Roth Audio VA4 Pair of Active Speakers – – Brilliant piece of kit

Considering how compact these speakers are, the sound is clear, crisp and can get very loud (if you want/need a decent volume). I bought to connect my old turntable (as they have a very useful phono pre-amp built-in) and the records sound better than ever through them. Bonus to be able to connect tv, bluetooth devices, i-pod and basically any other piece of equipment as well (cd, tapedeck etc) using the variety of inputs. (i had only one tiny problem during set up – i didn’t press the volume button in as you need to do to activate the audio connection – it isn’t entirely explicit in the user manual, but i wouldn’t mark it down because of that though. )it was brillliant getting rid of my poor old speakers, i-pod dock, external amp and various leads and now i just have a very simple but effective set up. Wish i had got them earlier.

Easy to set up with my daughter’s new audio technica at-lp5 deck and the sound quality is excellent. Nice that these are bluetooth speakers so my daughter can also play music through them via her iphone.

Just picked these up to provide a simple solution for a second home to listen to vinyl and bluetooth streaming, and was actually quite pleasantly surprised by the sound quality. Don’t expect the warmth and depth of expensive speakers driven by a high end tube amp and you will be very happy. Sound reproduction is natural, crisp and clear. Only reason i didn’t give them 5* is the remote quality, but they probably deserve it for everything else. Im not sure you could put together a set of speakers, phone-amp and amp for 2-3x the cost and sound as good. Here are the specifications for the Roth Audio VA4 Pair of Active Speakers –:

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  • Analogue and digital connectivity options
  • Seamless playback of music
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB charger included
  • Phono stage built in

Having had a couple of issues with feedback paricularly on bluetooth mode, the customer service team at roth were absolutely brilliant. They paid for direct postage back, supplied new speakers and were incredibly quick and friendly. I now have a fantastic looking and sounding multi purpose set of speakers.

Simply brilliant for the price. Punch above their size as far as sound is concerned too, and i’ve previously owned bigger speakers.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Product Has Quality Control Issues
  • Superb sound, compact, no Phono box needed!
  • Smart, compact and VERY loud speakers

Speakers itself in total- design, sound – perfect, but one thing – remote controller – from the very beginning it was working hardly, you had to press hard buttons to do something, and finally after 1. 5 year it stopped working completely – it’s enoying i know i can adjust volume from the back big button, but bass and treble – there’s no other option apart with the remote controller to do it, so i can’t enjoy listening my records fully. Tried to contact roth ten times – nobody replied to my e-mails how to get replacement for the remote controller.

Completely fantastic sound, i love them.

Fantastic speakers for anyone looking for a simple but great quality setup for a turntable. Having bluetooth is a added bonus for a cheaper set of speakers.

Impressed with speakers just what we wanted for our record player.

Great speakers (all of the glowing reviews on the internet back this up) for what i need. Mine do have an issue of electrical noise being audible at low volume from new. Similar to cellphone noise you can get from audio equipment even though my phone is not close by. Started off only when bluetooth is connected but yesterday it became evident in other input modes too.

Brilliant sound, very pleased and connected straight to turntable with no issues.

Were for temporary until i got my full set up. Got my turtable playing through it and galaxy s7 on bluetooth. Might keep it as permanent setup. Great sound for small speakers.

I had previously given these 5 starts but i have noticed similar issues that other people have experienced. When in bluetooth mode there is a loud crackle noise that can only be muted if you put your bluetooth device on top of the main speaker which renders bluetooth mode useless. For me it is not a complete deal breaker as i bought these for my rega planar 1 record player. However the remote is also made of very cheap materials and buttons do not work properly as mentioned in another review. At this price-point you would simply expect better and i was left disappointed because of these issues.

Brilliant piece of kit, impressive sound output and quality for the size of the speakers. Because of internal amplifier, there is no necessity to fiddle around with additional cables and connections allowing a very quick set up with what ever devices are being used and then getting on with the simple pleasure of listening to the depth of sound that is produced. I can’t imagine there is much that cannot be connected for audio input, but as everything i use from my mobile devices to ‘vinyl’ works , then i’m not bothered to investigate further .

Superb audio quality at this price. Top class technical support.

Great speakers, fantastic clear sound. Ability to connect to a turntable is excellent. Paired with a suitable subwoofer and they are great for films, gaming and music.

High quality active speakers. The sound is clear and crisp with decent bass for small speakers. They pair really quickly with my ipad and the remote is useful too. There’s plenty of volume on tap. If you read the reviews of any or roth’s products, it’s easy to see why this company has such a good reputation and this influenced me in choosing roth.

I read about these speakers in a vinyl-lovers magazine and they gave them a high rating. I was about to buy a new record turntable to play my old vinyl, and what i also liked the idea of, was that these speakers have a built-in `phono` amplifier, so no need to purchase one costing an extra £60 minimum. My rega planar 1 turntable (£249) plugs straight into the main speaker via the rca connection cables from the turntable, links to the other speaker via the cable provided, and bingo, great sound. The remote handset allows volume, bass & treble to be altered, and has wide latitude with both base & treble. I have mine floor mounted, using the small rubber feet provided in order to avoid vibration. Neat and compact, don`t be fooled by their small size, they pack a punch. Nice and loud in my medium-sized room, no need to mount on stands. The fabric front covers can be removed for a more hi-tec scientific look. If you plug it all in and have no sound, remember to press the volume control on the back of the main speaker inwards in order to activate. Great value, highly recommended.

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