Steepletone MP3 Street Machine, streetmachine review

Expected sound system to be better, though the speaker is in good condition to take around , handy 🙂 though the opening thing has already broken, not that it is a problem there are different ways to open it.

Good points – easy to maneuver with the ‘airline bag’ style pop out handle. Connections with i-pods are good. Bad points – heavy but with (seemingly) no commensurate increase in power (compared to – for example – a bose i-dock thingy). The grills over the speakers are plastic and not as strong as they might be (by which i mean that sliding around in a car boot, the grill on one was broken simply under the steepletone’s own weight, so that’s not good). The battery needed to be connected internally before i used it which – if it said that in the instructions – i missed it, which meant it wasn’t clearly stated. I was on the point of sending the thing back when i did some investigation and had to resort to a screwdriver to remove an access panel so it wasn’t as if it was a casual thing. And finally i can’t seem to both play it and charge it’s battery at the same time. Wish i’d bought a bose system.

Steepletone MP3 Street Machine – Karaoke – MP3 boombox – As shown on the Gadget Show – Digitel Technology Ltd Pack

  • USB post to connect MP3 and iPod port
  • Powerful 20 watt sub woofer speaker PLUS 2 x 5 watt speakers
  • Use on the move with its in-built rechargeable battery pack
  • Boombox as recommended on Channel 5’s The Gadget Show
  • Microphone input socket to sing along to the music tracks, buy a wireless mic for added portability (microphones not included)

This thing changed my life more than any other peice of electronic equipment. Good soundeasy to change battery’s (if you wanna party for more than 8-12 hours)reasonably robustgood looklike a 1000 kittens ina room all blowing bubbles. Yes you can get better but not for ÂŁ90keep it gabba.

J ai presenté ce produit a tou mes amis il le veule tous trés utile et compact pa besoin de ce promené avec des cd bonne puissance et un autonomie que je n ai pas encor eu l occasion de connaitre telement qu elle dur merci amazon et toute l equipe un site à conseillé fortement.

Steepletone MP3 Street Machine – Karaoke – MP3 boombox – As shown on the Gadget Show – Digitel Technology Ltd Pack :

One thought on “Steepletone MP3 Street Machine, streetmachine review

  1. Looks ok but out of date and overrated. Good: looks ok, sounds ok, they’ve added a sheet explaining about connecting the batterybad: not all that loud, disappointing construction, can’t charge and use at the same time, only plays mp3 (not wma, etc), ipod nano (gen 4) doesn’t fit properly, ipod touch doesn’t work at all. The street machine looks fairly good and sounds ok but that’s about it. Whilst the speaker bars are metal the grills are plastic and bend, so don’t really protect the speakers from any heavy abuse. The plastic dock ‘lid’ will almost definitely break off with any sort of use and many of the controls seem rather cheap and tacky. The retractable handle also seems a bit flimsy. Although the quality of sound is ok i was disappointed with the volume; it’s quieter than my 10 year old panasonic cd player. You have to use a switch to choose between charging and using the unit; once it’s dead you have to stop using it to charge it up again. The street machine might have worked with ipods from about 5 years ago, but its obviously not been updated for later models. Although my nano worked, it didn’t fit into the supplied nano dock adapter so the ipod isn’t supported properly.

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