Q Acoustics Concept 20 – Absolutely brilliant

Sound fantastic on the end of my naim system. Everybody should hear these speakers once in their lives.

I bought these speakers together, with an nad d 3020 as an amplifier – pretty blindly, just because of the throughout great reviews, for both devices on the internet (here in germany they are pretty much unknown). Till this day i am in love with this sound system and am regularly surprised of the brilliant sound i enjoy. I can only recommend these speakers to anybody, who wants to experience his music with pleasure. I would always choose them again.

I decided to upgrade my mordaunt short avant 902i speakers, which i must say were a brilliant speaker for the price. As it was just too difficult to audition live i decided to read up and buy blind with the intention of selling on ebay if i made the wrong choice. I did consider floor standers but as i am a detail and soundstage freak i decided to look at stand mounted. The q acoustics concept 20 stood out as all the reviews commented on their clarity and detail as well as good bass and fantastic treble. The only negative was they all also said that you would only get the best from these speakers if you placed them on the bespoke stand that is manufactured for them but which retails at around £200 . As i already owned a superb set of atacama stands that was nearly a deal breaker but i decided to go for the combo as the atacamas are a little shorter than the concept 20 stands and may not have been ideal for what is a small box. When i got everything set up and playing my concerns about the cost evaporated. I am not going to say that they blow the avants, sat on the atacamas, out of the water because that would not be strictly true. In fact the avants are , in many areas, not that far behind the qs but the qs are a bit of a step up.

Amazing speakers for the size/price. These speakers really are fantastic for the size and price. They deliver a neutral sound, with punchy, clear bass and great mids and highs. Just after i bought mine, a friend came over to check them out and he was really impressed and he asked me to turn them up to see how they performed at high volume levels and they still sounded just as awesome. The dimensions are 260 x 170 x 280, so they’re quite deep for small bookshelf speakers and in the documentation that comes with them it recommends that you have a gap of 20 cm between the back of the speakers and any walls as they’re rear-ported speakers. I’ve got mine closer to the wall than that and they still sound great. In the box you get the 2 speakers, 2 speaker grilles, 2 bungs you can use to stick in the rear ports should you want to have the speakers up against a wall, 6 rubber feet and the documentation. The speakers can be bi-wired if you wish. If i had to say anything negative, it would be that the glossy finish is an absolute fingerprint magnet and that the rubber feet don’t seem to easily fit into the holes on the bottom of the speakers, but those really are minor complaints. I read a bunch of reviews before i bought these, so i was confident that they would be good and they are.

  • Worth the money !!
  • Absolutely brilliant
  • Fantastic speakers!
  • Amazing speakers for the size/price
  • You must hear these before buying a pair of speakers!

Q Acoustics Concept 20 – loudspeakers (Black, Floor, Tabletop/bookshelf, Closed, Speaker set unit, Built-in, Wired)

  • Magnetically Shielded
  • Bi-wireable
  • Black
  • Award Winning Speaker/Subwoofer

They sound and look great, come well packaged with clear instructions.

I’m a big fan of live full-on sounds like gary numan, steve hackett and roger waters. These speakers handle it superbly right across the range and at a high volume.

A very articulate and open speaker,clear and refined, amazing for it’s size.

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  1. This review is from : Q Acoustics Concept 20 – loudspeakers (Black, Floor, Tabletop/bookshelf, Closed, Speaker set unit, Built-in, Wired)

    I had the original 2020’s and then the 2020i’s and thought they were both great speakers for the money. I was coveting these concept 20s for a while and finally picked them up for a good deal. They literally blow their siblings out of the water.Instantly brought a smile to my face. The bottom end is so much tighter and i didn’t realise how much bass resonance you get in the cabinet on the earlier models until listening to these. Mids and trebles are as self assured as always with q acoustics and contribute to a refined listening experience. They are absolutely brilliant speakers for a small system and i would highly recommend them. Like another reviewer here i have recently paired them with a nad 3020d and some qed anniversary speaker cable and it is a rocking combination. Just be careful not to put them too close to a rear wall, or make sure you use the supplied bungs if you do as the bass exhausts do move quite some air.
    • You must hear these before buying a pair of speakers. Went to a well known hi-fi store to sample some kit a couple of months back. Heard these alongside some b&w s2s. They were on their custom stands and they absolutely blew the b&ws out of the water. They were paired with a nad 3020 and i’m sure that there must have been an element of good matching here but, as a previous purchaser of the cdm1se (paired with an old nad 3020), i was expecting to walk out of the store with some s2s. I’ve spent a couple of months running them in with everything from metallica to my daughter’s taylor swift tripe and they really are wondrous for the money. My mate has a pair of monitor audio bronze floorstanders paired with an arcam fmj a19 and i genuinely believe that my set-up sounds better. I’m always a bit sceptical about reviewers gushing about hifi products but the hype is true. An absolute steal, even with the custom stands which you can get for £150 if you get them with the speakers. I now understand the concept of transparency and never thought it was available at the sensible money end of the market.
  2. This review is from : Q Acoustics Concept 20 – loudspeakers (Black, Floor, Tabletop/bookshelf, Closed, Speaker set unit, Built-in, Wired)

    Exceeded our expectations in every way – sound and build quality is simply excellent.
  3. This review is from : Q Acoustics Concept 20 – loudspeakers (Black, Floor, Tabletop/bookshelf, Closed, Speaker set unit, Built-in, Wired)

    I have a digital music system, in italy they say “musica liquida”, pc + dac + t-amp + speakers, and the concept 20 complete that in an excellent way, both for sound quality and design. I found the way concept 20 work fantastic, the sound is clear with very good definition and also i’ve noticed the deepest bass in that kind of systemdopo alcuni mesi di ascolto devo dire che le casse si sono “aperte” del tutto, secondo me suonano in una maniera incredibile, pulito, con un suono pieno. Maybe the best for the price.

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