Sony HT-RT5 Soundbar – Simply brilliant simple to setup

Best product i`ve bought in ages . After owning many soundbars over the past couple of years (2 lg`s, 1 samsung and 2 yamahas) and not being completely happy with any of them for different reasons, i finally came across this gem. Does everything i want and more. An absolute breeze to set up and the sound reproduction is,,,,well,,,,wowwwwww .A mate of mine came round the other day (he always said soundbars were waste of money) and we watched 300 rise of an empire and guess what,,,,,,he`s just ordered one too. Technically this system cannot be faulted. It has bluetooth, nfc, googlecast, ipod and ipad connection, screen mirror, built-in wi-fi etc, etc and the internal decoder handles everything that`s thrown at it including dolby, dolby digital, dolby pro logic, dts, dts hd and the rest. All i can say is, if you are in the market for a great soundbar then this is it. A little more expensive than some but well worth it.

Simply brilliant simple to setup. Simple to setup, simple to use and sounds fantastic. If you love your home cinema and are fed with the wires then this one box wireless system is the answer to all your prayers. It is a genuine bonafide plug and play home cinema system right out of the box. Plug in all the speakers (you will need 4 separate sockets or an extension lead if you have no spare sockets for the surrounds) connect to your tv, plug in the supplied microphone to calibrate your room acoustics and job done. It took me less than 20mins from unboxing to listening it realy was that easy. I wont bore you with the specs as that’s been covered in previous reviews and are listed above, however i will say that this bar boasts some serious tech and is not your average run of the mill stick under the telly soundbar it is a genuine 5. A wolf in sheep’s clothing if you will.

Excellent kit – addresses quality and bang-for-buck in one sweet sounding package. I could just leave the review at that, because this kit is so very good. I had been considering this sony kit for a few months with the other contender being sonos’ equivalent (noting that i would need to shell out a further 1k or so in addition to the soundbar). After doing a good deal of research online (including looking at the super helpful reviews on amazon) i decided to pull the trigger on the ht-rt5. As a family we have already watched a few star wars and transformers films and have been blown away by the quality of the audio. The sub is not too big sat next to the tv and the soundbar itself is a decent size (not too high either unlike the sonos playbar) so i was able to sit that in front of the tv without having to raise the height of the tv. Oh, we are running a 55″ sony tv. . If you have a tv that is smaller than that the soundbar is likely to be wider than the tv. That width, however, really helps with channel separation.

Has blown my mind and my friends. Had it for 3weeks now, it’s amazing. If you love cinema feeling when watching a movie then u need them for sure.

  • High quality sound with depth and clarity
  • Typical Sony quality with just a couple of small flaws.
  • Best product I`ve bought in ages !!!
  • Beyond expextatuons!!! Has blown my mind and my friends!!
  • Simply brilliant simple to setup

Sony HT-RT5 Soundbar with 2 Wireless Rear Speakers (550 W, S-Master HX, Clear Audio Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC)

  • Experience real surround sound – 5.1 channels of immersive audio with wireless rear speakers. You’re at the centre of everything. A three channel sound bar, wireless subwoofer, and two wirelessly connected rear speakers combine to deliver a realistic sound stage that directs movie theatre audio right to you.
  • Everything you need for exceptional sound – Hear every detail from six speakers. Lose yourself in dynamic, full-frequency sound from a combination of powerful wireless speakers and sophisticated technologies.
  • Stream all of your music – The HT-RT5 supports a wide range of wireless technologies and music streaming services, so you can connect to all your favourite songs, instantly.
  • Listen to music in another room – Let the same great song follow you around the house with multi-room listening, controlled via the SongPal app. Use SongPal Link to group selected Sony sound bars and speakers together, then stream music from different services, a smartphone, a PC, or your home network in multiple rooms throughout the house.
  • Connect to everything – It’s easy to expand your home audio setup. With 3x HDMI inputs, 1x HDMI ARC output, a USB input, and optical digital and analogue connections, there’s space for all your equipment.

High quality sound with depth and clarity. To run this you are going to need 4 power outlets as each speaker requires its own. You may also need a hand to carry the box as it is big, heavy and awkward to carry. Once out of the box the individual pieces are a bit more manageable. The sound bar is a very sleek looking speaker set that has a high quality look and feel to it. A flat low profile tapered bar that will sit neatly in front of your tv, or if you prefer, you can put it behind and bring a small discreet ir receiver to the front. I recommend in front of the tv where nothing can interfere with the sound. If you are using this with anything under a 40 inch screen, the it may look a bit out of proportion as it is very long. The subwoofer is a lump of a box and a bit of an elephant in the room, but it isn’t ugly and does blend in with the rest of the audio visual gear. The rear speakers are a smaller profile and can easily be tucked away behind the sofa if you don’t want them on show.

Typical sony quality with just a couple of small flaws. . As others have remarked, the ht-rt5 surround sound system arrives in a big box, but given the dimensions of the sound bar and subwoofer, that’s kind of inevitable. Everything is well packed but there is lots of non-recyclable polystyrene, still a necessity to prevent damage in transit. In the box is a sound bar with a built-in display (dimmable), the sub-woofer and a pair of rear speakers, the last three all wireless. In addition there is a remote control, microphone for calibration, wall mounts and instructions. Because it is wireless it’s a snap to set up the speakers where you want them. I bought a pair of small speaker brackets for the rear speakers (b-tech bt332 home cinema speaker wall mounts) and wired up a mains extension with two sockets separated by enough cable. You’ll need four available mains sockets for this system. The sound bar went on my tv stand (an old coffee table) and is just slightly wider than my 46” tv. I plugged the optical audio output from the tv into the sound bar, and the hdmi out from the sound bar into a spare hdmi port on the tv.

Bought this to take up less floor space than my old surround sound system. I do miss the old system it was sony and provided a rich sound with plenty of bass. This does look neat and sits just right with the other equipment in the room, i initially didn’t think it was loud enough for my taste as my old system was hardly played at top volume. This can be played at top volume and doesn’t exactly shake the room but i have adjusted to this now and believe it is adequate for my needs, not sure i would get on with this item in less than 500w so i’m glad i spent a little more on the larger out put model.

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  1. This review is from : Sony HT-RT5 Soundbar with 2 Wireless Rear Speakers (550 W, S-Master HX, Clear Audio Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC)

    I have had the system for few days now and i love it. The first look was really impressive. The basic setup is pretty easy and simple, however needs bit of time to understand and workout the advance options. Once you have done so, you will be happy that you have spent time to do it. I am very pleased with the system. The sound quality is very good, specially with movies and games. However if your primary objective is to listen to music then you may want to look for any other system.
    • The only problem i am having is sorting out the surround on an hybrid multi channel cd; it has worked but i don’t know if i have changed something on the settings or may be on the settings of the blue ray player the manuals don’t seem to help. But on dvds and blue ray no problems.
      • Stunning looks, easy to setup, superb sound, and no more speaker cable. Slight issues with the songpal app and creating groups at the moment though.
  2. Fantastic, this is the best soundbar home entertainment system money can buy, brilliant only word to describe ??.
    • Top quality system, sounds amazing and loving the features it has too offer expecilly spotify connect. Easy to set up, i have my sky hd, xbox one and wdtv all hooked up to the hdmi input and the output straight to the back of my tv so i can switch my source all from the same remote. Football mode really enhances the match vibe though its a little suspect as i forgot to turn it off and we where watching great british bake off and football cheers kept coming thought the speakers which was quite funny so its more of a special effect football mode but in a match it sounds good.
      • I thought the sound from our tv was good but this takes it to a whole new level. I thought the sound from our tv was good but this takes it to a whole new level of depth and quality. Its quite simple to set up with the only wrinkle being that you do need to purchase a hdmi cable seperately to connect the systems to the tv (if you use that method)the sound bar is quite large and i could imagine people thinking it intrusive – but i hid it behind the tv and frankly you stop noticing it. The speakers are wireless connection so yopu can put them anywhere that suits – i put a couple behind the sofa and the quite simply it was amazing when i put the film top gun on – like being on the flight deck. And because i have a dvd /cd player you can use this as a substitute hi-fi , the sound is that good. I have to admit it can be a bit overwelming so for watching normal tv we’ve left it off a lot fo the time but there are certain films that just need this level of sound qualityso in summary, excellent sound and easy to set up – an great piece of kit.
  3. Good all arounder with plenty of features. When you see the box you think it’s huge but the speakers are not too big and the subwoofer can be tucked away, it’s only the length of the sound at that makes this box big. I fact it’s do long that you’ll need a 55in tv or the bar will be longer than your tv. This a wireless system but each of the 4 speakers need their own power source so you are not totally free of wires, so make sure that you have a power source where you intend to mount the speakers. It’s very easy to set up and even has a d’état cable mic for auto calibration. The sound is quite good, vocals are quite clear, the around sound quite convincing and music very reasonable, i’m sure there are other speakers out there with better sound in this price range but not many of them have features that this has and i guess that’s what you are paying for. It has some preset sound setting like night which is useful, the remote also has a separate subwoofer volume which comes in handy late at night. You can connect the system to you network wired or wirelessly (wifi) to allow you to play music or photos, mirroring your computer screen or unmaking music services like spotify. You can connect your phone or other bluetooth devices to play music, it also has a nfc reader for easy setup. The output support 4k and is hdcp 2.
    • I have always bought sony who normally tend to be on the expensive side but this set-up costs less than the sonos soundbar on it. I was thinking about going down the sonos route but when i read the kerfuffle about which tvs do or don’t pass dolby through an optical cable i came across this little (large) beauty. I have always bought sony who normally tend to be on the expensive side but this set-up costs less than the sonos soundbar on its own and i have to say this system is excellent. Just watching an episode of sons of anarchy & i am totally immersed.
  4. This review is from : Sony HT-RT5 Soundbar with 2 Wireless Rear Speakers (550 W, S-Master HX, Clear Audio Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC)

    I have always overlooked the benefits of a sound system for my tv before now, seeing it as an unnecessary luxury. This system has proved me wrong. Consisting of a (very long) soundbar base, 2 small rear speakers (each just slightly larger than the size of, say, a pint glass), and a sub woofer, the sound is immediately transformed whatever the source. Just connect to your tv and follow a couple of simple onscreen instructions and the speakers connect to each other wirelessly. There is a simple calibration tool supplied which helps to optimise your individual set up to your normal viewing/listening position. Because the speakers are wireless, it is therefore also easy to move them around to suit your room- providing you have the electric sockets available for both the rear speakers and the sub woofer. Within abour 20 minutes of unpacking, i had mine up and running. There is ample input connections to suit most setups. The main tv connection is a arc or hdmi socket, or you can use the optical digital cable supplied. In addition, there is 3 other hdmi sockets, an analog input, lan port, cal mic jack, and a ir blaster jack. Don’t worry, i don’t know what all these are either) suffice it to say, sony seem to have thought of everything to make this system have the widest variety of uses possible, adapting to both old , recent and future technology that could require sound. I receive my tv through a virgin tivo box, and opted to output the sound directly to the sony system, so i have the use of their radio stations without having to switch the tv on. In addition, i have a blu-ray player and an older dvd player for music cd’s connected up.

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