Revo Supersystem – Five Stars

Pros:- superb looking piece of kit: it is looking grand in my living room- connectivity (physical and non physical)- sound is really great for voices: very clear, very enjoyable to listen to radio shows and podcasts- easy to use and configurecons:- remote control is huge and heavy. I don’t understand why it was designed that way when the kit itself is so slick- remote control interferes with my lg tv (and vice versa).

Fantastic sound, great old school design.

I bought this locally so i could check it in person rather than from amazon but as it is less known item i am happy to review here for the use of others. As a what hifi winner unit we would hope it is good quality and indeed it is. It has a large, room filling sound with high level of amplification including a sub-woofer. The sound mix can be controlled with separate treble, bass and switchable loudness in the user setting. It has a balanced sound that avoids bass boom. I strongly recommend turning loudness off immediately as it then opens up the sound to a significant degree. The features are great with dab, internet radio, aux in, network playing over wifi, fm, spotify bluetooth apt-x and usb plus an optical input (using with chromecast audio). It includes a nice chunky remote and top volume button. It will be better to download the undok app on your device and use this to control the item than do it entirely via the remote. This gives a bigger screen and more control.

I would definitely recommend buying revo – great product.

I actually was interested by the superconnect at first but i chose to give the supersystem a try mainly because this is a true stereo system. I was a bit affraid to put this amount of money for a ‘table radio’ but i am happy to have make this choice now. This is a special device for my hifi installation right now. I even use it with a pre-amplified vinyl turntable pluged in the aux input. Man, the sound is very impressive for such a small unit. Since one week i have tested several types of music with it and i can say that the sound is powerful and deep. What i especialy appreciate is that it gives a very neutral reproduction of the sound. I set the egalizer up this way : bass = 0, treble = 2 which is a mix of the jazz and rock presets and boom that’s it. By the way, i am a french customer. It took less than three days for me to receive my refurbished unit (mine looks like a brand new one) which is very nice i think.

I moved house and was recommended this when looking at sound systems for my living room – it’s been a great decision. It’s absolutely load enough and we use the bluetooth when guests are round. Get the walnut it looks good especially with white/grey walls or wooden flooring.

  • A really super Hifi system.
  • Seriously versatile bit of kit
  • A great piece of kit

Excellent in every wayi might go so far to say that this radio is changing my life4000 stations.

Having used the revo supersystem for two months now i can say that it is an excellent system and is probably one of the best sounding units of this type out there. However, there are some shortcomings which from a design, and therefore usability point of view mean that it loses a star from an otherwise excellent device. Chiefly this is the extremely poorly thought out design of the buttons on the unit. Not only is it nigh on impossible to read the legend by each one, the plethora of buttons mean it is also pretty hard to remember the position of one you consider to be important. The two most important buttons are the joystick and selection buttons which are naturally next to the main display (logical), however, the third most important button is the menu which should have been clustered with these other two. Instead its the second one tucked away on the second row (pretty useless if the light is not bright enough to read the minuscule text next to the button). The remote control doesn’t fair too well either with almost unreadable grey on dark grey buttons (dumb). Don’t these people use their own products in normal environments?. Come ona recent firmware update means the revo supports alac files from the mac (over upnp/dlna) as well as high quality bbc listen again content. However the unit can only shuffle a maximum of 200 tracks over upnp otherwise it will play your whole library in alphabetical order – not so good if you have multiple versions of the same song.

I’m revising a negative review i originally posted here, that i sent out of genuine disappointment and frustration at an expensive revo product that unfortunately developed a serious fault, that rendered it totally useless. It was a faulty microchip – a very occasional fault in any digital equipment owing to the microscopic scale of the engineeringbut i’m glad to say that i have since enjoyed a more positive experience, thanks to revo’s truly top-class customer support. The upshot was they immediately offered me a full refund in consideration of the breakdown of this brand-new radio, or alternatively, a replacement with discount in recognition of the serious fault in the first unit. I opted for a replacement, and they organized the courier service with no hassle for me at all. It has been a real pleasure dealing with such very committed and helpful people at revo, at their international base in scotland. They were as disappointed as i was with the failure of this unit, and really got weaving to sort things out. So please be assured that now i’ve been using my faultless new unit for a couple of months, it is abundantly clear that this supersystem is a very fine piece of engineering indeed, which is built up to a standard that makes it fully worthy of the premium asking price (although i still think the menu window is just a tad too small for older eyes). The set-up wizard is quick and helpful, and the range of internet stations – once my bt broadband hub stopped causing brief, sudden internet dropouts that at first scrambled the software, until the radio itself seemed to learn how to re-connect itself again almost immediately. – is a great enhancement for anyone’s domestic entertainment, and the dab capability – almost unbelievably in my ‘no dab coverage’ neck of the woods – is strong and stable just on the radio’s own aerial, and there’s even the more advanced dab+ capability built-in to future-proof this mode. The sophisticated engineering of the speakers produces amazing sound for such a small cabinet, and – with a good signal source – provides real hi-fi performance, with a subtle and quite expansive sound-stage that seems to float free of the radio and emanate from a broader area than the radio itself.

Sound = 5 stars : software = 1 starso the good – the build quality is amazing, set up is easy and the sound is phenomenal. The bass is rich, the treble is clear and it really pumps it out when you turn up the volume. But the bad – with build quality this good the software should have a user experience to match – but it is totally rubbish. The bluetooth drivers show the system as a remote headset which means it won’t play happily in the background whilst you do other things – so you can’t watch a clip, play a youtube video or take a voip call without the system sending the sound to the revo system or just freaking out and disconneting you. The undoc system should be great but half the time doesn’t find the device or doesn’t work when it does connect. I listen to a lot of spotify and the spotify connect just doesn’t. . The advertised functionality should work seamlessly, dab, internet radio, usb connect etc is all good but why of why does this system not work seamlessly from a mobile device or laptop?twice i have been told that there is new software updates coming but so far there has been no decent fix. Revo – with a system this good with such great build quality (and let’s face it – not cheap) your software should be just as good – sort yourselves out.

Bought this to upgrade from the superconnect. Luckily i haven’t sold the superconnect yet as, to me, its better. Audition it before you pay 500 odd for this.

Beautiful multi player system in every way. We live in a large house with router upstairs, the revo as far away as it could be in the kitchen but wifi is faultless. We were struggling to secure one for sale anywhere so out of frustration we emailed revo. One of the company founders emailed me directly and sorted everything out for me, what an amazing company – british audio at its’ best.

Great design, sound and materials. I use the internet radio and spotify which work perfect.

Black black in the kitchen and walnut silver in the bedroom. Sound quality and functions makes this unbeatable. The remote, smart phone control and physical control buttons make this unbeatable. Listened in depth to this against sonos, ruark and sony units prior to purchase. Sonos and sony were a good match for sound quality but both left in the dust by their lack of control options and lack of any real control without a phone in your hand which for me is a negative. The sony stsx99 was an equal in sound quality i would say. Not sure why the ruark gets good reviews for sound quality as i thought they were dull for premium products. Mainly use for fm radio, internet radio and nas streaming. All have great sound quality and all very easy to navigate.

Brilliant sound from a compact unit. Has pretty much all the connectivity you could need. I have mine hooked up to my brennan b2 so i can access all my cds with ease. My favourite radio stations accessed from multiple sources. This unit has got me enjoying my music again.

I bought the black face with walnut outer. Admittedly it is expensive but it sounds great and the features are spot on. You can get any staion from around the world as well as linking it up via bluetooth to any one of your tablets or mobile phone. The features are really intuitive to use. I also like the fact it is a uk firm.

I love the style of the unit, and sitting in front of the unit it sounded great. But when sitting at 90 degress to it the sound seemed somewhat flat. Replaced it with a sonos one which i am much happer with.

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