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Superb quality wireless speakers for all uses. Absolutely fantastic speakers – every aspect of them works well. I’ve had other wireless speakers, nominally the same sort of price, but was hooked by the idea, if not the quality of those. So these rimax speakers were a hopeful replacement, and what a great replacement. The rnage and power of the wireless transmission is superb – i have my pc in a room outside the double-skin wall of the old house, and the previous speakers had been a bit temperamental in some areas of the house. These rimax speakers just work anywhere. Strangely they are the same 2 channels of wireless transmission, and in fact the old speakers have been gievn a new lease of life with this setup. However, the comparison doesn’t stop there – the new speakers have volume control built into each speaker, which means they can be adjusted slightly to balance the stereo according to where they are placed and where you are sitting. Another advantage is that these speakers are self contained and don’t have to be carted around with a detachable base or an outdoor spike, like others. They are more solid and have a far better sound than any others i’ve heard.

Very pleased with the speakers.

The perfomance is even better than what i expected based on the technical specs. I liked the following: very good looking speakers. Solid and stylish very good sound very good coverage range. I had the receiver in my office upstairs and one in the speakers in my room and it worked perfect. Is even greater than the wireless signal of my laptopyou can easily connect it to any device including pc, tv, tablet and phonei didnt like: they leave fingerprints easily and you have to clean them after use (in case you want to keep them like new for ever) the buttoms are not very well veasible in the dark.

Key specs for Rimax Urban Wireless Speakers – Weather resistant for indoor or outdoor use.:

  • Water-resistant, cordless speakers with a unique design that can be placed in any part of the house, either indoors or out – Mains or battery powered
  • Cordless speakers with a range of up to 100 metres through walls and ceilings – Power RMS 2 x 3.5 watts – Auto-scanning speakers automatically pick up the signal from the transmitter
  • Each speaker has its own on/off switch, volume control and auto-tune button for signal optimization –
  • As connection is via a standard audio jack the speakers are compatible with most audio products on the market, such as MP3 players, iPod, television, home audio systems, PCs and much more – Adapters are included to allow to you connect the transmitter to 3.5mm and 1/4inch jacks as well as phono out
  • Unlike other similar speakers available in the market, you CAN add additional speakers to the system up to a maximum of eight. To do this you will need to purchase additional sets

Comments from buyers

“Superb quality wireless speakers for all uses, Very easy to use, good quality for their size, Brilliant for the purpose in hand, Rimax Urban Wireless Speakers, Ok speakers and ok sound quality, great universal set of speakers”

I bought the speakers after reading the reviews, the sound quality is pretty good for the price and i have them sat on the grass in the garden. The only thing for me was that for some reason i got it into my head that they came with a remote control for the volume level. It’s probably the picture as it appears to show a remote control, unsure what the little black rectangular box is, does it represent an mp3 player?anyway apart from maybe feeling a little bit conned by the picture i would consider them a good purchase.

When i placed my order for the rimax urban wireless speakers it stated there was a remote control,but when the order came there was not a remote control. I purchesd the speakers because there was a remote control because i am disabled i can not get up and down to turn it on and off and up and down. On the picture on the box it shows one,and the piture on the internet. Could you please send one so we can use the speakers thank you mr michael mclachlan.

This is the first time i have purchased outdoor speakers, they are fantastic, easy to use both indoors and outdoors, adjusting the sound levels is straight forward. Had lots of positive comments from friends about the product as well.

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  1. This review is from : Rimax Urban Wireless Speakers – Weather resistant for indoor or outdoor use.

    I bought these as a present for my student nephew – easy to set up and can be used outdoors – for the price the sound was excellent and he is ‘well pleased’ – the speakers are a funky shape and have a carrying handle – the wireless transmitter that you connect to your phone is only mains powered so no party in the park .
    • Ok speakers and ok sound quality. Well your not buying b&o speakers here, your buying these for the price, and for the price the sound quality is ok. The picture shows they come with a remote control but they don’t, have a look at the technical spec and supplied parts, its not actually listed. Makes me laugh the description saying they can transmit 100m, it just about works at the bottom of my garden which is 25m, unless someone walks in the line of sight then i lose the signal. However for bbq’s and parties they do the job as i mount the speakers on top of my shed and the signal does not get interrupted. It is great that you can buy up to 8 speakers and connect them altogether.
  2. This review is from : Rimax Urban Wireless Speakers – Weather resistant for indoor or outdoor use.

    Love these & so does everyone else. They look smart, have a nice weight to them, sound quality is good, and we have used them inside and out.
  3. This review is from : Rimax Urban Wireless Speakers – Weather resistant for indoor or outdoor use.

    Fabulous speakers – do exactly what we wanted, great for outdoors , parties etc. Good quality sound and can be as loud as you need/want.
    • Great speakers, great range, great price. I have been looking for a set of speakers i could use in the garden without having to bring my computer downstairs. These turned out to be the perfect solution. Other people have complained about not being able to have their computer speakers working at the same time, this is simply solved by using a headphone splitter thus allowing you to plug bith sets of speakers in. The set up of the speakers could not be easier and the only time i have had interference i simply turned the one speaker off and back on again and it worked itself out. I have now downloaded the i-tunes player app to my i-phone and i-pad so can control my i-tunes wherever i am in the house thus giving me the freedom i wanted. The delivery of the item was quick and when i found out that the plug adaptors were wrong i e-mailed the supplier and he quickly got back to me and sent the right adaptors.
  4. This review is from : Rimax Urban Wireless Speakers – Weather resistant for indoor or outdoor use.

    Anyone saying these are not good are lying. The first thing i noticed is that they are of a `quality` build and look like they will last a long time. The second is that the sound, albeit not the best `quality`, but is good enough if you have bbq`s or partys in the garden and cannot be bothered to run leads from your stereo outside etc. The third is the `quality` of service i received, second to none. Great product which does exactly what it says, will actually work up to 100m away, i tested it would recommend to everyone.
  5. This review is from : Rimax Urban Wireless Speakers – Weather resistant for indoor or outdoor use.

    Great universal set of speakers. I was having a bbq with about 20 friends round – didn’t want to trail speaker wires from hifi out to garden or blas the music from indoors – these speakers were perfect – whilst you don’t get a lot of bass the sound is absolutely fine and they are really flexible in terms of where you can put them – it rained a fair bit and didn’t cause a problem – also had no issues with any interference so no need to be pressing the autotune button – a great wee buy and i use them in my office now as laptop speakers as well. Only odd thing is no remote control provided or mentioned in the manual you get so why have it in the picture?.
    • Very easy to use, good quality for their size. These speakers are very convenient and easy to use. They work throughout our 3-bed house and garden, saving me wiring up the kitchen for sound and providing audio from the media pc during diy/gardening/cooking. The docs said they need a minimum of 7 metres from transmitter to speaker, but i haven’t found this to be a problem. With the addition of 6aa batteries (uniross 2700mah, lasted a few hours), they did a grand job for our pub quiz’s music round. Almost no set up is required – besides putting the slightly weird-shaped power adapters together, which convert from a european-style plug to a uk one. These adapters stick out a long way, but do the job and could no doubt be replaced if they didn’t fit where you wanted to use them. It’s worth noting that the 4 buttons on top (power, auto tune, volume up volume down) are electronic, not physical. That means they won’t remember your volume setting from last time they were on. You’ll probably want to turn them off when not in use as they can make occasional “fzzt” noises when there’s no signal. You also need to turn them on with the button each time the power is restored; hiding them on top of a high shelf or cupboard and only turning on/off at the wall wouldn’t work. Power consumption (ymmv, these are what i’ve recorded at the wall socket):per speaker, idle: 4wper speaker, full volume: 5wbase unit, idle: 3w (dropping to 0wbase unit, transmitting: 3wi’m no audio buff, but i’d describe the sound quality as good for what they are. They’re wireless speakers about 21cm high the speaker cone is less than 10cm across, so don’t expect faithful reproduction of your 320 mbps mp3s. They’re certainly better than even a modern portable radio and more than adequate for speech or background music.
      • These pair of speakers are ideal for streaming music into the garden for a bbq or even just for throwing music from a pc or laptop into another room. One slight issue is the plug, they are wired with non-uk plugs and come with very bulky adapters, which makes them rather unsightly.
  6. This review is from : Rimax Urban Wireless Speakers – Weather resistant for indoor or outdoor use.

    One of the best things we have bought on amazon great product. We love them so much we are going to order another pair.

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