Sharp HT-SB106 110W 2 : Perfect

Good value, good form factor for smaller tvs and works well. Size and form factor slightly ding the sound quality and don’t give such a massive boost over good tv speakers but they work well for smaller tvs where the bass output is limited. Really easy to connect to tv via bluetooth and to mount to the wall. Good value but not as complete a package as other soundbars.

This is a nicely designed, compact black soundbar. Measuring just 65cms long and 6cms high, it will suit an environment where space is at a premium, particularly as this can be quickly and easily wall mounted. As sound bars go this is at the cheaper end of the market, but it will provide you with an upgrade on flat screen tvs from the lower end of the budget range. Set up is simplicity itself, and if you want to wall mount you only need 2 screws in the wall and the bar merely slots over the screw heads, no complicated mounting here. There are both optical and hdmi inputs, which are the recommended connections, but also usb and line in as well as bluetooth connectivity. Make your connections and plug in the power and switch on, its as simple as that. Controls (on/off, mode, volume) are on one end of the bar, or there’s a remote control and there’s a single light source on the front of the unit which indicates the modeas for the sound, the remote will allow you to switch between music, movie and news modes, so you can at least customise the sound to some degree and the 110w output should be enough for most. As for the sound, its not perfect, at the extremes, both treble and bass lost clarity, but let’s be clear here this is a budget unit, so the sound is perfectly adequate at this price point.

I was looking for a cheap sound bar to accompany the 32″ jvc tv in my daughters room. I thought about getting one of the many cheap bars that have brands that you have never heard of, but when it comes to av equipment i prefer to stick with mainstream brands such as sharp, panasonic and sony etc. So i opted to pay that extra £20 and get this one. Delivery was via ao, so i could have gone direct having been a long standing customer of them, however the order was placed and delivered two days later. I tested the bar at first by pairing it up to my phone via bluetooth. That went with out a hitch, and playing a track via spotify on the phone the sound came through the soundbar crystal clear. I proceeded to turn up the volume and was disappointed to find that it was no louder than my google mini, and no way as loud as the claimed 100 watts. Then i realised that my phone’s volume was set to almost zero, and so turned it up – i was then deafened as the phone volume ramped up we connected it to the tv via a 3. 5mm lead and installed a firestick – sound was good, not tinny or booming but it enhanced the content and made for an enjoyable viewing experience. Sound wise, there are three wq settings, and for bt audio the sound was rich and full.

Used for my playstation to fit under a 28 inch monitor and it really goes well.

  • Dialogue sound not the best.
  • Good value compact soundbar
  • Sharp/ blunt soundbar

Sharp HT-SB106 110W 2.0 Compact Wall Mountable Soundbar with Bluetooth, HDMI ARC/CEC, USB MP3 Playback & Remote Control – Black

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  • This universal soundbar is compatible with any Television that has a HDMI, Digital Optical Audio (S/PDIF) or 3.5mm auxiliary (aux) connection. It can be used on a table/stand/TV unit or wall mounted.
  • Compact design only 65cm wide, ideal for small TVs or monitors with a 32″ screen size or below; perfect for use with a second set in a bedroom for gaming, kitchen diner or even a lounge/living room.
  • A slim, low profile of just 6cm allows the soundbar to fit neatly underneath the screen of most TVs and monitors without obscuring the picture.
  • Bluetooth-in functionality allows you to wirelessly stream audio content from your Smart TV, tablet, smartphone/mobile (or other Bluetooth enabled smart device) to play through the Soundbar speakers.
  • The soundbar system can be easily operated with the supplied remote control, buttons on the unit itself or you can even use the TV remote when connected with the convenient HDMI ARC/CEC functionality.

Right size for a 32″ tv can use tv hand set when hdmi connected.

I bought this in the hope that it would improve the sound on my lg tv. I am getting a bit long in the tooth and was finding that even at full volume the dialogue in modern dramas was too quiet to hear. It was easy to set up and i found it did allow me to increase the volume so that i could hear, but the bass was far too high which made for unnatural voices. It is possible to switch between different modes – music, movies, news but it seemed to make no difference to the sound at all. I didn’t want to spend any more but overall it is disappointing for my purposes.

Really this product is what it is. For £59 you can’t expect the earth, but for my purpose it is fine. I just needed it for the kitchen where we have a 32” tv with poor sound. This has transformed the tv completely, and gives quite decent sound, although i wouldn’t recommend for your main tv. Only negatives is that i could only connect with an aux 3mm lead which i had to buy separately. Hdmi lead connection didn’t work for me, but that may be due to the tv being old. Also the speaker goes to standby after a while so you have to switch it back on with the remote which is a bit basic or the manual switch on the soundbar but that’s fine for me. Before this purchase i used computer speakers but this soundbar is far superior sound no comparison, so all in all for the price i’m very happy.

This relatively inexpensive soundbar has a number of attractive features, notably its connection 7 cm height that means it can be placed in front of television sets without obscuring the sensor: a problem with taller soundbars. Also it comes with a hdmi connection which allows one to use the volume control on the television, an advantage to those who sometimes forget and don’t use the remote to alter the volume. It is very easy to set up: i chose the optical connection as the easiest of the three, but there are bluetooth and hdmi alternatives. I found the sound rather boxy, with a note of harshness in its projection of voices. Possibly this is the result of the slimline character of the sandbar, allowing for relatively small speakers. The equalisation feature made no real difference to the sound in movies news broadcasts and music, but i will admit that i have to the ears. For another £20 or so, there are soundbars with better quality sound available, hence my award of three stars.

Sharp are a lower to mid range electronics brand and this soundbar/bluetooth speaker certainly fits that level. It’s not too long, decent enough quality and the sound quality is average and certainly what should be expected at this price. Connection is simple either via hdmi, optical, or 3. 5mm jack and it comes with with a remote to control the volume and some other basic functions like on/off, input device although the bar itself has the buttons on it too. It’s blue tooth so it doesn’t have to be used as a sound bar and could easily be utilised as a bluetooth audio speaker only. It doesn’t ‘fill a room’ or offer dynamic wide stereo but it does boost volume and offer clarity to narrative programmes where you can hear clearly what is being said over a tv speaker. Overall it’s not bad and average but does the job for the price.

Fantastic sound, easy to install.

This a good size in my opinion soundbar for most 32-42″ screens. If you want better sound than your tv speakers you’ll get that without the need for a complicated multispeaker set up. Due to the size it is not cumbersome. Soundbar has multiple connection options and i used optical cable. Most led type tvs have an optical out. Bluetooth is a good feature as well, so for example you can stream online music service from your phone to your soundbar.

Great size and quality for the cost. Have added it to my 32″ kitchen tv and it’s perfect. This tv is a cheap jvc and the sound quality is rank without extra speakers. Much improved and sits below the screen unlike the previous goodmans soundbar we had been using. Although obviously a budget 2. 1 model this is a step up in quality to the previous one.

Fitted the sound bar to our tv in our bedroom great item and so useful 👍.

Unpacked this item and found it ideal in size for my 32 in tv. Set it up with optical cable and it was easy to do. Probably better fixed to a wall as the unit interferes with remote signal to tv. Was quite impressed until i tried to use the remote which was somewhat ‘micket mouse’. Erratic in it’s operation and you have to be close to use it. More reliable to use the buttons on the unit. It’s quite a good piece of kit but my wife has problems with the remote so i may shift it into another room with a tv.

Didn’t want a large sound bar so looked at this model, it sits underneath our tv fine. We used an optical lead to feed it. The remote does need to be quite close to operate. Otherwise it’s neat and looks ok. We purchased a sound bar to overcome some poor voice reproduction on tv programs which it has done. I would say this is an entry model.

Although we have a quality lg flat screen and digital tv, the speakers are at the rear and do not give a clear sound. In additional, the shows with actors who mumble, actors who speak with their backs to the camera and the increasing use of strong regional accents means that we miss far too much dialogue. The sharp mini sound bar improves the sound quality without overwhelming bass sound and we can hear a lot more of the dialogue. Overall, a great buy at a sensible price and more than adequate sound quality.

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Sharp HT-SB106 110W 2.0 Compact Wall Mountable Soundbar with Bluetooth, HDMI ARC/CEC, USB MP3 Playback & Remote Control - Black
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