Ricco 320 W 2 Channel tooth Soundbar Hi-Fi Speaker – Decent for the price

The main problem here is interference when using blue tooth items – both the ipad and ipod both experienced some notable humming when sent to the thing. But plugged into the source – i’ve replaced my pc speakers and it’s pretty good.

It provides a good sound and is easy to set up. The 320w performance bluetooth soundbar fulfils what it sets out to do. It provides a good sound and iseasy to set up to link up with your ipad, iphone or other tablets. The size should not be a problem, as it it is slender, but it may be wise to check the length against the space available. The functions and buttons are straightforward and it provides a good depth of sound from your devices. The fm radio, does not perform to a high level, and with dab being the optimum reception, i am not sure whatthe manufacturer was trying to achieve with this feature. Nevertheless, the fm radio is a bonus. The product delivers on providing a good level of sound and with it’s current price, represents a good deal.

Blown away by the sound quality of this. I was blown away by this product – amazing sound qualityi bought these to go with my xbox one and it works perfectly. Took minutes to setupexcellent bit of equipment. Highly recommended(it is quite big, i didn’t realize when i purchased but not an issue).

Remote not working and cant find way to buy new one ?.

  • It’s pretty easy to set up
  • What’s MARRS? Pump up the Volume? Let me plug this in.
  • Dead easy to set up
  • It provides a good sound and is easy to set up
  • Blown away by the sound quality of this
  • great piece of kit

Ricco 320 W 2 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar Hi-Fi Speaker with Home Cinema Music System

  • Bluetooth 4.0 AVRCP V1.4 Technology Wirelessly Compatible with Smart phones and tablets. Easy to Use Buttons and Remote Controls.
  • Remote Control Included, Soundbar Connections: Built-in Bluetooth, AUX-RCA Coaxial Optical input, FM Radio.
  • Soundbar Total Output Power: 32W RMS, Speaker Driver: 3.5″x2 + Dome Tweeter, S/N Ratio: 75dB, Frequency: 40Hz-20KHz
  • Compatible with LED LCD TVs, Wall Mountable, input sensitivity: 500mV
  • Soundbar Size(DxWxH): 1000 mm x 95mm x 155mm, Net Weight: 3.5KG

Needed a decent speaker to go with my samsung ue22h5610 which was not served to well by the old pc speakers i had plugged into head phone socket. I didn’t want to spend too much and this seemed to fit the bill. It is big as other reviewers and mentioned but i had somewhere to put it so that wasn’t a problem. I connected via the optical output and the way i have set the tv up means i have to use the speaker remote to adjust the volume. Not so good but that is a tv feature. The sound quality is very good and you can crank the volume up loud enough to annoy everyone else in the house, and few outside. All-in-all it is a very good item and i am pleased with it.

Got this as “as new” for £27. 00 and for that the item is a total bargain. Great sound and great connection to all bluetooth gadgets we have in our home. Got mine hanging on wall behind tv so now have a bit of bass when watching emmerdale :).

You can definitely do better for the price. Although i’m giving this 3 stars it’s probably closer to 3. 5 and, for the money, this is just not up to scratch. Straight out the box you can tell how cheap the lcd old school (not in a good way) display and click buttons are around it, you have choices for bluetooth, aux, coaxial and radio, all of which i experienced feedback from, especially the radio, which comes with one of those wire aerials you have to hang up somewhere, which i think is totally ludicrous for anything these days. The bluetooth didn’t connect to my ipad 2, but that may be trouble with the ipad instead of the bar as it did connect quickly to an htc one. The radio is poor, as i alluded to before. Nut overall the sound quality is surprisingly good, you can change the bass and treble to – and + values and also have the option of attaching it to a sub woofer. It’s worth noting that when connected to a tv in a medium sized room you do need to have the volume of the bar to the maximum (32), and there is a tiny bit of distortion when you do. Overall i think this is fine, but for this price you can get some well known reliable brands that are much better quality.

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  1. This review is from : Ricco 320 W 2 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar Hi-Fi Speaker with Home Cinema Music System

    My first worry about the product was its enormous size. There are much smaller and sleeker bars out there, but then obviously the point of this product is its low cost. It is wall mountable but personally i’d be worried about the weight. It is easy to set up, and we had no problem linking it up with bluetooth products. It comes with radio which seems a bit odd these days, and i didn’t find the sound quality or reception for it very good at all. For the other inputs, though, it does sound pretty good and clear. If you have an enormous room and lots of space for this thing, then spend a little, but realistically this is one area most people are going to spend a little more for the best and smallest they can get. I’m not sure there’s a niche in the market for cheap and huge.
    • A bit gimmicky and rough round the edges, but good value and good sound for price. . This is quite a large soundbar, and it feels built to a price – it’s not bad quality, but the display, buttons and fussy remote are all quite dated. I found it easy to set up and the sound quality was surprisingly good for the price, with a good high volume and punchy, clear sound. It wouldn’t satisfy real audiophiles but then you wouldn’t expect it for the price. I feel like they’ve tried to cram in extra features, such as the radio, but these really aren’t very well executed. I was surprised to see one of those old aerial wire things. I think they’d have been better off leaving out features like this and making it a pure soundbar device. Still overall it’s impressive for the modest price.
  2. This review is from : Ricco 320 W 2 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar Hi-Fi Speaker with Home Cinema Music System

    To be honest you cannot really criticise this piece of kit at the price. Bluetooth, fm radio, decent speakers, quite well made and looks good. Putting with my old panasonic 50″ in the bedroom and the sound is much better. Comparing it to my curved samsung soundbar i have in the living room, its awaful, but then i paid 10 * the price of the ricco , so its all i would expect.
  3. This review is from : Ricco 320 W 2 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar Hi-Fi Speaker with Home Cinema Music System

    Dead easy to set up, does everything that it says it does and more. Looks cool, display is useful, small, powerful and great sound. If you want something that’s as good as the best available at this price just buy it you wont be disappointing, will highly recommend ricco products.
  4. This review is from : Ricco 320 W 2 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar Hi-Fi Speaker with Home Cinema Music System

    I won’t go into lots of technical detail about this soundbar, as to be honest i’m not technically minded, and my only priority is how it sounds. It’s pretty easy to set up, and it was a quick and simple process to pair it to the various bluetooth enabled items we have. It was also quick and easy to use a wee extension cord to plug my aged ipod into the back of it. The sound is very good – not the absolute best if you’re a music purist, but it’s crisp and clear, the treble and bass controls do a good job of changing it to the kind of sound you prefer, and it will go to a good loud volume. I hadn’t realised quite how big this soundbar is, you’ll need a good amount of space if you want to have it on a surface, but it’s wall mountable – it is rather heavy though, so you’d have to make sure your wall can support the weight. This is a very good price for a good quality soundbar, i’m very happy with it.
    • Great value, strong sound, good for ipod owners. Plus points – really great price; great sound quality; good fm radio; even an idiot like me managed to connect this to my son’s ipod and play some of his music list; really good for ipod and ipad owners and those in a post cd world; bluetooth connected so you do not have to physically connect the ipad to the speakers. Less good points – bulky; a metre long so you have to have somewhere to put it, though it can be wall mounted; no digital or long wave radio; quite basic instructions which took a while to fathom. I am still trying to work out how to pre-programme the radio.
  5. This review is from : Ricco 320 W 2 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar Hi-Fi Speaker with Home Cinema Music System

    This sound bar is a bargain price currently and as such gets 4 stars for performance, at its rrp of a hundred it would have been three, as its a completely different price bracket. The box arrives and its big and you wonder how big this speaker is, thankfully its smaller than the box but it is large at about a metre approx. Do check it suits your space. Not sure why it’s described as wooden because as you see in pictures its black plastic. It looks nice and smart, would fit most decor. The instructions are basic and could have done with more descriptionthe unit comes with a remote and batteries, plenty of buttons on it. You can use this to control playback. Turning the unit on the display is very basic and the digets didn’t show properly. But now the good part- the important part- the sound quality.

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