Sephia H5 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker : OK for unimportant music playing

Bluetooth speakers for my daughter and believe me the cost is not to mention what’s the value for money you get. Amazing device and very good quality sound.

It has a good weight to it and the sound is great.

Charge seems to last forever. Bought as a lightening deal- well worth it. Would have paid full price too.

A little heavy to be truly portable.

  • OK for unimportant music playing
  • It’s the same price as a mega bucket and that’s just chicken in a box
  • Amazing Bluetooth speaker

Sephia H5 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, 10 Watts, Bass Port, Builtin Microphone compatible with Iphone, Ipad, Ipod, Comptuers, Tablets, Smartphones and Mp3 Players

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  • Built-in microphone for hands-free calling and answering the calls.
  • Two 5 watt stereo drivers and bass port for balanced sound
  • Bluetooth capability with 10 meters range . Compatible with any Bluetooth audio device such as Ipod, Ipad, Iphone, Smartphones, Computers, PCs, Laptops, Tablets
  • Compatible with non Bluetooth devices using the aux cable (cable supplied with the Bluetooth speaker)
  • Take your music anywhere – a compact, wire-free design with integrated rechargeable battery

Looks good and easy to use; not very loud but fine for indoors.

 i ‘ve used it numerous times great buy.

The speaker is good but have to return it because the battery cannot be charge.

Another sephia product purchased and once again top banana. I’ve spent money on various speakers etc over the years some expensive and some not this at 15 nuggets is an absolute belter. Clear, loud easy as quick mafs to set up. Does calls n stuff too with built in mic a memory card slot for people who want to make things unnecessarily complicated and bluetooth for the ones who like it simple, plus aux in so all bases covered in that department. Battery seems ok too and like a more expensive sonos/bose it’s got a nice build quality too (looks more than £15 unless your daft). Ultimately in my experience with this sephia stuff it’s by far and away the best at its price range. After all who doesn’t like a bargain 🙂 you wouldn’t think twice about a mega bucket so why think twice about this(ok so great while it lasted but usb charge port fell out or came loose or somthing so now won’t charge. Shame as it is a good speaker or was).

Used it for the failing speaker on my sat nav brilliant.

This speaker is brilliant value for moneyfor just £10 this is a brilliant speaker and the sound quality is adequate. If you are looking for a studio quality speaker you need to look at the big brands such as bose and so on. The only downside is that it is too heavy and big to be portable and that is because it is mainly made of metal.

Under a tenner and feels solid and premium in the hand. Sound is louder than i expected but quality distinctly average. However for the price i can’t recommend this enough. Quite a lot larger than i was expecting.

Quite heavy but looks so much more than the cost. I was not disappointed and completely agree with the reviews the sound is brilliant, even bought another one as a gift 👍and another as a guide no mor disappointed 😊.

Amazing sound quality for the price. I’ve been wanting a bluetooth speaker for some time but didn’t want to spend more than £50, however when i saw this and the reviews i thought i would give it a go. I didn’t really have high hopes for the quality or sound, but was totally blown away with how it sounds.

Sephia h5long time coming but here is my review of the sephia h5 blue-tooth with sd card support speaker. First what i don’t likei nearly didn’t purchase this because it has the combined volume/ track buttons. The cost of having an additional two buttons must be minuscule. I originally intended to use this solely for playing a relaxing meditative track, so for the price i thought i would put up with the lack of buttons. Second of what i didn’t like was it said will work with up to 16 meg sd cards, unless that was on the instruction leaflet, it was so long ago nowok now what i like. First of all it works perfectly well with 32 meg cards, despite what was stated in the instruction leafletthe sound quality is so good i now use this for playing all music as opposed to the meditation track. The build quality is excellent, this would still be the case if this cost five times what it did. The weight is like a house brick.

Compact and very good sound.

Feels good value for the sheer amount of metal and weight you get and it’s pretty well built. Other reviewers have noted its quietness; it will actually go pretty loud, but it needs a higher than average input signal to make it so. The instruction manual is useless so i’m not really any the wiser as to what the m button does. It connects pretty much instantly on bluetooth and if you receive a call it plays it through the speaker ok – unfortunately the internal mic is either broken or doesn’t work with my phone so nothing i say is relayed to the caller. I can’t be bothered to investigate further but if this is important to you you might want to look elsewhere. Sound quality is not bad for a box like this – i’ve certainly heard worse. Makes a strange whoop noise every 30s for the first 2 minutes or so then stops doing that. Makes its fair share of bleeps as you switch it on but at least it doesn’t yell at you in a stupid american/asian accent every time you change modes like some of them do.

Playing music from mobile device.

Very good quality and sound for price.

Great sound quality and feels well made.

Great bit of kit, solid, good range and feels good, all with a great sound for something this size.

As very useful speaker 🔊 a decent volume.

Amazing value, and great quality in found and manufacture. All my mates are getting one .

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Sephia H5 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, 10 Watts, Bass Port, Builtin Microphone compatible with Iphone, Ipad, Ipod, Comptuers, Tablets, Smartphones and Mp3 Players
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