Sony HTCT770 2, sound bar HD 330 w

Wired this up to an android box & the difference in sound from the tv and skybox is amazing. Why is the quality not there on sky hd box?.

Caveats first: no soundbar, no matter how expensive, will reproduce the sound of a blu-ray in all its 7. 1 glory, and at least partially because of the bluetooth compatibility, this is a rather expensive piece of kit. If the amount of money you wish to spend equals the cost of one of these you would be well able to purchase an excellent 7. For its convenience as a plug in and play soundbar with rather ass-kicking wireless subwoofer and tasty pseudo-surround sound illusion, this is a winner. Netflixing episodes of breaking bad and chuck, etc will offer you enough volume, depth and immersion to the sound for you to totally buy into the feeling that the bullets are ricocheting round the room, feel the pumping soundtracks while never losing the dialogue in the mix. This is a powerful little number, with seriously neighbour-annoying levels of output at your fingertips. Perhaps a little edge is lost from the soundtracks of blu-rays, but unless you are a total sound geek, there is little about this fine device to complain about. Phone geeks will swoon at the signals travelling from their handset to be blasted back at them at potentially room damaging levels. Movie geeks (like me) will get more than enough guts out of this thing to willingly subscribe to the george lucas film sound theory that sound has the often untapped potential to hit us on visceral levels that the pictures alone don’t reach and paying enough attention to the sound makes a movie an experience, rather than just a time passer. This is a seriously good soundbar, and that is reflected in the seriousness of the price. If you want to fill your room with sound, rather than filling it with speakers and you want an above average reproduction of movie/tv sound that effectively creates rich output with discernible differentiation between music, effects and dialogue and rumbling bass you can feel from your toes to your jaw if you so choose, this will meet your needs. It may not be four times better than soundbars costing around £100, but the sound difference between the two price points is very, very significant.

Sony HTCT770 2.1ch 330w HD Soundbar – Black

  • 2.1ch soundbar with wireless subwoofer, 330W output, S-Master digital amplifier, Bluetooth and NFC
  • 330W output for powerful home cinema
  • One-touch listening with NFC and Bluetooth
  • Wireless subwoofer

Very reasonable price and quick delivery, impressed.

It’s what i expected for a good quality 2.

Sounds wicked and my ps4 sounds great too,with it. Can’t fault it right now at all.

Sony HTCT770 2.1ch 330w HD Soundbar – Black : This is by far the best product on the market for such little cost. I searched over a few days before i bought this product, reading a lot of reviews and very unsure what to buy. I can ensure you that you will not be disappointed.I do recommend however having the subwoofer as close to you as possible to get maximum definition. I have mine down by the side of my sofa, i get vibrations through my seat and this will make you very happyi wall mounted mine and it was incredibly easy, you get a set of measurements in the box to work by and the soundbar simply hooks on to the screws you have inserted into the wall. It’s very light weight so i wouldn’t worry if your wall is dry lined/studded. Bluetooth connection is great. Simply turn it on from your device and press the pairing button on the remote to connect. I can be anywhere in my house to change tracks.

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  1. It sounds great too, i love the way you can adjust. I have a 65×8505 sony tv and had been struggling to find a sound bar to fit under the tv and not block the remote sensor and this does the job perfectly. It sounds great too, i love the way you can adjust the volume on the sub so it doesn’t annoy the neighbours too much at night. Having 3 hdmi inputs has helped to free up a couple of inputs on the tv as i was running out. Currently have an xbox one / sky hd box in one and a ps4 and wii u in the other 2 ports and all work and sound great.
    • Excellent for movies and sport, i kept the subwoofer away from the adjoining wall so as not to annoy the neighbours. The bluetooth i use for my music, it just brings it to life. Well deserved star rating, should have had it years ago.
  2. Good quality and the sound is very good for the price. Bluetooth works well and the different settings for music, movies etc are quite good. It even has a night mode so you don’t upset the neighbours.
    • Wow what can i say, i am almost speechless. The sound is fantastic and well worth spending the extra money for better all round sound with a great looking unit. The plus side for me is the hdmi sockets and the wirelsss base unit which works any where in my 1930’s living room.
  3. This review is from : Sony HTCT770 2.1ch 330w HD Soundbar – Black

    A very good sound bar maybe pricey but worth it. Perhaps as good as they come;’though, of course i have not tried them all, i have heard quite a few. No it doesn’t go all round’ i don’t think any do or can do. Certainly widens and greatly improves the tv sound. I guess optical easiestchoice. I had a period when optical was not available and used an hdmi inputfound it needed a hdmi arc to work properly. There are choices – standard music movie and more.
    • Real sound from my tv at last. I recently got a new sony tv and this sound system complements it perfectly. Rich, full bass and crisp treble with none of the harshness you can get with cheap systems. The 770 also integrates well with my other sony components: a blu-ray player and hd recorder. I haven’t given the 770 five stars because i found it was not the easiest to set up. Sony remotes are designed to control other devices as well as the ‘parent’ one and sometimes unforeseen things happen. The system is too clever for it’s own good. Having said that, persevering to get the optimum set-up is well rewarded.
  4. This review is from : Sony HTCT770 2.1ch 330w HD Soundbar – Black

    Easy to set up and the surround sound effect is. Smooth sleek and sophisticated appearance. Easy to set up and the surround sound effect is really good. The wireless subwoofer has plenty of bass and can be placed virtually anywhere. On a personal basis i love it and it does what it says on the box so to speak. Purists may argue it is not as good as true surround sound with multi speakers and loads of wires, however i am very happy and more than pleased with it.
  5. This review is from : Sony HTCT770 2.1ch 330w HD Soundbar – Black

    Really nice item and suits my needs, it replaced a philips surround sound tall boy system that had basic hdmi cable connection, this decluttered my front room from 6 lots if cables and speakers. I have a fairly big fron room well above average and i only need the volume mid way up. Prosout if the box it’s heavier than you think. Very easy set up working with 10 minutes, read instructions first and didn’t rush itfirstly i am not a hi fi geek, i love movies and ps3 games so this satisfies my needs, i know it’s not true 5. 1 but it’s way better than my old system both in sound quality and user friendlythe soundbar has very good tech on it such has bluetooth optical cable connection and 4 ports for hdmi high speed. My set up is a brand new sony 40 bravia tv, playstation 3, sky hd. I bought a sony ps3 remote and it works on all three sony items, other than the subwoofer volume control you need the sound bar remote for that. The sound quality is really good i am a little deaf so have it louder than most people, around 19 on the volume. I have the remote bluetooth subwoofer behind my chair it works well here for me.
    • Sony do a fantastic range of soundbars and surround sound equipment in prices to suit everyone’s budget and in a variety of specifications that appeal to technophiles and laymen alike. Personally, i am not entirely convinced that i could tell the difference between something in 2. 1 channel surround sound and 7. 1 channel, but maybe that’s just me. This is the second sony soundbar and sub-woofer that i have experienced (the other being the sony htst3 4. 1 channel s-force) and i have to say that you cannot fault the built quality and look of these sleek pieces of equipment and as you would expect the sound is excellent too, it’s crystal clear in the softer moments and fills the room when it has to. I really cannot fault sony for the quality of their home cinema equipment, so depending on your budget and preference for channels and output i would recommend them to everyone.
  6. This review is from : Sony HTCT770 2.1ch 330w HD Soundbar – Black

    The sony ht-ct770 i love, really love. I have read lots of mixed reviews around soundbars, i had the sony ht-ct60 which i liked but didn’t love, thought sound was good but it would never replace my 7. When i was offered the sony ht-ct770 to review i wasn’t expecting a great deal more than the ct60, but boy was i wrong. When i received the package it was a big parcel the resembled a chair rather than a soundbar and subwoofer, opened it up and you receive a soundbar speaker and subwoofer along with remote control and connecting cables. Connecting like the ht-ct60 was easy, in fact this was even easier to set up as the subwoofer is wireless, the soundbar finds it within a few seconds, very clever. You have the option of connecting your bits via hdmi, one to the tv and then another three inputs, i connected my youview box, ps4 and blu-ray dvd to the soundbar via the hdmi’s and then linked the tv via it’s optical output. When i first listened to the tv the sound was impressive, but didn’t really blow me away when you consider the price, what really caught me off guard was when i switched to call of duty on the ps4 and found myself diving for cover, amazing sound and yes it did sound like there were more speakers in the room. The soundbar performs best when watching a dvd, the sound is superb, what i do like is the speech is clear, i have found with all my av amps that i have owned that the centre speaker struggles to compete with the sound effects and often strain to hear what is being said, the sony was crystal clear. Sound effects were amazing, it was like have speakers all around the room, don’t know how it does it but wow it does it well. The remote is a good size, it has all the controls on it, you can use the controls also on the soundbar unlike my earlier sony which had none. The subwoofer can be adjusted via the remote which allows you to turn the bass up and down to suit you depending on what you are viewing. The speaker also has bluetooth, i connected my ipod to it which was very easy and the the ipod found the speaker instantly, sound was as good as i’ve heard, clear and with a good mix of bass, you can control the ipod via the sony remote which i still find amazing, how does it do that???there are lots of soundbars on the market, low price to daft price’s, i liked my ht-ct60 but never loved it and used my av amp more when watching movies, the sony ht-ct770 i love, really love. I prefer it to my av amplifier, it’s clear and doesn’t lack in any of its performance.
    • A solid effort but not quite there. When i first unpacked the ht-ct770 is was quite smitten with its slim unassuming black fabric capped with silver ends. The bar itself is just over 100 cm long and under 6 cm high which is supposed to complement the new 2014 range of sony bravia tvs. Annoyingly though someone didn’t tell sony that the kdl-42w705b was one of those as the bar just the right hight to obscure the ir sensor forcing me to raise the remote to shoulder level. In any case the bar can be mounted on a wall. Connecting everything up was as simple as i expected. Connect the tv via hdmi and/or supplied optical but note that its either/or with the hdmi arc or optical input, you can’t use both. You then just connect all of your consoles, bluray players or whathaveyou to the bar itself which will then act as a hub for hd, 3d or even 4k video. Moving on the sub is wireless and so has its own amp. For myself this meant i now had to have 2 free plugs rather than just the one under my tv.

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