Samsung 342 – Powerful sound system.

Occasional connectivity issues when connecting more than one speaker. Better off with a sonos set.

Excellent speaker virtually plug in and play great sound quality.

Good speakers but beware samsung’s claim of cinema surround sound. Bough 2 x m5 speakers, a 4khdtv, plus hw-751 soundbar and and wireless hub in response to the samsung advert: – ‘want better sound in your living room?. Just combine the samsung 7 series soundbar with two m5 speakers to enjoy cinema surround sound’. A great picture and smart tv but i’ve spent 2 months emailing samsung uk to resolve issues, without much success. Hd satelite tvcinema surround sound only works with dolby 5:1 broadcasts (hardly any on uk tv channels) otherwise there was no sound from the rear m5 speakers. Samsung did a recent firmware release to provide sound when watching non dolby 5. 1 channels but it is not stereo. They say ‘ there are no plans for any further updates or alternations in respect of this’. So much for their ‘cinema surround sound’ claim. Netflixdolby surround sound works fine on netflix but there is a horrible lip-sync problem which can only be resolved by exiting and restarting netflix.

Setup: sammy tv, hub, hw-750 sb and now 2 of these m5’s. M5 – good quality speaker, bigger n heavier than thought. Love the radio instant play button. As to the whole wireless audio solution would say a bit hit n miss. Streaming audio to multiple devices (speakers) in your network is after all problematic. Knowing this i did not buy the system for creating 5. 1 surround i bought it for it’s multiroom application or in my case same music to all speakers. There is a warning of syncing more than 2 speakers but on a decent quite network haven’t noticed any issues indeed the sound is fantastic. So for me perfect cheap non-sonos solution.

  • Good Speakers but beware Samsung’s claim of Cinema Surround Sound
  • Samsung M5 Speaker
  • Product is fantastic for price and performance
  • great speaker easy setup.
  • Brilliant speaker
  • Powerful sound system.

Samsung 342.5 x 113.2 x 168 mm Speaker System

  • The easiest way to access all your favourite tracks
    Now you can listen to all your favourite tracks, from all your devices, anywhere in your home. The Samsung Wireless Audio Multiroom brings all your music together in the palm of your hand. You can access your tracks wherever they’re stored, which includes your smartphone, PC, tablet and more. You can also enjoy all your favourite online streaming music services. Thanks to Bluetooth and NFC technology, pairing with compatible devices is quick and easy.
  • A true wireless speaker system
    Even without the hub or a router, your Samsung Wireless Audio Multiroom speaker offers true wireless connectivity. Now you can enjoy internet music services with total convenience and superior audio through a single high-quality speaker. That means you don’t have to be sitting near your PC to listen to your favourite live-streaming internet radio show or use music-on demand services anymore. With the freedom of a direct wireless connection, you can make the most of online music.
  • Simple 3-step installation
    Your Samsung Wireless Audio AllConnect can be set up more quickly and easily than any other multi-room speaker system. The simple 3-step installation means you can enjoy great audio without delay. Plug & Play auto-connection streamlines the process of linking the hub to your router. After that, all you have to do is wirelessly pair it with the speakers and your devices. You can access all your music with no cables and no hassle at all.

Well design and the sound system is good. Love the shape of this speaker.

Good deep sound and looks great. . Big fan of samsung and these have met my expectations, very stylish, really good deep sound with added features through the app was a bonus. Negatives – ethernet cable is very short, sometimes seems to take forever to load your songs database and the original app was very easy to set up and use but the update doesn’t always do what i want it to. However only had the update to try for an hour before going on holiday so just may take more time to get used to it. Summay, speakers great but app update needs tweaking, would still recommend though.

Excellent speaker, really easy to set up, easily fill a room and looks greatdefinitely recommend along with the m7 which is the bigger version. The samsung app also is very intuitive and easily to navigate.

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  1. This review is from : Samsung 342.5 x 113.2 x 168 mm Speaker System

    Very easy setup to samsung phone,and tv. Listening to radio is great too. Really would recommend ,especially at this price.
  2. This review is from : Samsung 342.5 x 113.2 x 168 mm Speaker System

    Product is fantastic for price and performance. Product is fantastic for price and performance. If you have problems use access points/routers then you need to buy the media hub. Works flawlessly and definitely just as good if not better than a sonos equivalent. I use and install all such av equipment and found it very intuitive and has great acoustics from such a sleek design. Nice to see some competition out there and better features, well to me anyway. I use a htc one and samsung s3 and tablet for control with no issues at all.
    • Speaker up to wireless reuter it is a very good appliance, with a substantial sound from such a. Once you have set the speaker up to wireless reuter it is a very good appliance , with a substantial sound from such a little device.

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