Skullcandy Air Raid Rugged Water and Drop Resistant Portable Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – : Interferes with our WiFi

As big as a brick and as heavy as one, this is, build wise, a serious bit of kit. Splash proof, made of heavy duty plastic and with a removable thick rubber shell, this bluetooth speaker is built for the great outdoors and to withstand knocks and drops. Sound wise, it’s good but nothing special. There is a depth to the sound but to my ears it’s lacking the finesse and subtlety expected from a speaker in this price range. Volume wise, it goes spectacularly loud but even at low volumes i can’t listen to it for more than a couple of hours before having to switch it off as listening becomes uncomfortable on the ear. It’s a bit like listening to an over compressed cd. It paired immediately with my ipad and android phone and the bluetooth range is good. The battery is seriously impressive with an average 12 hours of playback. It has volume buttons that you can also use to skip between tracks (except when streaming music i. When using the amazon music app. Other bluetooth speakers i’ve used costing much less allow you to do this). Despite its weight, this is a speaker made for taking camping or down to the beach, situations where finesse and subtlety are secondary considerations and loudness, along with battery life, is everything.

My husband is thrilled with this bluetooth speaker and has been raving about how good it is to me for days. I’m not really into electronics myself but i have to say from hubby showing me how it works etc that for such as small speaker it is certainly impressive and very powerful. My husbands words about this speaker – “this is what my phone has been waiting for”. According to the product description this is the loudest bluetooth speaker for it’s size (88db) and i can certainly believe it as it booms out the music. We have measured the speaker and it measures 18. 5cm excluding the handle by 6cm by 9cm and it weighs 821g out of the box. The product description advises that it is waterproof and drop proof and hubby has already accidentally dropped it so he has tested that theory accidentally and the speaker still works fine. I wouldn’t think it was submersible waterproof but more splash waterproof as the cover over the usb socket doesn’t look like it would keep out water if the speaker was fully submerged and to be honest i don’t want to test that theory in case it damages the speaker. The speaker has a sort of thick rubber case around it which doubles i think as the protective case and waterproof case as it also has a cover over the usb input socket. The speaker has two handles on it for carrying (one main handle and the other to attach to a strap of some sort such as a rucksack strap maybe).

I am so pleased i got this little beauty. Having recently “upgraded” to a windows 8. 1 laptop i was keen to go the wireless speaker route but couldn’t decide on which until this popped up. It looked so chunky and cool compared to the other options i had looked at. In reality it does look and feel ace with a pleasingly tough and simple design to it. It charged to full very quickly from the usb supplied although i found a plug adapter i already had more convenient than plugging into the laptop itself. I soon found the laptop is classed as the cheaper specification (not cheap to me) so did not include integrated bluetooth thus needed to order a usb plug in adapter. While i waited for that to arrive (cheers prime) my kindle fire and old blackberry linked up easily. The aux direct input was trouble free as you would expect too. The usb solution was equally trouble free when it arrived.

The world of wireless speakers is booming (pardon the pun). From the expensive sonos range down to the average joe bloggs wireless offerings that cost about 4p. So to compete in the market, new speakers need to do something different or do the same but better than the rest. I myself have 2 jongo speakers and a pure speaker. After over a year i still use my jongo’s often, especially at bbq’s and get togethers, the pure speaker not so much. This offering doesn’t do anything really different from whats already out. What it does do though is pretty good, especially for a speaker on this size. It’s about the size of a brick and weighs just as much if not more. This is down to the design, it is a serious tough cookie, made from steel, plastic and thick rubber, so it can take a big battering from being tossed around by the heavy handed teen. Its also waterproof (don’t go diving with it) so you can spill a drink on it and carry on regardless.

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  • This is a very good speaker, a little harsh for my liking
  • Five Stars

Skullcandy Air Raid Rugged Water and Drop Resistant Portable Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Black

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  • Loudest portable Bluetooth speaker for its size
  • Drop proof and water resistant, promises to go as hard as you do, regardless of the weather conditions
  • Quick and easy pairing to any Bluetooth enabled device
  • Micro USB cable for rechargeable battery for up to 14 hours of music
  • Stay in control of your music directly from the speaker by using the track functionality feature

I’m not someone who normally goes in for small portable speakers. I’m a casual audiophile, i would generally rather not listen to music at all if i have to listen on a terrible set of speakers. I was surprised to find that the skullcandy air raid, while not an audio quality revelation, actually sounds a lot better than you might expect for the size of it (2x 2 inch 5w speakers). It’s a little “boxy”, which is hard to escape given its size and power, but it projects really well, with surprising clarity and lack of distortion at high levels. It can go pretty loud to boot, more than enough to fill a good sized room. Sound-quality wise, it’s about on a par with a good portable radio, maybe a little bit better. Bluetooth pairing works smoothly, it connects quickly with everything i’ve tried, and it remembers a couple of devices so it can re-pair as soon as you switch it on. I haven’t had any major glitches, except where the bluetooth dropped out on my phone once. I’ve been able to use the device all the way across my flat from the connected device, which is nice. Battery life has proven pretty strong thus far.

Wireless speakers have been around for a while now, so this one is entering a somewhat mature market. Typically, when a new product enters a mature market it has some form of usp or other, sadly for this one it is not the case. The best which can be said is it is easy to use and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  there are no real bells or whistles to these speakers, however i am not convinced that is a bad thing. This is a product which does exactly what it says on the tin and does it well, it is very easy to interface with other devices (1 click synch between the various android and wireless devices etc in the house) and, while these speakers are about the size of a brick, they have been reinforced to be about as tough as a brick too.  the sound quality is good as is the battery life. It is quite clear what each of the buttons, switches etc do and it is highly unlikely that you will ever loose or break the product. It does the basics of being a wireless speaker, but with premium rate sound quality. This combined with the straight forward nature of the controls and the fact that it has up to 14 hours battery life make it really worth taking a look at. Still a little pricey in my book but in general it’s a good product and if you can find it with a decent discount then it’s definitely worth a look, but i remain unconvinced that these speakers are worth the rrp.

I’m very impressed by the quality of sound and the actual product. I only had it for the past 2.

I’m not quite sure what i was expecting when i asked to review this product, however i was expecting something much bigger and not that heavy (might seem like a contradiction). What i actually received was a small black box, not much bigger than a 500g pack of butter, but certainly a lot heavier. I took the liberty of weighing it, and without any packaging or cables, it weighs 822g. It does come with a handle, but if you have largish fingers like me, it’s not the easiest to hold it in that way. It was very easy to connect to my phone (a nokia, but i imagine all other phones would present no great difficulty) as all i needed to do was turn on my bluetooth, and then ask my phone to connect with it. From then on, the speaker will automatically try to connect to any previously connected bluetooth device for up to 5 minutes after switch on. Of course, if you want to connect at any point after this, it’s still reasonably straightforward as you only need to single press the round button on the front of the speaker to re-initiate the search. Of course, if you have a non-bluetooth device, such as a legacy ipod for example, this can still be connected by was of an aux cable (not supplied). The sound quality is good even at very high volumes and does offer a good range between bass and treble and certainly haven’t noticed any distortion, except for when i’ve taken the speaker out of range of my phone. Even in this case, i would estimate that the speaker can be at least 10 metres away from the bluetooth device – i went upstairs and had no problems until i went to the other side of the house from where my phone was.

When you pick up the air raid for the first time you can easily believe that it is tough – it weighs close to a kilo. As advertised, it looks and feels up to anything. Take off the silicon boot and suddenly things are a lot lighter and the edges start to look a little fragile. “water resistant” basically means it would not survive a dunk in a swimming pool, but it can certainly shrug off being thoroughly splashed or rained onturn it on and the speaker plays a sound of a radio tuning in and then says “connected” once or twice depending on how many paired devices are in range. A similar radio sound plays when you turn it off. These effects quickly wear thin and when you’re trying to be discrete (like turning it on at night) it can blast out these noises at high volume. In short, they’re annoying as hell. As for the sound, when i felt the heft and solidity of the thing i had high hopes. To get good sound from a speaker the body needs to be as rigid as possible and the air raid feels like a lump of rock. Sadly, pumping some music through it at different volumes left me a little disappointed; things are a little underwhelming right across the frequency range, with the top end lacking clarity, the mid-range lacking in definition and the bass lacking thump.

Great speaker loud just what i needed would recommend this.

Brilliant good sounds all round.

I own a number of portable speakers of varying quality, so i was excited to try this one out by skullcandy. While the size is fine for portability, it is chunky (built like a brick). It claims to be waterproof, but that is questionable as there is just a rubber cover that goes around the outside. While i haven’t stuck it in water, i’d guess it is water resistant at best. It is extremely easy to pair to a device – i tried with a few different mobile phones (apple and android) and had no problem. For me, all of this is fine but the key is sound quality. I’d say it isn’t bad, but for this price, i wonder if it is worth it. I compare it to my bose soundlink. While that is double the price (259), the sound quality is far superior, and i’m not an audiophile. So as i said, you get what you pay for.

This is a very good speaker, a little harsh for my liking, but still , very well built, and has plenty of volume , little annoying on the “tuning in” sound as it turns on/off. , maybe for a younger person. For me the “tune in” sound kills it.

 first impressions: looks a bit like a toy, especially when the rubber cover is remove. It’s like a small brick, in that it’s denser than you might expect before picked it up. Then turned it on and used it for a few hours. Reaction: wow ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️i had mostly used it for voice and was really impressed. As advertised, it was loud and the battery lasted for ages. 📱paring was a doddle – as seen in the video. So, slam dunk?=============i then played a wide range of music and realised that the music reproduction quality was noticeably innacurate. I would value this if i went camping a lot. ❌ i found the tuning in sound grating and gimmicky. (a female voice says “connected”.

The skullcandy air raid is a great speaker to take along outside. The volume on it is enough to fill a fairly large room and would be enough to gather around outside to listen to music. As for the sound, i would never claim to be an audio professional however the sound lacks a smack of bass but is still extremely impressive for the price. (i paid £95)pros:-great overall sound-loud-compact and portable-haven’t tested but claims to be water resistant-feels durable and looks good. Cons:-the sound when it turns on is complained quite a lot here, i find it to be a bit annoying but after a while you get used to it, it has a retro sort of feel to it like a bit of static, which in fairness some may even like, but the sounds are only on for 3 seconds. -don’t feel like it has enough bass, but for the size i’m not massively complaining. Sound is still good for price. Overall i rate it 4 stars, losing half a star for lack of bass and half a star for the obnoxious sound when turning on and off.

Ah, the joys of an item displayed on a white background, i expected this to be bigger than it is. The air raid speaker is compact and rugged is a good description. It’s heavy, with a waterproof rubbery type of covering. Charged, reasonably quickly, through a usb cable, it’s mostly free of bulk. I wouldn’t have said it’s a pretty design, but it’s a good design. It will definitely be safe out and about. It easily pairs with your bluetooth devices, although if you don’t have any, a 3. 5mm male to male jack will also do the job. Starting it up makes a distorty sort of sound.

Happy with this purchase – provides good sound generally and very handy for travelling.

This speaker looks like a mini boom box, and thus my daughters thought it looked very cool. Its rugged looks are certainly noticeable and this item would certainly fare quite well if thrown into a rucksack for journeys (although it is quite heavy for its size so you’d notice that it was there). There is a metal ring on the side next to the on-off switch, so you could attach it to something – if you were on a boat perhaps. There is a removable rubberised cover, and the ports are also covered, so you would feel happy using tho item in places you wouldn’t take a less robust item. Pairing was quite easy – you just need to press the round button in the middle for about 5 seconds, and the lights flash blue and red to let you know that the speaker is in pairing mode. I’ve tried pairing a number of gadgets and they all connect well. The range of the bluetooth connection is about standard for this sort of device but move too far away and you will lose the connection. As soon as i’d made the connection successfully and started playing music, my next job was to figure out the volume controls because this is speaker is really loud for its size. Definitely enough to fill a room in most people’s houses. In fact, probably enough to fill the entire house.

I’ve never tried skullcandy products before. I do have a rechargeable wired speaker but it doesn’t offer much in terms of volume. When the opportunity presented itself to review the skullcandy air raid bluetooth speaker i couldn’t pass it up. First impressions are promising. The packaging is first rate but when you lift the box, it’s like lifting a brick and that’s a good sign. Taking the speaker out of the box, i was amazed by the sheer robustness of the speaker. You could really cause some serious damage wielding this around so be careful not to drop it on your foot or other delicate surface. Except for the front panel, the enclosure is covered in a hard wearing silicone skin. The usb charging socket and 3. 5mm aux input are concealed behind a flap that says ‘pry here’.

Excellent speaker solid well built and loud with a great sound .

Ok, whilst other people have tested this to a certain degree around the house, having read the adventurous side of things within the description, i put it to the test on a bit of a trek. That is to have it playing as i marched up scarfel pike (which from home is about a 3 hour drive. ) so having charged it overnight and having sorted out the connection to my phone, (along with a few snacks and drinks) began my trek up the fell. The first thing i found was that the speaker in itself is a bit on the heavy side, although with a backpack that did make it a lot easier. So strapping it to the top, i started out playing the music on a low to mid level so i wouldn’t disturb other trekers, began the ascent. The sound quality was very good and whilst i wasn’t expecting great quality (due to previously owned speakers), i was surprised at how good it was. The music was clear, had a good sound to it and all round made the journey enjoyable and whilst i do worry at the price of these things, i have found that the quality of the speaker is dependent upon the amount of money you spend. All round, upon reaching the top, i had a track of victory, took in the view and then came back down. It took the journey very well, (even surviving me slipping and falling over) and all round is going to be my take out item whenever i go back up there. So much so that next summer i’m planning a few day trups up with my other half and a picnic or two.

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