Scandyna Micro PodSpeakers – Absolute bargain

Little funky speakers that sound really good. These sound superb and look good. I was prompted to buy some bluetooth speakers after hearing a small bose unit at my brother-in-law’s at christmas – it was really good – but these are better as there is actually some stereo separation (i am using them about 4 feet apart). The sound is much more expansive. They will also go quite loud. The speakers worked straight out of the box, are easy to set up and there was no problem with bluetooth connectivity. I am using them without the spiked feet – the bottoms are flat (if that isn’t immediately apparent from pictures) and stand solidly on the bookshelf. They also feel solidly built – a quality product. They do look good – ‘funky’ as my wife said. Overall – at the discounted price i paid of £99 these are outstanding value.

Beautiful sound and styling at a great price. Returned first pair sent out as there was audible bluetooth distortion, however replacement working perfectly.

Great small speakers for a small price. Great small speakers with a good sound. The bass is the only thing that could have been better but you can’t expect it to be very deep with these small speakers. If you want a deep bass-sound, there is a possibility to buy the extra subwoofer. I am very satisfied about these speakers.

These really are startlingly nice sounding speakers for the size. Not as crisp as some and mildly boxy, but streets ahead of your usual ipod dock. For comparison i rate the b&w zeppelin ipod dock as near-rubbish, so there you go. One word of warning, the ones i got were beautifully made and packed, but there was interference from the bluetooth and also pickup from the gsm phone signal, so i returned them. It may well be this was a one-off fault, in which case these would be an absolute bargain at around £140 from planet gizmo, but do check carefully if you buy them, just in case.

  • Great small speakers for a small price!
  • Little Funky Speakers That Sound Really Good
  • Sound was great but
  • Absolute bargain

Scandyna Micro PodSpeakers for Bluetooth Enabled iPhone – Black

  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity makes the MicroPod Bluetooth speaker one of the most versatile
  • MicroPod Bluetooth can be used with many applications like iPod, iPad
  • It uses a Class D amplifier