Sony HT-NT3 Multi-Room Sound Bar Speaker : Sit back and enjoy!

This is an unbelievable sound packagethe established up of the ht-nt3 is really easy and simple out of the significant box. Just plug it to the energy source, plug all your hdmi gadgets, press the commence button, wait for the environmentally friendly mild to show up on the subwoofer, and off you goby pairing it via the bluetooth to other products all around the property, you can play tunes virtually from wherever, in high resolution. Pair it with your pill or cellular cell phone, listen to your playlist in crisp very clear sound. one channel is excellent for normal dimensions dwelling rooms, fantastic for watching movies with surround sound. I connected it to my acer revo one particular, and the blend is out of this entire world. I love multimedia with hd surround sound and images.

Key specs for Sony HT-NT3 Multi-Room Sound Bar Speaker:

  • Music as the artist intended with High-Resolution Audio
  • The best of online music with built-in music streaming from Spotify Connect and Google Cast for audio music services
  • Music anywhere anytime with wireless multi-room playback powered by SongPal Link
  • Share your smartphone music in high quality with new wireless LDAC Bluetooth technology
  • Designed to fit with slim profile design to blend into any living environment

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“Sit back and enjoy!”

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  1. The setup was easy, many hdmi ports. The setup was easy, many hdmi ports, which really makes connecting tv, game console, satellite, apple tv really nice. I love the wireless connectivity, including bluetooth to play from a phone or tablet. I liked that it supports spotify connect (requires a device that supports and being on the same home network. I also liked the usb support to listen directly to music from an external hard drive or watch picture on your tv. The reason i did put 3 points is actually the sound quality, it’s really high definition with some details well rendered, however, on loud scenes (action movie), the claim that you can hear dialogue well is a bit exaggerated. I also found that music does not sound good on this system, despite trying all the presets, especially some “loud” rock music. I was looking at sonos and bose, but the price difference was quite large, so i guess this is good value for money.
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    Solid all round centrepiece for your media needs. I bought this to replace a marantz nr1504 as the centrepiece of a fairly complicated home a/v configuration with a chromecast, qnap ts453 pro, tivo and sony bravia tv connected; additional media servers are accessed over a 1gb lan. All devices are controlled through a logitech harmony 555 programmable remote which required some guess work on my part to program for the sound bar as it was not listed in the compatible devices listing. However i was able to quickly locate a similar supported device after a brief search online and have full access to all day to day functions of the ht-nt3 via the harmony remote. I should state that i am no audiophile but whilst on rare occasions i notice the lack of 5. 1 surround in day to day usage the ht-nt3 provides a nice warm sound with decent bass delivered by the wireless subwoofer. The vastly simplified cabling is also much appreciated, needing only hdmi cables and (in our case) a network cable although wifi can be used. The ht-nt3 also provides built in google cast which is great for our audio needs (we’re a google play music all access household), and does sterling duty for movie nights and day to day tv watching. The ability to use as a bluetooth speaker or as a transmitter (for headphones) is great; ours is set to transmit bluetooth for headphones late at night (see my other reviews for the set i use). All in all we’re very happy with this purchase, and will probably purchase the srs-x99 for the kitchen when our pure avanti flow finally dies.
    • Can’t rate this highly enough and worth every penny. Honestly, i’m a really muso. I have a small home recording studio, a massive music collection, premium spotify etc. And it has got to be a really special piece of kit to blow me away in my more mature years. But i can honestly say the ht-nt3 has (as well as the low price from amazon. £70 less than curry’s who have the lowest store price on the street)i initially started out buying a new tv as the old one died a death. I’d been considering buying some sort of sound set up to compliment my flat screen in general for a while so this was as good a time as any. I’d listened to various sound bars over the years and never been that impressed but they have really started to come on leaps and bounds in recent timesi tested a lot of them out as part of the purchase process. Sony do cheaper models but after testing those as well as the bose offerings the ht-nts won by a country mileset up is easy and works seamlessly with the latest sony bravia 50″not only is it really loud but it holds it’s own as you turn the volume up.
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    This is an unbelievable sound packagethe set up of the ht-nt3 is very easy and straightforward out of the massive box. Just plug it to the power supply, plug all your hdmi devices, press the start button, wait for the green light to appear on the subwoofer, and off you goby pairing it via the bluetooth to other devices around the house, you can play music virtually from anywhere, in high resolution. Pair it with your tablet or mobile phone, listen to your playlist in crisp clear sound. 1 channel is ideal for average size living rooms, perfect for watching movies with surround sound. I connected it to my acer revo one, and the combination is out of this world. I enjoy multimedia with hd surround sound and images.
    • First impressions, the box is large and very strangely shaped to accommodate the length of the sound bar. Must be a nightmare storing them at the warehousenext up, and back to the length of the sound bar. This thing is long (or should that be wide).If you are planning on placing this on your tv stand, make sure it will fit without hanging over the edges. Note that it can also be mounted on a wall if preferable. As you are no doubt already aware, the sub woofer is wireless, so can be placed anywhere in the same room (but still needs to be plugged into a mains socket). This is really handy as you can play with the location of the sub to work out where it sounds best, or hide it out of the way if you prefer. This system acts as a full av receiver in that it is designed for all your devices to connect through it to the tv, therefore there are three hdmi inputs for you to plug in multiple devices (eg. Blu ray player, games console, media player) and one hdmi output to connect to your tv.
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    Must admit i was doubtful about the sony sound bar. I would class myself as a bit of an audiophile and as such have always demanded the full separate speaker approach and in the case of our living room a 5. Chance came along to give us a newly converted room and the sound bar seemed to fit the bill. I have been more than pleasantly surprised and impressed by both the tech and the sound. Our current setup involves a chromecast plugged into the back of the sound bar and linked to a television, we have no aerials, analogue or satellite for this room so all signal is internet. Tv sound using the chromecast is perfect, but the sony sound bar does much more than simply furnish us with stunning tv sound. I have become addicted to the spotify app provided and a pleasant sunday afternoon peruse of the playlists. I have used the casting feature to listen to live radio via both tune-in and bbc iplayer.
    • . I thought ikea had sent me a small chair. They say that kids sometimes have more fun with box than the contents. There may be some truth in that. After unpacking the bar and bass box. I did find instructions a little thin on the ground. Not in technical terms i guess. Still plug in a couple of power cables.
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    Accomplished, versatile and easy. If you’re looking for discrete speakers with impressive sound and a host of connectivity options – the sony ht-nt3 would be an excellent choice. First impressions of the ht-nt3 are good. There are plentiful options for connectivity and most people will find that that there is more than sufficient for their needs. The soundbar is typical in size – and can be placed either underneath a screen on a shelf – or it can be mounted on a wall. The soundbar is not particularly heavy (unlike the associated sub-woofer) and for a premium price product seems to use a lot of plastic at the rear. That said – it still feels well-made and there are no complaints about quality. The aforementioned woofer is linked wirelessly to the soundbar – permitting greater flexibility in where it can be placed without involving more cabling. Cable access is straightforward. The design allows for cables to drop down behind the soundbar – in the case of wall mounting.
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    The sound bar was really easy to set up – in fact. The sound bar was really easy to set up – in fact, the hardest part was deciding where to put the subwoofer as it’s quite large. Being wireless makes this an easier task but you will need your wifi password. (it can also be set up with a wired connection if you prefer). Set up is basically a case of connecting the tv to the sound bar with a hdmi lead (note: the lead isn’t included). Then, if necessarily, connecting other peripherals (sky/digibox, xbox, dvd/bluray) to the other 3 hdmi ports and then plugging in to the power. Fitting it on the wall would obviously take a bit longer but looks pretty simple to do. The sound is good and you can tweak it to your preferences as there are modes for movies, sport, music and games. Also there’s a ‘night’ mode (which makes it great for using when others are sleeping) and a mode to enhance the voices so what’s being said is clearer over all of the bangs, crashes and other sound effects. Streaming music from a device such as a smart phone or tablet is as simple as downloading the app from the appropriate store and connecting via bluetooth.
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    I already owned a sony sound system which retailed at about half the price of this model, and questioned whether there could really be any difference significant enough to justify such a substantial difference in price. Turns out there certainly is. While i had always been impressed with the sound produced by my old system, this has easily eclipsed it. The bass is what had really hooked me; it resonates on an almost subsonic level. If set right, you feel it as much as hear it. In tense scenes, it adds an entirely new element to home viewing. But there is an overall quality of sound that is just unmatched in my experience. I am hearing layers of sound i had never appreciated or even noticed in the past. The virtual surround sound is also much more effective in this model; it is still not the same as a true surround sound, but does a fairly impressive job of replicating the experience.

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