Sonos PLAYBAR Soundbar and Wireless Speaker – Very nice, even better when paired with a couple of Play 1’s.

Essential for the soundbar gives audio the much needed depth it deserves. If you’ve the funds, don’t think, just buy. The soundbar will sound slightly sub par without it.

Already had the sonos 5 and decided to add to the sound quality levels. This is a significant addition and i’d thoroughly recommend it to those looking for easy to use, hassle free music in their home. Given that you can position it anywhere it should be an absolute must for those seeking an enhanced music system.

You will feel so guilty forking out almost six hundred quid for a toy like this. Believe me it’s going to be worth it as soon as the guitar kicks in on comfortably numb. I have a sonos 5 located in the corner of a room 5m x 4m. 3m high so a big space for a little box. On its own it fills the room with sound without distortion. Adding the sonos sub brings another dimension to the sound. I had to spend a bit of time to get the sound right for me.

This is one exceptional bit of tech. My play 5 combined with this sub goes very loud, but in a good way and never sounds out of control. The warmth of the sound is superb and sounds good listening to all kinds of music, not just bass heavy. I will be buying a playbar later next year for films and tv, but this sub handles music wonderfully. Very happy owner of play 1, 3, 5, connect and now the sub. I have dialled it down one notch, even though i live in a detached house.

  • Good idea, will not be for everyone though
  • Next Level Sonos
  • Very nice, even better when paired with a couple of Play 1’s.
  • Don’t hesitate. You will be amazed.
  • A veil has been lifted
  • Essential for the Soundbar Gives audio the much needed depth it deserves

Sonos PLAYBAR Soundbar and Wireless Speaker

  • HiFi soundbar ideal for TV and music lovers
  • Delivers richly textured HiFi sound to whatever you watch on your TV
  • Wirelessly streams music
  • Simple to set up, control and expand. Syncs with other Sonos speakers wirelessly
  • 2-Year warranty included

Good idea, will not be for everyone though. Had no real intention of buying this and had popped into my local av shop to buy another play 5 system, walking out with this only after a very good sales pitch and demo. First impressions while unpacking and getting to actually handle it were very positive. In typical sonos style it’s built to a very high standard and you do feel you have spend your money on something very impressive and good quality. Installing was straight forward, but this is my third sonos device so i am used to using their products. First time users should not have too many hair pulling moments and that’s the beauty of sonos kit. Once installed you have access to all the usual sonos features (internet radio, napster spotify, last fm, deezer etc) and anything you’ve got on your home network. The major issue is that the only way to connect the playbar to your tv is via an optical cable connection. My ‘smart’ tv is fairly new and happened to have this but i suspect most tv sets will not. If your tv does not have an optical out connection this is not a complete deal breaker as you can connect to another source with optical (sky hd or virgin box for example) but you would be restricted to listening through that device and to watch a bluray for example you would have to disconnect from your sky box and connect the cable into the back of the bd player.

Very nice, even better when paired with a couple of play 1’s. . Like the most recent reviews this is pricey but overall well worth it imho. My introduction to sonos started when i was shown it when looking at bluetooth speakers. I was soon the owner of a couple of play 1s a few weeks ago. I think the play 1s in themselves will bring new users to sonos. Build quality and output it superb. Prior to the play 1 individual sonos speakers in rooms were expensive. I purchased one to replace my squeezebox radio (was good but always temperamental). Because i liked the play 1s so much in a stereo pair in my living room, it occurred to me i could ditch my av system with wires everywhere and have the beauty of streaming content or different content to any part of the house with sonos’s propriety sononsnet.

Initially it took ages to adjust the lip sync to get it perfect but once this is done the quality is amazing. I have been using playbar for over a month now, and am totally blown away by it. Firstly, it’s performance really depends on the quality of your tv. Mine pushes dolby digital through the optical cable which means playbar can decode and play all formats of sound. Initially it took ages to adjust the lip sync to get it perfect but once this is done the quality is amazing. Especially on music blu ray discs and also on all movies. Most of my movies are watched via sky hd, and so long as you go into settings on your sky box and set the sound output to dolby digital the sound is amazing. I have been using the app for over a year with my other sonos equipment, but the cool thing with using it to control playbar is the night mode and the speech enhancement. Also the biggest plus of this item is the ability to stream your music and radio through it as with all sonos equipment. Works perfectly and i have to say well worth the money.

One thought on “Sonos PLAYBAR Soundbar and Wireless Speaker – Very nice, even better when paired with a couple of Play 1’s.

  1. Pity about packing came in original box which was ripped, luckily item not damaged.
  2. Not the easiest of systems to set up, but well worth the effort. Once set up, very easy to use through the app and the quality of the sound is impressive.
    • Very pleased with the quality of sound produced and it looks neat. Easy to install and as already a sonos user very easy to set up.
      • If you already have sonos there is not a better option. Its a lot of cash to spend on a sound bar speaker but once you’ve bought in to sonos its hard to choose anything else. I own all of their speakers, in multiple numbers. My house is loaded and i am on the sonos beta test team as an independent tester. *i am not paid to write this review it is totally unbiased*i would recommend this speaker – it is fantastic. But if you have not bought in to the sonos range yet then consider other options as there are cheaper alternatives. But if you have comitted to the range then this superb speaker is ideal. It can link up with speakers around the house to play music or play audio from your tv or tv box. Ours sits on a tv unit so watch out if you have dogs that jump for audio near the tv like our very own phoebe – the pug. Who likes to chase off barking dogs on tv and jumps up towards the speaker.

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