Sony HT-CT80 2 – Nice Unit for Price

Not much of an improvement on the tv sound -. Not much of an improvement on the tv sound – until you increase the volume and then the bass kicks in.

Great improvement to sound quality. Good quality product at a low price. The sound from my tv was very poor, frankly crap. The sony ht-ct60bt has made a big, make that huge difference to the sound. But note if you have a sky box you need to connect the unit to the sky box and not the tv as illustrated in the manual. I assume it is the same with any digital tv box. I didn’t at first and there was no sound. I bought the repackaged product from amazon and it was perfect and saved £20.

Easy and good value way to upgrade your flat screen tv sound. Great value addition for a flat screen tv to improve the sound. While you cannot expect a soundbar to blow you away like a 5. 1 system with an av receiver can. This effort from sony is up there with the best you can get for your money. Pros:-great value for an easy upgrade – plug in and play with optical cable (supplied)-looks really good with a matching sony tv and has a premium build quality about it-punchy subwoofer-good if you have lack of space-simple to use remote that can also control the tv toocons:-won’t blow you away with immersive cinematic sound (go for a 5. 1 set)-if placed direclty infront of tv, then blocks the ir remote signal.

  • Easy and good value way to upgrade your flat screen TV sound
  • So good even the neighbours love it.
  • Brilliant for £90
  • Great bit of kit!
  • Brilliant bargain upgrade
  • the added sub woofer adding great base, enough to annoy next door

Sony HT-CT80 2.1 Channel Sound Bar with Virtual Sound System (80 W, Bluetooth and NFC)

  • 2.1 channel sound bar and 80 W power output enables you to experience movies and the sound with the cinematic realism
  • Experience cinema quality surround sound with virtual surround sound processing
  • S-Master digital amplifier for pure sound quality and clear audio plus provides good sounding music in one step
  • Easy bluetooth connectivity with NFC one-touch
  • Designed to fit with slim profile design to blend into any living environment

Punchy sound – great bass – made my living room sound like the maracana.

Bought this for under £80 in a high street sale after putting up with the tinny sound my samsung tv produced. Easy to install, fitted the supplied optical cable direct to sky box, muted the tv sound and at last a perfect sound, just the right amount of bass , easy to use albeit small remote and have tried the bluetooth with my android phone and ipad and they both worked well. The subwoofer is a nice size and is well up to the job with the bass. For the moment i have the soundbar behind the tv as it doesn’t fit in front due to the awkward angle i have my tv, this does not interfere with sound but does hide the lights on the soundbar which would be better on display to show the display lights. My only gripe is that i can’t tell what volume level i’m on as it does not display anything on the tv but i’ve got use to it now. Update – had to move sound bar to the front of the tv as it couldn’t recieve the remote very well at the back, sound still excellent, watched terminator 2 and the sound effects were outstanding, made the film more enjoyable.

Absolutely brilliant soundbar. It sounds fantastic and with the subwoofer it creates and unbelievable bass sound and surround sound feeling (no tinny sound at all) the bluetooth is excellent and it connected with my iphone in seconds. I’m very happy with it as it does exactly what i want it to and makes watching a film an even better experience. It comes with a little remote control that works very well, easy to lose down a sofa cushion as it’s so small thoughsony deliver again and you get what you pay for. The fact a sound bar this good is under £100 amazes me.

One thought on “Sony HT-CT80 2 – Nice Unit for Price

    • Cant complain for the price. But it adds the sub i needed for the tv. If you have a bigger budget.
    • Bought as a pressy for a friend who loved it although mum & dad not impressed with the extra sound now accompanying the playstation :-).
      • Very happy with the sound quality. Very happy with the sound quality. Not so impressed the price dropped a couple of quid after i bought it though.
  1. Wanted a midrange sound bar and after researching various websites and reviews i opted for this. The sound bar looks stylish and is easy to set up with the cable included, a decent size remote control and a very clear, easy to read instruction manual. My samsung tv is about 7 years old and 40″. There was no problem with compatibility or anything like that. It was pretty much just plug in and play. Mainly bought for music and films i tested it with skyfall and the opening scene sounds superb. You have the option to turn the subwoofer up or down independently and there are a few options for you should you wish to watch something late at night without disturbing the kids (or wife – babestation)the sound will not blow you away. It’s £90, not £900 so don’t expect your ears to bleed.
  2. This review is from : Sony HT-CT80 2.1 Channel Sound Bar with Virtual Sound System (80 W, Bluetooth and NFC)

    I’ve changed my review of this sound bar. Initially i was pleased with what it did. However the proof of the pudding was in the listening over he space of a few days. There is a noticeable lack of frequency response in the 4-10 khz range which makes the sound seem a bit muffled to me. I confirmed this by hooking the bluetooth up to my laptop and using the equaliser in itunes to boost those frequencies. The sound was immediately more open and i could hear the missing bits of the info. As the sub was the perfect size to fit where i’d put it i seriously considered modifying it to add an insert circuit, so that i could eq it. Checking the service manual online confirmed this to be impossible, so i’ll be returning mine to the local shop i purchased it from for something else.
      • Brilliant sound for the price. Comes in a big sony box though, so watch out if sending as a gift, kinda gives the game away.
  3. This review is from : Sony HT-CT80 2.1 Channel Sound Bar with Virtual Sound System (80 W, Bluetooth and NFC)

    A great bit of kit, amazing sound 10 times better than the sony tv, great value for money.

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