Roth Sub Zero TV Soundbar, too old for bass

Bought this from richer sounds and i must admit its fantastic. For the price, i was expecting something average, but i’m blown away with how good it is. I tested transformers and the dark knight rises, it sounded incredible.

This has made a fab change to the sound quality of my tv. The sound wasn’t that bad but a bit flat. Total improvement but obviously doesn’t give a complete true surround sound.

Roth Sub Zero TV Soundbar

  • FX Processing
  • Built in Sub
  • HD Amplifiers

Bought as an early christmas present to my self as thesound from our thin tv was awful. Very nice sound, clear, crisp, and now with some bass. Nice connections,and have used it with my ipad listening to musuc , sounds very good. Nice heavy feel to the item, a quality built product.

Only worth it with optical connection. I did all my research and listened to one in-store but i was disappointed at first when i got it home. Maybe my lg tv has pretty good sound to start with but using the basic audio leads the tv and the soundbar needed to both be on full volume to hear and i wasnt convinced the sound was any better, in fact some spoken word programmes like sky news seemed worse. One of the two soundbar sound effect options seemed particularly disappointing. I am pretty good with tv boxes and connections but i had a frustrating hour after opening the box, not helped by the fuse in the plug provided being blown. Fortunately before packing it up for return and refund i remembered the optical audio lead that was surplus from my audio set up and connected the soundbar to my tv using that and now i am very pleased. Sky films, us action tv series like ncis and blu ray discs all sound much better, indeed so does sky news. With this set up i can leave the tv at normal volume (approx 25%) and switch off the soundbar if i want to just listen the old way or click the soundbar remote to try out the 2 soundbar effect options and quickly decide what is best for what i am watching. I can not understand why anyone would want to use this soundbar without using an optical lead unless your tv is really awful, if i was selling these i would only sell them for optical cable use otherwise i would feel i was cheating my customers.

I purchased the older model as i didn’t want the faff of the wireless sub woofer, and i had seen some reviews that said the sound from the sub was pretty varied (it could suddenly boom during speech, etc)i have tested sound from cable input from a pc sound card, and that was fine. I have also tested hdmi connections to a panasonic tv, and then optical cable output to the soundbar. This works best, and sound from a pc, and xbox connected to the tv via hdmi outputs really well to the soundbar. Even better, my tv can play network files, and if these are sent bitsream to the soundbar it can handle all the different audio codecs that i can throw at it. Sound is good, there’s plenty of levels to crank it up to, although no level 11. I think it is best suited to a small to medium room, i think it might struggle in a really large room.

Roth Sub Zero TV Soundbar : Excellent product if your expectations are realistic. Having previously tried a sharp ht-sb250 soundbar and found it seriously lacking in sound quality i thought i’d try the roth sub zero. I’m driving it from the analogue line output of my set-top box and haven’t tried any of the other inputs. The sound quality is excellent in comparison with the sharp product, it’s natural, balanced and relatively beefy and substantial. I have the bass set to +1 i think so nothing too excessive. Something that doesn’t even get fully mentioned in the product’s manual is that it powers up when a signal is detected on the selected input and powers down 15 minutes after the signal disappears. This means i don’t ever have to use the supplied remote, i adjust the volume with the set-top box remote and the soundbar turns on and off as required. This is in no way a substitute for a real surround sound system and it was never going to be at this price but if you just want to improve the sound of your tv for normal programmes then i’d say this is more than adequate. All in all i’m very pleased indeed with this product, it works a treat and sounds very good for such a low price.

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  1. Sound quality not far off units that’re twise the price. .Use the optical one instead. The surround mode is useless, you won’t want to use it other than to initially test whether there is any surround effect at all. Otherwise very happy with this purchase. People ask about it all the time and seem very impressed with the audio quality. A huge improvement over the rubbish speakers on flat panel tvs.
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    It met all the requirements, very good value for money nothibg else meets requirement for the same money on the market.
    • I had up until recently been the happy owner of a sony dav-is 10 home theatre which although a touch obsolete, was still a great piece of kit. However, my ten month old baby became attracted to the golf ball-sized speakers and tore the wires out two of them while no-one was watching. I decided that rather than spend ridiculous sums of money replacing it, i would have a look at soundbars. My dad had swapped his home cinema setup with one and was quite happy. There was no chance that i could afford what he had spent on his, so i decided to do a bit of research and find a good priced, well reviewed sound bar that would provide a decent cinema effect and deliver the goods on music. Based on that criteria, i kept coming back to the roth sub-zero, so decided to give it a go. I wasn’t expecting too much from it, as you can’t really top a full-on 5. 1 rig, but i was stunned at the quality of the sound.
  3. This review is from : Roth Sub Zero TV Soundbar

    Adding this has really improved the tv experience. The sound from most flat screen tvs is poor. This adds depth to the sound and is pretty good for the price. Invest in good connecting cables though.
  4. This review is from : Roth Sub Zero TV Soundbar

    Firstly this has much greater output than negative reviewers all over then net slam it with. Unless it is your only audio output device in a church, value for money this is great. I uploaded a video on you tube named roth sub zero output if you want to see what it is like from bottom to top on a internet radio channel. Here is the link if amazon allow it: http://youtu.
    • I looked for a reasonable priced sound bar to improve on tv sound. After some searching roth seemed to have good reviews. Not disappointed excellent quality, fast delivery 5*.
      • First impressions – much better than i was expecting. I bought this product (refurbished from another company) for £70 as a way of boosting sound from the bedroom tv. We occasionally watch blu-ray films upstairs and the lcd tv speakers are awful. I also wanted something that would be good with music via sonos. I have a sony blu-ray player connected via optical, a sonos connect hooked up to the rca and a sky now media box connected via 3. First impressions are that it performs very well. I’ve only played a couple of short scenes from the unstoppable blu-ray (think thundering runaway train) and the sound quality was surprisingly immersive and detailed. There was also a slight feeling of surround sound. It’s worth mentioning that i also have a yamaha ysp-3300 in the living room and have been very disappointed with both surround effects and music quality.
  5. This review is from : Roth Sub Zero TV Soundbar

    I really wanted to like this sound bar. It was set up with a good optical cable and when playing inputs comprised of music and films it was fine. 1 surround sound (i already have a system for that) but just a better day-to-day tv sound. Unfortunately, it seems to generate a distorted grunting background noise when the main input is human speech. Once you notice this, you tend to dwell on it and it becomes irritating. Its a shame, since it is generally very good. However, a tv sound bar that distorts speech isn’t really fit for purpose.
    • Well made but not as powerful as i hoped for. This is a well put together soundbar which does enhance the listening experience especially when listening to most music but it does lack power if you really want to ratchet up the volume of for instance rock music. I have a plasma panasonic tv and it works well with it.
      • Since i seem to be the one person in the world who isn’t fixated on bass, i do find it a little boomy but, it fixed to the wall beautifully with the fittings provided and the sound is very clear and has plenty of oomph – enough for the proms and still clear in the quiet bits, so all in all i’m very pleased with it.
  6. Great sound in an excellent package. Since i bought my lg 32lm620t tv for my study there’s been one thing bugging me about it – the sound. The images the television presents are excellent, but the sound is weak, lacking in bass and even sometimes buzzes. I decided to tackle the issue with a soundbar, but i didn’t require an av amp and surround speaker solution. This was just my study tv, not our main lounge. The roth sub zero fitted the bill and i ordered one via superfi here at amazon. From the off i was very impressed with the sound quality – in terms of power, clarity, stereo field and bass. The surround option – which is merely a wider stereo field – actually works very well when watching movies. I have the sub zero connected to my lg tv via optical cable. Doing this one has to ensure that the tv is outputting the sound as pcm as there is no onboard decoding on the soundbar.
    • Good bass and nice sound – equalizing a must on the source. I bought this for 78 pounds in superfi. This turned out to be one of a good purchases i ever made. Directly on to the pro’s and conspros:nice basslow costless space and light, only 3. I wouldn’t say its surround though. Cons:since this does not have a equalizer in it, the sound has to be controlled on the playing source. The bass tends to overtake the other frequencies sometimeslimited options, come on what more do you expect at this price.
      • Definite improvement over tv speakers. Good value for money, performs best with optical input and sounds best with dvds. Some tv channels can sound a bit boomy on the bass, however careful adjustment of tv sound settings can reduce this. Obviously this device is not able to produce 5. 1 surround sound experience but it does none the less enhance your listening experience.

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