Sony HTST3 4 – Excellent Soundbar!

I decided to get a decent sound bar to accompany my new sony 50w829 and decided on a sony , partly because of the hdmi connectivity they all offer. My short list consisted of this and the 770 , so i started to read every review that i could find on line. Reviews on the st3 are mixed to say the least and i almost bought a 770 until i saw that amazon germany are selling the st3 for the equivalent of only £308. 00 delivered , so i took the plunge and ordered one. If you do the same ensure that you download the english manual on line and have a euro plug converter (to avoid invalidating the warranty by chopping off the two pin plug)five days later it arrived via italy and dunfermline in my opinion the sound when adjusted correctly is excellent ,using it as an hdmi hub also makes things very straight forward , it even sounds pretty good via blue tooth from my kindle and is very well made. Highly recommended , especially if you save yourself a few pounds by buying from germany.

Sound is very good and fills a room, the various settings work very well – particularly like the movie and football settings.

Crystal clear sound and works perfectly fine.

Arriving in a heavy box resembling what i can only describe as a tetris shape, the courier and i could only laugh. Once opened and unpacked, the laughing stopped as this is a serious bit of kit but in no way intimidating or difficult to operate. The sub is bigger (and heavier – over 8kg) than expected and the soundbar is smaller (well, skinnier) than expected – the amazon photos are definitely to scale. The sub has a quality brushed aluminium finish on closer inspection and the rear ports include 3 x hdmi in, 1 x hdmi out (for arc tv), analogue l+r in and 2 x optical. Anyway, setup was pretty straightforward. To save space, i actually placed the bar on the top of my (40 inch) tv stand as it is so low that it doesn’t interfere with the tv operation. Once both were in situ i connected them together with the ribbon cable that comes from the bar and splits into four ethernet-type connectors to plug into the colour coded ports on the sub. The optical cable was carefully connected between the tv and sub and once the batteries were in the skinny remote and rubber feet attached to the bar it was more or less job done. [ note the sub has an hdmi arc port (and 3 other hdmi-in ports) also which audiophiles may prefer to use instead of optical but i prefer to keep it simple with the latter ].

  • Read this first !!!
  • Another quality Sony product!
  • Excellent Soundbar!
  • A sound investment
  • Sound not as good as expected from a Sony product

Sony HTST3 4.1 Channel S-Force Pro Front Surround Sound Premium Soundbar

  • 4.1ch sound bar with powerful, adjustable twin-drive subwoofer, S-Force pro front surround, NFC, Bluetooth and four HDMI ports
  • 250W output for home cinema
  • NFC One-touch sharing and remote control
  • Immersive S-Force Pro front surround

Sound not as good as expected from a sony product. Arrived on time, well packaged. Soundboard is very compact, slim and neat but the subwoofer is quite big and bulky. Sound not as good as expected from a sony product. I think i preferred the quality of sound from my panasonic with built on subwoofer if i’m honest.

Another quality sony product. This is my first foray into the world of surround sound products, in my own home anyway, believe it or not. The problem has been that the way my living room and television are set up (the television is in a corner) isn’t really the ideal or classic shape for the full surround sound experience, or that’s what i thought. I am a big fan of sony products and i don’t think that i have ever been let down by one and i doubt very much that this one will either. Out of the box both the soundbar and the solidly built (and heavy) sub-woofer appear to be very well made, quality items. I had to re-organise my entertainment centre to accommodate the sub-woofer but once that was done, everything was connected and i figured out the settings it has been plain sailing. The sound is full, rich and vibrant without being overbearing or booming during the loud parts of films, which is exactly what you want a surround sound system to be. A fantastic product and i am delighted with it.

I bought this sound bar from another retailer for £379 a month ago and what a brilliant product by sony. I already have the sony htxt1 and had the htgt1 before this htst3. I am running the sound bar via hdmi cables to get the best sound & picture from it. You also need to change the settings from the default ones as i prefer the sound to be more treble than bass. When watching the sky box the sound is good but once you start the blu ray player it goes to the next level, movies and music sounds superb and it feels like a 5. I also bought the sony nwz a15 walkman and the music in hi res also sounds brilliant no distortion or lack of sound at all. To me the sound bar is very loud and when turning up the volume it even sounds betterthe subwoofer is big in size but then all the connections and amp is built into it.

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    Best sound bar buy far great sound no complants very pleased.

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