s idomeneo sound just as they did that time you listened to the berlin philharmonic at the royal albert hall. One of your drunken mates is going to ask you to whack on danger zone by kenny loggins – in which case volume and bass are what you’re after. Blue tooth pairing is pretty painless – hold down the power button for five seconds so that you can pair, or turn on normally if your phone had already paired up. Your phone will need to be able to send 0000 as a password, which may be why i could never get my hp touchpad to pair up. If that happens, or you have an older analogue source, you can just use a standard headphone cable (supplied). The case has a handy carrying handle, the disco does stereo and optional bass boost, it can be used from within the protective case and it’s louder and meatier than any of the subsequent disco products (supertooth disco 2,3 and 4).

I bought the supertooth speaker with a little aprehension after reading some of the negative comments but slightly restricted by my budget i decided to give it a try. I can honestly say this is a terrific product that does exactly what it says and the overall quality is excellent. The speaker itself looks great and has a very reassuring weight about it. Not too heavy, but not too light. The finish and quality of the unit is also very good, certainly better than i expected and i would say that the pictures on here don’t really do it justice, it looks much nicer when you see it for yourself. Pairing up the speaker via bluetooth to my iphone 4 and my wife’s ipad mini was a breeze and neither of us has experienced any of the hissing or buzzing that other reviewers have mentioned. Sound quality is superb for a portable unit. I’ve only previously connected my iphone to a bose bluetooth sound dock in a well known electrical store and it’s safe to say the supertooth does an admirable job of reproducing crisp, clear sound with enough bass to satisfy most tastes. It’s not as good as the bose but then the bose does cost £200+ and the difference is negligeable to be honest.

  • Supertooth Disco, best bluetooth speaker I could find under £100
  • Well I bought it for her birthday
  • Better than I could have hoped
  • Great connectability and sound
  • SuperTooth vs Blackbox vs Boombox
  • Its all about the watts

Supertooth disco bluetooth stereo speaker. Just got mine delivered already for xmas, just had a quick go to make sure all is working ok. Build quality is solid and very good. Connected easily by holding power button for 4-5 secs and entering 0000 in to phone once st disco appeared. Did not crank it right up as as wife was upstairs, about a 3rd of the way, played a quick mix of music through my htc desire s before i was discovered, prodigy – out of space, lil wayne – lollipop, and bee gees – nights on broadway. Sound quality was good and about what i was expecting reading the reviews, certainly adequate for a kitchen/dining room. Bass was quite surprising, the bass boost not really required, when i get time i will adjust phones sound setting to further suit my taste. I got this because of the lack of docking speakers for android phones, plus giving my laptop a sound boost when needed. Overall i am very pleased with the device, from sound & build quality to the products design & looks. The price is about right £75-80.

Well i bought it for her birthday. Its a solid, good looking, fantastic sounding device that went down well as a gift for my girlfriend as she has loads of music on her nokia 5800 xpress music phone. It lasts for ages at lower volumes but handles high volumes with ease. You can also skip tracks and enhance the bass from the speaker. If you want a portable speaker that acts as a decent sound system that fills a good size room with quality sound (not party volumes) then this is for you. And that comes from a person who is dead fussy about sound quality.

Features of SuperTooth Disco 2 Stereo Bluetooth Speaker for iPod, iPhone, iPad and Smartphone Devices – White

  • The SuperTooth Disco 2 combines elegance and technology to kick out 16 watts RMS audio power
  • Stream music wirelessly from your Smartphone, tablet, computer or MP3 player supporting Bluetooth A2DP
  • With its clean lines and harmonious proportions the SuperTooth Disco 2 is the musical element that fits perfectly into your home
  • The SuperTooth Disco 2 combines two speakers on the front and a high efficiency bass reflex system situated at the back of the unit
  • Forget wires, cables and connectors; the SuperTooth Disco 2 is compatible with the latest version of iPhone, iPad or even iPod Touch

Easy to set up, sounds great, well packaged. Feels quite chunky in your hands this, but the weight pays off with a good sound from something of this size. The ‘bass’ button on makes bassy, boppy tracks like black eyed peas ‘boom boom pow’ sound quite meaty. Set up took less than a minute. I like the way a snug fitting cover is provided with velcro closing, a flap behind for cabling (if not in bt mode) and a cheeky little carry handle. I was impressed with the clarify of the instructions. The charger is compact, about the size of the a blackberry charger. Shame it does not use the mini-usb size power plug / more universal charger, but a minor issue. Playing spotify premium on my samsung n140 netbook i can control the tracks from the supertooth – back, forward, pause. Not tested battery life, but booklet says 10hrs on medium volume, which will be great, although i have already found myself ramping up the volume to very high – there’s no distortion and my 12 x 12 foot room is completely rocking with sound (my excuse: running in the speaker cones).

Great looking & great sound. I bought this supertooth disco 2 speaker from totallygadgets. They were selling the red one cheaper than the black. As a speaker i think the red looks great. I paired it easily to my toshiba at300 tablet & my cowon 7 media player. The forward & back buttons & the volume buttons on the speaker action either of my devices which i think is really handy. Of couse you can only pair by bluetooth one device at a time but it recognise them straight away. The sound level is very good from a small speaker & the sound quality is great. I played with the eq functions (disco/rock/hip hop etc) on my devices to get the best from this speaker. I will use it this christmas at home for a family get together as the sound level is so good it can be stood in the hallway and heard in livingroom & kitchen.

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  1. This review is from : SuperTooth Disco 2 Stereo Bluetooth Speaker for iPod, iPhone, iPad and Smartphone Devices – White

    Recomend to everyone; ] very loud ant clear sound. Recomend to everyone;] very loud ant clear sound.
    • Sounds pretty good for the price because it is large enough. Bought for my 8 year old daughter. She loves it, sounds pretty good for the price because it is large enough to produce some bass unlike some of the smaller bt speakers.
      • Great speaker, been using this for about 4 months. Great speaker, been using this for about 4 months now. It’s louder then the cheap cd player we have at work. When on full volume i get about 3 and a half – 4 hours. I mostly use this through the mains now and stream spotify in a small sized shop.
  2. Loved it ,great sound,easy set up and portable. Will be buying for other family members.
  3. This review is from : SuperTooth Disco 2 Stereo Bluetooth Speaker for iPod, iPhone, iPad and Smartphone Devices – White

    Battery has stopped charging all of the sudden after two and a half years, which is a shame.
    • Supertooth, supersound, superpricejust super. Bluetooth connection works great. I use this on holiday when watching movies etc through my tablet just bluetooth the sound and turn it up. Also plugged my small headphone amp for electric guitar into it with the 3. 5mm line in and it made that sound good too. If you want an excellent, versatile speaker and sounds good and holds it’s charge i recommend this one.

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