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  1. This review is from : Sonos SUB – Subwoofer – wireless – black gloss

    Adds another dimension to an existent sonos system, but it is not cheap. . If you have already a sonos playbar (and maybe a couple play 1 or 3) this will add another dimension to your sound. Expensive for what it is, but worth it if you have already invested in the sonos ecosystem.
    • Last week i bought a sonos play bar for my new sony 3d tv. I had to get the sub from reading reviews. I have owned many high end stereos through out my years but never bought a sub. Yes it’s expensive but what isn’t. The sound set up cost more than the tv. The sub looks good in any room with the nice black gloss finish. The set up was easy using the phone app it just added it to the sonos bar. Wow like being at the cinema. Watched the new godzilla movie.
  2. This review is from : Sonos SUB – Subwoofer – wireless – black gloss

    It’s a lovely piece of high quality tech that packs a powerful punch. I have a 3 room sonos setup & wanted to add some oomph to a play5 in 1 room, so invested in the sub. It certainly has more oomph now. The bass is agile & very, very powerful now. From placing the box on the table, to feeling the first rumble took only 5 minutes – sonos simplicity is so refreshingmy room is approx 7x5m and this fills the room with shuddering bass, effortlessly. As mentioned before, it is so simple to setup & adjust the settings via the app & that is a good thing as the bass is pretty massive & needed turning downi have the sub placed in a corner, about 2m from the play 5 & the sound is seamless.

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