Sony HT-CT60BT Soundbar : Good value for money

Easy and great benefit way to up grade your flat screen television set seem. Fantastic value addition for a flat display screen tv set to boost the audio. When you simply cannot be expecting a soundbar to blow you away like a five. one system with an av receiver can. This hard work from sony is up there with the greatest you can get for your dollars. Pros:-wonderful price for an easy upgrade – plug in and enjoy with optical cable (provided)-appears genuinely great with a matching sony television and has a top quality develop good quality about it-punchy subwoofer-fantastic if you have deficiency of room-straightforward to use remote that can also manage the television toocons:-won’t blow you away with immersive cinematic audio (go for a 5. one set)-if positioned direclty infront of tv, then blocks the ir distant signal.

Fantastic for the funds, but not fairly best. Truly 4 and a half stars to be good, even though amazon will not have that possibility regretably. For the funds it can be really hard to argue with this very little sound-bar/sub combo. It is effective terrific for enhanced stereo audio that is way better than the created-in tv speakers with the added depth and bass from the sub, and it even has bluetooth for streaming audio from laptops/tablets/telephones. I have experienced some issues finding the bluetooth sign to sync cleanly from the get go when streaming audio from my laptop, but after a handful of seconds of choppiness at first it does settle down and then it is fine. With regard to the digital encompass and other involved outcomes even though, to be genuine if right encompass audio is what you want then you truly have to have a established up with the suitable selection of speakers – all this combo does seriously is increase the sound top quality and quantity over the regular television speakers. No matter the wizardry inside it definitely cannot supply even vaguely authentic surround seem imho due to the fact all the speakers are effectively in front/fixed positions. The clear voice environment on the other hand does make dialogue clearer i have observed, so at the very least that is effective effectively. It is really also not usually clear just which environment has been picked as not every alternative had a corresponding light or indicator, that’s why i try to keep matters basic. When you acknowledge the small but vital limitations that it is selling price has imposed on it then that is when you get the very best from the ct80 to be trustworthy – struggle with it and you can expect to just conclusion up wishing you would acquired a far more high-priced unit, which thinking of what this device can do properly by now might in fact not be value the extra cost at the stop of the day following all.

Wonderful improvement in excess of tv speakers. We constantly knew that our tv set sound was not good – mostly down to the simple fact that we reside in a 200 yr outdated building and are to some degree restricted in where we can position our tv set to get the ideal out of the tvs inner speakers. I was intrigued to see whether a audio bar would make considerably variation. My partner was very sceptical but is now a convert. The audio output is now considerably richer, with further foundation, and appears completely much more rounded. We truly recognize the distinction if we switch off the sound bar. Established-up was simple while we experienced to spend a very little time relocating the sub-woofer all-around to get the wished-for impact. We could have completed with a somewhat more time cable to connect the sub-woofer to the energy supply. The sound bar has unobtrusive lights to clearly show it is on. It is slender so sits underneath our samsung television without having obstructing the sensor for the tv set remote manage.Here are the specifications for the Sony HT-CT60BT Soundbar:

  • 2.1ch sound bar, 60w output with 30w subwoofer, Bluetooth, and NFC streaming.
  • 60W output for home cinema
  • Immersive S-Force front surround
  • Bluetooth and NFC capabilities

Not very easily put everywhere on stand and normally appears to be. Its okay but i have by no means had a soundbar ahead of to review it to. Not effortlessly positioned everywhere on stand and often appears to be to be in way of tv remote receiver. Also are not able to discover a way of functioning it from pvr remote so yet a different fiddly very little remote to drop down the sofa.

Punchy audio – fantastic bass – built my residing place audio like the maracana.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Brilliant for £90
  • Easy and good value way to upgrade your flat screen TV sound
  • So good even the neighbours love it.
  • Great bit of kit!
  • Brilliant bargain upgrade
  • the added sub woofer adding great base, enough to annoy next door

After carefull thought on how to boost on my flatscreen’s audio i have gotten this bar. I bought it without the need of listening to it first, sort of a gamble with audio equipment if you question me. But the selling price and earlier ordeals with sony created me get it. Base line, it does what it statements it does: enhance your tv’s audio. And i must say, movies and online games audio a good deal greater now. Mid to higher tones occur out high-quality. It can take a minimal having employed to how to adjust configurations with combos of flashing lights when pushing buttons. But the guide ought to get you heading, it can be not that hard if you rtfm. I individually like the actuality that when you hook the matter up using the optical cable, it adds to the tv’s speakers and won’t cut them off.

Valuable advancement in seem. A valuable, if not breathtaking, improvement in audio excellent from my sony bravia television set. It is also handy as a bluetooth speaker for notebook or cellphone. I was upset to discover that it can not be managed by the exact remote as my sony tv. Set up was incredibly easy once i realized that it does not do the job for the tv’s ‘keypress’ sounds, you have to really enjoy a software to examination it and not be fooled by the truth that you can no lengthier listen to the ‘dings’ as you navigate the menu.

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  1. This review is from : Sony HT-CT60BT Soundbar (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    Solid build but sound is not punchy. Unfortunately the sound is rather weak. The bass has to be digitally improved and the at times you’ll need to up the volume quite a bit to get a crystal clear understanding of speech. Overall, an average product in it’s class. Good price thoaverage purchase.
  2. This review is from : Sony HT-CT60BT Soundbar (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    Bought for my son who loves it. The quality and sound is great.
    • Cant complain for the price. But it adds the sub i needed for the tv. If you have a bigger budget.
  3. This review is from : Sony HT-CT60BT Soundbar (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    Great side kick to my new sony tv fantastic sound and the woofer shakes the house.
  4. This review is from : Sony HT-CT60BT Soundbar (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    Bought as a pressy for a friend who loved it although mum & dad not impressed with the extra sound now accompanying the playstation :-).
  5. This review is from : Sony HT-CT60BT Soundbar (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    Very happy with the sound quality. Very happy with the sound quality. Not so impressed the price dropped a couple of quid after i bought it though.
  6. This review is from : Sony HT-CT60BT Soundbar (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    Wanted a midrange sound bar and after researching various websites and reviews i opted for this. The sound bar looks stylish and is easy to set up with the cable included, a decent size remote control and a very clear, easy to read instruction manual. My samsung tv is about 7 years old and 40″. There was no problem with compatibility or anything like that. It was pretty much just plug in and play. Mainly bought for music and films i tested it with skyfall and the opening scene sounds superb. You have the option to turn the subwoofer up or down independently and there are a few options for you should you wish to watch something late at night without disturbing the kids (or wife – babestation)the sound will not blow you away. It’s £90, not £900 so don’t expect your ears to bleed.
    • I’ve changed my review of this sound bar. Initially i was pleased with what it did. However the proof of the pudding was in the listening over he space of a few days. There is a noticeable lack of frequency response in the 4-10 khz range which makes the sound seem a bit muffled to me. I confirmed this by hooking the bluetooth up to my laptop and using the equaliser in itunes to boost those frequencies. The sound was immediately more open and i could hear the missing bits of the info. As the sub was the perfect size to fit where i’d put it i seriously considered modifying it to add an insert circuit, so that i could eq it. Checking the service manual online confirmed this to be impossible, so i’ll be returning mine to the local shop i purchased it from for something else.
  7. This review is from : Sony HT-CT60BT Soundbar (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    Bought for daughter for christmas. The sound can be heard all over the house.
  8. This review is from : Sony HT-CT60BT Soundbar (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    Brilliant sound for the price. Comes in a big sony box though, so watch out if sending as a gift, kinda gives the game away.
  9. This review is from : Sony HT-CT60BT Soundbar (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    A great bit of kit, amazing sound 10 times better than the sony tv, great value for money.

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