Sony GTKXB60L : Superb Speaker

Even though it seems to distort the sound in the high range and extra base but if you lower the volume just a little and believe me its still loud enough and the sound is very very good , i bought 2 and linked them and the sound is again very good , the light show is great and there are apps out there that can help you up the settings to your own preferences all in all i think they are real value for money at the bonus price well worth the try . I`l definitely be buying the grandkids a couple that im sure they will be delighted with , hope this helps you in a little way .

Having bought this for our son for xmas, i didn’t have a clue on quality value for money ect. However, on recieving this speaker amd listening too the sound quality. The sound quality is amazing. With the added extra of the lights. The speaker is amazing and well worth the money.

Sony GTKXB60L.CEK High Power One Box Music System with Built-in Battery and Lighting Effects – Blue

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  • EXTRA BASS technology enhances deep, punchy bass sound.
  • Up to 14hr battery life to soundtrack your night
  • Create the perfect atmosphere with line, strobe and speaker lighting that change colour and sync with the beat
  • Flexible layout, with stereo sound in horizontal and vertical setting.
  • Bluetooth for wireless music streaming via one touch listening via NFC & Wireless Party Chain to connect up to 10 2017 EXTRA BASS wireless party speakers together for synchronised sound and lighting

99 on ‘deal of the day’ offer and for that much is worth every penny. Nice and solid build, heavy but easy to carry with handles both sides. Powerful and sound quality is ok for what you pay. I think is naive to compare the quality of the sound with bose (like some other guy did) – you get what you pay for. It is a descent speaker, perfect for garden parties and other small gatherings.

This is hands down the best bluetooth speaker out there. A few imperfections, but very nearly perfect. Reminds me of the old megabass boomboxes of the 80’s. Note that there are two volume controls, bluetooth volume from your phone, and another from the speaker. When both are maxed out then it does get muddy, but honestly you’re not going to listen to it that loud as you’ll soon have a headache. You can plug into line-in, but that won’t be nearly as loud. Probably not, but that’s not the intended purpose. This is truly portable, and sounds great replaying phone quality music.

Which pleased my 14 year old immenselyeasy to set up, brilliant light displays easy to control via phone or speaker1 very happy sonthank you.

This was a gift for my son’s birthday. Looks and feels a substantial bit of kit.

Bought for a house party, used with a few other smaller sony speakers. Used this to provide the base and the others to provide the sound. Took a while to work out how to link but once done very effective especially with the line out function still working.

 sony’s ‘(gtk-xb60) high power one box music system’ is a bit of a mouthful, but i’ve certainly been quite surprised with this, straight out of the box. I’ve only had the unit up and running since friday, so i intend to return and update this review, once i’ve had more time with it). It’s a sizeable / substantial piece of kit, but not so big that you can’t actually do anything with it. ) 22′ / 56cm x 10′ / 26cm x 10-11′ / 27cm (measuring the front, width / height, then the depth), with a fair amount of weight to it. The most immediate advantage of the design is that it can be orientated either upright (‘portrait’) or on it’s side (‘landscape’), and with the lift / carry handles that are integrated into the case design, you’re never left to scrabble around when trying to move it. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the unit was shipped / delivered with a charge in the battery, so the unit was up in running almost immediately from getting it unpacked (there’s the usual multi-lingual instructions, warranty information and uk power cable in the box). On powering up, the unit defaults to looking for a bluetooth source (it’ll appear as ‘gtk-xb60’) and paired immediately with my phone.

Incredible sound with any style of music you decide to play. Apart from maybe a more easily said model name, there isn’t much negative feedback on this product.

We bought this for my son and he is delighted, it is very loud and has great base, he carries it everywhere so it is portable x durable. One of it’s main jobs is to be played at full blast in the football teams changing room to rouse the team x scare the opposition, it’s perfect for that. One bit of advice if you were hosting a large party you might need 2 linked.

Battery life is very good last for about 8 hours on a beach. Speaker design is very good also – don’t need to hide it in closed or under the bed. Bought it as a gift but now i want one.

This is a great speaker for a party, however the sound quality and clarity compared to a bose sound dock is some way off. The bass is great and the light show from the speaker is a great added feature and went down a treat at my daughters 5th birthday and nye party. However for those that like their sound quality, rather than quantity this is not the speaker for you. . I have however party chain linked this to my bose sound dock and the two combined provide a great balance of bass and treble. Battery makes this very flexible and i suspect it will be venturing out into the garden over the summer (with the bose linked to it).

Great sound and great product.

Review for sony gtk-xb60this is a fantastic speaker worthy of 6 stars (if i could). While it is hard to get excited about a speaker, i know, this one is worth it. The sound quality alone is so impressive from low volume to massively loud top end. The bass is punchy at high volumes (the extra bass) and literally hits you both hearing it and feeling it at your stomach while standing in front of it. There isn’t another speaker in the house that can achieve this. There is a button that mutes the beastly bass and tames it for any early morning or late evening listening pleasures, but generally i preferred it on. The overall sound quality is stunning and is uber clear but it does distort at the final top end volume, which is really really loud and not something you would probably have turned up often if at all. The sound manages to be both elegant and beastly depending what features you have set (extra bass) and i don’t have a speaker in the house that can compete. The closest is a quality wifi speaker which this speaker just bested with ease. When at near full volume it very much reminds me of nightclubs where the bass is enough to brutalise your ears.

Bought this for my eldest son for his birthday. He seems to be pleased with it.

Great speaker, bought another so i can have one at each end of the room, would highly recommend.

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Sony GTKXB60L.CEK High Power One Box Music System with Built-in Battery and Lighting Effects - Blue
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