Q7Systems Ltd Bluetooth speakers 36 Watts Q7S® 4 : Great speaker, disappointing service

Wicked speaker, well worth the money.

Good sound but vibrate mode does work as well as dearer competitors and quite heavy for travelling.

Bluetooth speakers 36 Watts Q7S® 4.0 Vibration Portable State Of The Art Wireless bluetooth Speaker with Super Enhanced Bass & 3 Modes Sound Channels. Different Surface will Generate Different Sound – 3200mAH

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  • The Q7S-BT36W Vibration Speakers have unique leading Resonance Technology designed by Q7Systems Ltd. Superior State of the Art Sound Quality: 3 High-Performance Drivers (Two at left & right for ordinary speaker, the bottom one for vibration speaker). 3(2.1) channels with 3 Modes Sound switched randomly: Bass Sound Mode, Bass & High Power Mixed Stereo Mode, Power Stereo Mode.
  • Bluetooth CSR 4.0 Technology: Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. Instantly connects to your Smartphone or tablet from up to 66 feet away. Q7S-BT36W reconnects automatically to the last device used and has Built-in Mic: for hands-free calls. Auto connects.
  • NFC Connectivity: Simply tap and start your tunes in seconds with any NFC-enabled device, a feature absent from the vast majority of portable speakers. Instantly connect to your smartphone or tablet from up to 66 feet away.
  • This Unique state of the art Vibration speaker will Vibrate & You will hear different sound when playing different music notes from 360 degree omni-directions and on different surfaces.
  • True wireless Portable enhanced Bass Vibration Speaker 36 Watts with NFC feature, Built-in 3200mA Li-ion Rechargeable Battery. Compatible with All IOS Apple , Android Smart phones / Tablets, Microsoft Windows OS computers, AUX 3.5mm audio jack, connects to non Bluetooth sources, like TVs , CD, MP3 Players or PSPs.

Absolutely astonishing piece of equipment. It weighs just over 700g, thanks to the fact that it has been made to last and looks/feels mint. This speaker is actually moving objects on my desk because of the subwoofer. 36w does a really decent job when it comes to playing music, or listening to the radio. I’ve also watched a movie on my tablet, and because it doesn’t have good speakers (nexus 7 2013) i’ve connected this monster and oh boy. You will love this as soon as you lay your hands on it.

Okay, so if i’m honest, this was a great speaker, and i loved the design and the speaker in theory. I have previously used a 12w vibration speaker and wanted something similar with more power. The fact this had a mode that didn’t just make use of vibration is what sold it for me,i received the speaker and it was well packed, and came with a cable, so i charged it up and gave it a whirl, it was about 4 times the size of my old one, so i was looking forward to using it. I was disappointed in all honestly. Now do not get me wrong, it’s a great piece of kit, but for the price and what it appears to advertise, it just doesn’t have the power. The sound quality itself was quite good really, but didn’t sound very good unless you used the mixed mode. Obviously the speaker only mode seemed fairly high end, and flat, but this was balance out in the mixed mode by the vibration speaker. In vibration only mode, it just seemed too quiet, and even in the mixed mode, it was a lot quieter than i expected. In fact, my old 12w speaker was as on par for volume as this one, if not, louder.

Easy to use, good vibration technology, way way better than bose and what a price. The quality and the functions are amazing. A customer left negative review and i think it must be from other competitors. This speaker is milestone in bt technology and sound is so so amazing that i cannot explain.

Bluetooth speakers 36 Watts Q7S® 4.0 Vibration Portable State Of The Art Wireless bluetooth Speaker with Super Enhanced Bass & 3 Modes Sound Channels. Different Surface will Generate Different Sound – 3200mAH : Really enjoy this product and hearing the different sounds it can produce. On wood in the hallway it sounds quite magnificent. Only issue is the lack of charge indicator which means you are never sure how much battery there is remaining.

This bluetooth bit of tech is miss dynamite dressed as a speaker.

Just got this speaker today and its great but sometimes the speaker turns off randomly.

Love this speaker and tried to buy some for my friends in the sale, however after the orders were placed and money paid, i was emailed to say that i can’t order more than one speaker in the sale?. No reply to my query either. If they had told me i could just have got my friends to order them separatly. But by the time i was told the sale was over. A great pity because the product is genuinely fantastic i’m just disappointed that a satisfied customer that liked the product enough to buy more for friends was messed about.

 q7s speaker has an outstanding sound, quality, build and features. This product has revolutionised my sound system by pairing two individual speakers to my smart tv which worked as my personal cinema sound system. Both speakers synchronises easily via bluetooth technology as well connected via auxiliary cable. I don’t have any complaints what so ever with this product however due to unique vibration technology battery drains out quickly. It is recommended to charge speakers more than 70 % to get the best results. It is also recommended to charge the product fully before start using it since it would not connect without being fully charged. Dimensions are as follows:height – 13cmwidth – 8.

Very good sound quality, and stylish system. I would advise this to anyone looking for a wireless free speaker.

 this is an extremely good bluetooth speaker – it is head and shoulders above the others that i have tested. This seems to be due to a combination of size (as a general rule the bigger the speaker, the better the sound quality) and the vibration technology. The vibration technology can be switched on and off so you can hear the difference that it makes – i have demonstrated the difference in my video. The gold colour is a good match with apple’s gold coloured iphones & ipads. The best way to show you what this speaker is like and its features is via a video so i have made a video review. If you do not enlarge the video to full screen, it sometimes plays with sound but no video (a blank, black screen) – this seems to be an amazon glitch. To cure it, press the ‘full screen’ icon. If you are reading this on a mobile phone, you may be unable to view the video – you will be able to watch it on a computer or tablet. The only negative is the price. Only you can judge whether or not the price is good value.

Like everything dislike nothing.

My husband loved this, he uses it in the bedroom & takes it on holiday every time we go away.

Well pleased with this purchase, incredible sound for such a small item, love it.

I gave this to a teenage girl this christmas and she was delighted. Sounds fantastic, easy to connect on bluetooth, portable and most importantly it looks the business. Even better was that it was from amazon warehouse. Only disappointment was that she kept it, else i should have had it at age 57.

I have had a pure vibration speaker before, but found it lacking in treble. Small conventional speakers lack bass. The combination of the two seemed very promising. This unit does not disappoint. It is not high fidelity but gives the best overall performance for a small, portable speaker. The vibration coupling can buzz slightly for loud dunk-dunk music. I drive it using the aux input from my mp3 player. I was delivered promptly, was very well packaged, and represents excellent value for money.

Great sound for the size and pretty sturdy.

Have only managed to play it a couple of times but very impressed with the sound looks good will have to wait to see if recharges as it supposed to i bought another blue tooth speaker had to send it back due to the charging problem but amazon where very good at giving me my money back.

As an acoustic engineer, when i first saw this type of speaker i knew it wasn’t a gimmick and would be able to deliver bass like no other portable speaker of the same size. The question was, would it sound good for music besides dance?. Would the bass response be even?roughly speaking, the larger the radiating surface area of a speaker, the more efficiently it radiates at low frequencies. This thing turns your whole table into a radiating surface. I bought mine from amazon for £29. 99, a fantastic price for a portable speaker. The depth of the bass it produces cannot be matched by other portable speakers of the same size and weight. For watching netflix then it is ideal. The mid-treble speakers sound very good. It does a good job of many dance genres.

Great value speaker for the price. Plenty of volume, rich sound, though a little muddy in the bass.

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Bluetooth speakers 36 Watts Q7S® 4.0 Vibration Portable State Of The Art Wireless bluetooth Speaker with Super Enhanced Bass & 3 Modes Sound Channels. Different Surface will Generate Different Sound - 3200mAH
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