Q ACOUSTICS Q Acoustics Concept Speaker Stands : Great sound w the concept 20 speakers

I’ve been listening to the c. 20s both on table (on sorbothane pads) and then on some shot filled metal stands, before trying with these. Each change has given a bigger improvement in the sound seperation and spatial shape. I still can’t believe though how much these have changed the sound for the better. Proving that it wasn’t the placebo effect; it was my wife that immediately commented how much the sound was so much more smoother and less ‘shouting’ – i guess meaning less harsh – something i hadn’t been listening out for. The speaker feet are changed for metal feet which position the speakers onto the stand. My 4* are because a better level of clarity were achieved by the addition of a slab of white tac between the top plate and base of speaker. But heh at this price point this speaker + stand combo are one of the best in terms of hifi sound quality.

Fabulous stands, which to my surpise, do enhance the sound of the already amazing concept 20 speakers. They enable you to get the very best out of your speakers and look fantastic. I was dubious, and thought i’d send the back if they didn’t do much for the sound, but i knew i was going to keep them straight away, the sonic improvement is that good. They’re easy to put together, and to adjust and level. Just a perfect product that makes your speakers look like a bespoke speaker unit, not just a pair of speakers on random stands.

I bought the stands after two years of owning the concept 20 speakers. Ive been using the speakers on some pretty good generic stands but although the sound was good it’s nothing compared to the sound on these concept stands . The mids in particular come alive and the bass is there but not booming like it was on the old stands. If you have the concept 20 speakers i can fully recommend these stands ,really worth it.

Extremely heavy and solid and makes an significant improvement to how the speakers sound.

  • Fabulous bespoke stands, that amaze sonically and aesthetically.
  • Fantastic stands
  • Great sound w the concept 20 speakers

Q Acoustics Concept Speaker Stands (Pair) (Gloss Black)

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  • The Concept 20 speaker stands by Q Acoustics have been designed specifically for the Concept 20 bookshelf speakers
  • Delivering an ultra low resonance using the newly developed Gelcore construction
  • The ‘cabinet within a cabinet’ Gelcore concept uses a channel between two internal chambers (one inside the other) to produce an ultra low resonance, ultimately allowing the speakers to deliver an uninterrupted audio performance.

You get exactly what you pay for.

Another reviewer mentioned how these stands transform the sound from the already excellent concept 20 speakers, and i can only agree with them. The depth of sound and the low frequency response of the speakers seems to have improved since being installed on these stands (i have run the concept 20’s for about 12 months before purchasing the stands). The stands are expensive, but they are very well made, and have relatively clear self-assembly instructions.

Stunning stands which perfectly compliment the concept 20 speakers. I was dubious these would add anything to the sound after reading the what hi-fi review which mentioned the speakers are considerably better with these stands, and also seeing the price. They are not wrong however, after testing them with some other capable stands the difference is palpable. If you own the concept 20 speakers, then these stands are the only choice if you want to get the best out of your equipment.

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Q Acoustics Concept Speaker Stands (Pair) (Gloss Black)
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