Samsung Wireless Bluetooth LED Bottle Speaker – Grey, High quality product.

Looks nice and is aesthetically pleasing, but the sound isn’t good enough i have a £30 bolse speaker and it wipes the floor with this one.

Yes i was totally happy with my purchase thanks.

Great bit of tech, doesnt seem to quick charge though.

Key specs for Samsung Wireless Bluetooth LED Bottle Speaker – Grey:

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  • Dazzling 16M-color LED Lighting – Use the Bottle design as an eye-catching light stand. Its beautiful 16M-color LED lighting unit accentuates your indoor settings.
  • Lux Manager APP – Use the Lux Manager app for more detailed LED colour setting control. Choose from a range of colour themes and customize settings to your heart’s content.
  • 360° Surround Sound Speaker – Equipped with an innovative 360° surround sound speaker unit, the Wireless Speaker Bottle design allows you to enjoy a rich audio experience no matter where you use it.
  • Wireless Charging – The Bottle design is compatible with both wireless and cable charging. For a wireless charge, simply place your speaker on the wireless charger.
  • Dapper Design, Easy Control – A unique, bottle-shaped design makes this speaker a cool interior item and an instant conversation piece. Its practical knob and build makes it easy to carry.

Comments from buyers

“Nice bit if kit.
, Fantastic product!
, Five Stars

Very loud for the size and looks really nice.

Perfect for my bedroom, light effects are cool too.

Small but great sound much better than the sound bar i have.

Absolutely love it , it’s perfect. My granddaughter takes it to bed turns the lights on and listens to audiobooks. I use it in the garden at night with lights on music playing.

As a gift so not used it myself – but a hit with the teenager i gave it to.

Great sound considering its size. Only minor issues such as the lack of display. The only way to know your battery is running out is via your phone or an annoying audible warning.

Samsung wireless bluetooth led bottle speaker – greyi’ve been wanting to buy a little wireless speaker for around the house, and this bottle speaker fits the bill perfectly. The sound quality is excellent – not quite top quality hi-fi standard, but it’s portable, so totally understandable. It’s so easy to use – before playing music for the first time, you charge it up with either the usb/micro-usb cable that comes packaged with the bottle, or you can stand it onto a wireless charger, and charge it that way. I’m using a non-samsung branded wireless charger, and it works just fine. Pairing with your phone is really easy, and to turn the bottle speaker on, you press and hold down the power button on the bottle, and you can hear when it’s on, as it makes a little sound. (it does the same when you press the power button to turn the bottle speaker off. ) the white part of the bottle speaker also lights up, which is where the fun starts. You need to get an app called lux manager (available through the android play store), and once you’ve downloaded the app, you’re ready to let your bottle ‘shine’there are various different options you can choose for your lighting – have the light ‘dance’ to the beat of the music, or have it on the ‘breathe’ option. There’s a huge colour spectrum to play with, with specific colour tones to relax you or perk you up. There is also a really handy shut down feature, whereby you set how long you want the bottle speaker to glow and/or play music, and then when the timer runs out, the bottle speaker turns itself off, and stops playing your music – great if you love falling asleep to music.

Works great, however sound could be better.

I love this bluetooth bottle speaker. I bought it specifically for my massage business and it’s absolutely lovely and the sound is great.

I bought the samsung scoop speaker after my last portable speaker got damp in the rain and stopped working. So far i have been really impressed with the sound quality, loudness and build quality of the samsung scoop. It has a drilled metal grille over the speaker with a plastic ring around the outside that contains the play/pause button (also activates bluetooth pairing mode) and also volume up and down buttons. The sides are made of a solid feeling plastic with a power button and a rubber seal that hides the power and aux in slots. The base is a brown rubber material that has the sturdy pu strap attached to it. One of the key selling points for me was the fact that the scoop is splash proof, i love listening to music when out in the garden or in the park and thanks to the british weather i quite often get caught in the rain so not having to worry about another speaker getting wet is a huge relief. The scoop also has a microphone built in which means that i can receive calls without having to get my phone out when in the garden or worry about that getting wet either. The scoop came in a well designed compact box, with plenty of protection thanks to a stuck down plastic moulding. The speaker was also wrapped in protective plastic, which gave it a really premium feel and also helped to protect it from scratches and damage when initially using it. Pairing the scoop with my phone couldn’t be easier, i simply turned it on and pressed the bluetooth button on the front and it immediately appeared on my phones list of available bluetooth devices.

Good little speaker, not loud enough though, still very loud but just not loud enough.

Good sound quality, not the most powerful, but really good price for the product.

I bought this as a present for my mum and she loves it. It’s so small and cute and the design fits in nicely in her flat, it’s very clean and simple and unobtrusive. The colour and design looks more like an ornament and people have commented thinking it was a vase or candle holder at first so that’s good. Mum’s not really a tech person so really didn’t want a huge ugly speaker taking over her living room or wherever she puts it. And it is so small she can carry it around the house with her, and i don’t have to worry about her taking with her into the bathroom either as it’s splash resistant. The sound is pretty great considering it’s size, and actually one thing i worried about was mum remembering to charge it, but as it has a 9 hour battery life so that doesn’t have to be her priority which is great. The little manual that comes with it is pretty great, i mean it was easy to teach mum how to use it as it is a very simple gadget with not a long of buttons, but this was good as mum isn’t so good with tech and at least she has a manual just in case. Also the buttons are on the top of the speaker and fairly large so good to access but maybe the symbols are quite hard to read as mum wears glasses, but she’ll soon learn where the buttons are so no big deal. She loves it and uses it every day. It definitely paired easily with my phone and apparently with mums too.

Love samsung great speaker lights are great for parties.

Bought my 10 year old daughter this for xmas for music and to double up as a night light. She loves it and still uses it often. Slightly expensive at the time. Could have a lil more punch but good for what it is.

Convenient size, attractive design and sounds good. Really impressed with this little unit. Obviously something so small can’t provide deep bass, but the sound is clear, with a nice tone and it’s quite loud enough for my needs. Exactly what i wanted in a portable wireless speaker.

When looking for a portable speaker nowadays, there’s a seemingly endless choice of models from a multitude of brands, but this one stood out to me due to the quirky bottle design and handle. The packaging was well designed, as you’d expect from samsung and made it look very professional and high quality. I ended up getting the wireless charger to complement it, and was glad i did as alongside the charger, it sits nicely on the sideboard, ready to be collected and taken outside or around the house. The quality of the speaker is top notch as expected with a samsung product, and like most bluetooth speakers, it’s very straightforward to get up and running with my phone (iphone 6s). The sound is pretty decent for the size of it and certainly a significant improvement on the phone’s speakers (which was the intention for the acquisition). The additional bottle speaker app from samsung is well designed and allows you to play with the light features incorporated into the top of the speaker. It’s a fun addition that could certainly work well in a party setting or with kids, but it’s nothing i’ve used regularly (works exactly as promised though). Overall, i’m very happy with this speaker and will be no doubt using it on a regular basis due to its portability.

I got this in a bundle from vodafone for free, it is fantastic. Looks stylish, sounds great and i love the simplicity of the user interface.

Love it 😁 very expensive but well worth it, keep and read the instructions also download the app and it’s amazing, looks amazing too great design fantastic battery life and surprisingly loud top volume if required.

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