Samsung SWA-9000S/EN : these work great with the MS650 sound bar

Spot of tracking service from this seller. Saved a fortune on high street prices. These work great with the ms650 sound bar. Really add to what is already an amazing sound bar.

Arrived around 1 week later than expected. Item was very good, works well with my soundbar.

Edit : – first item, didn’t connect and had to be returned. Second item (working)fantastic audio quality from both speakers. You are able to increase the volume for the rear speakers on my ms-650 soundbar which does help as the default volume is abit low even for a small room, however speakers are changeable as it only requires + and – connection if needed for a bigger room. Wouldn’t say worth full retail price seen at £249. 99 but getting this item so cheap i’m very impressed adds great immersion to video games and movieswould recommend going through settings to get what works for you.

You can turn the volume up to 6 if needed however the quality is tinny and broken. Certainly wouldn’t of wanted to pay the 250 high street price for them. I’ve had better mp3 speakers. 1 works as expected but having to constantly change volume settings and sound modes between movies and tv is a royal pain. Just not the quality i have come to expect from samsung.

  • these work great with the MS650 sound bar
  • Very happy with these. Happy to recommend.
  • Fantastic addition to my Samsung HW-MS650 Don’t believe those that

Samsung SWA-9000S/EN

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These are the genuine samsung wireless surround speakers and at the time of my purchase much cheaper than buying on the high street or from other sellers. These work great with the samsung hw-ms550 sound bar. The wireless dongle is included in the package along with a remote and 2 fixing bracket to fix the wireless dongle to your soundbar depending on whether it is wall mounted (you need the samsung wall mount kit for you tv for this) or just sat on shelf/tv cabinet. The speakers themselves are wired to the control unit by thin grey speaker cable but this then connects via wireless to the soundbar. I put the control unit out of view behind the settee and it works great. You can choose to use surround mode or the normal modes that the soundbar has (movie, music, smart etc) in which case i believe the soundbar just outputs is the same audio to the rear speakers (just quieter). They also work if you are using the soundbar to play music just the sound from the rear speakers is obviously not as loud as the main sound bar. It does have a nice effect of filling the room with the music though. If you have trouble getting the soundbar into id mode or lining to the surround control unit on initial setup like i did just turn off the soundbar leave fo a few 20 seconds or so then tun back on and try again immediately. Incidentally it also worked with the soundbar when i set that up initially as i couldn’t get the samsung multiroom app to connect the soundbar to my wireless. Update 05/04/2018its also probably worth mentioning that make sure you have the sound output of your tv set to dolby digital as apposed to pcm to get the full benefit from the surround speakers if you have purchased them also. To do this on a samsung smart tv go tosettings – sound settings – expert settings thenset digital output format to dolby digital not pcmif you have the surround speakers swa9000s wireless rear speaker kit with built-in wifi in black then you can also adjust the volume of the rear speakers from within the samsung multiroom app.

Excellent addition for the sound bar, very easy to set up.

Wasn’t too sure about buying these having read so many negative reports but i am now glad i did. They work extremely well with my hw ms6501 sound bar. Extremely easy to set up even for me ( o. ) just screw the wireless module on, plug it in. Plug the speaker cables in, colour coded to make it even easier. Plug the main unit in, switch it on, pair it up with the sound bar and away we go. I don’t understand where people say that they are too quiet. You can adjust the volume using the sound control setting on the remote. I have mine set at +2 and this works perfectly for me. I can thoroughly recommend these speakers.

Very easy to set up and looks good they add to the overall surround sound but the back speakers are tinny.

Makes the mw650 speaker sound bar fully surround sound when added. This was easily done with the press of a button on the sound bar. It is more subtle than in your face surround sound but good never the less. Managed to get this from amazon 3rd party seller for not far of half the price asked for by big stores in uk.

Installation easy with instructions. Limited information on how to adjust parameters ie rear volume. Managed to find it out from my sound bar manual. Smaller control box than expected but makes it easier to conseal. Over all sound from bar very much improved. Should be sold as a complete option with sound bar.

Very pleased just what i wanted sound great.

Great , completes all my samsung setup and finally 5.

These add surround sound to my soundbar, nice touch to add to the sound plus bar. For the ones moaning they are really quiet need to change the settings in the tv to dts neo for them to be constantly on, if you set it to normal dolby digital they will only come on if things are in dolby digital. Also set your sound bar to smart and they will come on aswell, if you press settings a couple of times on the remote you get rear volume you can higher or lower the volume on the rear speakers. So to the ones who send these back because they aren’t in or quiet haven’t really explored the settings. It was easy for me figure it out.

Typical samsung there goods are solid. Decent amount of wire but it can be extended. Bit of a fiddle to get set up but you can tell the difference when there on. Don’t expect mega sound all they do is enhance sound effects and music. Also wireless box not like the photos. It’s not big it’s the same size as a router box.

Have to adjust volume on the soundbar to max for rear speakers. Smple setup and quality product.

Bought these to go with ms650 soundbar. The sound is optimized from the systems when the output format is 5. They provide that extra space and sense of direction in the sound. Voices behind you, teeth chatttering, chopper flying overhead, those type of effects. But they also work really well when playing late music at low volume, as i have them mounted on stands at ear level, left and right of the sofa. You feel closer to the sound. I intentionally avoided the use of the word ‘surrounded’ there.

Fantastic addition to my samsung hw-ms650don’t believe those that say that the sound is too low (you can adjust them up quite a lot) or that they are not good quality (just watch a 5. 1 movie in netflix and you’ll see the difference).

World class sound from samsung set up in 15 mins the company i got from amazing service £150 cheaper than curry’s. Sound is amazing forget what others say it great.

I have just purchased these to go with my samsung hwms650 sound + all in one smart sound bar. Although a tad expensive for what they are, they definitely enhance the overall sound from the sound bar. The speakers are quite small – about 6 inches high. However, they do manage to output a really impressive level of sound, which is easily controlled using the sound bar remote. Perhaps not to hi-fi quality, but i am very happy with them. They could be easily wall mounted as there is a screw mount hole on the back of each speaker. The wireless receiver is easily hidden behind the sofa. The dongle supplied is fitted either underneath or to the back of the sound bar using one of the 2 mounts supplied. Straightforward instructions are provided and they are easily set up. When connecting the speakers to the wireless receiver, do not insert the cable wires too far into the back of the speakers or you will not get a good connection as the plastic sleeve on the wires will impair contact.

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