Skytec LED 10″ Passive DJ PA Speaker – WOW Fantastic Sounding Speakers

, nice flashing lights when its turned up. Though you wouldn’t play it that loud on a daily basis. If your just using them for home use. These would be ideal for venues,dj’s bands etc / i didn’t read it properly and its not a pair so i had to buy another one. But for the price i am very happy.

Wow fantastic sounding speakers. Wow fantastic incredible fabulous sound. Plus very impressed the way the blue led’s works as well when one starts to push up the volume. I wired them up no plugs needed for the speakers then turned on the amp with the bass & treble with no + or -then put on a reggae cd just to see what they sound like and. . Wow hello jamaica the home of reggae the sound was fantastici don’t wish to put you off now but i would not like to use these small speakers for disco work like i did years agobut would be great for a garden party or a house party you cant go wrong with these speakers. Plus may i say a good amp helps a lot as welli use a pioneer integrated stereo amplifier a 30 that can push the power to these speakers with the music i play. Can be any thing likefrom bands like. Asia pink floyd black sabbath reggae country elo vangelis. To name a few and no problem handling this kindof music.

  • WOW Fantastic Sounding Speakers
  • vey loud very nice

Features of Skytec Blue LED 10″ Passive DJ PA Speaker – 400W

  • • 3-way bass reflex system • Powerful 400 W output • 10″ Bass Driver • Music senstive Blue LED light effects • Durablefelt covering, and sturdy corner protection • Carrying handle
  • • Piezo tweeter • Piezo middle range speaker • Subwoofer featuring a powerful magnet • Speaker cable terminals • Carrying handle • Impedance: 8 ohm • Frequency range: 40 Hz to 20 kHz • SPL max: 93 dB