Sony HT-IS100 : IS-100, is not 3D compatible

Acquiring shopped all over for a very little though, i imagined i could possibly have to pay a little fortune, for a good process. Then i arrived throughout the sony process, with small golf ball size speakers. What a revalation, what a seem, the set up was really quick, and the stability location labored a desire. If you can uncover a position for the big sub/amp, the discreet speakers do the job a charm. The closest i acquired to this sound, would have price me two thousand pounds, not the fewer than 4 hundredfor this.

Just after looking through a multitude of reviews before shopping for my to start with theatre audio sytem i opted for the ht-is100 asi wanted anything suitable with my sony television set and bd participant at a realistic price. The ht is100 seemed to be terrific price for money, the little speakers would go well with my place and bravia sync could be utilised with all 3 solutions this means no array of remotes to choose from. Just after the method was sent on time by amazon, established up was brief, straightforward and straightforward and the 1st demo(the disaster movie 2012)was fired up. The small speakers execute brilliantly combining with the bravia television set to give an awesome audio/visual working experience. Owning now viewed many new music films, films and sky hd programmes it carries on to impress. The only drawbacks i arrived throughout have been:one) the screen monitor getting on top of the subwoofer can be a soreness as it won’t be able to be seen when in the seated viewing place. (most frustrating when your still learning all the features and options)two) the technique prioritises the audio enter to the hdmi cable. This meant i had to switch off bravia sync on the process to get five. one audio from sky hd’s optical connection and join the sky box directly to the television with the hdmi cable. Not really the systems fault i suppose as the difficulty lies with the sky box not sending 5. one audio through the hdmi cable, only the optical link. If you need a compact, neat method that can provide peformance as fantastic as some of it really is more high-priced friends then i would propose you contemplate the ht-is100. The very small speakers are also a dialogue piece with readers.

Set up with sky+high definition and ps3, wonderful when challenges overcome. Acquired this device immediately after reading manual on the net only to come across that set up is just not essentially as uncomplicated as link three hdmi cables. Turns out sky+high definition isn’t going to transmit 5. 1 seem above hdmi so require to use the provided optical electronic cable for this, but the ht-is100 will not let you to assign a various seem input for hdmi connected movie resources. Answer is sky+high definition hdmi to tv, optical electronic to ht-is100, have to choose sky channel on television and sat on ht-is100. Obtaining said that, ps3 is simple, hook up hdmi from ps3 to bd enter. Audio is brilliant, speaker are desirable adequate and easily hidden. Extremely suggested, only missing out of 5 stars for the reason that of the sky more than hdmi challenge and deficiency of on-display screen display.

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“Great Starter Home Cinema System, Sony Gets the Connectivity Right This Time, An excellent system, Sony IS-100, is not 3D compatible, Well worth the investment, Sony home cinema”

Excellent starter home cinema process. Background: i am to start with time home cinema consumer. I have never been keen on also many speakers/massive packing containers in my living room. Predominantly due to the fact i own a hi-fi new music system that will take up a good deal of room. My dwelling area is 12×15 foot. Assessment: i have had the sony ht-is100 for about a thirty day period. It was the perfect size/value answer. I considered sony davis10 amongst a few other people. The is100 has 3 hdmi inputs, one hdmi television output, upscales to 1080p, minus the dvd player. Compare this to davis10 which upscales to 1080i, has a single hdmi relationship and does not have x.

A further high-quality sony product. Beautifully produced, straightforward to set up, straightforward to use and shockingly excellent seem from these types of tiny speakers. Designed an superb addition to my sony blu ray player and completes the package deal for a fantastic home cinema working experience. Only criticism would be as anything connects to it and then to the tv you have to have it on for standard television viewing when it’s possible the tv set speakers would suffice. That reported, quite delighted, but then i have never ever experienced a poor sony av product or service.

Awsome seem at a fantastic price tag. I purchased this program 2 many years in the past now purely since i preferred to observe and pay attention to films and t. V programmes the way the the place ment to be. Having sky+ hd i preferred to hear to movies in 5. 1 real encompass and with connecting the optical cable was equipped to attain this all my programmes now vehicle adjust to the correct seem format. As for the exhibit currently being on the major of the process i simply lay the procedure down so as the display faces out and also find this initiatives the audio out from the sub fairly than it being projected up it’s possible its just the way i have mine set up but definitely feels like your there in the motion picture.

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  1. This review is from : Sony HT-IS100 – 5.1 ch – Home Cinema Upgrade kit – Black

    Center speaker could be a little louder. Could do with on screen menu too.
    • Great product at a great price. The sounds is great and the unit has every connection you can wish for. Definately the best value system of this type.
      • Having bought 3 of these sony htis100 suround sound systems, one for each place i live in i can recommend them completely. To solve this display problem i have have gone to b&q bought a pack of rubber stick on feet, put 4 or 6 on the front of the base driver then tip it forward to rest on these “new” feet. It works just the same but now the dispay is on the front where you can see it. The remote works fine as the reciver is mounted in the central voice speaker and as base is omni directional this sounds just the same.
  2. Sony is-100, is not 3d compatible. I bought this sony surround sound system from amazon way back in 2008, before 3d was actually viewable on our tv screens. I liked the easy set-up, the tiny speakers and the fact a sub-woofer was involved. The sound was fantastic even from such tiny speakers and with the system connected to my ps3 and tv; i could play cd’s, dvd’s, blu-ray’s, fm/am radio and ps3 games, all with realistic 5. And with ‘theater-sync’, only one remote was needed. Recently, i tried to play a blu-ray 3d disc on my ps3 to my sony bravia ‘3d enabled’ tv and nothing happened. My sony ps3 was telling me that i had to have a ‘3d enabled tv’ connected to it. And it is a sony bravia 3d tv. After much searching and chatting on (sony + other) forums, i found that this system does not allow for ‘push (or pass) – through 3d’. This basically means, it won’t carry the 3d signal through the is-100. It does work with sky+hd 3d and playstation 3 3d games (only if your tv has 3d capabilities, obviously). But if you want to watch your 3d blu-ray discs at home through the sony is-100, then it won’t work. You will have to change your system to the latest (2010 is the latest version of this system at time of writing), sony ht-as5.
    • Purchased this as a replacement for my previous home entertainment system which at 900 watts is too powerful for my living room. The speakers have brilliant clarity and are very unobtrusive. Came with very long speaker cables so could be positioned exactly where required in my living room for optimum effect. Most of the work is done by the bass box with the tiny speakers giving mostly infill. Setting up was very easy and even patching it in to the other myriad devices( xbox, ps3, sky box, t. , dvd etc) was not as complex as i had imagined. Sound quality on all available channels (a. , video etc) is of sufficient value for me to not even contemplated switching back to my previous awesome system.
      • I bought this kit last year, also bought the rear stands. Considering the size of the 5 satellite speakers, the sound is very acceptable. You must remember this system is aimed at people who want some sort of upgrade to the usually tinny speakers built into flat tv’s and also have a wife who says “there’s no way you’re going to put those speakers in my lounge”. So, of course they can’t compete against “proper” home cinema equipment and aren’t mean’t to. I realised this before i bought it. The ridiculous display on top of the subwoofer is a design faux pas but, again, i knew that before i bought it and i put up with it.
  3. To start off with this product is fantastic. Well made, attention to detail is obvious. Dont let the top mounted display put you off, its there to create decent music ultimately. It’s worth mentioning i bought the sony tdm-ip 50 ipod dock which complements this sub superbly well. My wife found this the best part of our new set up, which is the most used now in my opinion. Everything seemed to gell with ease, sony tv, bd player, cinema and ipod dock. I feel a lot of thought has gone into connectivity by sony. I was scared to put all my eggs in one basket with a pure sony set up, but everything works so well together and it all looks good and sounds great. Do your homework on suitability factors, my room is 18ftx12ft and cablling was ample.
  4. This review is from : Sony HT-IS100 – 5.1 ch – Home Cinema Upgrade kit – Black

    Setup with sky+hd and ps3, great when problems overcome. Purchased this unit after reading manual online only to find that setup isn’t necessarily as simple as connection 3 hdmi cables. Turns out sky+hd doesn’t transmit 5. 1 sound over hdmi so need to use the supplied optical digital cable for this, but the ht-is100 will not allow you to assign a different sound input for hdmi connected video sources. Solution is sky+hd hdmi to tv, optical digital to ht-is100, have to select sky channel on tv and sat on ht-is100. Having said that, ps3 is simple, connect hdmi from ps3 to bd input. Sound is awesome, speaker are attractive enough and easily hidden. Highly recommended, only missing out of 5 stars because of the sky over hdmi issue and lack of on-screen display.
  5. This review is from : Sony HT-IS100 – 5.1 ch – Home Cinema Upgrade kit – Black

    This is exactly what i was needing, a straight forward machine to set up. Plenty of cable for the small but very impressive speakers which i don’t even notice in my sitting room. I already had a blueray player as in my ps3 so i was looking for a surround sound system to go along with it. Syncing the system with my sony bravia was easy too and the whole hd experience has been made even better since i set the system up. No issues with this purchase at all.

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