SHARKK® tooth Speaker BoomBox Surround Sound Stereo tooth Speaker Set 18 Hour Playtime – Fantastic audio clarity fused with a sleek design!

Absolutely brilliant pair of speakers. I was kindly sent this sharkk boombox buddy system by the manufacturer for reviewing purposes. I will structure this review in sections which consist of packaging, design, installation, sound quality and finally a conclusion. I hope you enjoy reading my review. Packaging:the boombox buddy system comes packaged in a very professional box which blends the two colours black and white seamlessly. On the top there is an image of both of the speakers, aswell as the usual branding and also a few icons highlighting some of the devices key features. On one of the sides there is a rather interesting descriptions of the product with key features clearly highlighted. That’s pretty much it here, to access the contents you will have to lift the top part of the box up. Once opened you will notice both speakers nicely presented in a foam protective inner with a gap between them, there is also a box which contains all the accessories that come included such as 2 protective sleeves, 2 usb charging cables, 2 aux cables, a user manual and finally a mains adapter which has 2 usb ports allowing you to charge both boomboxes simultaneously. Design:i love the design of the speakers.

‘a functional, attractive device, which provides excellent value for money. ‘. General analysisbefore i begin, i would like to state that i was provided with a free copy of this item for testing and my fair and honest evaluation. Having previously experienced the sound quality from the sharkk® boombox wireless bluetooth speaker, i was excited to be putting this new product through its paces, and it doesn’t disappoint. Packaginginitial impressions of the product were excellent. It arrived in sturdy and sleek packaging, with the products securely packed into a foam interior. The quality of the packaging was comparable to other high end brands, providing a familiar satisfying feeling when the snugly fitted lid is removed. The outside of the box details the key features of the product, stressing the audio and battery quality in particular – it is clear that sharkk® have started with the basics to create a product that excels in functionality. Included in the box is a 2x usb plug adapter, 2 micro usb cables, 2 male to male aux cables, 2 protective covers for transporting the speakers, along with an instruction manual. Aestheticsvisually, the boombox buddy is similar to the original boombox. The sleek black exterior has been maintained, and in my opinion the removal of the patterned surface, in favour of a flat textured covering at the front and rear of the product, adds to the simplicity of the design.

Impressive sound, and good value. I use these in a track car which didn’t come with a stereo, and they work very well indeed. Impressive quality and volume, they make long journeys more bearable.

Perfect surround speakers. . Sound is perfect and very easy to use. Work well independently or when linked together. Distance you can have between speakers is surprisingly wide.

  • Sharkk Buddy Speakers for the Win
  • The best bluetooth speakers on the market?
  • ‘A functional, attractive device, which provides excellent value for money.’
  • Fantastic audio clarity fused with a sleek design!
  • An impressive package!
  • Simply put: The best bluetooth speaker set I have every reviewed.

SHARKK® Bluetooth Speaker BoomBox Surround Sound Stereo Bluetooth Speaker Set 18 Hour Playtime

  • Party on with the Bluetooth Boombox Buddy System. A dual speaker package, guaranteed to get the party started with its superb sound quality, and will keep playing for up to 18 hours with its 4400mAh high-capacity batteries.
  • The Buddy Boom Boxes have a thirty foot range for allowing you to set up a surround sound system wherever you want, with minimal effort.
  • Supports AUX, Bluetooth 4.0, and NFC with Siri/S Voice Functionality. (Two AUX cords included.) Make and receive phone calls with the built-in Mic.
  • Package contains two spectacular boomboxes along with a separate charger and AUX cord for each of them.
  • Frequency response: 60Hz – 20KHz. Speaker Dimensions: Each Unit 2.3″ x 2.7″ x 7.4″ (60 x 70 x 190 mm) — SPEAKER A IS LEFT CHANNEL. SPEAKER B IS RIGHT CHANNEL —

I have tried many portable speakers over the last few years. Starting at the pocket sized to these sharkk boombox buddy. Whilst holding the largest size & weight of all i’ve used they remain extremely potable – singularly or as a stereo pair. The retail packaging is great – simple / quality / functional. Each speaker has its own slip case & the supplied parts / accessories make for a decent overall setup. Pairing speaker a to a bluetooth device is easy. Pairing the speakers wirelessly together is easy. Cabled use is also possible & to use as a pair in this configuration simply daisy chain them together (cables supplied). A small leaflet of printed instructions is included for reference.

Before i start this review, i should say that i was pretty kindly given the buddy system by sharkk for testing and reviewing purposes. And i’m seriously impressed. A few weeks ago i bought the original boom box on amazon, and for its pricepoint i was completely blown away, singing its praises to friends and on here. With the product came the opportunity to join their reviewer test/review program, so i jumped at it and applied. When i received an email asking if i wanted to test the buddy system, i was pretty excited. From here onward i can only really compare these speakers with the jawbone jambox and the original boombox. In the box you’ll find two boombox speakers (labelled a and b), a two-microusb adapter for mains charging, two microusb cables and two reasonable length aux cables. Along with that, it also comes with two sharkk-branded bags to carry them in, which is a bonus. Seriously, the first thing i noticed upon opening the box was the premium packaging that you’d expect from much more ‘luxury’ brands. Whilst the buddy system is £99. 00, you have to bear in mind that you’re paying around £50 for each speaker – which in reality is quite cheap. But looking at the packaging, it’s really premium. It’s not all crammed into the box – it’s really nice (take a look at the picture for reference).

Simply put: the best bluetooth speaker set i have every reviewed. . I was sent a review copy of this product free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. I have thoroughly tested the product to the best of my ability before posting this review. I have reviewed dozens of bluetooth speakers over the years and again and again i keep mentioning that only the x-mini line-up surprises me every time. From anker, easyacc, sony, bose and sharkk – these are quite simply the very best. I take price in to consideration when judging a bluetooth speaker. When looking at the price point of the sharkk boombox buddy system, it quite easily goes pound for pound against sony, lg and samsung equivalents; and winsthe idea of having two, separate 20w speakers is brilliant. Not only does this bring about true stereo sound quality, but makes listening to your media more immersive. There’s also the added bonus of punchier and stronger bass with the two separate units as opposed to just one. Setting these up is a breeze too.