Samsung Original LEVEL Box Slim Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker – – Excellent purchase

Purchased whilst at 65% off, so a big thumbs-up.

Really great especially for the price. Fantastic batteryblife, decent volume from such a small thing. Great for use in kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or garage / home gym. Nice coral blue green colour.

Probably the best mini speaker i have bought so far.

Great item lovely sound ,connected in seconds.

A big sound from a small box. I used it allot but only charged it once as it also can be used as a charger for phones too.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great product
  • Samsung is great, Bluetooth isn’t!
  • A big sound from a small unit

Amazing sound take it every where. Nust as goid as a bug speacker.

Surprisingly good sound for a small device and has now been slipped into the baby buggy so that we have a speaker where ever we end up.

Sounds great with balanced sound.

Only downfall is bluetooth, the technology just isn’t good enough so occasionally the sound drops for a second or two. I don’t know if it’s bluetooth, samsung’s software or the speaker itself, but i have two of these and connect with the samsung level app. Getting them to both connect is always a chore, and god forbid you pause for a moment, even taking a call on your phone disconnects the speakers. These would be so much better with aux inlets to wire them up.

Great price and better, lighter than my previous slim boxes.

Sometimes doesnt turn on but if you press a longer time it comes back on.

Great speaker, just what i wanted.

Really good little speaker and with great sound quality.

Pairs easily, battery life is fantastic.

Perfect sound for using it as a living room speaker or for watching movies and series on the tablet in the bed. Not made for listening outdoors with big bass music like other speakers of its type. Also has a veeeery long battery life.

It’s ok at the price it is now, but certainly not incredible value for money. At the original £100 price tag. It produces decent quality sound with limited volume, but respectable for the compact size of the speaker i suppose. This came free with my galaxy s9+, would not have bought it otherwise.

Great speaker, i paid full retail price and would probably recommend at that price, sounds decent has good low end, doesnt distort easily, can survive a good 6ft drop on to concrete and is water resistant, doesnt have nfc or a 3.

Not a bad little speaker for the bathroom. Got this free with my phone but no way is it worth a ton. I see it’s £26 here which is about right. I’ve got an anker mini bluetooth speaker for £45 which blows the socks of this thing so if you’re looking for cheap and cheerful then this is fine but don’t expect any more. It’s misleading to think this was ever retailing at £99. It’s lightweight and lacks bass but ok for quite tunes. If you want more then pay more and choose one of the other smaller brands knocking out great little speakers at great prices.

Yes it is very goodso bought second one.

Compact, great sound quality and reasonably priced bluetooth speaker. Idea for in home use or if you’re out at the beach or in the park.

Received this as part of a promotion (while buying the galaxy s8). It’s better than most laptop speakers, and it keeps a charge quite well since it doubles as a power bank. No nfc capabilities, even if the description mentions it.

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Samsung Original LEVEL Box Slim Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Red
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