Soundbar MSXB-250 – Does what it says on the tin.

Easy to set up, sits under my girlfriends samsung 32″ tv unobtrusively and the sound is perfect for a living room. For the price this has got to be a winner. In fact i bought another ( msxb 252) for myself i was so impressed. The 252 version has hdmi and optical sockets and an extra bass boom feature which is great for movies and music concerts.

Does what it says on the tin. . I bought this sound bar to improve the pathetic sound quality of my flat screen tv. I admit that at this price i was sceptical that it was up to the job. How wrong can you be?the maxell delivered with bells on. Easy to set up and robust build quality it did all that i asked of it with bass sound that can shake the room. I am sure that there are even better sound bars on the market, but not at this pricethe only downside for me is the fiddly remote, but as i can also control it through the tv remote it’s a minor niggle. If you are a sound purist spend ten times plus. If you just want to improve your tv sound experience the maxell does what it says on the tin.

Would certainly recommend the soundbar as it does exactly what it promises. Really has improved the quality and clarity of sound from the television, only negative comment is the bulk of the equipment. Would certainly recommend the soundbar as it does exactly what it promises.

The sound is good , but i found mounting it on a glass tv stand stuff on the glass shelves underneath vibrated with the bass , so i made a base from spare wood i had over from my kitchen , and on the base i stuck about 12 rubber feet on with double sided tape , and that solved the problem , no vibration at all on the glass and the sound is great.

  • Good reviews here convinced me to buy this particular sound
  • Does what it says on the tin.
  • Excellent Value for the Money
  • Fabulous Machine
  • but tried it with mine and 10 minutes later – I’m delighted with it

Soundbar MSXB-250

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Much bigger than it looks in the picture but works extremely well, improves sound and gives a really decent bass tone to broadcasts.

Almost exactly what i’ve been looking for. . It was difficult to find any specifications or other useful information about this but what i found combined with a known manufacturer and a good price convinced me. 24 hour delivery by interlink to within the one hour window was a good start and i was surprised by the size of the box. It is quite a large unit and needs a shelf/base of at least 30″ to stand on and the appearance is not intrusive. It has only analogue inputs with sockets and leads for both phono and stereo jack. The sound level is more than enough for our needs but from what i have seen of reviews of other units many may find it a bit lacking although i have only supplied it from the tv line out and i get the impression that it will handle a higher input. The overall response is a definite improvement on the tv although i have not yet been able to assess it on music but it does have more than adequate bass which is suprisingly good considering the box dimensions and material. There are 2 levels of bass boost but i find the “flat” still has more bass than i am comfortable with and my opinion is that there is still some bass boost but that seems to be the current standard. It certainly manages to make the bbc news theme even more objectionable than normal but i can cure that with a minor modification. (i have found that the excessive bass was in part due to the tv sound being set to “voice”.

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  1. We have a sony 32″ flat screen tv that’s about 8 years old. The picture’s fine, but the sound quality isn’t brilliant. For under £60, this has improved the sound quality by leaps & bounds.
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    This will improve the sound of your tv by providing the bass and treble frequencies that your small tv speakers are incapable of. Tv watching becomes more enjoyable with a sound bar. However, the real benefit is if your hearing is starting to suffer with age because by providing the frequencies that your tv speakers do not, you will be able to enjoy the tv again without have the volume at a level that makes the rest of the family cringe. This maxell soundbar missed its fifth star because the cabinet resonates when loud sounds occur in the tv programme. When i bought it, the price was very competitive.
  3. This review is from : Soundbar MSXB-250

    Excellent sound quality,worth the money. Handy format of the device, fits neatly under the telly and the sound then comes from the natural direction. Only the remote is a bit too small and fiddely to use.
    • Bigger than anticipated but good sound. Bigger than anticipated but does link well to the tv, freesat, adjusting for on/off/standby. Good bass plus clarity of voice. Careful what you put on top since it will vibrate and distract.
  4. This review is from : Soundbar MSXB-250

    Better sound than before but not by much. Recently bought a smart tv and am very happy with it. Only complaint was the sound quality, so looked at soundbars. Most of the long soundbars are too big for our tv stand and i have read that when placed before the tv they can sometimes block the signal from the tv remote to the tv. So i looked at these plinth soundbars that the tv then sits on top of. This one seemed okay and was not too expensive. I think the sound is better but not by much. The rest of my family don’t notice any difference but perhaps my hearing is different. Some of the online stuff that i couldn’t hear very well before is now clearer. I’m happy with it but don’t expect too much.

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