RIVA TURBO X Premium Bluetooth Speaker, Lovely

I bought it with high expectation and initially i was a bit disappointed. These were so hyped up, i was imagining something that these just ain’t. However that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a 5 star rating. This speaker needs some burn-in time both for the speakers to loosen up and also for one’s brain to accustomise to the signature, and after that the true potential of the riva turbo x become apparent. This is a pretty good sounding speaker. I would liken them a bit to the audioengine a2 with a bit of a plummy mid-bass hump. They have a very sweet midrange and clean, if somewhat rolled off treble. Certainly they are much bigger and bolder sounding than their small size would have you believe and there are moments when they disappear from the (albeit narrow) soundstage, which is phenomenal for this type of system. Power wise, it goes loud enough to listen at decent volumes and enjoy the music.

A couple of points to note about this speaker. Firstly when you turn it off it’s important to remember to also turn off the small red power button on the rear of the device if not the battery will be flat on next use. Secondly it performs best when given time to warm up. It connects by bluetooth to both android and apple devices although android seems to work better. Also works with a cd deck wired. Good quality sound from a smallish, if fairly heavy, speaker.

It sounds amazing with any type of music. It’s not as portable as say ue boom and i would need to buy the official carry case i think if i wanted to lug it about but i am enjoying it immensely around the house. It’s a steal at the prices it’s going for on amazon now it really is.

Key specs for RIVA TURBO X Premium Bluetooth Speaker:

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  • TRILLIUM Sound Technology
  • USB Charge Port for Charging Other Devices
  • Speakerphone with Noise & Echo Cancellation Technology
  • 26+ Hour Battery Playing Time
  • TURBO EQ Mode for 100 dB Output

Comments from buyers

“Good bluetooth speaker but ultimately I settled on the Bose
, Massive thumbs up for a versatile product
, The best bluetooth speaker I’ve owned

Top quality sound and battery life. Best portable bluetooth speaker i’ve owned and by far the best quality sound and battery life. If you like your music loud(goes up to 11 volume)and crystal clear you won’t find better at this price 5*.

Having first purchased a harmon kardon go play which i found too bassy and returned, i settled on trying the riva. I am glad i did, as i think the sound is much more natural and closer to the separates hi fi system i used to have. Everything about the sound of the speaker seems just right – bass, treble, vocals and midrange. Its a neutral sound without the enhanced bass and treble of a lot of bluetooth speakers which after listening to for longer periods can become annoying. Its not the loudest of speakers but its loud enough for an average size room.

Astonishingly powerful and clear sound for its compact size. It easily delivers in a reasonable sized room. I like bass and that thumps out whilst delivering good mid range and high frequencies.

I’ve been holding back from writing this review so that i wasn’t giving my first impressions. I’ve had it now for a week, so it’s ‘burnt in’ it for over twenty hours. I’d done loads of research for the last two months, looking for the right bluetooth speaker. My girlfriend has a beats pill+, so i knew i didn’t want one of those. Initially i was looking at the jbl charge 3, then the ue boom 2, bose sound link mini ii, then the audio pro addon t3 (the cost of the dali katch and vifa helsinki meant they were out of the question), and finally saw the riva turbo x. I haven’t heard any of them irl, only just seen the funny german guy review them on youtube with the binaural mic setup. But to be honest i got bored of his videos, and can’t be bothered to wear headphones watching them, so generally i was relying on written reviews and the weight of positive and negative feeling on the interweb. The problem with online reviews as i’m sure everyone will agree, is there’s a champion for every single product out there – no one will give you a definitive answer. But the riva turbo x had so many positive reviews with the word ‘hifi’ or ‘audiophile’ thrown in that i decided this was the one to go for. Although £250 was too much, and i checked amazon price camel to check the lowest price, and £129 was the all time low, which it had been for all of 2 minutes about 6 months ago.

Cant get over how good it is.

Along with other reviews and the general hesitance to fork out for something i’d only see video reviews of, i was somewhat apprehensive re what awaited me. Fair to say that now i’ve taken the time to break the riva turbo x in, i’m now completely sold on it. I’ve play numerous devices through it, some using a good quality cable and of course, good old bluetooth. Using either my cowon z2 or plenue m with my favourite jet effect settings, this speaker has transformed from being rather flat (at first) to a very very detailed listening experience. I spent yesterday skipping through various tracks and with the exception of some tracks that just weren’t recorded well in the first place, i’m beginning to realise as just what all the fuss is about. I’m a big fan of the high end being very crisp and detailed, the turbo x handles this with great aplomb, the mids and bass come through equally as well, all very like hearing your music as if you have you favourite headphones/in-ear’s on. I listening to musing using etymotic er-4s and am now beginning to hear a very similar experience indeed, i really can’t ask for more than that. In addition to a very well made and substantial speaker, great battery life, the surround and ‘turbo’ features (frightened the living daylights out of one of my cats when it engaged) and the ability to also charge devices from the speaker, then you have quite an amazing package. If you’re in the market for a really high-end all-round experience, this has to be on your short list. After a few weeks of running in, i’m now extremely happy i took the plunge.

This bluetooth speaker system is off the hook. It is plenty powerful enough for my use. I would definitely recommend this seller.

I took heed of the reviews prior to acquiring the unit. I was not disappointed, as pairing took literally seconds, and the unit is so user friendly an dbeautifully thought out. For 80% of the time it will do the trick of transmitting believable music reproduction, for the other 20% the big $ sytem will fill in. The sound is all but of a bluetooth sound bar. The midrange is very well balanced with the rest of the frequency range, and almost nothing is amiss. It will let you enjoy music. After all, that what all music transducers should be able to do.

I was very sceptical about this speaker. And bought it according to the reviews on youtube. When i listened to the speaker. . At low and medium levels it was ok just on par with the bose soundlink 2. But as soon as you cranked it up it overtook the bose in bass clarity and sound was clean without an distortion. It maintained the bass even at maximum volume whereas the bose soundlink 2 compressed the bass to prevent distortion. This speaker is by far the best sounding in the portable speaker market and yes better than the bose. The battery life is 26hours at 75db and about 7 hours at 100db (max volume). I have played this daily at medium level for about 6 hours per day and it only required charging after the 4th day. The only minor gripe i have with the speaker is i could not tell much difference between the surround mode and normal mode.

Fantastic sound and great app. Allowing remote volume adjustment. Superb after sales service too ; when i needed another power unit these guys couldn’t be more helpful.

Every other speaker i tried pales compare to the riva turbo. The sound is flawless, crisp clear. Brings vocals to life and has a lovely rich bass sound. As you probably gathered from reviewes online, this is not a boom box. It is for those who enjoy natural exceptional sound. What i did notice tho, that if you like bass sound in low volume levels, use the turbo function (that big t button) and you get more bass in low volumes. Place the riva in a corner of your room and you’ll have a full rich sound. Absolutely love this product.

Excellent buy probably should be worth 200 pounds.

When you purchase a speaker it has to sound good and this sounds fantastic. Much better base compared to the riva s which i initially tried given the turbo mode increases the depth suiting rock/ dance tracks whilst classical/acoustic music works best with this disabled. Its a lot bigger and less portable than the riva s, or many other comparable products but fine for moving around the house and garden, although i would not want to fit this within my luggage allowance. I also borrowed a friends bose soundlink ii and it matched up well even though the turbo x is a lot cheaper. Having read the reviews on s and turbo x speakers i understand the comments on the hifi quality which could sound tinny to some but the turbo x enables this to be switched to a more immersive sound without losing clarity. Well its not that portable but if you cram 7 speakers into a box something has to give.

Finally arrived but was worth the wait, cosmetically its not the most attractive (a bit too shiny for my liking) but i followed the rules and played it at 50% volume for quite a while and wow. This is a great speaker, so much so i bought two, glad i did two days after it was back up in price, i also took advantage of the amazon interest free for six months too. For a bluetooth speaker the sound is superb i’m no expert but i know when something sounds good or bad, so fundamentally i’m a happy bunny, the only downside was the delivery it was quite late so that was the only disappointment.

I already have a ue boom which is in my opinion the best for throwing in a bag to go to the beach or wherever but if it is sound you are interested in then the riva turbo x is in another league. It is so much richer, fuller and louder sound. I don’t know another portable that can compare. Seller is europe based (i’m guessing italy since ‘altoparlanti’ is italian for speakers) but the package was despatched immediately and arrived 2 days ahead of when promised.

Minimal instructions but a great looking/sounding speaker. Yes,it’s a bit pricey but worth it & the surround is fab.

Nice sound, but using it to receive calls is a no go-too quite- they can’t hear you, you can’t hear them.

Amazing, very portable and great sound for its price, would recommend any day.

Trying to balance equipment that plays hi-res lossless files through an old-school amp and wonderful mission speakers against something portable but acceptable that will play spotify, streamed international radio and stread mp3s (and flacs) brought me to the riva turbo x. Riva’s ‘festival’ or even ‘arena’ offerings are redundant when i already have a system of good separates for formal ‘sit-down’ listening, and the riva s looks a little too small. It should be clear at this point that i was realistic about what bluetooth speakers can sound like. Having said all that, however, i really love this product. Streamed radio via an iphone whether for talk (bbc4, bbc world service) or music (such as bbc radio 3 – classical streamed as mp3 at 128kbps) sounds fantastic. Speech is particularly life-like with perhaps a bit of reverb caused by the multi-directional placement of the drivers. The net effect is that the turbo x renders streamed speech in a manner reminiscent of a good valve radio. This might not be a consideration for everybody, but it would render most of the internet radios out there utterly obsolete (none are going to sound as good as this) unless wired to a larger system. For music, the revelation is that it exposes the poor sound/recording quality of some material available via spotify. Streaming hi-res files playing via vlc through a macbook provides a benchmark.

Overall this is a very good bt speaker, i did a stack of research into different bt speakers and the reviews for the riva were so positive i decided to get one even though i couldn’t try it out anywhere in person first. I wanted something different and really appreciate good quality audio. I took the opportunity to compare this to the bose soundlink mini 2 which i am sure is a benchmark speaker for a number of people. I should say that i’m not specifically a bose fan (i’ve never owned a bose product), i just happen to know a lot of people who have one and are happy with it. Sound quality: toneboth riva and bose have good sound quality. What i noticed with the bose is that the bass is much higher at low volumes and it reduces as the volume is turned up. The bass on the riva was better than the bose at high volume but i felt that the sound at low volumes lacked dynamism with the bass hard to pick out when the volume was below about 80% volume. It depends on your preference here but i typically use the speaker to provide background music and i found myself positioning the riva in the next room in order to crank up the volume to get the full sound. If you want your music louder then get the riva, without a doubt it definitely sounds better than the bose with the volume at 80% or higher. Sound quality: sound stagethe riva has better sound stage than the bose.

A fairly decent bluetooth speaker. Not hi fi quality sound by any stretch of the imagination, could really do with a little more treble to cut through the mix. Will play at moderately loud volumes and battery life seems to be pretty much as stated. Perhaps a bit overpriced for what it delivers.

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