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    • High quality, simple product. . The built in sub works well. It sounds great and is very easy to install and use, including for bluetooth music playing. The only negative is it’s a touch chunky.
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    Great product, well built easy to use. . Excellent sound bar easy to setup with great ability to fill a room with exceptional sound. Within 15 mins i had it unpackaged playing songs off my phone via bluetooth. Digitally attached to my tv and used the other ports to connect to my logitech squeezebox touch to become a wifi music player.
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    No frills but all sound and substance where it’s needed. Excellent build quality and very good sound quality , remote control is proper pants and i have no idea how to program it with my youview box and it doesn’t have that many inputs, putting all that aside it does what it’s supposed to extremely well , it will upgrade the sound on your flatscreen tv by 1000% for movies and music just as well, it’s clear and baddy when it needs to be , the one thing i was concerned about and i procrastinated on buying a sound bar was because i didn’t want to get a cheap on that sounds tinny and whinny. I’m glad i did my research and waited a while now this one for its price kicks the crap out of anything in its price point for sound quality , you would think that though, considering it’s made by a hi end british speaker manufacturer.
    • This is a wide and solid speaker, wider than a 40″ tv,that has 3 screwed feet to be attached. This and the height have to be considered when installing, as it can obscure the tv sensor. This m4 specialises on speech rather than surround effects, which is what i wanted for my dad. The volume goes quite load, and the simple credit card sized remote is easy to use. So is the setting up, i spent more time on the new booster stand of the tv , than getting this working. This is a well made speaker, which improves the clarity of the spoken word, by reducing the background sound.
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    I read an awful lot of reviews on sound bars before going for the media 4, as much as i wanted a hassle free home cinema experience, what was most important to me was an authoritative, engaging and immersive sound that’s equally as good with movies and music, and the media 4 certainly delivers. To really put the media 4 through its paces i decided to give it two different media source tests, both of which i know very well, one of my all time favorite movies, force 10 from navarone, and one of my all time favorite games, the last of us. The beginning of force 10 and the bombastic theme was very well handled, and during the scene were the lancaster was shot down, the media 4 did a very good job of moving the sound across the screen. In the last of us its melancholy and haunting theme was engaging to hear and the media 4 really immersed me in the apocalypse without struggling to separate voices, i constantly kept hearing voices and effects i’d never heard before. The gun shots from both sources were both incredibly explosive and very clear, the media 4 does an amazing job of separating the sound, so everything sounds very relaxed and composed, never rushed or squashed, it does however need a fair volume to really get in to its stride, but when it does the media 4 sounds truly spectacular. The goodequally as good with sound effects and music. Immersive and authoritative sound. Sounds exquisite when loud enough to get into stride (everybody will find that point at a different level). Stylish and very good build quality.
    • Does exactly what it should. I purchased the m4 to replace a less expensive unit, and it has totally lived up to expectations. Broad, powerful and very natural sound from all sources. Especially pleased with the quality achieved from the bluetooth input. Built-in sub is tight, accurate and well controlled, although purists may wish to attach a separate sub for greater depth. No gimicky effects here, this speaker just delivers great, realistic sound – which is why i bought it.
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    Needs to be very loud to be good. I had one of these and eventually returned it as i wasn’t happy with the sound quality, especially for the price. Firstly to my ears the sound had a clear left side bias and with no options to adjust anything i could not live with it. I couldn’t explain why this is, apart from the bass port being off to the left of centre (supposedly bass isn’t directional so should not have affected anything). Secondly at low/neighbour friendly volumes there is very little bass to this soundbar. It actually didn’t seem to be a huge difference to the tv speakers i was trying to improve upon. However crank the soundbar up loud with a movie and it comes alive with a really nice sound. So in summary if you are buying this to watch normal tv, i would look elsewhere. If you are buying to watch mostly movies at fairly loud volumes, then this soundbar may be for you. Ultimately i returned to a wired speaker setup / amplifier (at a cheaper overall cost than this soundbar) and am much happier.
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    This is a great hearing aid for old people like myself. This is a great hearing aid for old people like myself. Great acoustics and extra effects i can now appreciate.

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