Sony HT-MT500 Compact Soundbar : Amazing sound

Love this- it really has superior sound to a number of competitors. With great clarity, adjustability and volume. Great for music and transforms movie soundtracks considerably. Very easy to set up with adaptable configurations too and the units looks good as well- very high quality, unobtrusive but classy finish, built to last and easy to position/conceal, although you need to pay attention to where your sockets are, may need extensions as leads supplied aren’t that long. All in all though a bit of kit that’s difficult to fault- costs a bob or too but you get what you pay for as with most things, and i doubt this great, neat little system will disappoint.

First of all, i must say that this is a fine looking pice of kit, even in its black finish (they tell me that sony has cancelled the launching of a light coloured version, though it still appears on its webside. ) it looks inobstrusive and the slim subwoofer is easy to conceal. As for its sound quality, it is surprisingly good and, since i got it just yesterday, i suppose it will improve as it gets properly run in. It works great with a pair of srs hg1 as a wireless surround system. Actually, though the description in sony’s webpage states that it will not support multichannel pcm signals, it does. Which leads me to the reason i have not given it a full five stars scoring: the sound lags behind the image in either dolby digital or dts formats. It does so either through hdmi arc or the optical output directly from the br player. It does not matter how much you fiddle with the sound syncronization modes in either the tv (a philips 6401 in my case) or the bar itself. The only solution i have found to sort this problem out has been switching the sound output for both my tv and br player to pcm. With pcm signals, i get perfect sync and a very convincing multichannel sound with a system that requires virtually no cables around and is a pleasure to look at.

Sony HT-MT500 Compact Soundbar with Interior Matching Design, High-Resolution Audio and Music Streaming Services – Black

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  • Interior matching: easily blends into your living room with its interior matching design;Night Mode
  • Simply connect the main unit to TV via HDMI, and place the ultra-slim subwoofer next to your TV cabinet or lay it flat under the sofa
  • Immersive sound: Recreate that cinema feeling with Sony’s S-Force Pro Front Surround sound technology and enjoy bass that you can feel through your body thanks to the dedicated sofa mode
  • The soundbar acts as a wireless speaker: Access to over 100 music streaming apps with Chromecast Built-in and instantly stream your favourite Spotify playlist without the need of your smartphone

Having never used a soundbar before i was unsure how it would work or benefit me; i’m not a hi fi or film buff, just a fairly average tv viewer and music listener. My tv has undeniably poor sound (panasonic viera) so any improvement would be welcome. Easy to unbox and following the quickstart instructions it was set up using on screen directions in a few minutes. Ymmv obviously but i was impressed not to have to spend hours poring over instructions and repeating things. I placed the subwoofer to one side of my sofa, and started by downloading the sony songpal app. It turned out that i didnt need to do this; the soundbar works perfectly using its own remote control. I addded it as a speaker on spotify and picked a playlist to try it out. I was surprised to be honest that the next door neighbour didnt come round to comment on my music choice. Even when it was chucking out the sound i could still turn it up and control the bass from the subwoofer separately. I was feeling the bass as well as hearing it; it took a few minutes to set a more appropriate volume and balance for my smallish lounge, and then i got down to playing wround withthe settings. The sound from tv or spotify is clear, well balanced and a huge improvement on my tv speakers. Whether it beats my sonos 1 i would say is moot, but its certainly close and has far more volume. Later i used the bar to watch a star trek film (which i’d watched before) and it blew me away.

This is just a magnificent piece of kit. I admit i haven’t used the sub-woofer under the sofa yet as we’ve cats and the sub-woofer from our old wired 5. 1 system tended to spook them. That said, set up was incredibly simple. 4a) cable plugged into the arc hdmi socket on the back of the tv (and for redundancy connecting the optical lead) and then connecting to the mains the main soundbar unit is good to go. You can also connect the unit via an ethernet cable to your telephone modem. The front is also detachable if you don’t want anything at all to interfere with the audio from the soundbar. The sub-woofer is a blue-tooth connection from the soundbar, although to power it up it needs it’s own power supply and ideally a dedicated socket – so whilst you can place it under the sofa it needs to be no more than 1m from a socket otherwise you’ll need an extension. You can also add other speakers using bluetooth to create a fully immersive surround sound, but so far i’ve not needed to do that. The sound quality is excellent and i’ve had no issues with regard to synching with the tv (panasonic). If you do use it to stream music then the unit will upscale compressed audio files and as a result the sound reproduction is fantastic. There are four different sound modes that you can access using the remote and there are subtle differences between them in terms of treble/bass mix.

This has revolutionised our tv room, with amazing quality sound. My husband set it up in minutes, with ease, and we were all impressed with how much it has enhanced our viewing. It looks smart, wipes clean easily, and has lasted well without any malfunctions over more than a year. We really notice the difference when someone accidentally turns it off.

Sony HT-MT500 Compact Soundbar with Interior Matching Design, High-Resolution Audio and Music Streaming Services – Black : With separate speakers it is a bit of a let down. However as a neat compact system which integrates well with my sony smart tv it is fine.

After reading lots of reviews for many competing soundbars, i thought the sony ht-mt500 sounded like the perfect fit for me as i didnt want a massively long soundbar under my tv. My tv stand at 92cm is not wide enough to accommodate most 1m+ long bars. Unfortunately i found this sony soundbar system a bit of a mixed bag. First off, the box is heavy, which filled me with confidence that there was some quality kit inside it. And indeed, the soundbar and subwoofer are both well made, sturdy items, that look attractive. I like the fact the soundbar is compact, and the sub is also much narrower than most. It makes placing both items much easier. I like the proper display to show what mode or input is active. The remote is a proper one, not one of those tiny easily lost credit card jobs. Setup was a doddle, as other have mentioned.

This soundbar is a real good deal. The sound is amazing, and it gives a depth to the sound that you would feel surprise even the news intro can have so much base in it. Chromecast connection is great. Music can play simultaneously with my google home speaker, but it might take about 1 second to receive the music pause/stop order.

I have been looking for a compact soundbar for while, i then came across the mt500. I am very fussy when it comes to sound quality and design, but this has met my expectations. Its only 50cm long the build quality is excellent, the material feels like a leather finish. Its easy to setup, make sure you connect it to the arc hdmi on your tv, this will allow all devices connected to your tv to root sound to your soundbar. The wireless sub- woofer is thin and can be place under the sofa or the back. The sound quality via netflix and sky q is excellent the mids and treble are well balanced and the bass is good, i turned up the sub to 10 and it will rock your room. When it comes to music this is in a league off its own, its sounds like a proper hifi , the stereo effect coupled with the heavy bass is amazing, i used spotify, a wireless mp3 player , and high quality flac music files, the sound quality is above average for a such small unit. This unit also has chrome-cast built in so making it easier to cast music from various devices. I would recommend this soundbar for its power and compact design , but also its sound quality.

Had really high hopes for this soundbar. Switched from bose solo 15, as it was missing hdmi arc and second remote was just annoying. The soundbar itself emits a rather flat sound, mid-tones are nearly non-existent. Subwoofer, however, has a rather deep sound. When the two combined you end up with this weird combo of flat high- and mid-tones and an overwhelming low-tones. Another bit is the subwoofer’s placement. It emits sound from right side, when vertical, so you have to put it on the left side of the tv, or right side of sofa, otherwise the sound direction is downright confusing. Will see if it works better under the sofa. And last thing – syncing with google home.

Exactly what i expected based on the specs and reviews. A welcome step up in quality (and also volume) of music. Hooked it up with my tv, playstation and apple tv, and also using it as a google chromecast device with my google home. The connection was so far impeccable, no lags or other issues. The subwoofer is surprisingly powerful. Remote’s also fine (a smaller version of the tv’s) though i don’t use it – the apple tv remote i can use for change the volume on this as well. The spotify integration is amazing. I like that the unit is significantly smaller than the other sony soundbars, does not look ugly in front of my tv. Planning to equip it with 2 additional wireless speakers for surround/multiroom.

Well this was nice, clear sound, loud, simple operation, easy to stream music through. Then it stopped working six months in (lag between picture and sound, factory reset didn’t work, couldn’t get menu up). It’s been at the local repair people for three weeks now and still waiting for parts. It’s under warranty so i have high hopes that it will be fixed. But given the cost i don’t expect to have to go through telephone calls, take it to the repair people etc. And frankly i have no confidence that i will continue to work reliably into the future.

Great compact soundbar, the sound is amazing from such a small unit. I have this in the bedroom and it’s perfect and is very clear and can go extremely loud. Bluetooth connection is very good. Doesn’t have a 4k passthrough. It’s also extremely easy to set up. It is a large jump from the ht-mt300, so if you are questioning how much better it is for the price, i can assure you they are worlds apart and this one won’t disappoint.

Very sleek looking, as all sony products are. This sounder is smaller than i expected but that does not in anyway detract from the quality of the sound. It was fairly simply to connect up at set up, taking about half an hour. The sony soundbar is small and compact and unobtrusive in the lounge. You can even set it ups so the subwoofer is located under your sofa. We have not gone through all the options on the the sony soundbar yet, but even the standard sound is fantastic. We have an lg tv and the sound is terrible but the picture is great. So now having this soundbar has really enhanced our viewing. The soundbar delivers quality sound at all frequencies and the sound fills the room evenly. I am extremely impressed and would highly recommend the sony soundbar.

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