Soundfreaq SFQ-01AW Sound Platform Ghost tooth Wireless Audio System – SFQ-01A is it a BOSE beater : Yes it is

The soundfreaq bluetooth wireless audio system is brilliant. Sound is perfectly modulated with options to connect up with mp3 players of all stripes. The remote control, once the mp3 player is connected, can control the track shifts on the mp3 player. It works equally well with laptops when playing music or watching films. Sound quality is not lost with rise in volume. Works very well with feature films and music equally, be it classical or metal. The unit itself is very attractive and small so that it does not take up much room. I only have a small flat so a proper full blown sound system is a luxury i cannot afford. This piece of tech does just the job.

Exceptional sound, with android too. The sound is beyond all expectations, bose quality for 1/4th of the price, forget all jaybone, beatpills, zeppelin and bose soundlink, they are really overpriced, and lower quality. Sound is powerful (40w rms), clear, no saturation, bass is great (i m a deep house fan so i need speakers with great bass)design is great too (looks even better than the picture) , good work on the retro/modern style that makes it adaptable anywhere. Buttons and material look and feel good quality. Comes with remote, female aux plug, bass/treble/auto tune. Only drawback is the transformer plug that could have been put inside the speaker.

I have no doubt there are far better sound systems out there, however i’m confident you would have to pay a fair bit more for them. The soundfreaq sound platform is pretty amazing, especially for the money (i paid £50 for mine). It worked first time without any fuss, i’m using my phone (sony xperia z) via bluetooth and it connects everything with no problem. You can even use the charging dock and smart connect app to make the phone connect to the dock and play music when you plug it in (i’m sure there are ways to do this with most other smartphones as well). Anyway back to the sound platform. The build quality is fantastic and the sound is brilliant for a single unit. I have to say certain songs don’t sound as good as others through it, but i wonder if this is to do with the mp3 files themselves rather than the platform. The only letdown i can think of is the soundfreaq app. It does work and does what it’s meant to but it’s not really been made to the same standard, but saying that it is free.

Soundfreaq sfq-01a is it a bose beater : yes it is. Having looked into getting a wireless sound system for the kitchen , weighed up the options and was left with a bose soundock and this soundfreaq. Initially it was the price that lead me to the sf (soundfreaq) and the unique style of the unit itself. Sound : its fantastic , playing “two steps from hell : to glory” at now where near maximum volume is something to be heard to be believedbluetooth connectivity : connected first time with no issues or loss of sound qualitybase unit : the front of the speaker housing itself is made from a fabric material , the sides of the unit glow orange when powered on , a good feature is the remote is stored in a hidden compartment on the right of the unit held in place by a magnet)apps: the soundfeaq app for the iphone is relatively basic but does the job ,when using spotify the app does not recognise the play list but you can still alter volume. I’ve yet to come across a negative point to this product. Soundfreaq sfq-01a sound platform bluetooth wireless audio system – black.

  • Fantastic piece of kit!
  • SoundFreaq SFQ-01A is it a BOSE beater : Yes it is
  • Even better than expected!!
  • A great buy, do not miss it!
  • Brilliant customer service
  • Exceptional sound, with android too

Soundfreaq SFQ-01AW Sound Platform Ghost Bluetooth Wireless Audio System – White

  • Exceptional sound quality for music with UQ3 spatial enhancement processor
  • Wireless Connectivity to any A2DP Bluetooth device
  • Edgy, retro design packing the latest technology
  • Crystal clear audio experience for movies, TV shows, videos, games, internet radio & apps
  • Docking and Charging for Apple iPods and iPhones via 30 pin connector

Excellent sound, but no radio. . Bought this around 6 months ago and can’t live without it. Bluetooth connection is brilliant and quickly synchs with tablets, phones and macbook. Sound quality is stunning for such a small box, especially with the uq3 switched on – no problem filling even large rooms with an impressive audio range. The only two downsides:no radio/dab function – so streaming via bluetooth is the only way to get radiohigh-pitched hissing sound when turned on at low volumes – but gets drowned out when music is turned up. I would buy more soundfreaq products off the back of this.

A great buy, do not miss it. A great piece of kit, well worth the money, a bargin and so good i am now purchasing another for the kitchen.

Having owned and used my soundfreaq speaker for a couple of years i was dismayed when one of the wires to the transformer split, exposing the copper core. The item was out of guarantee but, having emailed customer services to find out how i might obtain a replacement part, they replaced it straight away. I would buy products from sounfreaq now and feel that any problems would be dealt with in a friendly and fair way. This is how customer service should be but so often isn’t.

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  1. This review is from : Soundfreaq SFQ-01AW Sound Platform Ghost Bluetooth Wireless Audio System – White

    Excellent soundfreaq sound platform. . Super sound and solid music system.
    • Black friday purchase for my daughter, and she’s happy. Still 5 stars despite bluetooth functionality not working (as yet) – hoping this will be resolved.
      • He loves it it’s so nice and base is brilliant that i ended up with. This is brought for my 16 year old thinking be small and quiet. He loves itit’s so nice and base is brilliant that i ended up with one as well. . Love the fichures and also has a night little lighteveryone who has seen it has wanted one.
  2. The sound is brilliant, goes up very loud. At first the bluetooth would not go into pairing mode, i left the system on for about an hour and the bluetooth button just worked. The sound is brilliant, goes up very loud. Excellent system well worth the money, i bought it for £40 which is an absolute bargain.
    • Absolutely blown away – for this price. Received this today and set up in a flash. The sound quality is amazing and just as good as more expensive products from big named manufacturers. It is paired by bluetooth for me – so my iphone 5 / ipad / ipod etc all play with crystal clear quality – i don’t use the 32 pin port so just leave the cover on – it plays faultless and i am very pleased that for the minute price i paid i have a a great product.
      • Bass is excellent and it’s very loud. Unbelievable quality for the price, bass is excellent and it’s very loud.
  3. This is an excellent piece of kit. I have listened to a number of bluetooth speakers from rival brands, all at a higher price, but this is a cut above its peers. The bass the unit outputs is amazing, and the clarity of sound spot on. I can’t praise this high enough and now have four of these in the house.
  4. This review is from : Soundfreaq SFQ-01AW Sound Platform Ghost Bluetooth Wireless Audio System – White

    Be warned – not compatible with iphone 5 or 6. A great looking dock but it was not clear that it is not compatible with an iphone 5 or 6 so we couldn’t use it. Would have returned it but the postage back to suppliers in france was almost the same as the cost of the dock so not worth while sending and in effect this has been a waste of my money.
  5. This review is from : Soundfreaq SFQ-01AW Sound Platform Ghost Bluetooth Wireless Audio System – White

    Really good sound quality, as good as beats without the overpriced name.

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