Sony BDVN7200W 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System : The most excellent sound system you can buy!!!!!

Other than poor low volume base very good system.

Top sound and power for the money. The sound quality and power of this system really is awesome for the price. The blu ray picture quality is excellent to. Connected to a sony 46in w9 tv. Have listened to some blu ray high fidelity pure audio music on the system the sound will blow you away. My old system is a sony 2010 model 1000w which at the time cost £950. This new system is much superior. Only problems i had was connecting to the sony entertainment network. But since found the problem was my router settings.

This home theatre system really is excellent. You really can tell the difference in quality of sound. I’ve read that people say this system isn’t loud but those people don’t know how to use it. Once you auto calibrate the speakers you can manually adjust the level(loudness) of each speaker if your not happy with the level of sound and trust me they are thunder loud and the subwoofer even at level 3. 5 is enough to put cracks in your walls. On my old sony home theatre system when watching tv on sky it would not play sound through the rear surround speakers unless it was sky movies which obviously are in 5. On this system tv sound comes through every speaker. Also i recommend using hdmi arc which eliminates the need for optical audio cable plus optical audio cable can’t produce true 5.

Key specs for Sony BDVN7200W 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System:

  • BDV-N7200W, 3D Blu-ray, magnetic fluid satellite speakers, NFC, Bluetooth, and screen mirroring
  • 1200W, 5.1 surround sound
  • Stream with Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth
  • High-Resolution Audio compatible

Comments from buyers

“Superb quality sound with style, Impressive sound quality – if you ignore the special effects, Top sound and power for the money, Great for music too. Sorted!, Sony do it again!, The sound is ok but to be honest I had a £100 one with wired speakers that was just as good. Buy if you really don’t want rear w”

Superb quality sound with style. Purchased this item to replace an ageing sony system. First impressions whilst unpacking was how stunning the system looked and how much smaller the speakers were. No need to worry though, the sound quality is excellent throughout all modes. The surround quality in cinema mode had the cat running round looking for the source of the noise. If you have a ps3 or sony tv the menus are the same and easy to navigate through. Apps in the menu only appear once you’ve been hooked up to the internet for a few minutes. Then you can enjoy youtube and netflix plus a whole host of others in quality stereo of your choice. The wireless back box for the rear speakers can be placed behind your sofa and doesn’t require a direct line of site. Ease of use couldn’t be better once set up.

The most excellent sound system you can buy. [i bought this directly from seven oaks sound and vision directly rather than amazon so it doesn’t list it as a verified purchase. the product is totally amazing, it’s a really beautiful piece of kit. I love sony styling and the way they put it across the brand. The system is easy to setup but beware, i’m having serious issues getting netflix, amazon instant and any of the apps working due to a really strange ‘open ssl’ network error, which doesn’t relate to anything real as my ps3 and every other device on my network runs perfectly. Incidentally, i’ve worked in it for nearly 18 years so i know how to configure a network, it seems to be down to the way the device handles the networking and i have contacted sony for the fix. I suspect it will need some form of network software patching. The connection is flaky too but i didn’t buy this for the apps, i bought it for the sound and blue ray capabilities. The xmb menu system is just like the ps3 system, for those who are familiar they will be able to navigate with complete ease. You need to link the system to a sony entertainment network (sen) account to get the added features working too. ]

Very difficult to set up, but that might be. Very difficult to set up, but that might be our samsung t. Only down side one speaker has the screw inserts missing. Going to use sellotape as it don,t move much.

One thought on “Sony BDVN7200W 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System : The most excellent sound system you can buy!!!!!

  1. Fantastic sound and great dvd pictures. Functionality is great too – good value for money.
    • Very easy to setup and sound is high quality due to the tv and sky only using low quality sound this system does make sound and better quality sound so much better very good around system thanks sony goes well with my sony tv as well.
  2. This review is from : Sony BDVN7200W 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System

    Outstanding system – great sound separation and excellent preset sound profiles.
    • It freezes from time to time but the sound is superb. For quite a qhile that i’ve been trying to buy a surround sound and when this was on sale in john lewis, i didn’t think twice. The set up is fairly easy (well, it was for my boyfriend haha), but i’ve encountered a few issues:after playing on my playstation and if i want to watch a dvd straight away, the bluray player freezesit just doesn’t close the lid.I have to turn it off at the plug for it to work. Quite disapointed about this glitch as this is quite expensive.
  3. This review is from : Sony BDVN7200W 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System

    The sound is ok but to be honest i had a £100 one with wired speakers that was just as good. Buy if you really don’t want rear w. I primarily bought this as it doesn’t have wires to the rear speakers. Its not £500 worth in my opinion and certainly way inferior build quality than the yamaha sound bar it replaced. Just look at the bottom holes on the speakers –they are not tweeters they are just ‘holes’. The sound is ok but to be honest i had a £100 one with wired speakers that was just as good. Buy if you really don’t want rear wires to speakers–otherwise go elsewhere for better quality or cheaper for as good sound.
    • Love this product, the speaker quality is very good and does not distort or break up on high levels. Definitely has some kick when playing a blu ray. Overall very pleased with it and would reccomend.
  4. This review is from : Sony BDVN7200W 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System

    Great, astonishing for music. It’s 4 and half stars actually – but that’s not an option :-)this systems forte is it’s ability to provide great surround sound *and* great reproduction for traditional stereo music – in my experience that’s unusual. For this it’s best to get the front speakers off the floor, they operate fine as floor standing but the difference for music (and any other source) if you get them up to say. 5m above floor level is significant. For me this is a third sony system – ht-is100 ->ht-as5 ->this the 7200. The as5 is a great surround system but really cant do music justice, but its still in the family as a ‘hand me down’ as its such a great system. Niggles – there’s been some reviews about distortion in front left/right or both speakers – i’ve experienced it in the front left, but it was difficult to regularly reproduce so i haven’t gone down the path of warranty repair as yet. It also seems very dependant on source, free to air tv being the worst culprit. I did give the centre speaker in the left a poke (suggested to free it up in some reviews) and lately (last month or so) i really haven’t heard the problem. Power – the unit claims 1200w (which of course is always marketing nonsense.
  5. This review is from : Sony BDVN7200W 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System

    I am very pleased with this system – excellent value, good quality and easy to set up.
    • Was looking for something for movies but also music. These systems rarely deliver music well but this one excels. Ok, not quite hifi quality but as close as you’ll get at the price. Concert blu rays sound amazing.

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