Sonos PLAY:5 : Amazingly sophisticated thing

I have run all the sonos components, together with the 5, for almost five several years. It operates five rooms in my household and in the back garden. I endorse also b and w exterior speakers that are also as trusted. The technique is amazing, the updates keeps the method modern day and the seem is wonderful. I have experienced no hardware failures and very several software program troubles. Sonos online group are second to none and resolve troubles straight absent.

Just about best but just one caveat. I really like the sound excellent and the versatility of established up and audio decision but i have dropped a star for 1 massive omission in my see. If you have invested in a superior sturdy wireless n technology you may perhaps have to minimize it really is capabilities by means of your router options to stay away from interference with the proprietary sonos mesh community. I had to disable the 40mhz band to end dropouts. I am sorry but in this day and age this is not good ample. The get to of my wifi is now substantially lessened all around the property many thanks to a proprietary sonos protocol. Funny how these points are glossed around in the adverts. If they are pitching this things at non techies it is a opportunity show stopper. On the other hand, the compromise in my watch is outweighed by the excellent of the new music and the computer software and the preference of resource content. One more matter, disable windows firewall on the initial setup if the to start with part cannot be identified.

Terrific seem, be very careful to examine the absolutely free bridge offer you guidelines. I’ve been a spotify enthusiast for a few of a long time now and favored the notion of getting it past my android cellular phone and headphones on my way to work or some mediocre personal computer speakers at dwelling. The audio high quality is so superior i feel like i have found out audio yet again . My aged favourites are blasting out and i’m eagerly on the lookout for new material – it really is that great. You truly have to have to crank up the quantity to value this device to the complete. I manufactured the error of seeing the no cost sonos bridge present and assuming it would just be delivered – but you will need to increase both of those to your basket. Amazon consumer provider were being wonderful and though it was my fault, they honoured the deal and sent me just one in just a few of times with no value at all to me.Here are the specifications for the Sonos PLAY:5:

  • All-in-one listening experience with the deep, rich HiFi sound
  • Stream your entire music library, music services, and radio stations
  • 5 Driver HiFi Speaker System for room filling sound
  • Line-in to connect your favourite music sources
  • 2-Year warranty included

Best quality hampered by trustworthiness. Ok i believe on stability, getting into account all the evaluations, we can consider it as a given that the sonos s5 is anything pretty particular. Whilst i are unable to disagree with the consensus of impression why have i given it 4 stars instead of 5?in a phrase dependability. I reside in an normal residence in common situations with no kids and nonetheless on three events have experienced to have substitution sonos elements within the promise time period. This is also recurrent an occurrence to be negative luck. The initial s5 all of a sudden dropped its capacity to deliver any bass reaction inside the very first six months. Following the regular manufacturing unit reset it continue to unsuccessful to carry out so i had to invoke a substitution device inside the guarantee time period. The next difficulty occurred with the really costly sonos controller which designed a contact-screen fault. Section of the screen unsuccessful to react to touch instructions. At the time all over again i experienced to ask for a substitute.

A good purchase – put additional audio in your daily life. *i use this sonos play five speaker with out a sonos bridge. I was unclear to me whether or not the bridge was demanded or not – some persons informed me that i did require it, other people today told me that i failed to. My sonos speaker connected to my household wifi network very easily and swiftly devoid of a bridge. This speaker is certainly amazing. I plugged it in, downloaded the sonos application to my apple iphone, and the application guided me as a result of the setup process. I registered my spotify top quality account and my amazon new music player account, and was enjoying songs by the speaker within just 5 minutes. The audio definitely impressed me very first of all. The bass is specifically incredible, and in general sound good quality is total and obvious. The audio fills my living home and seems wonderful.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Team Sonos, Second to None!
  • Delighted- it ‘just works’
  • A brilliant purchase – put more music in your life
  • Top Quality hampered by reliability
  • Easy to set up, reliable, good quality sound
  • Believe the hype!

Possessing presently received two play3 at home. I was searching to get a further speaker for a third space and resolved to get the play5. I was a bit nervous about getting the a lot more costly 5 over the three, as i browse some opinions saying the five sounded no much better than the 3. Fortunately to my ears people men and women had been completely wrong. The play 5 makes a much superior fuller audio, the enhance in the bass output is a large support. A single engage in 5 is unquestionably plenty of on its for my lounge which is 8m x four. 4mlike the two 3s in the system already, including the five was a basic a plugging it in an turning it on, and introducing to the controller. It was out the box and actively playing music in a lot less than three minutes. I have had no problesm with any of my sonso speakers so significantly and would suggest them to anybody seeking for a wirelss music system.

I determined to make existence a lot easier and increase in far better excellent sound at the very same time. Obtaining employed a leading bluetooth speaker i decided to make existence easier and insert in improved high quality sound at the very same time. The straightforward set up is great,in my case ethernet and the app,you happen to be accomplished. The seem is of program excellent,the five star rankings listed here attest to that. I suppose some men and women might worry about setting an internet(lan) primarily based system up and working,it really is unbelievable quick,truthfully. I trapped the ethernet cable in and downloaded the app,the app finds your speaker and that is quite substantially all there is to it. Sonos have performed a gorgeous job with the application,it’s graphics are crystal clear and appear superior,but the simplicity is the winner. Songs on your machine is right away available and you can incorporate tunes companies,amazon,google,deezer,napster etcetera,the checklist is considerable,only youtube is missing,all additional with a couple of taps of your finger.

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  1. This review is from : Sonos PLAY:5 (Gen1) Black – The Wireless Hi-Fi (discontinued by manufacturer)

    Sublime performance and user friendy interface. I’m not going to spend hours pontificating about the sonos line of products, except to say they are ultra reliable and get better and better with every software app update. The play 5 sounds fantastic when listened to close up and is perfectly usable in a small room without making you wish for more. I often listen to music whilst on my pc and it sits about three feet away from me, and sounds great. Everything just works, and i suspect in most cases if anyone has issues, they should start by checking their wider network first before assuming the issue is sonos related. One nice thing about the play 5 is that you have a line in which you can connect your pc to. You then simply select to play this via the app and you can then watch youtube etc or hear anything else playing from your pc such as a photoshop tutorial or similar. You could then listen to another room’s line in such as the tv which is plugged in to my sonos amp in the front room, or switch to radio or your music library for other occasions. It’s a great solution, and it always works. I have never had a single issue, from updating apps, devices to adding devices to the system, updating software music library or changing any settings and seeing those settings reflected on other sonos devices.
  2. This review is from : Sonos PLAY:5 (Gen1) Black – The Wireless Hi-Fi (discontinued by manufacturer)

    Another fine sonos speaker that might just be eclipsed for ‘bang for buck’ by other speakers in their range. . Right up front i’ll tell you that i absolutely love the whole sonos concept and their products so if you want the short review – just buy some, they’ll change your music listening experience for the better. The sonos play 5 is a lovely unit. Reassuringly heavy and genuinely capable of filling a large room with excellent sound. Don’t get me wrong, as an ex-owner of hi-fi separates it’s never going to match their quality, but i can guarantee you it’s not too far off and is a whole lot more accessible. I use my sonos system to stream directly from my home nas as well as online streaming services like deezer and tunein radio and it’s equally at home with both. The ios controller app is easy to use and seems to be regularly updated with improvements. So if i like it that much why only 4 stars?. Well it’s because sonos’s own play 1 is so damn good, and substantially cheaper. At normal listening volumes in an average size room you can argue the play 1 is all you need.
  3. This review is from : Sonos PLAY:5 (Gen1) Black – The Wireless Hi-Fi (discontinued by manufacturer)

    No more needs to be said, great quality, ease of use, and sound fantastic.
    • These are amazing pieces of kit, just the u. K forget it, go worldwide, the sound is superb.
      • So glad i went for sonos and not. So glad i went for sonos and not another brand. App is really simple to use and sound quality is amazing – no distortion even when turned up to full. And left thinking ‘how does so much sound come out of such a small box?’. Will be ordering more units to spread around the house.
  4. This review is from : Sonos PLAY:5 (Gen1) Black – The Wireless Hi-Fi (discontinued by manufacturer)

    At first i got the play 1 having read good reviews about it. I have had the system only three days and already i am hooked. I have only given it 4 stars because i miss the hi-fi of my old system. At first i got the play 1 having read good reviews about it. I wanted to test the sonos system. Having listened to the play 1 for one day i could not wait to get the play 5. I went the very next day and bought it. The set up was easy for someone with no tech ability at all. In fact my children help me with my phone. I find the play 1 has a huge bass for its size.
    • Woww what a piece of kit how on earh did we manage before we got it. Sound quality great and it does everything. Controlled by pc ipad phone etc all your music radio streams- if would recommend you get onejust wish we could afford more for other rooms.
  5. This review is from : Sonos PLAY:5 (Gen1) Black – The Wireless Hi-Fi (discontinued by manufacturer)

    Sonos play 5 and turntable – works a treat. I needed something that could combine as a speaker/amplifier for streaming digital music through both ipod and my macbook but also something that i could combine with playing my large record collection. This piece of kit combines both those functionsi combine the play 5 with my carbon project turntable using the line-in feature and it is greatonly think left is decide when and where to setup another one so the music can be heard all round the house.
    • I have one of these for the lounge and 2 play 1s in other rooms. Set up is really simple and contrary to what i thought, you don’t need any sort of bridge or anything like that. Plays all the music from my nas no problems. It’s loud enough to fill a large lounge with excellent quality sound and the bass is a bonus from such a small device.

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