Sony SRS-X11 Compact Portable Wireless Speaker – Good overall

This is a good quality item, looks very good and gives a lot of sound for a little speaker, the bass is good and i am really considering buying another one to pair them up together.

Was a gift for someone else and i have been informed it provides ‘sound quality you wouldn’t believe’. So much so they are purchasing a second onei may even get one for myself after that review.

These are a great buy, good wholesome sound, very long life and very easy to use.

Two are better because stereo improves the experience: i use them with my smartphone in the bathroom. They have mini-jack sockets and i bought a “3. 5mm mini jack stereo plug to 2 x mono plugs audio splitter lead cable” because the blue-tooth connection is a bit fragile, especially with two speakers, and drops out quite often. They can reproduce bass well provided it was recorded/mixed strongly on the track in the first place. Their best performance is on small group tracks (of whatever type – jazz, classical, soul, rock, folk). They reproduce largish jazz orchestras quite well if the original recording has enough bass but they struggle to reproduce symphony orchestras with much depth or section differentiation, though they do better with them than a small radio does.

Great sound and easy set up. Very reliable connectivity and the battery lasts well.

Good sound for a small device. Charge doesn’t last for a long time (thought it’s not bad – perhaps a couple of hours). Overall worth it though – glad i bought it.

  • Great for listening to audio books & podcasts on
  • Vaue for money
  • Worth the money

My daughter was given this one last christmas and she uses it daily. It is perfect for her room and the quality is good to.

I originally bought this so i could use it with my ruark audio centre but the latter pairs with its own make only. Nevertheless, as the sound is so good, i use it to play music or radio from my mobile. It is easy to set up and to use and gives excellent sound such that it seems like a much bigger speaker. No need to buy another for stereo as it is great on its own. I can thoroughly recommend this.

A great little speaker which is great for work. I fit carpets and flooring for a living so i can connect easily to the phone and listen to music without it being to loud. The quality build is excellent but sound quality is a bit tinny.

Intrigued to see how a little but good speaker could possibly join wirelessly with another to make an effecive stereo pair -all by bluetooth. Apparently short supply so no colour choice.

It’s a good solid unit but don’t expect miracles. It’s very small so the bass will not be good. At least it doesn’t try and invent base which is worse than a lack of base. For me the selling point is the nfc and the stereo pairing with another unit. Very portable and good at what it ties to do.

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Really excellent little speaker, i would say well worth the price, sounds great with my mp3 but then you would expect a sony to sound great, am considering buying another for my wife to use with her smart phone.

I wanted a wireless, portable speaker that i could move easily around the house with me so i can listen to audiobooks and podcasts more easily, particularly when in the shower washing my hair (a 20 minute event). This speaker is perfect for that, i can easily hear the narration over the sound of the shower and suds in my ears (i couldn’t hear my phone on loudspeaker when i tried this) and i can listen to it over the noise of my cooking, extractor fan and my kids. I have used it a couple of times to listen to music too as well and it works well enough but i think if i were really into music i would prefer to use a better quality speaker but, for what i want it for, this speaker is excellent, great price and looks good too.

For the size this speaker is exceptional. Works great with my echo dot. The range is pretty good too.

Brilliant sound from this tiny cube. Was not expecting it to be as good as it is. Only thing that is wrong with it is it doesn’t seem to charge and play at same time. But it is quick to charge so not really a big deal – just a minor irk.

I use this almost exclusively for speech (radio 4) & it’s very clear. The nfc feature is super convenient; i don’t need to switch on bluetooth on my phone, i just briefly lay it on the speaker and bingo, bluetooth enabled & connected. Charging is easy & the battery life seems great.

This is a very good quality item. Excellent sound and volume for the money. I also have a bose soundlink and whilst it is better the sony is not far behind so for the price i would give it 5 out of 5.

Wireless music streaming over Bluetooth with one touch listening via NFC

Great little device, gives really good sound for such a small speaker. We heard one at a friend’s bbq and instantly fell in love with it. Mine is playing next to me as i write this review. If i lost my unit i would instantly but a replacement.

Excellent value- we all absolutely love it, and it has already been on a 2 week hiking trip to france- great charging ability and durability.

Bought as a present and the recipient is over the moon. My only gripe is connection is not always great – there is often buzzing interference and the sound is very base heavy however will purchase one for myself.

This was a present for my niece and she reports that it is an excellent bluetooth speaker.

A bargain & great sound for the size – this is way better than the much more expensive bose we had before (which stopped charging, not very helpful for a portable device). I was told these aren’t made any more and considering buying a 2nd just in case.

Great sound for a such a small speaker, quickly connected to my iphone. No distortion in music even at full volume very portable. Was so impressed i bought another one so i could pair them up. Connected both easily and now can play music through two like surround sound. Great gift for my younger sister at university who didn’t want to buy an expensive and bigger set of speakers for halls.

Double-up and get stereo sound with speaker pairing function

This is good quality for its size, it suits me soundwise , others may want more quailty, but i set this up from my phone, carry it about when doing housework – i try anything to make this better, mrs hutch i am not. It also works fine in the garden about 10 metre range.

There are tasks in life that are simply boring and music has the power to improve them. As most smartphone speakers are far from actually good, i decided to give a true to a bluetooth speaker and one of my friends recommended this one. Good recommendation from himwhen i’m doing usual chores, such as cleaning, cooking, having a shower, etc, i simply turn it on and link it to my phone streaming spotify. Music sounds clear and can be very loud at max volume, so i even use it when we invite some friends home. It is very easy to pair the speaker with your device, both via nfc and via bluetooth, so much so that all my friends were able to pair their own phone without me explaining how to do it. The bluetooth range is good enough, allowing me to have it in the bathroom, taking a shower while my phone is in my room. It is not until i go to a different floor that i start hearing interferences due to being too far. I use it almost every day, i’ve had it for two months and i have only charged it twice. The only thing that i’m missing is a button that would act as next track, as well as one for play/pause.

I looked around at lots of portable bluetooth speakers and this came up on a few sites as a great budget speaker. It was a gift and i wasn’t prepared to pay too much for one like the jbl flip which is a great speaker and one i would recommend if you have the budget. I got this on an amazon deal for £40 and definitely worth the money. Easy to pair up with phone and the sound is very clear and crisp. In terms of how loud it goes it doesn’t blow your face off but it gets loud enough for the sound to fill any small to medium sized room. I didn’t test it in a large room before giving as a gift so couldn’t comment on that with accuracy. Its very small and will fit in the palm of your hand making it easy to transport with you. I would definitely recommend this for a low budget blue tooth speaker.

The only downside is the maximum volume isn’t very loud and will struggle to fill a room.

Good value for money excellent for my teenage daughter when she s out and about and nice and compact.

This product as small as it is, it’s loud and it’s perfect for a picnic or indoors in an apartment. It’s easy to use and the battery lasts a long time.

This ia a good product thank you, arrived as promised in perfect condition.

Take your music anywhere – a compact, wire-free design with integrated rechargeable battery –

Decent little speaker, quite pricey really compared to others and lacks a little bass for music, but suits my use (listening to podcasts and audio books) and the battery lasts a while too.

Not as good as some speakers, but for the price, they work very well. Very easy to use and last a long time without charge. Very recommended for anyone that just needs something small and portable to use.

Great little speaker, works well with my amazon echo.

Compact and stylish, i bought it as an accessory for my tablet and it is perfect – good sound quality and easy to set up and use. I haven’t used the ‘call’ function.

My daughter loves this speaker it is low stock throughout the uk amazon was the last stockist bought it before they were all sold out she really enjoys the good quality sound which is remarkable considering how small it is price wise it was £10 more than the shops but a great piece of kit x.

Bought for my husband’s christmas, to replace a cheaper bluetooth speaker that broke. Magazine recommended this one, and so far, the recommendation has been a good one. Very clear sound – makes streaming music and video from our phones and tablets a lot more pleasant. Very happy with this purchase.

Hands-free calling –

Surprisingly good sound quality for such a small speaker. I use this blue-toothed to my echo device, but also works well with iphone.

Excellent speakers with great quality sound and bass. Surprisingly powerful for its size, and the component itself appears to be of a good quality. Only downside is that sound decreases when it’s reached the end of its battery life, but that’s reasonable.

I’ve had this for a year and only just used it for the first time – not to listen to music – we had a meeting where someone couldn’t attend, so we phoned them from my mobile which was paired with this speaker and everyone listened in and communicated with our remote colleague via the speaker – very high tech.

This is the second of these that i’ve bought (as gifts), as it is so good. Sound quality is very good, volume is excellent and it is very well made, as you would expect from sony. It is very easy to use and connects with devices immediately. Charges well and the charge lasts a good time. Good colours, too – i love the red.

Great volume and sound quality from such a small speaker. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone. I haven’t tried linking more than one of them but would love too, i think it’d sound even better.

Really pleased with this little speaker. Easy to use and the sound is surprisingly good for such a little thing. Lightweight so will be perfect to throw into the suitcase when travelling.

Product arrived on time, however the box was not in good condition and the seal appeared to have been interfered. Not be deterred i checked the speaker sounds fine good sound for the size. I would rate this product buy two if you can for the compatibility and the stereo sound.

Bought it for a friend and he was really pleased very small and versatile kicks way above its weight.

I bought the srs-x11 for personal listening in the bedroom and ensuite. Setup consisted of charging the battery via its usb cable and then pairing it with my phone. On the plus side, the srs-x11 will pair automatically once powered-up; on the down side, it won’t pair with more than one source (if you want to change source then you have pair it manually). Despite its size, if you pump up the volume, the srs-x11 can fill a bedroom (roughly 7m x 4m) and i can hear it while in the shower from over 2m away. Even at full volume, there’s no distortion and, for its size, it produces a decent amount of bass. Overall, the srs-x11 is good value for money.

Bought this on the strength of a review in which magazine. The sound and volume from it is remarkable and even the bass is pretty good for something so small. I really am pleased with this wireless speaker and am considering buying another to achieve more authentic stereo sound.

I use them to listen to music or podcasts from my android phone and work conferences with my windows laptop all via bluetooth. The sound is good, the battery lasts long without recharge.

A which best buy i can see why. Have to pay well over £100 to better this.

It sounds exceptionally good for its size – and better than the fairly expensive radios i have around the house. I found it sounded best when suspended from the silicone rubber loop (eg from a door handle) rather than sitting on a solid surface.

Said it is ‘a cracking little bluetooth speaker’ and i agree.

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