Sonos PLAY:1 – Fantastic product with great quality sound.

I’ve always thought bose was the brand to go for, but then i seen this and thought lets give it a shot and i’ve not looked back since. The sound quality is unbelievable and the whole set up with the bridge was so easy. The app is very user friendly and works great if you’ve got a spotify account. I honestly wish i had bought this sooner, its great to just stick a little bit of music on while cooking in the kitchen, made so much easier with the app.

Sound quality is awesome from such a small speaker very impressed. . Not purchased from amazon as wanted it yesterday so popped to my local store and purchased one. In the box the play 1, ethernet cable (not used) and power cable which terminates in a standard uk plug (not a psu type) and is white same as the play 1. Sonos had previously emailed me to tell me the cable length is 1. 5meters but just removed it from the unit and plug socket and out with the tape measure and mine is 1. 9mtr (75″) go figurefor set-up i had preloaded the app and within 5 minutes had music playing via the iphone, now to get the synology media server to work with it. . Quick search on the sonos web site told me what i needed to do, i downloaded the pc app followed the clear instructions and found the media server entered my servers password and away it went. Seemed strange to be upstairs and hearing the music playing downstairs.

Great product – credit to sonos. Finally a sub-£200 sonos unit that helps me think about those rooms where a play:3 or play:5 would be too expensive to justify and not have to use cheaper speaker docs etc. The unit sounds fantastic – i doubt they’ll sell many play:3’s now. I have a play:5 that i’m actually thinking of selling to fund 2x play:1’s as i think that having more stereo separation in a room is better than the extra bass you get from the play:5 over the play:1.

Fantastic sound and build quality. Having recently got rid of hundreds of cds i was on the look out for a network streaming system and went for the play:1, having had a good listen to various (mostly far more expensive) alternatives at richer sounds. First impressions on opening the box are that you’ve bought into a top quality brand, the packaging is great and the speaker is wrapped in a cotton bag to ensure it arrives scratch free. I know this is almost irrelevant to the product itself but does build confidence in sonos’s determination to deliver quality. In addition to the speaker the box contains a very neat power cable with a custom plug that sits securely in the base of the unit (more attention to detail), a flat profile ethernet cable, a cd-rom of software and a brochure. The speaker itself is impressively solid and surprisingly heavy, they’ve obviously packed it tight with goodness. I just have a single unit, so i plugged this into my network via a home plug adaptor and downloaded the software to my android tablet. Connecting the tablet to the play:1 was as simple as pressing both buttons on the unit and waiting for about 5 seconds for the connection to be established. We were then good to go for internet radio and streaming services but i had some trouble getting connected to my nas drive where my music is stored. In the end i solved this by installing the software on my pc and populating the catalogue from there, although i think i might now have figured out how to do it from android.

  • Great sound quality form a little speaker.
  • Definitely worth the price
  • The main disappointment for me with the Sonos product is that the
  • Great product – credit to Sonos
  • Fantastic sound and build quality
  • I want to love it

Sonos PLAY:1 Black – The Wireless Hi-Fi

  • Deep, crystal clear HiFi sound, designed to be compact and surprisingly powerful
  • Stream your entire music library, popular music services, and internet radio
  • Start with one, add more over time to fill your home with music
  • Simple to set-up and control from anywhere with your smartphone, tablet or PC/Mac
  • 2-Year warranty included

Worth every penny spent and with deezer free for a year, sonos is worth buying for this alone. Bought 2 play 1’s and set up as a stereo pair and the sound is incredible. Really want a sub now to bring it all together although on their own the bass and treble range is amazing. Don’t look anywhere else for wireless speakers.

I held off buying a sonos for a long time as i wanted to be certain it woulda. Have the desired sound qualityb. Be able to play music whilst my laptop was offi can say that i am extremely impressed on point a and am writing this review to help others if they want to achieve point b. Let’s get the necessary bits out of the way. The app on your pc or phone works well and it took no time at all to sync the laptop and all my music on there to the sonos. Its a small unit but packs a punch. It links to deezer, spotify etc (you need premium accounts with those to stream via the sonos though). It has a huge array of internet radio stations as well which are great.

Got 2 play 1’s for christmas. After a few teething troubles, and an issue connecting to spotify, its up and running. Great sound quality for a small speaker and the option to listen to different music from each speaker is amazing. Would i recommend it?hell yeah.

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  1. This review is from : Sonos PLAY:1 Black – The Wireless Hi-Fi

    Easy to install and good looking. I am looking forward to expanding the system though this small unit belts out enough sound to adequately cover a 50 m2 kitchen/diner and flow into the 16 m2 snug next door.
    • Simply brilliant, amazing sound for such a small speaker, easy to set up, great app (android), i’ll be buying more.
      • Perfect sound from a small and perfect speaker. Everybody should afford a sonos. . Sonos is perfect, the sound is wonderful, it’s neat, portable and i can’t think what i’d do without it.
  2. This review is from : Sonos PLAY:1 Black – The Wireless Hi-Fi

    Excellent sound for such a small speaker, positively booming on the base, but crisp and clear. Would definitely recommend and will buy more in the series to add to it as required.
  3. This review is from : Sonos PLAY:1 Black – The Wireless Hi-Fi

    I have to admit that i am very bad at getting round to writing reviews even though i. I have to admit that i am very bad at getting round to writing reviews even though i do rely on them before making a significant purchase. My thanks, therefore, to all those who gave their thoughts on this speaker. I have to say that i am absolutely delighted with it, so i thought i really must leave my contribution. It was initially very difficult to decide on whether to go for a bluetooth unit/system, wifi unit/system, or replace what i have at present. I have what was a high-end stereo system some years ago and the quality of sound was superb, hence my doubts about a speaker which is 16x12x12cms and relies on wifi for access to music and radio. How on earth was that going to replace the existing system,with its record player/cd/ amp/am & fm radio not to mention racks of cds and vinyl that would have dwarfed it many times over and visibly could be seen for miles?. To me, size was important and small was going to be beautifulthe question of whether to go bluetooth, wifi, or replacement (smaller) system was very difficult and many hours were spent reading reviews and experiences online. We live in a large’ish stone farmhouse in france and my concern with bluetooth was the range and connectivity aspect, and i also knew that wifi worked in most places in the house. So, for me, i rejected the bluetooth approach and also rejected the “direct” replacement of what we had, as this wasn’t going to be a major step forward.
    • My first sonos, won’t be my last. I’ve been without a speaker system of any kind for a few years, ever since apple changed from the 30-pin connector to the lightning connector with the iphone 5 which made my old speaker unit obsolete. Fast forward to christmas 2015 and santa obliged with the sonos play 1, i had considered other brands of speaker but ultimately settled on sonos. There are several things of note before you consider buying a sonos speaker, the main requirement is that it will need to be connected to your home wi-fi network to function. It will also only work on the 2. 4ghz band so if you’re using a router that’s transmitting on the 5ghz band then you’ll either have to switch bands or look for another speaker. Fortunately the virgin super hub that i’m using transmits on both bands at the same time so i was able to detect the 2. 4ghz frequency and connect the play 1. Setup is done through the app which i’ve downloaded to my iphone, ipad and mac and only took a few minutes. Once done it will pull all your music from the relevant music app on your device, in my case music on ios and itunes on my mac.
  4. This review is from : Sonos PLAY:1 Black – The Wireless Hi-Fi

    Just a great piece of equipment. Received this gift for christmas from my wife, it really is an awesome piece of equipment. Using the sonos apps on either my phone or macbook pro it works seamlessly with apple music (which is only at beta stage but appears to work fine) – setup was very straightforward and i was using the speaker within 5 minutes of taking it out of the box. Like any good piece of technology it is straightforward to understand and use without any instruction. Based on this experience i’m definitely likely to add further speakers to the collection, i’m no expert in terms of sound quality and acoustics but it sounds great to me. Considering the size of the unit is quite small it seems to deliver an excellent quality- i have it situated in the kitchen which isn’t a huge room. I think clearly the units should be sized according to the space you are filling with sound- therefore if it were a larger room in the house i would go for a play 3/5 which i’m likely to add later.
    • The sound this tiny speaker gives out is amazing. Expensive but definitely worth it.

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