Soundance ® Wireless Bluetooth Speakers With FM Radio – Great speaker for the money

Sound quality is very good for the price and it looks very stylish. There is a bright red display behind the speaker casing which is similar in style to a cheap digital watch that you’d buy for a child. I really feel it lets it down. I just expect more in this day and age from electronics. Overall, i’m happy enough with it and if this wouldn’t bother you, it’s a solid purchase for the price.

The positives first – sound quality and volume is good, a speaker this size is never going to produce thumping bass but overall it’s fine and loud. I got the white version and it looks very good, a gloss plastic finish and the indentations on the top panel give it a sleek look, a nice touch. Bluetooth connection seems to be reliable and stable. Fm radio reception is good, especially considering there is no external aerial. The fact that the battery is removable and replaceable is also a bonus. There’s no charger supplied but surely everyone has a drawer full of micro usb chargers at this stage. A couple of niggles however:- when you switch it on, the volume always defaults back to 12 (out of 20, so quite loud), regardless of what setting it was at when you switched it off. Not a big deal, just means you need to switch it on, turn the volume down, and then start the music. – the fm radio saves preset stations – but you cannot do this manually. 5 and saves every signal up to 107. 5 as a separate channel, so you end up with static, multiple presets of the same station and presets of stations you would never even listen to. So overall, a good speaker for the price, just a couple of things could have been done better.

I haven’t used the radio bit yet as it’s an extra feature i was not really bothered about. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a bluetooth boomer. Here are the specifications for the Soundance ® Wireless Bluetooth Speakers With FM Radio:

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    by entering your model number.
  • New Wireless Technology allows you to connect the speaker from up to 10 meters away to your smart phones or pads. Easy to pair – No code/pin needed.
  • Premium Sound with self boosting amplifier IC and Bass Enhance Technology. Two powerful 52mm diameter speakers with maximum 10W output and Enhanced Bass Resonator deliver crisp clean sound with deep bass.
  • Built-in FM Radio with LED display. Support Micro SD Card and TF card insert and play. Built-in microphone for hands-free speaker phone calling.
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free bluetooth speaker phone calling.
  • Replaceable and Rechargeable Lithium battery can support up to 8 hours of playtime with one full charge.

While i have some suggestions for further improvement on any later model, buy this and you will enjoy rich, clear (and plenty loud) sound and a most convenient size with good battery life. Easily paired with everything tried so far (android and iphones, tablet, ms surface) and distance from source (how far apart can source and speakers be) has worked as expected. Fm stations scan in automatically on depression of a switch and are easily skipped up and down thereafter. Indicator shows the frequency of the radio station or ‘bt’ when on bluetooth or charging status when off. Uses a micro-usb connector to charge, so chargers are ‘2 a penny’. All the buttons are on the top and once you learn their positions, can be easily operated. Battery can be replaced if ever it fails to hold a charge later in life – but you will need to find this size on the internet as it is not a typical size here. What would i like to improve?.1) when you switch it on, it always goes direct to bluetooth mode and volume level 12, rather than the last setting (e.

This speaker does the job very well at this price point. Pros:- sound quality is good- can attend calls from the speaker- supports sd card- fm is available- 10+ hours battery lifecons:- heavy- tough to keep it clean (attracts finger prints).

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A nice product let down by a couple of design flaws
  • Great Bluetooth speakers and I really enjoy the bonus of the FM radio
  • Versatile budget speaker with good sound

Good solid feel quality so multi purpose looks good too cannot fault product well pleased.

Item smaller than i expected, which suited me perfectly as they’re now ideal for home and travel. Bought to listen to christmas songs, good bass, not tinny, very good range of volume and easy to use. So pleased that i ordered another one straight away for a christmas present, unfortunately that one didn’t arrive. Problems with amazon logistics, said they couldnt access safe place but i was in that evening, rescheduled next day, said it was delivered, but not to me. Think same carrier went to wrong address. Got a refund, but i still want speakers.

For its price this is an exceptional price of kit, whilst not a bose in terms of sound quality (but what is at £20) it is an exceptionally clear sound. The resanance chamber helps add a good quality of base sometimes lacking in these small speaker systems. The radio is a bit basic but it is an extra thrown in. Battery life is good and i like the battery indicator that shows on the iphone screen when linked. Over all this has been a welcome addition to the family life.

Sometimes a bit on maneuvering is required to get a good radio signal.

Cannot fault this in any way, good sound for its size and in the end i bought two. If a quality speaker at a great price and want the added benefit of bluetooth/radio and usb/sd card look no further than this.

I was pleasantly surprise with the sound quality of this item. It gives a good clear sound and has quite a bit of volume for such a small bit of kit. My eldest it using it to play music via spotify from his tablet in his room and it’s really good. He’s been using it for 4 months now with no problems. I’m thinking of getting a couple more for the other members of the family.

Great little speaker for the price. I would have preferred a slightly higher top volume but it does a good job in the kitchen. Like that it is battery powered (built-in rechargeable) and does not need mains all the time bt connection is a breeze but only supports one connected device at a time. Otherwise, so far, it’s been a great purchase.

For the price this is pretty good, doesn’t sound quite as good as the ‘psych’ model of a similar size/shape also on amazon, though not far off, and this costs less, but this has input for usb, micro sd, 3. 5mm input and a usable fm radio, even if it is a bit choosy about where it best works for fm as there is no external aerial. The usb player remembers what and where it last played when you turn it on again and set it back to usb play (if you leave the usb stick in) this is very good for audio books and music alike. Unfortunately every time you turn it on it goes to bluetooth mode and is quite loud regardless of the volume you left it on, not the end of the world but it annoys me to the point i was happy enough to give it away without replacing it. I contacted the maker and there’s nothing can be done to alter this.

It seems that battery holds max 8 hours, after a couple of weeks but not an issue if you have the charger handy. Only one thing, the cable didn’t last for as long as 1 month only, due to everyday manipulation.

A bit fiddly on set up with a bit of trial and error and as other reviews mention the problem of the volume being high when it is turned on otherwise i found it good value with an attractive modern design.

Very lovely,loud exactly what i needed in a speaker, soon getting another one have also recommended to some friends. Could do with a more better inbuilt mic.

It holds its charge for ages so can be used anywhere as a portable speaker – excellent sound quality too.

Top product for the money spent. Even at double to price i would still be very happy. I’ll be buying another as a birthday present for christmas although i wont let them know how much (or little) i spent. A replaceable re-chargeable is also a very good addition too.Even re-chargeable’s don’t last forever.

Brilliant little speaker at an amzing price. So much bass and goes really loud thank you.

I bought this speaker for very specific requirements – to use for the audio part of a public art installation – i wanted a speaker that would play from a usb stick or sd card, play a single track in an endless loop and run off the mains. This does all of those things and the sound quality is pretty good. Compared to my sony srs x33 it lacks bass and depth of sound, but on the other hand i would say the sound from the soundance has greater clarity and crispness (good for hearing vocals) – a brightness – which isn’t grating, just not as ‘mellow’ as i’ve got used to hearing on the sony (and the sony cost around 3 times the price). Unfortunately it will default to level 12 each time it is switched on – so you may have to adjust every time you switch on. The red led display is a useful feature for showing volume level – but when using bluetooth the bright red glowing ‘bt’ on constant display is a bit unnecessary and intrusive – i’d like to be able to switch it off. I could not get the speaker to play anything other than. Mp3 files via the usb stick – i don’t know if it will play. Wav via bluetooth – but it is easy to convert sound files and didn’t cause too much of a problem. I can’t comment on the fm radio as this is an addon feature that i don’t think i’ll find of much use.

Great sound, great radio yet no ariel to extend as not needed. . I don’t use it for much else so i waste its use, but glad i got it.

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