Sony 2.1 Channel HT-CT60 Virtual Surround Sound Bar and Subwoofer for TV : good but not brilliant

The sound bar really does make a difference. The only downside is that threre should be information onscreen to let you know the levels of bass and treble.

Good for the price – better than tv speakers. I bought one of these for my son as he had a sony bravia tv and the sound wasn’t the best from the tv speakers. It was only a while ago that i got to listen to it in action and considering the price i was impressed. Certainly the bass response is a great improvement and for a smallish flat the max volume is more than adequate. My son tells me that set up was a cinch and the bar fits nicely on the wall below the 40 inch bravia with the sub woofer on the floor to one side. Sure the sub woofer is wired but then this is not the most expensive system after all. The virtual surround sound is reasonable but does to a degree depend of the room shape and wall surfaces. 1 immersive ss because you will be disappointed, but for those on a budget who want something up from tv speakers look no further.

I use this product for a 50 inch plasma telly and it works fine, once connected with the digital (supplied) cable. I have two tvs, one with a surround system and one with this sound bar. I must confess the surround system (13 years old) does sound better but this product has certainly improved the quality of the audio on my plasma. Whilst listening to tv and dvds through the bar i was initially disappointed by it, as the ‘surround’ feature is pretty much non existent. However, the bass control is very good and really makes a difference when watching the cricket. It was only when i turned off the sound bar and went back to the telly sound that i realised quite how powerful this system is, as the tv sounded so tinny afterwards. So, all in all, it is easy to connect, has the drawback of a short cable and offers a boost to existing sound, although you may be disappointed if looking for surround features.

Key specs for Sony 2.1 Channel HT-CT60 Virtual Surround Sound Bar and Subwoofer for TV:

  • 2.1ch speaker bar for TV with subwoofer and virtual surround sound
  • 60W output for home cinema
  • Immersive S-Force Pro front surround
  • Stylish, contemporary design

Comments from buyers

“Good piece of kit, My father can hear the TV again, Quick, Easy and Impressive, Great for the price!, Great soundbar for under £100, A must if you are using the built in speakers of an LED/LCD TV.”

My old true surround system was sounding ‘worn out’ and i my wife wanted to de-clutter the front room of speakers. I did some on line research and went into various shops to listen to various makes and models. The best value appeared to be the sony. This was ordered and delivered promptly to my place of work. Fantastic price and fantastic service. The unit was simple to set up and was soon up and running when i got home. Once ‘cranked up’ a bit the sound is excellent, with deep bass and sufficient treble. Certainly enhances the watching tv experience.Not surround sound in the way of my previous system but certainly ‘wide sound’.

Essential improvement for the tv. . Before buying this sound bar i did went into local stores to see demo of the much reviewed orbitsound which was impressive but expensive. But for a moderate budget, this sound bar fits the bill and i bought it from amazon. I connected to the tv using the supplied optical cable. The sound output was much better than the tv’s build-in speakers and watching movies with this better sound was more enjoyable. The supplied remote control is of good quality. I managed to sync this sound bar to sky remote for volume up/down/mute and power on/off. Now the tv, sky box and sound bar are controlled through the sky remote. You need to press tv button before operating these controls on the sky remote though. the code 2200 worked for me. The sound bar in length roughly matches a 42″ tv’s width. This is not as high as the sony ht-ct260 but it did blocked the ir receiver of my tv. Hence i have placed it on a different shelf of the tv stand. I think the philips css2123 is probably the only budget sound bar that is small enough to be placed in front of the tv. ]

I’ve had this for around four weeks now so i have had time to test it out and make an informed judgment. For the price, this sound bar represents great value for anyone looking to beef up the sound on their lcd tv but does not have the budget or space for a full on surround sound solution. The only downside i found is that with as my sony bravia tv is stand mounted and the soundbar sits in front of it, it blocks the ir receiver meaning that you cannot control the tv from the remote. This was easily solved at a fairly low cost by installing an ir repeater but it is something to take into consideration if you are considering purchasing any soundbar.

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  1. I can’t recommend this product enough. I’ve had it a while now and it truly makes films and music a real pleasure to experience. I’m currently listening to christmas songs, and tracks that i would normally skip over are being left on simply owing to the fact i can hear with crystal clarity their excellent production values. It’s bloody great for a ‘cheap’ sound bar.
    • Good quality but cords too short. Sound quality is good but i just find the cords are too short. Probably recommend going cordless if your thinking of getting a sound barthe only other criticism i have is the remote is tiny and probably lost countless number of times – but turns up again under the sofa.
  2. The sound quality is pretty good, somewhat lacking in mid-range though. A big improvement from the television speakers but not really surround sound at all. I recommend getting the bluetooth model, as it’s handy to be able to connect your phone/tablet/laptop.
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    Broke after 2 years and not economically viable to repair. Lights flashed onfor a few mins and went off.

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