Q Acoustics Q2010i Wal, The quality of make is excellent and the sound is superb

My requirement was for small speakers for desktop use with a computer, but also to play cd’s, and suitable for classical music. These speakers were chosen after careful on-line research (no, i bottled and didn’t do listening tests). I found they had consistently good (4 or 5-star) reviews by hi-fi publications, and they were small enough to fit on my desk. I was initially attracted to the larger 2020i’s for better overall music quality, but simply didn’t have the space to accommodate them. I am not disappointed with my choice of the smaller unit. They are solidly made each with two good sized if somewhat awkward-to-get-at screw terminals for the speaker wire. The cabinets are ported at the back and a nice touch is the inclusion of two foam bungs which can be pushed into the ports to reduce bass booming when the speakers are placed close to a wall or corner (these work, too). The walnut finish is vinyl not veneer but nonetheless good quality. The speakers are of uk design but as with most domestic technology nowadays, made in china, and none the worse for that.

Needed replacement surround back speakers for my hi-fi home theater setup. Already had spare bases to mount them on. Construction and feel are excellent. The sound is great for their intended use.

Q Acoustics Q2010i Wal (Pr)

  • Crossover-2.8
  • Drivers-100mm
  • Format-2-way reflex
  • Freq High-22
  • Freq Low-68

Great sound from a compact unit. I didnt wish to purchase large floor standing speakers but on checking what hifi i saw that these units had a 5 star rating so went with their recommendation. I was not disappointed as the sound is amazing (if you use good quality speaker cable, dont buy it for 2 quid down b&q but make sure you spend the most you can othwise the speakers are wasted). I have also purchaes tje q acoustics speaker stands and together they look great.

First of all 5 stars regarding amazon service, ordered them from italy and delivered in less then one week, fantastic. Second 5 stars for the q acoustic. Sound quality and built quality too are impressive at this price range. I’ve paired them with a nad 315bee in my small living room and sound is very open and detailed, i’m really impressed. Suggest to put them at least 20cm from the back wall, if not bass became too boomy and not controlled.

The quality of make is excellent and the sound is superb. I am thrilled with these speakers. The quality of make is excellent and the sound is superb. Each section of the orchestra can be heard clearly. I only wish i had bought them 2 years ago.

Q Acoustics Q2010i Wal (Pr) : I chose these speakers to replace much bigger mordant short speakers as i was restricted on shelving space. I was hoping that the 2010’s would get somewhere close to the quality of the ms units. I needn’t have worried, these speakers are every bit as good as i had hoped, with excellent detail and a nice balanced sound quality they compliment my denon m38dab microsystem perfectly. It’s a no brainer, if you want high quality in a small package you couldn’t really choose a better option, recommended.

One thought on “Q Acoustics Q2010i Wal, The quality of make is excellent and the sound is superb

  1. These are quite small speakers (smaller than expected) and i was quite concerned that there would be a poor bass response. Initially my fears were confirmed, but after using them for a few days, at a good volume, the bass improved and i am quite happy with them now.
    • Bought these to replace some very old, very large b&o speakers and, although not as good as the old ones which was to be expected, they are good for the size and money. I had to turn the loudness button on the b&o amp to get the bass range, but they deliver well once you’ve set the imput up.
  2. Goog quality speakers love it. Good quality speakers , deep bass and look awesome with my next dakota furniture. Couldnt better much with color.
    • Bought it reading the reviews n hi-fi magazine and it paid of. It is an excellent sound for the value for the money.
      • I’ve connected these little babies up to a teac reference 380 hi-fi. I was thinking of getting the 2020i speakers but opted for these in the end as i preferred the size. If the 2020i’s are even better then i’d be amazed – lovely sound right up the range, noticeably punchier than my monitor audio br1’s – and those are pretty darn good. Excellent speakers, thoroughly recommended by me.

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