Sony SRSX99 Hi-Res Audio Multiroom Speaker – 5*+ for sound. 3* for connectivity. This is a thing of beauty, sounds stunning, just not great at connection – read on

Best of the best for correct sound source. I do not have x99 but i have x9 (last year model) and are same other than ldac (bt pay enhancements) and mult room support in x99. I have few other sony models srs x55, had srs x7. Sometimes songpal (via note3) gives issues but overall it is working ok for me. Set up is not difficult at all. I have all my songs in synology nas rack station (mostly 24bit- hi res including 192k albums – and in flac format with very limited 320k mp3). I would say bt, wireless play could be better and line in is a write off (also in x7). I mainly use it with usb-b via foobar and sony media go app with provided usb drivers bypassing my laptop’s dac and it sounds out of the world. So i have stooped using bt, wifi playing and use dac path (usb-b). I have tested via my fiio (e17k) and otg on note 3 and same excellent result.

What a stunning speaker easily the most hifi wireless experience i’ve had. What a stunning speaker easily the most hifi wireless experience i’ve had. Even music for apple music service sounds great. I’ve yet to try the free £75. 00 worth of hires material but i am sure this will be even more stunning. The other reviewer who said the unit’s setup app is not ipad compatible. Wrong just select iphone from the app store and it will run fine scaled up on the ipad. For someone with a small two bedroom house and a passion for classical music i am finally happy.

I totally recommend the srs-x99 ~ it has limitations (everything does) but i found them easy to live with. . ¸(¯`’•absolutely brilliant•”¯)¸. •”¯)it’s sleek and black and stylish and powerful and connectable and it sounds wonderful ~ brilliant. It’s not without a few hiccups but compared to masses of other similarish it’s brilliant. Neatly packaged to protect in transit. Easy to open and unpack and set up. Compared to a sonic pana wireless box (check my reviews) its simple to set up and use. Sony songpal onto ipad and iphone the simple set up option. Load the app and then use the simple bt connection to the srs x99 allow it to update and bingo ~ you’re offthis is how things should work. If you need an hour on the help line the manufacturer has got it seriously wrongwhat does it play from – just about anything including down the wire to the aux socket – old but reliable. Then it has bluetooth, 2 different usb ports, network socket, spotify, songpal throwing from your apple device, googlecast (unknown idea to me), nfc (another android thing i think) and straightforward wireless. It uses wps for a really easy wireless set up – and it really does worki haven’t tried every permutation of every device but all my apple stuff works brilliantly, so i’m happy.

This is a thing of beauty, sounds stunning, just not great at connection – read on. So, this sony srsx99 has blown me away with the looks, compactness and sound quality. It is unlike anything i have heard at this size before. Absolutely stunning, subtle and fantastic. It just falls down with the connection which i am really struggling with. Out of the box, it is set up with bluetooth in under a minute. Connecting to the wifi via the app takes 5 minutes and mine took a further 5 minutes as it had to run a firmware update.

  • Heavyweight Sony Speaker System, but flawed in many ways.
  • Best of the Best for correct sound source
  • Worth considering
  • What a stunning speaker easily the most Hifi wireless experience I’ve had
  • I TOTALLY RECOMMEND THE SRS-X99 ~ it has limitations (everything does!) but I found them easy to live with.
  • 5*+ for sound. 3* for connectivity. This is a thing of beauty, sounds stunning, just not great at connection – read on

Sony SRSX99 Hi-Res Audio Multiroom Speaker with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

  • High-Resolution Audio compatible
  • DSEE HX upscales your music to near High-Resolution Audio quality
  • S-Master HX digital amplifier for pure sound quality
  • 7 speakers (2 magnetic fluid), 8 amplifiers
  • Easy Bluetooth connectivity with NFC One-touch

Oh for the days when you just brought something home, plugged it in, and it worked. I have just been to hell and back trying to set this up. First i tried with my i-pad, but soon found this did not support the necessary songpal app. So i turned to my arthur daley chinese smartphone, acquired on a former occasion through amazon vine. I asked google, who seemed to think i was trying to contact a woman called song pow. Eventually, i got through to google apps and downloaded songpal. The instructions were clear but i could not seemingly get the speaker to respond. Finally, slumped on the sofa, i started fiddling with the phone and a very quiet sound of music came from behind me. Turning up the volume i was pleased to discover the speaker produces a really rich resonant sound that filled the room pleasantly. At this point i returned to the i-pad, searched “songpal” on the internet, and managed to download it immediately through i-tunes. However, this time, although i got bluetooth connection almost immediately, for some reason this soon cut-out as the speaker went into a permanent update mode. I am now exhausted with it all and have decided to try again tomorrow. This device may have a very high technical specification, but it is not for novices or for those of a nervous disposition. On the good side, it looks sleek and smart and you can display an attractive ornament on it. Ps the next day i managed to connect my i-pad easily. I am having no trouble getting the device to play any of my i-tunes music, plus radio, plus video sound etc etc. I am very happy with the sound quality.

This is my first experience of a speaker like this. I am no audiophile – so never felt the need to invest in something like it. However having had the opportunity to play with one, i can see the appeal. Firstly, it is a substantial piece of equipment. It is heavy and has the build quality you would expect from a high end sony product. Secondly, it is easy to set up. The app really does help and i found it easy to connect other devices both directly and via the ether. Thirdly, the sound quality is good. As i said, i don’t have massive experience in this area – but i could detect a difference compared to the usual speakers that i have to use.

Heavyweight sony speaker system, but flawed in many ways. . The srsx99 is an amplified loudspeaker (or rather set of 7 speakers in one box). It can play music from a variety of sources including (but not limited to): usb, audio line in, nas (via dlna), airplay, chromecast, bluetooth, songpal. (i’ll add to this as i get to know it better). Songpal is a sony app available for free on android & apple stores. I’ve attached a photo to this review that compares the size to a sonos 1. Unboxing=======on opening the box you are presented with a slim welcome box. In this are some chunky multi language manuals, plus the slim remote with batteries. Remove this and you are presented with the unit itself, a uk plug, a continental plug and some more manuals. I removed it, and plugged it in.