Samsung HW-H750 320W Wireless Sound Bar System : Love it, love it, love it!!!

Very pleased with purchase and quick delivery.

Thought long and hard about spending this sort of money on a sound bar. But it was really the only way to go. You really get what you pay for. Also we had samsung tv and everything talks, including mobiles and i pads. Fantastic bit of kit, it really is. The sound is amazing, deep and rich and no distortion. Here are the specifications for the Samsung HW-H750 320W Wireless Sound Bar System:

  • The most flexible way to grow your audio system: Now it’s easy to enjoy your music anywhere in your home, from any source you own. The Samsung Multiroom Link mobile app remotely controls volume and music on your system across different devices, including your TV, Soundbar, Home Entertainment System and Blu-ray Disc Player. You can also use the app to create your own wireless surround sound system with multiple speakers.
  • Enhanced surround sound from a wider range of listening positions: With Surround Sound Expansion, your Samsung audio expands the optimal listening area and elevates the height of the sound to the level of the TV screen, so there is no disconnect like with conventional speakers, just richer surround sound that seems like its coming straight out of your TV. Now you can enjoy a realistic, lifelike sound experience with truly immersive surround effects.
  • The wireless way to upgrade your TV sound: Connect your TV and Soundbar easily through Bluetooth to gain better sound with TV Sound Connect. The absence of trailing wires between the Soundbar and TV allows you to showcase the slim and sleek design of both systems, while maintaining a clean look in your living environment. Easily control the Soundbar and TV from a single TV remote. You can simultaneously turn on and manage the volume of your TV and Soundbar with Bluetooth or HDMI connectivity.

Excellent quality & easy set up.

I have one of these in the uk and use it for tv sound via hdmi arc and my sony tv drives the sound bar well my apple tv is linked to the sound bar via the tv and hdmi and direct via toslink allowing me to play itunes through from my iphone or macs without having the tv set on – wonderful (i have to use the samsung remote to turn the sound bar on this way) but other than that in either mode the driving device’e remote control tv or iphone controls the sound bar – excellent. My only slight issue with the bar is one can’t change the valves (as we call tubes here) seemingly – a shame. I think the device is great, turn down the leds lighting the base of the valves and you can see the cathode heaters. Its not audiophile kit but it is infinitely better than the speaker in my telly and i haven’t need to get a room full of plasticky 5.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Love it, love it, love it!!!
  • So far so very good
  • Like so many others
  • Improves TV Sound
  • firstly excellent service by the seller delivered promptly

Massively improves the tv sound and doubles up as a decent music system.

Music 5 stars, movies 5 stars, general tv 5 stars. Having the wireless sub is awesome, works flawlessly with the samsung multiroom app on all my android devices and connecting via soundshare to the tv was effortless.

One thought on “Samsung HW-H750 320W Wireless Sound Bar System : Love it, love it, love it!!!

  1. Firstly excellent service by the seller delivered promptly. Firstly excellent service by the seller delivered promptly, great product sound is amazing. Been along time since i was told to turn it down by my kids lol.
    • Admittedly expensive but if it persists to give us longevity of pleasure then it will be worth it.
  2. Like so many others, purchased the sound bar to upgrade the sound from the flat screen television. I have a panasonic flat screen that is two and a half years old and struggles to give adequate audio. On delivery the sound bar packaging was found to be badly damaged and so were the contents. The sub-woofer case broken at one corner. After contacting the supplier via amazon, the damaged goods were replaced very promptly and the sound bar soon up and running. Setting up was easy, although my tv does not have a hdmi out socket the audio out works perfectly well (the hd recorder is connected by hdmi). Synchronizing the sub-woofer with the sound bar via blue-tooth is straight forward (3 metres apart). Operation of the sound bar relatively easy with the remote provided. Once set up the tv remote will operate the sound bar volume.
  3. This review is from : Samsung HW-H750 320W Wireless Sound Bar System for Home Theatre

    Very happy with this soundbar . Such clear sound from all volumes .

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